Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/14/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday10/14/10--Canada; Friday 10/15/10--USA


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Nicole and Brady walk into the Kiriakis mansion after checking in on Vivian. She notes that Vivian had her arms crossed. Brady thinks she was just trying to get comfortable. Nicole wonders if she was dead. He assures her that she's still alive. He saw her breathing. Brady fixes himself a drink. She wonders if they should go check on her anyway. He says that she can't go anywhere because she's busy. He then grabs her and kisses her.

Victor walks in and yells at them to get a room, or a motel. Nicole and Victor argue. Brady asks Nicole to give them some time alone, so she leaves, reluctantly. Brady says quietly that he thought they had an understanding. Victor yells that it doesn't include them having sex in the living room. Brady asks Victor to treat his guest with respect, or they will both leave. Victor looks at him suspiciously and asks if he isn't using Nicole. He asks if Brady is in love with her again. Brady insists that he's not in love with her. Victor wants specifics, but Brady won't give them to him. Brady reminds him that he brought Vivian into their house. He points out that compared to Vivian, Nicole is like Mother Theresa, so he warns him to back off. Victor is perplexed but knows that something is wrong with Brady. He tells him that he's becoming one big pain in the ass. Brady says nothing. Victor asks him if he wants to go down to the mausoleum to pray with him to Isabella. Brady gulps and says he is not interested in going tonight. Victor says he will give her Brady's love, and then he leaves. Brady says to Victor in his absence that he will be giving his love to Vivian, which he's sorry about.

Vivian sleeps face down in her sarcophagus, snoring. Gus awakens her through the phone. He is calling from Salem Place and tells her that he's returned to Salem to rescue her. She lets out a squeal of delight and yells, "Yes!" Vivian tells Gus that he's her hero. He tells her that he'll contact her as soon as he reaches his destination. She urges him to be careful. Gus puts on his dark glasses and keeps walking. Nicole walks up nearby and narrows her eyes as if she's not sure if she recognizes him or not.

Gus is outside the mausoleum. He phones Vivian to tell her that he's there. She yells at him to get her out. He goes to open the door but says it will be harder than he thought. He tells her that the door is locked. He plans to try to pick it, and he does. He opens the door but gets a bit creeped out being in there alone at night. Vivian keeps yelling at him to get her out. She sees him and tells him where to find the latch to open the sarcophagus. She suddenly yells at him to watch out because someone is behind him. Gus gets hit over the head and falls down. Vivian groans, "Oh, God, Gus..."

Sami relaxes at home after the children are put to sleep. Rafe sits down next to her. They agree that the loft is a pretty cool place that they love. He kisses her' and they flirt. Sami gets a package for Rafe. She unveils it. It is the dogs playing poker picture. He is pleasantly surprised but reminds her that she hates it. She agrees but loves him. Sami goes back to worrying about the DiMeras. Sami is worried about Arianna because she was asking Will questions. They figure that she was asking on E.J.'s behalf. Rafe says he should have a little talk with her. Sami wonders if Arianna isn't trying to get her out of Rafe's life, since she doesn't like her much. Rafe assures her that he will handle her, and she agrees. Sami is also worried about Kate. Rafe doesn't think that she is any threat, either. Sami recalls how E.J. looked that night, passed out on his bed. Rafe wonders if he was contemplating suicide. Sami wonders if he was planning to come after someone, like Rafe. He adds that it could have been Nicole. Sami knows that E.J. is capable of anything, even now. Sami worries again that he could try to take her children. Rafe hugs her to comfort her. They make dinner and chat about the past, at the safe house. They sit down to eat. Rafe kisses her and then goes to get the wine. Sami tastes his tamales, enjoying them, while he pours the wine. She thanks him for always making her feel better. He reminds her jokingly that sometimes she screams and throws things at his head. She jokes back but says that he's very sweet, and strong, and funny...things get serious as she lists all of his good points. He pledges to always make her feel safe and loved. She says she's the luckiest girl in the world, and they kiss. They talk about the future. Rafe admits that he feels a little guilty taking E.J.'s kids away from him, particularly Johnny. Sami points out that Johnny will know that he can always count on him. Rafe nods and smiles. They make love.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. asks Arianna why she seems flustered. She doesn't say anything, not sure how to tell him her big news. She says that she has something important that could change his life. They sit down. She knows how much he loves his children and that he is not a monster, no matter what kind of proof Rafe has. She is very grateful for the help he gave her. She hopes that she can help him, too. They both agree that she loves her brother. She says reluctantly that Rafe made a terrible mistake getting involved with Sami. She says that she's doing this as much for his sake as for E.J.'s. Kate walks in right then and asks what she's doing. E.J. tells her that it's not her business, but Kate insists on staying. Kate thinks that Arianna plans to hurt someone who used to live here, and she asserts that she will do whatever she can to defend her children and grandchildren. Arianna protests, but Kate ignores her. Kate reminds E.J. that Will is innocent. He points out that if Will is innocent, then she has nothing to worry about. They argue about Will. Arianna gets a phone call and walks out to the entranceway. Gabi is calling her from Salem Place because they were supposed to have dinner. Arianna apologizes and says she will be there soon. E.J. and Kate keep arguing. E.J. threatens Kate, saying that if she gets between him and his children, she will regret it. She just raises an eyebrow at him. Arianna returns and wonders if everything is ok. E.J. tells Kate to leave, since Arianna says she needs to go soon. E.J. gets a phone call from someone. He yells at them for bothering him with problems when he just got out of the hospital. He yells at the guy and threatens him. Arianna gets nervous and says that now is not a good time, but he tells her it's fine. E.J. faints and collapses, so they rush to his side. They asks him how he feels, but he insists that he's fine. He was just feeling a little woozy. Kate tells Arianna that Lexie said he was to have no stress or excitement. Arianna decides to leave. E.J. begs her to stay, but she has to go meet her sister. She runs out frantically. E.J. looks annoyedly at Kate. Kate claims to be worried about his health, but he is very angry that he didn't get to hear whatever her information was. Kate says that if he wants to see his children again, he shouldn't die on them. E.J. phones Arianna and leaves a message on her phone. He really wants to hear what she has to say about his children. He suggests they meet or something because he hates being in the house, which is so empty without his kids.

Philip and Melanie go home (they just left Daniel's). He tells her again that she did the right thing not to tell Daniel the truth. She is glad to hear it and asks him to keep telling her that, until she believes it. He holds her as she says that she couldn't tell Daniel because of her chat with Brady. He worries that she told Brady about the truth, but she didn't. She says that Brady just got her thinking when he was talking about stuff. He said that sometimes we have illusions about people we care about, and maybe it's better if no one comes and destroys those illusions. She thinks that maybe it's better if Daniel doesn't find out, since they're having a baby. Philip agrees and hugs her. Carly arrives. She knocks and then walks in. Melanie is not too happy to see her. Carly tells Melanie that what she did for Daniel today was wonderful. She hopes that Melanie can understand better why she did what she did. Melanie understands, but she can't forgive her. When Carly tries to argue, Melanie cuts her off. Philip tries to help, but Melanie doesn't want to hear it. She yells at Carly for all the lying. Melanie taunts her about turning on the tears and self pity. Carly says that she's just sad that she's so angry at her. Melanie asks Philip to leave them alone, so he gives Melanie a little kiss and then leaves. Carly tells Melanie that she loves her. Melanie wanted to have a mom and a normal family. She had a mom she could look up to and respect. She had her dream family for four weeks, but she will never get that back. She is very bitter, and Carly keeps crying. Carly talks to her some more about how kind and forgiving Melanie is. Melanie is more annoyed about how Carly lied about Chloe, even more than what she did in the past because it wasn't her business. Carly says she's sorry, but Melanie only thinks she's sorry because she got caught. She asks Carly if she would do things differently if she could, but Carly admits that she probably wouldn't. Carly tells her that keeping the secret kept her up at night, and she only did it to keep from hurting Daniel. Carly is upset that Melanie is so hurt and that she lost her respect. They both cry. Melanie opens the door and tells Carly to leave. Carly tells her that she will love her always, and then she goes. Melanie breaks down, sobbing.

Philip goes to the Brady Pub. Nicole is there, so they say hi. She wonders what he said to Melanie to keep her from telling Daniel the truth. Philip is shocked that she knows, so Nicole reminds him that they are best friends. He wonders how much Chloe told her. Nicole says that Chloe never told her who it was that she hooked up with and asks him in a whisper if he knows who it was. He lies that he doesn't know but pretends that he is curious. They are both glad that Chloe and Daniel made it to the altar. She points out that, with all these people knowing the secret, Daniel is bound to find out.

Nicole returns to the Kiriakis Mansion. They talk about Victor and Vivian as Brady fixes them both drinks. Brady wonders how Victor will react when he finds out that he stuffed her in a box. Nicole suggests they get a long-term plan. He replies that he's working on that. He downs his drink and then drinks hers. She sits on his lap and kisses him, and then they drink more.

Chloe chats to Daniel about opera in their honeymoon hotel. He is distracted, so she asks if he is still mad at her about what she said to Melanie, and she wonders whether he will ever forgive her. Daniel has her sit down next to him on the bed. He admits that he was upset, but he thinks they should put it behind them. She thanks him, and they hug. He knows that she cares about Melanie, and she agrees. She wonders if Melanie will ever forgive her. He can't answer for her. Chloe is sure that things will never be the same between her and Melanie. They cuddle on the bed and speculate about whether Melanie will forgive her or not. Daniel wishes that he could know, but he can't. He hopes that one day they can be a family. Chloe pledges to do whatever she can to make things up to him and Melanie. They hug.

Arianna and Gabi are at Brady's Pub (I think). They joke around about Gabi holding Arianna's lateness against her. Arianna asks her whether she is still going to homecoming with Will. Gabi is, and she already got a dress. Arianna is horrified to learn that Gabi got Rafe to go shopping with her. Gabi says they found a really gorgeous dress, in spite of his terrible taste. Gabi tells her that Rafe insisted on paying, but later on he told her about quitting his job at the FBI. Arianna is shocked to hear that. Rafe told Gabi that he quit so that he could be with Sami and the kids. Arianna looks sad. She ignores her phone when it rings (when E.J. calls). Gabi gets up to get some iced tea. Arianna says to herself that she has to do it.


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