Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/13/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/13/10--Canada; Thursday 10/14/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

As Sami explains to Will that there is no evidence to prove that she shot E.J., Arianna listens nearby, mouth open in shock. They hear a noise coming from Arianna's direction, so she freezes. Before Sami can go over there, she gets a phone call. Sami and Will go home after that. Arianna worries about what she will do about Rafe loving Sami now. Still shocked, she sits down on a bench and talks to herself about it. She is torn between Rafe and her loyalty to E.J. She goes to phone him but then realizes she has to talk to him in person. She rushes off.

Kayla returns from her appointment, so Stephanie remarks that she is back so soon. The person Kayla was meeting with had to reschedule. Kayla can tell that Stephanie is distracted. Stephanie tells her that Melanie found out about Chloe cheating on Daniel, so she is probably the wedding right now. Stephanie gets testy when Kayla quizzes her on whether she let the news slip on purpose to Melanie. She tells Kayla what Nathan told her about how Melanie yelled at him. Kayla supposes that it might be best if the wedding doesn't happen. She doesn't think all these lies and secrets are a good idea. She suggests that Stephanie look at the truth: that Nathan loves her. Stephanie still worries. Kayla points out that Nathan is a Horton and that his word means something (unlike Philip). They still disagree about the wedding. Stephanie also worries about the paternity test still. Kayla advises her not to worry about it.

At the wedding in the park, Melanie insists on talking to Chloe alone. Daniel wonders what it's about, but Chloe takes Melanie over to the side. Chloe apologizes to Melanie about the lie Nicole told earlier. Melanie accuses her of having too many lies to keep track of. Chloe tells her how much she loves Daniel and will never do anything to hurt him again. She begs her not to ruin things. Melanie assures her that she'll never forgive her. Chloe understands. Melanie agrees to keep the secret, even though she berates herself for beinggn stupid. Chloe wonders softly why she is doing it. Melanie just doesn't know what else to do. She is completely defeated and suggests they go back to the wedding, since people are waiting. Chloe thanks her, but Melanie tells her quietly not to ever thank her.

Meanwhile, Maggie wants to go see if Melanie is ok, since she seemed upset. Victor reminds her that she wasn't going to interfere unless absolutely necessary. Maggie jokes that she's not sure if she likes being around someone who remembers everything she has to say. He retorts that she'd better get used to it.

Brady wonders to Nicole what's going on with Melanie and Chloe. She lies that she doesn't know. Philip suggests to Daniel that he go see if he can help, but Daniel thinks they should talk it out.

When Chloe and Melanie go back to the wedding, Daniel asks if everything is ok. Melanie says that she just had to get some things off her chest, and Chloe quickly adds that she's glad she did. Melanie sadly sits down next to Philip as Chloe and Daniel exchange vows. Philip guesses to Melanie that she didn't spill the beans. Melanie replies that she didn't, which makes her just as bad as her mom. She looks over at Carly, and they exchange a glance. Everyone applauds as the bride and groom kiss.

Maggie admires Daniel's smile, but Victor is worried that he is headed for heartbreak. Maggie admonishes him not to act that way on their wedding day. Victor grouses that Chloe and Nicole keep popping up in his family. Maggie roles her eyes.

Brady kisses Chloe and shakes Daniel's hand to congratulate her.

Brady and Nicole chat for a second about how happy the bride and groom looked. Brady suggests they go back to the house to deal with their project. Nicole replies, "Oh, yes, good ol' Vivian". Victor overhears as he walks up and wonders why they mentioned his ex-wife. Brady covers that they were just glad that she didn't ruin the wedding by attending. Nicole goes to say goodybe to Chloe. Victor tries to talk to Brady about Nicole, but Maggie walks up behind him, clearing her throat in an obvious way. Victor just warns him to watch his back. Maggie asks Victor to take her home, so he does. She makes him tea back at her place. He thanks her for interrupting him when he was about to give Brady a piece of his mind. They joke around, but she advises him to let this thing with Nicole and Brady play itself out. She doesn't think it will last long, but he disagrees. Maggie admits that she may have been wrong. She suggests that he do something if he really thinks that Nicole is going to screw up Brady's life.

Carly tries to talk to Melanie, but Daniel interrupts and asks if everything is ok. He tries to find out why they look upset, but they just tell him that it's between them.

Nicole urges Chloe to smile and be happy, since she dodged a bullet. Nicole wonders why Melanie didn't tell Daniel the truth.

Carly looks for Melanie, so Philip tells her that she got a text from Daniel to meet him at the apartment before he leaves on his honeymoon. He apologizes to Carly for what she is going through. She is worried that she will lose Melanie, since she tried to protect Chloe. She rushes off. Philip says to himself that it's not going to happen to me. He won't lose Melanie.

Daniel and Chloe get ready to leave. Melanie drops by. Daniel asks her for a hug, so they hug. He asks if she and Chloe worked things out. She replies that they did, but it's not very convincing. He says that Chloe adores her and that they will have a great relationship once she gets to know her. This upsets Melanie again. He wonders if there's anything else that she needs to tell him. She just tells him that she wants him to be happy, always. He assures her that he is. Chloe comes back in, surprised to see Melanie. Daniel goes to get the bags. Chloe tells Melanie how grateful she is, but Melanie doesn't want to hear it. She warns Chloe that if she ever hurts him again, she'll destroy her. Daniel and Chloe leave with their stuff. Melanie offers to lock up, since they are in a hurry.

Tim asks Rafe why he quit as an FBI agent. Rafe just says that he did it to have a future with the woman he loves. Rafe phones Sami and asks her to bring Will back to the loft.

Back at the loft, Rafe tells Will and Sami that he just resigned from the FBI. They wish he didn't have to do that. He explains that he can't play by the rules while the DiMeras play all their dirty tricks to try to get Sami in trouble if they find out the truth. Will posits the idea that they might not find out. Rafe asks how good they are at keeping a secret. Will and Sami look doubtful. Sami phones Caroline to check on the babies. Rafe makes sure that Will and he have each other's backs to protect Sami. Sami feels bad that Rafe is having to give up his career and his ethics for her. Rafe only sees it as protecting the woman he loves. She keeps worrying. T hey argue about it some more. She points out in an annoyed way that he didn't ask her before he ran off and quit his job. He reminds her that she didn't ask him before she ran off and shot E.J. in the head! LOL! Rafe reassures her that he's not going to let her deal with it alone. He holds and kisses Sami. They both say, "I love you" but Sami still worries. She tries to reassure herself that there is no proof. Rafe points out that it's his job to make sure that the DiMeras don't figure out that it's her. She asks him in a hesitating manner how he really feels about the horrible thing she did, since he hasn't really said. He shrugs with a smile and says that E.J. may have deserved it. They smile at each other as she tells him how much she loves him. She worries that he will pay some horrible price for what she did. He assures her that they're a team. He hugs her as she keeps worrying. They sit down as he tells her to focus on herself and the kids. He assures her that she means more to him than some stupid job. She is the love of his life, and he'd die for her.

Lexie and Stefano visit E.J., who is with his doctor, Ben. They are excited that he is going home today. He has no bandages and his hair has mostly grown back (a bit grey at temples). Ben warns E.J., as he signs his papers, not to have any physical activity, excitement, or alcohol. E.J. assures him that he will be good. A man comes in and serves E.J. with legal papers. E.J., who is not surprised, explains that it prevents him from seeing the children until they go to family court. Stefano is outraged, so he rants and raves about Sami. Lexie asks him to stop yelling. She goes to get E.J.'s prescriptions. Stefano assures him that they will fix things. E.J. is not so sure, since they have the recording that proves he is a kidnapper. Stefano still is optimistic and tells E.J. that they will prove it if Sami shot him. E.J. doesn't think that he is being realistic. Lexie comes back and tells Stefano to calm down, since E.J. is suppoesd to avoid stress. Stefano apologizes. He tells them that he will go phone his driver to meet them out front. Lexie suggests to E.J. that he not let Stefano upset him. E.J. waves it off and smiles, saying that if Stefano didn't rant and rave on a regular basis, he'd think something was wrong. Lexie smiles and laughs, agreeing. She asks him about his getting his memory back. He tells her that he remembers everything, including how he tormented everyone. He confides that he understands completely why Sami is keeping his children from him, after he did the same. Lexie doesn't think that Sami will do this forever. She feels that Sami will realizes that it's not good to keep them from their father. E.J. is not so certain.

Arianna runs into Ben when she looks for E.j. at the hospital. He has already left, so Ben offers his help. She says no and runs off. Philip returns and chats with Melanie. She tells him that she's just now realizing that sometimes you have to lie for love. He hugs her.

Nicole and Brady go back to the mansion. She enjoyed the wedding but confides that she kept having flashes to happier times with E.J. and Sydney. She wishes that she could do it all over again differently. He understands and remembers back to when he married Chloe. They agree to forget about the past. Brady delays checking on Vivian so they can make love.

Later, back at the DiMera mansion, Lexie says she will go to talk to the doctors at the hospital about E.j.'s medication. Stefano insists on going along in order to use his powers of intimidation. Lexie urges E.J. to rest before she and Stefano leave. E.J. flashes back to his wedding day, when Sami is upset and throws the ring at him and vows never to let him see his children again. Stefano returns, saying that he decided to let Lexie go alone. Stefano prods E.J. to tell him what he's thinking and feeling. E.J. misses his children and Sami. He doesn't want Stefano to make fun of him, but he admits that losing her has caused him great pain and heartache. Stefano shakes his head in disgust. Stefano says loudly that this is proof that E.J. did suffer brain damage. E.J. tells him to leave him alone, but Stefano keeps ranting and raving about Sami. E.J. says that if Sami shot him, it was what he deserved. He talks about how he ripped Sami's heart out. Stefano tries to get E.J. to see that he is wrong. E.J. tells him with certainty that he will get his children back and win, no matter what. Stefano is glad to hear it. He goes to talk to their attorneys about it and tells E.J. to rest. Arianna arrives; Lexie answers the door. Lexie tries to get rid of her, saying that E.J. needs to rest, but E.J. tells her it's okay. Lexie tells her not to stay too long. E.J. and Arianna hug. He asks her what's wrong.

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