Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/12/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/12/10--Canada; Wednesday 10/13/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Sami tells Rafe the truth about her shooting E.J. He just looks at her. She asks what he will do about it. He takes her head in his hands and kisses her lovingly. He reminds her that he loves her 100%. She cries in relief. He wonders why she lied to him. She maintains that she is not lying, but he reminds her that she was lying in bed next to him when it happened. Sami shows him proof - her cell phone, which shows that Kate called that night. She tells him the whole story, and we see flashbacks. Sami wonders what happens now. Rafe tells her that nothing has changed and that they'll figure this out. He'll do everything he can to protect her. Rafe kisses her and tells her that he has to go down to the office. He also advises her not to say anything to anyone. Will arrives, so Rafe asks him to stay with Sami while he's gone. Rafe leaves. Sami is overjoyed. She tells Will that something wonderful happened. They go to Salem Place to get sodas, and Sami fills Will in on what happened. Will worries whether Rafe's help will be enough.

Victor drops by to visit Maggie and offer her a ride to Daniel and Chloe's wedding. He is a bit shocked when she says "no". He is confused about her response, since she told him that she stayed in town in part because of him. She can't spend time with her because she is still grieving for Mickey (not to mention his marriage to Vivian). She feels disloyal to her dead husband. Victor understands and just wishes her happiness. He again offers to give her a ride, but not as her escort, so she agrees.

Nicole waits outside in the park, where the wedding is being held, walking around nervously. Brady arrives, so she greets him with a kiss. She tells him that she's been thinking about this wedding, which probably won't happen. Brady wants to know what she means, so Nicole avoids his questions and changes the subject. She asks him in a whisper what's going on with Vivian. He informs her that Vivian is still locked up. She asks if Victor is cool about her living with him. He mentions that Victor will come around. She makes sure that she is not mistaken, that they are going to be living together. He tells her, "For now" and that makes her very happy. He hopes she will still feel that way after it's been a while. They kiss some more but are interrupted by Arianna's arrival. She looks upset to see them together. Arianna wonders how this happened, so Brady tells her that he and Nicole are together because she doesn't judge him. He realizes that he forgot the rings, so he goes to get them. Arianna wonders why Brady is acting so coldly and demands to know what Nicole has done to him. Nicole laughs that he finally came to his senses. They argue about Brady. Maggie and Victor arrive. Maggie calls out to Arianna as she walks off. Maggie is surprised that Arianna is leaving but says that Lexie and Abe can't make it. They are having a minor crisis. Victor wonders if anyone else is showing up. Nicole tells them that Brady will be back soon.

Chloe is upset when Phillip tells her that Melanie is on her way to tell Daniel the truth. Chloe gets her phone so that she call Melanie, but he takes the phone away, saying that it's over. Melanie's mind is made up. Philip fills her in on the details, about how both he and Carly tries to talk Melanie out of it. Chloe sits down, upset that she will lose Daniel. Philip expresses his sympathy. She wants to be alone, so he does what she wants and leaves. Chloe looks at herself in her wedding dress in the mirror. Carly arrives, and they look at each other sadly. They sit down. Chloe apologizes for getting Carly caught up in her mess. Carly hugs her as she cries. She wishes that she had told Daniel everything earlier. Carly explains about his visit earlier and how Nicole lied to him. Chloe prepares to face the truth.

When Philip arrives at the wedding, Nicole grills him about what's going on with Chloe and whether there will be a wedding.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie tells Daniel that he can't marry Chloe. He hugs her and says that he understands she's upset. He still thinks that she and Chloe just had a silly argument. She asks if he knows, and he replies that he does. There is some confusion as she slowly figures out that he doesn't really know what is going on. Daniel tries to make her see that Chloe didn't mean to hurt anyone with her insensitive comment. Melanie cries as she realizes that there is another lie, and he really doesn't know. Melanie keeps crying as she struggles to figure out how to tell Daniel the truth. She wishes that Daniel were having the baby with someone else because he deserves better than Chloe. He asks her not to say that because he loves Chloe, so she asks him in a wail how he can love her. He relates how he was after he lost Rebecca, and how Chloe made him feel love again. He also adds that just when he felt he couldn't be more blessed, he got Melanie. Nothing means more to him than her and Chloe. He begs her to give Chloe a chance and stand by him when they get married. She tells him that she loves him, but she can't do that. She is about to tell him the truth when the butler rushes in, asking for help in a panic. He has been burned by hot water. Daniel tells him calmly that they'll take care of it. He asks Melanie to go back to the park and tell everyone that he'll be a little late. Daniel assures her that they'll talk at the park. He kisses her on the head, and then he and the butler leave. Melanie is very upset but says to herself that she guesses that she'll have to do this publicly.

Vivian, still in her sarcophagus, talks to Gus, who is on the other end of the intercom. She tells him how much he means to her. He tells her that she got what she deserved. She still keeps working on him and pleads with him.

When Brady goes home to get the rings, he decides to check in on Vivian. He hears her talking to Gus and asks Vivian who she's talking to. Vivian and Gus are both surprised to hear him there. Vivian quickly covers that she was talking to herself. She tells him that she had an epiphany. She knows that she's not a very healthy person and has a lot of anger. He tells her that he's sick of her, and then he cuts off their communications. Vivian points out how cruel and ruthless Brady is to her and begs him again to get her out. Vivian keeps begging him. Gus finally tells her that he's coming to save her. She breathes a huge sigh of relief.

Phillip and Nicole are surprised to see Chloe arrive. None of them have heard from Melanie or Daniel.

After a moment, Melanie goes to leave, but he hears Brady leaving Nicole a phone message. She wonders why he's calling Nicole. He informs her that he and Nicole are back together as he drinks. She doesn't think that this is like him. After a moment, she tells him tearfully that there is something wrong with her dad. He thinks she is worrying about nothing. Melanie is confused about why Brady is acting so cynical. He thinks she should go to the wedding and offers to take her. She doesn't want to go, so he wonders why. She leaves on her own.

Daniel takes care of the butler at the hospital, and then he phones Melanie. She doesn't answer her phone, so he calls Chloe. Chloe is not sure about whether to answer, so Nicole grabs the phone and answers it instead. He asks if she's seen Melanie, so she tells him that she hasn't. He tells her that Melanie was upset when he left her, and he hopes she'll come to the wedding. Nicole smiles, knowing that he still doesn't know the truth. Daniel tells her to tell Chloe that he'll be there in a minute. She gladly hangs up and tells Chloe the good news. Chloe wonders why Melanie didn't tell him yet, and she is still worried. Nicole tells her that she has a plan. Daniel arrives. Chloe apologizes to him about hurting Melanie's feelings. Daniel admires how beautiful Chloe looks but insists that they find Melanie first. Chloe tells him that they have a plane flight in a few hours to New York (to see her parents), but he says no. He is insistent and says that they aren't getting married without his daughter. Brady tells them that he just saw Melanie back at the house and that she seemed upset and refused his offer of a ride. Chloe keeps working on Daniel to try to get through the wedding. Daniel tries again to phone Melanie but then finally agrees to go through with it. They all get ready to start the wedding. Melanie then arrives and says that she will finally tell the truth.

Arianna goes to visit Rafe, who's not home. Arianna is upset and says that she needs his help. Arianna goes to Salem Place and overhears Sami and Will talking about how she shot E.J. Will keeps worrying as Sami assures him that Rafe will protect her. Arianna looks stunned.

Rafe signs the final paperwork to leave the FBI. Another agent asks him if he's sure about this.

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