Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/11/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/11/10--Canada; Tuesday 10/12/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
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Bo visits Hope in jail. She is not happy to see him, and asked him to stay away. She wonders why he's there now. He tells her that he and Ciara need her help. He tells her about a bully picking on Ciara in school. Hope knows which boy is doing the bullying. Bo is annoyed that Theo got in trouble for standing up for Ciara, but the little bully did not. Bo wants Hope to let Ciara know that she is still her mother and still there for her. She thought therapy was helping her. Bo agrees that Ciara is doing well and adds that the therapist says she faces life well and is very honest. Hope comments that she doesn't get that from her mother. Bo says he's not there to argue. Hope blames herself for the bullying. Bo gets annoyed and yells at Hope for letting Ciara down by wallowing in guilt. Hope agrees. He tells her that they are both at fault, not just her, and they have to fix this for Ciara. Hope thinks for a minute and then tells Bo what to tell Ciara so that she can get over the bullying and get along with him. She asks Bo to tell Ciara how much she loves her and to give her a big hug and kiss. He agrees and goes to leave. Hope thanks him for setting her straight. Bo remarks that they are in a hole, but maybe they've found a ladder and are climbing their way out. He leaves, and Hope whispers to herself, "Maybe". Later, Hope finds out from Lee that April died during her appendix surgery.

Dr. Jason Walters checks E.J.'s bandage, saying that it will come off soon. He also remarks that with his hair growing back so fast, no one will even notice his scar. E.J. doesn't show much emotion when Jason tells him that he's going home soon. Jason points out that he's very lucky. E.J. argues it's not very lucky to be shot in the head, but Jason is already walking out the door. E.J. notes to himself that he doesn't have much time. He phones Sami. She asks him if there is any improvement with his blood pressure problem. He pretends that the doctors have not told him much. He asks her again to bring the children to see him, since he misses them. She is obviously reluctant but explains that she is worried that they will upset him. He counters that the children should have a calming effect on him, if anything. He adds that she does, too -- all of his family. She says she'll be right there. He knows that this is not much of a honeymoon for her, so he hopes to make it up to her. She hangs up, frustrated and not sure how much longer she can take this. E.J. goes back to talking to himself, hoping that he is driving Sami crazy. He adds that he has not yet begun to fight. Later, E.J. chews Jason out for giving Roman details about his condition. Jason points out that he only told him whether he was strong enough for questioning. E.J. tells him in an annoyed voice that next time, he should ask him first. Jason can tell that E.J. is much better, since he's been angry and shouting. E.J. tells him to go to hell. Jason remarks that families are interesting and says that E.J.'s sister is so even-tempered. E.J. goes back to talking to himself about how Sami is going to pay. E.J. phones someone (Stefano?) to chat about Rafe and Sami. He hopes to soon get proof he needs to discredit Rafe and make his world come tumbling down.

Rafe comes home, so Sami tells him that she has to get the kids and take them over to see E.J. (even though he reminds her that they're at soccer). They talk about how annoying it is that she has to pretend to still be married to E.J., even though she wants to kill him. Rafe tells her mysteriously that he went by the office, but he doesn't tell her the rest of it because it's a surprise. They both leave together.

E.J. is surprised when Sami arrives but doesn't have the kids with her. She tells him slyly that the hospital only allows 3 visitors, and she has some friends that want to visit. Rafe and Roman walk in before he can protest. E.J. eats his dinner calmly while they chat. They tell him that the doctor's report shows that his blood pressure is fine, so they can question him and tell him the truth without worrying about his death. Sami tells him that they're not married, but she can tell that he already knows and probably knew all along. She reminds him what Rafe proved to her-- that he should never get near her children again. E.J. just glares at them. Nicole hugs Rafe and tells E.J. that they are getting married and will live happily ever after. She repeats that E.J. will not get near them. She chews E.J. out for telling her that her baby was dead, and the other lies he told after he got shot. She tells him that he's much worse than Stefano. E.J. asks if he can have a moment alone with Sami, but they are not interested in helping him with that. Roman questions him some more. E.J. says with a hint that he is remembering a lot of things. Sami suddenly looks worried. E.J. keeps eating his food as he tells them that he is remembering voices and shapes. He hopes to remember everything soon. Roman points out that kidnapping charges have already been filed. E.J. doesn't think that the tape is admissible in court, so Sami scoffs that he only cares about court and not what he actually did. Jason returns and tells them that he only approved a five minute visit. They are all ready to leave, so they walk out, making cutting remarks about E.J. Left alone, E.J. goes back to talking to himself, angrily. He knows that Sami is scared, and says that she should be.

Nicole visits Chloe (who is wearing a white robe) at her house, hoping to transform her into a beautiful bride. She has a bag of stuff. Nicole quickly notices that Chloe looks down in the dumps. Chloe tells her dully that Melanie knows that she cheated on Daniel. Philip is going to try to talk her out of it, but she is not sure if he will stop her from telling Daniel the truth. Her voice breaks as she says that she is going to lose him forever.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip finds Daniel and wonders if Melanie has spoken to him yet. Daniel, who is drinking and acting a little strangely, says that she called him this morning, but now he can't reach her. He walks up to Philip and tells him that he's worried about her. Philip just nods.

At the hospital, Carly asks Melanie what she will do. Melanie insists on telling Daniel the truth. She can't live with herself, and Daniel deserves to know the truth. Carly asks her to stop and think about it. They argue about it. Carly begs her in a stern voice to grow up. She realizes that she went too far, so she apologizes. They go back to arguing. Carly wants her to think about what's best for Daniel, and for the baby. Both are sobbing as they argue. Melanie asks Carly if she would have told Daniel about it if he wasn't the father. Carly doesn't want to get into the details but asserts that Chloe would have told him. Melanie just keeps getting upset about it all. Carly wonders if Melanie isn't just upset because of her father or because she's jealous. Melanie is very offended that Carly thinks that of her. They argue some more, and Melanie storms out. Carly gets annoyed and yells, "Damn it!"

Philip phones Chloe to tell her that he hasn't talked to Melanie yet, but she hasn't talked to Daniel yet, either. Chloe is not happy to learn that he sent Daniel home to her. Philip thinks that they can keep an eye on him better there. He tells her that he will keep trying to find Melanie and urges her to hang in there. Chloe, upset, tells Nicole what happened. Chloe is not sure that she can face Daniel, but Nicole tells her to think about the baby. Daniel arrives and knocks on the door. Nicole tells him that he can't see Chloe in her dress (because Chloe is worried that he will be able to tell that she's been crying). He is surprised that Nicole is there. He asks Chloe what time Melanie is supposed to arrive. Chloe's mouth drops open in shock. Daniel explains that she is supposed to be there, and he is worried because he hasn't been able to get hold of her all day. Nicole keeps trying to get rid of him by reminding him that this is Chloe's day, not Melanie. Daniel says that if something is wrong, maybe they should talk about it before the ceremony. Chloe looks like she wants to say something, so Nicole goes outside and tells him that Chloe and Melanie got into an argument, so she's not sure if Melanie will show up at all. After some discussion, Daniel is convinced. He goes to find Melanie. Chloe is a bit annoyed that Nicole lied some more. She wants to just tell Daniel the truth. Nicole points out that she should have done that four months ago. Now she has to see what Melanie does. Nicole has a drink and is surprised for a minute that Chloe doesn't want one. Chloe reminds her about the baby. (LOL!) Nicole keeps reminding Chloe about how much she has to lose, although she is not so sure that she would lose Daniel even if he did find out. She reminds Chloe how much Daniel loves her. Chloe wishes that he could know what a good friend and person Nicole is. Nicole cheerily suggests that they get ready for the wedding. Chloe looks unsure.

Philip finds Melanie and tells her that he knows the truth (they are both dressed for the wedding). She is disgusted that Chloe has managed to get Carly and him on her side. Philip tells her that he is trying to protect her. He tells her that if she tells Daniel about Chloe, he will think about that every time he sees Melanie from now on. Melanie looks shocked and whimpers that Daniel should know. Philip is not so sure but wonders if he should really hear it from her. Melanie is worried about how the baby will turn out because of Chloe. They keep arguing. Melanie still thinks that Daniel deserves to know the truth before he gets married. She grabs her purse and leaves.

Nicole admires Chloe in her wedding dress. Chloe is still worried about what is taking Philip so long. She keeps worrying, despite Nicole's assurances. Philip arrives and tells Chloe the bad news, that Melanie is about to tell Daniel the truth.

Daniel calls around looking for Melanie but can't find her. She shows up, looking tearful.

Sami and Rafe go home. She's hungry, so she takes food out of the fridge to make. Rafe can tell that E.J. got to Sami. She admits that she is nervous because she knows that she shouldn't have taunted E.J. She knows that he will do everything he can to try to take her kids away. Rafe agrees and tells her that he resigned from the FBI. She is shocked. He says that now, he has no conflict of interest, so she can tell him anything without it going any further. Rafe reminds her that her kids are part of his family, too. She hugs him gratefully. Rafe brings Will up, thinking that he is the reason for her big secret. Sami can't believe that he quit the job he loves for her. He assures her that it's fine. He keeps asking her to tell him the truth about Will. Sami keeps interrupting and saying that Will didn't do it. Finally, Sami tells Rafe that she shot E.J.

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