Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/8/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/8/10


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The show starts with an adorable shot of Sydney DiMera in her stroller at the family picnic. It's summer time and E.J. finds it appropriate to wear light grey slacks and a long sleeve pink shirt. Maybe he’s afraid of contracting sunburn? Sami and E.J. are constructing their layout for the fun-filled family picnic. Sami is happy to enjoy an outing with the kids and stumbles over the word “family”. E.J. teases her that it’s ok to use the “F” word. She blushes then states it’s nice to have family time. E.J. looks around for any natural disasters coming their way because Sami called them a family. They both laugh.

Melanie is digging through the refrigerator at Maggie’s and finds Philip ate her Rocky Road ice cream. Does anyone believe this super-tiny girl eats ice cream? I do not. Carly knocks on the door and Melanie is ecstatic to find she brought Rocky Road ice cream. Carly also wants to talk about Daniel.

Daniel and Chloe are enjoying the sexual afterglow in their bed with the beige sheets that everyone in Salem has. Daniel tells her that he is crazy in love with her. They talk about how happy they are to have a bundle of joy on the way. They kiss and Daniel needs to shower. While Chloe lies in bed she flashes back to Carly telling her she won’t tell Daniel about the whose-the-daddy-game.

Despite being a wealthy family, the DiMera Mansion apparently has no security anymore as Nicole picks the lock to the family room and lets herself in hoping to find any evidence that E.J. may have on her.

Lexie and Theo are at the pier at night. The pier in Salem is not a place to be mingling at night. You may run into unsavory characters. Oh look, there is one now. Daddy Stefano happens to be there. They greet one another as Stefano is delighted to see his little grandson. Stefano surprises Theo with a model sailboat since he loves to watch the boats. In the background Abe appears.

E.J. tells Johnny and Allie not to venture too far where he can’t see them. Sami delves into the packed food… Caroline’s fried chicken, salad, fruit, brownies…oh and Chex Mix! Yes, it’s a product placement for Chex Mix. And boy, do they get their monies worth with this one! EJ being British has no inkling what Chex Mix is. Sami informs him how wonderful it is with its million different flavors in your mouth at the same time. E.J. snatches the bag away from her and tries it. E.J. likes Chex Mix. In fact he decides he wants the bag for himself as Sami opens a bottle of Newman’s Own Italian Salad Dressing. She wants the Chex Mix for herself and a little wrestling match breaks out and she “accidentally” spills the dressing all over E.J.’s pretty pink shirt. OOPS. Looks like E.J.’s gonna have to take it off! He gives up the Chex Mix freely, now they are have extra Italian flavor. She claims she is sorry through her laughter. She tells him he needs to take his shirt off and she’ll clean it. EJ teases her that her plan was to get him down to the park at night and get his shirt off. He gives her, and thankfully us the audience, a cute little strip tease as he unbuttons the pink dress shirt. He teases her again that all she had to do was ask him to take it off instead of stooping to these antics. Sami can’t stop laughing at his joking. He throws her his sullied shirt and she turns away from him to catch her breath upon the site of his gorgeous man-chest. Thank you Newman’s Own for this wonderful ploy to get that man out of his clothes! 

I’ve written “Chex Mix” and “Newman’s Own” so many times, I feel like I should receive an endorsement check. LOL!

Nicole is rummaging through E.J.’s desk and pulls out a voice recorder. She is wearing high heels and you can hear the clickity clack of her shoes. Not a bright idea when you are breaking and entering. She gives a smug look at Stefano’s portrait and vows they will not take her down this time.

Back at the pier Abe greets his family. To which he is not pleased finding Stefano there with his wife and child. Lexie reminds him the have an agreement to remain cordial.

Melanie tells Carly that she thought they were not going to mingle in Daniel’s business anymore concerning Chloe. She accidentally slips that Chloe is pregnant and Carly divulges that she already knew as she was the one who gave Chloe the sonogram. Carly flashes to her conversation with Chloe regarding her indiscretion with Philip. Melanie asks Carly if there is a problem. Carly responds that there is.

Sami is trying to rinse out the olive oil to no avail, while a shirtless EJ wearing light grey slacks watches. She becomes a little upset that she ruined his expensive shirt. He comforts her by telling her it’s ok. Little Johnny runs in the scene and announces his schoolmate; Bobby is here with his parents. EJ takes his hand and guides him to say hello….yes still shirtless. What a great impression that must be on Bobby’s mother. I’m sure he’ll be invited to many a play-dates to come. As they walk away, Sami takes a huge gasp of air and looks at Sydney as she gives her mommy the “I just caught you ogling daddy!” look. Sami says, “What? I can’t help it. He has his shirt off. I’m just looking.” Ha-ha. Will and Gabby enter the scene. Sami freaks out seeing Will’s face bruised from his fight with Chad earlier.

Nicole makes her way to E.J.’s bedroom. She finds a wad of cash on his dresser and pockets it. She opens his top dresser draw and immediately finds her sonogram. Nicole is overcome with emotion as she sits down on E.J.’s bed to cry. She flashes back to the day of the sonogram and how happy she and E.J. were.

Chloe hears a knock at the door and finds Vivian on the other end. Vivian says, “This is the home of a doctor? Business must be slow.” Vivian wants to know why Chloe did not take care of Carly Manning.

Melanie starts to freak thinking something is wrong with the baby. Carly calms her fear by telling her the baby is fine. Carly asks Melanie how she perceives Chloe when she is around, if she seems happy and if she thinks she won’t hurt her father. Melanie says she is not 100% sure.

Nicole continues to talk to herself out load. It’s a good way of getting caught. Good thing the D’mansion staff are a bunch of slackers and Stefano’s cameras must be broken. She has come to the conclusion that E.J. has nothing on her for framing Arianna.

To our dismay, EJ has found himself a black t-shirt and thanks Will for his help packing up the picnic. E.J. wants to know if the other guy looks worse than Will. Will shakes his head yes. EJ giggles and tells him “good man”. He tells him to go join his mother and he’ll finish cleaning up. It was a cute scene. Gabi enters and thanks EJ for helping her sister Arianna out of jail as she grabs a jar to catch lighting bugs. Sami runs up and tells Gabi to hurry up Johnny and Allie is ready to catch yellow-lit bugs. Sami is exhausted as she falls to the blanket and says flashlight tag has worn her out. (So cute! I want to play flashlight tag) EJ teases her that maybe it’s all this standing on her own two feet that has tuckered her out. She laughs. He reiterates that he wants to give her independence. She gives him the sexy eyes and reveals, “Just because I’m standing on my two feet doesn’t mean that I don’t like you to be near by.” EJ flushes a bit and smiles. His cell phone rings. It’s “fatha” Stefano just in time to ruin the moment demanding to meet at the mansion. Sami doesn’t want him to leave. He blushes and smiles again.

Vivian is upset that Chloe botched up the offing Carly job. Chloe says she is glad she inadvertently messed up her plan.

Melanie pours coffee and says what bothers her most about Chloe is that she is one of those people that never gets enough love. She’s afraid for that reason that Chloe might hurt her father.

Nicole still being loud as a bull in a china shop fumbling her way around the house. Silly goose.

E.J. is surprised that Sami wants him to stay. She says it’s a family night. He thinks they will have plenty other nights for family time and excuses himself. Sami is a bit let down.

Nicole sneaks past Harold to return to the family room. She hides in a closet as Stefano makes his way into the room. Stefano talks to himself stating, hiding won’t do you any good. A fake out as he does not know Nicole is hiding in the room.

Vivian asks Chloe if she is happy being a coward. She answers ‘yes’ she is because she is happy that she did not kill someone. Vivian thinks she won’t be so upbeat when Carly ruins her relationship with Daniel. Chloe insists she will not lose him. Vivian discloses that Gregory was right, Chloe is an airhead. The name doesn’t ring a bell and she asks who Gregory is. Vivian informs her Greg is the male nurse working in the hospital. It still does not click with Chloe that Gregory was the one that fed her the false information that led her finding comfort in Philips arms. (Really, who doesn’t want comfort in those arms?) Vivian delivers the news about her deal with him. Chloe yells that Viv has ruined her life!

Melanie thinks whatever they think about Chloe they should let it go for Daniels sake. She informs Carly that he should be there any minute. Carly leaves.

Gabi sings to a sleepy Sydney in Spanish and Sami grows sad as she thinks of how Rafe would sing to Grace.

E.J. barges in on Stefano and informs him this better be good because he left Samantha and the children at the lake. Stefano tells him he is not the only one who is being inconvenienced because Nicole has given their man the slip. (The man must be a moron) Stefano thinks the pressure E.J. is applying to Nicole with the evidence is working. E.J. divulges that he has no evidence. Nicole is thrilled upon hearing this confession. E.J. says he knows Nicole and knows what she has done. Stefano reminds him that Nicole always trips over herself. Stefano doesn’t understand why E.J. is wasting his time defending the sister of the pain-in-the-ass-Hernandez. E.J. says he likes practicing law and particularly with someone who is innocent. Stefano still doesn’t understand why he is wasting all his time and not receiving any money. E.J. declares that it makes him feel good for doing the right thing. Stefano wouldn’t know the right thing if it hit him upside the head.

As Chloe begins to realize the depth of Vivian manipulations she continues to scream at her and Vivian continues to make jabs.

Daniel arrives at Melanie’s and she offers him some ice cream. He passes and says he has take out for Chloe in the car. (I hope she likes cold food.) Melanie tells him to close his eyes that she has something to show him. She pulls out a pink t-shirt that says, “I’m the big sister!” He laughs.

Will comes upon a sullen Sami sitting on the blanket. Will wants to know what is wrong. She reveals she is thinking about Rafe. He wants to know why she can’t call him. She says she can’t. Will wants to know if it’s because of E.J.

E.J. says it feels nice to have Sami see him doing good things. Stefano thinks that is silly thinking and there are ways to manipulate her. E.J. says, “No, I am not going to trick her into caring for me. I’m going to be the man…” Stefano interjects with “love”. Stefano asks him what happens if she finds out what he did. Meanwhile, Nicole senses a juicy confession and turns on the voice recorder.

Melanie hides something behind her back for Daniel. He wants to know why she is always giving him presents. She reminds him that she married a rich man. She surprises him with a scrap book where he can note all the steps in the new baby’s life. Daniel is profoundly touched by her gift. He tells her he hopes the new baby turns out like her.

Chloe climbs in bed wearing a blue dress and dreams what it would be like in the future. She and Daniel are lying in bed discussing their son who finally fell asleep and she states she has never been this happy. She fears she won’t have that kind of happiness if the baby is not Daniels.

Carly, in Days-like fashion, is outside mumbling to herself about Vivian being hell-bent and how this could ruin Daniels life.

Sami says she does not want to fight about E.J. with him right now. He says he doesn’t understand why she can’t call Rafe. She says she can’t. She realizes that she and Rafe were only a fantasy. Sami proclaims, “We were always a fantasy. When we fell in love, I was separated from everything I know and…and then we got back to real life, and it turns out that he can’t deal with parts of my real life.” Will says, “So it is about E.J.?” Sami says it is for Rafe but she isn’t sure about herself. Will apologizes for being such a jerk about E.J. He says he told his father (Lucas) that E.J. is being a decent guy to her and the kids. How Johnny, Allie, and Sydney are nuts about him and the think E.J. has truly changed. Sami ponders that he has.

E.J. is upset knowing that he lives with the guilt everyday. He knows he can lose everything. Stefano reminds him that Anna has been neutralized. He airs all the deeds and it shocks Nicole. E.J. says he must have been out of his mind. He was just so angry at Stefano, Nicole, and Sami and wanted to make them all suffer. Stefano says he accomplished that in spades. E.J. regrets his actions and becomes sullen. Nicole is still in shock by her new found knowledge.  

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