Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/5/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/5/10


Written By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera Mansion, Kate strolls nonchalantly towards the front door of the suave DiMera mansion, after she hears a desperate knock on the door. She opens the door easily, to find Chad's mother, Madeline, standing at the door, looking nervous. Madeline begs Kate to keep the secret from the safety deposit from Stefano. Kate responds by saying she sees Madeline as an ally, however, she will not cross her husband. She promised Stefano when they married she would always be honest with him. Madeline becomes worried and tense. Kate then reveals Madeline shocking past that she used to be one of Stefano's girls, and Madeline bargains with Kate to keep her secret because she is going to lose everything. Kate reminds Madeline she can't give her any promises, but Madeline says Kate owes her. Madeline becomes visibly stricken, and begs Kate, literally, to not destroy her or the cushy life she has built up.

At the Salem beach, Chad, T, and Will are shirtless underneath the Salem sun. They have just finished up a playful afternoon of wakeboarding. Chad brags he's an expert at wakeboarding. Chad and Will begin a discussion about College. Chad reveals that Madeline used her connections to get him into Wake Forest. Chad and Will compare their mothers. Chad boasts his mother gave him money to do homework, while he picks on Sami, by saying at least Chad's mom knows how to get things done. Will goes on the defensive, proudly defending his mom. His mother has been there for him the best she could. Chad realizes he made a cruel remark, and apologizes. Chad seems upset Mia has left, and describes it's been hard since she's left. Kinsey shows up, decked out in a nice bikini, and asks where Gabi is. Will explains that Gabi is at Arianna's arraignment. Both Will and Chad show concern for Gabi. Will defends Gabi's honor, and races off to go comfort her.

Brady and PI Brady sits tensely on a park bench outside the pub, as PI that he has hired to work Arianna's case and hopes to prove her innocence, comes up with nothing more than a picture. Brady becomes frustrated, and insists Arianna is innocent. The PI gives Brady his word that he will track down the person who framed Arianna.

In her prison cell, Arianna is visibly upset over her arraignment. EJ comforts Arianna and tells her she will be able to appeal her case. He says a dark storm is coming for Nicole, and he will do whatever he can to prove his suspicions that Nicole framed Arianna! He explains to Arianna that he believes Nicole is getting scared of what EJ might have against her and that she might already know he's onto her. The prison guard hands Arianna her outfit for court, and EJ leaves for the courtroom, after comforting her once again. Arianna finds Brady's engagement ring, and is clearly shaken, although she doesn't put it on...

At the park, Nicole places a worried phone call to the elusive Dr. Baker telling him that they could be in dead meat and she think EJ's onto her. Rafe casually walks up, startles Nicole, and questions Nicole about her motives in helping Arianna. Rafe is suspicious of Nicole. Nicole tells him to mind his own business. Nicole explains her only interest in Arianna is covering her trial for her job. She assures Rafe she has been a good friend to Arianna, but Rafe clearly doesn't believe her lies.

At the pub, Kim looks longingly at her husband, and insists he does not leave. She breaks down, and Shane lovingly reminds his wife that he wished he could have been through her side through her Leukemia scare. He assures her, he is here to stay, and declares that he has always loved her and always will. Shane assures her that her and their children have been in his heart at all times, even while he was away in Prison with Rafe. Kim perks up, and Shane holds her hand.

At the Salem Court House, Rafe gives his little sister a big embrace, as they are both concerned about their sister. Rafe lovingly reassures her. Nicole enters with her cameraman, but Rafe blocks her by saying there are no cameras allowed in the courtroom. Nicole insists she is trying to cover the story for Arianna's sake, but Rafe sees right through he know. He declares he knows Arianna was framed and Nicole just wants to hurt Arianna so she can sink her greedy paws into Brady.

Arianna enters in handcuffs, and EJ takes control, as Nicole keeps the camera running outside the court rom. Nicole wishes Arianna good luck, and Arianna looks at her like she's insane, and asks "Are you serious?" Nicole remains alone outside, as she remembers EJ telling her that he knows she framed Arianna and he knows she made a mistake. She becomes disoriented, as the doors close. Nicole becomes agitated, and takes a seat on the bench.

Gabi excitedly leaves the courtroom, declaring Arianna's been released on bail that EJ paid for $300,000. She goes to call her mother. Nicole composes herself, and shoves her microphone in EJ's face. EJ declares Arianna is out on bail, that he told the judge that he was one of the victims of the mugger, and he believes she is innocent. He also uses the fact she worked undercover for Roman to prove she's loyal to the police force. He also adds confidently that he is definitely knows who committed these crimes and when they go to trial, that Arianna's innocence will be revealed. Nicole asks Arianna who posted her bail, and EJ admits he did. Nicole questions EJ about a suspect, and EJ replies confidently that the suspect will be revealed later. EJ leaves with Arianna to take care of her paperwork.

Brady appears, and complains to Rafe that he doesn't understand why Arianna is trusting EJ, the 'devil'. Rafe responds by saying she won't listen to him either Rafe asks Brady to help Arianna, but Brady relieves the trust issues between Arianna and Brady. He explains that Arianna didn't believe that Brady thought she was innocent and she didn't believe that he was set up to be drugged during the poker game. Arianna believes he has fallen off the wagon. He also reveals that Nicole is Salem's new hot reporter and her ratings are high. Rafe becomes agitated with Brady and makes a sarcastic remark. Brady remarks that at least Nicole has had faith in him. Rafe walks away.

Brady calmly walks over to Nicole, who acts fake that she is happy Arianna is out on bail. Nicole points out how loving EJ seems to be towards Arianna, and tells him to move on. She gently touches his arm, and then her phone rings. Nicole receives a call from the station, but insists Brady thinks about what she said about EJ and Arianna.

Brady sees Arianna gently walk in, and informs her he would like to post her bail. She responds with tears that he did not have full trust in her that she is innocent. Arianna declares she is going to prove her innocence. Brady tries to offer help, but Arianna refuses. She says she is not interested, and gives Brady back his engagement ring, insisting they are over. Brady becomes angry, and insist she sell the EJ to pay back EJ for the bail. He declares EJ is the 'DEVIL', and will eventually want her soul. Brady leaves, as EJ approaches.

EJ shows more compassion to Arianna and asks her if she is alright, regarding giving Brady back her ring. He apologizes for the rudeness Brady gave her. Arianna and EJ exchange an intimate moment, by EJ asking if she thinks he's the devil, and Arianna smiles coyly and insists she doesn't believe that. She says she just wants to go home and take a shower, and EJ spots Nicole, stopping her...

Will and Gabi Will comforts Gabi at the pier, after she reveals the good news about her sister posting pail. Will insists EJ's a good guy. He invites her to go wakeboarding with his friends and Gabi is enthralled that Will was concerned about her. She agrees to go.

At the beach, T makes his move on Kinsey. Nobody has any idea where Gabi or Will are. Gabi and Will arrive, and she tells everyone her wonderful news about her sister Arianna. Chad becomes jealous of Will, and tells Gabi he will teach her how to wakeboard. Gabi's shirt gets caught in her bikini, and Chad becomes insanely jealous that Will helps Gabi. He tells Will to go pick up food at the DiMera mansion he left behind.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe finds Shane sulking at a table. Shane declares he has worked things out with Kim, and Rafe congratulates him. Shane and Kim declare they are returning to LA as loving husband and wife. Rafe calls the FBI office and insists he wants to stick around Salem for a while. He has a personal issue to work out. Rafe declares he wishes he had could find a way to get Sami away from the DiMeras. Shane insists the DiMeras are not known to play by the rules. Shane introduces Rafe to Kim and Shane and Kim sail off happily ever after to La...

At the DiMera Mansion, Kate assures Madeline she will not mention the document to Stefano unless he asks. Will creeps by the staircase and overhears Kate call Madeline an ex-lady of the night. Will is shocked.

At the courthouse, EJ threatens Nicole that he has evidence against her. She becomes upset, and EJ delights in her squirming. He insists soon she will be the headline in the mugging story, and it will be delicious for him to see her in jail. The scene ends with Nicole looking fearful of what EJ has on her...

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