Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/30/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/30/10


Written By René
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe hugs Daniel, says she is ready to leave the hospital and Carly was just leaving. Carly corrects her by stating she is not going anywhere. Daniel demands what is going on as he notices the tension in the room is thick. He asks if someone will clue him in. Carly says she has something to tell him about Chloe and the baby.

Melanie overheard Philip and Kayla talking about his son. Melanie wants to know why he did not allow Steve and Kayla to raise his son.

Kim walks into Bo's living room and Shane walks through the door scaring her. He insists they need to talk. He reminds her they have kids together so she needs to hear him out.

Rafe insists that Arianna gets rid of E.J... She reminds him she has to go to her arraignment and she can’t do that without a lawyer. Arianna knows this is about Sami and not her. Rafe states that E.J. is poison. Arianna corrects him again and schools him in the fact that E.J. has been nothing but sweet to her. He does not like her statement one bit. Arianna wants to know what is going on with Sami and believes that he is still in love with her.

Sami, in a state of shock, completely blown away by E.J.’s declaration of love assumes he didn’t really mean it. E.J.’s eyes swell with tears, takes a soft, tender tone, says, “Samantha, when I tell you that I love you, I mean every single word.” Sami’s eyes widen and she stutters over words she can’t seem to get out of her mouth. E.J. tells her that she can’t pretend that she had no idea to the depth of his heart. Sami still reacting in a state of shock, “no…no…well…I thought…..” Again she is unable to form sentences.  E.J. restates, “That I love you…that I have fallen in love with you again?” Sami tries again at speaking, “E.J. I thought there was something” gesturing her hands for “between us”…and states he can’t come out and say something like that. He has overwhelmed her.  E.J. observes that she has not pulled a regular Sami move and run away, she is still standing there…with him. Sami is even more confused and thinks about his words. Fades to opening credits.

Daniel starts to freak out thinking something is wrong with the baby. Chloe says Carly was a bit concerned for the baby after the elevator fall but not to worry because Daniel took care of the blood work. Daniel thinks there is something else.

Sami and E.J. walk into the family room. Sami is still swimming in a state of confusion and shock. Sami says she is not running away from his feelings for her. EJ corrects her with “love” reiterates that he loves her. This adds to Sami’s bewilderment. He says that she never gave him any signal that his feelings were unwelcome and she is still living with him. Sami goes into the diatribe over the pipe bursting incident and insists that is why she is still there. E.J. observes the reason she is still living with him after the pipes have been fixed is because she is in love with him and wants her to admit it. Sami scoffs and starts gasping for breath.

Daniel says Carly can tell her what it is. A nurse walks in and needs Daniel and Carly to tend to a car accident victim. Chloe resumes talking to herself about her hate for Carly as Nicole walks in ranting that E.J. is trying to ruin her life. Nicole not noticing how upset Chloe is wants to know if she heard a word she ranted.

Rafe says he does not want to talk about Sami he wants to talk about her and the son-of-a-bitch-EJ. Arianna says she gets it, he hates E.J. always has always will. She explains she originally had a public defender that wasn’t worth a penny and E.J. was the only one who believed in her. Rafe wants to know how Brady feels about E.J. being her lawyer. Her face is overcome with sadness as she says they broke up. She doesn’t want to talk about it as tears flood her eyes. She insists E.J. is helping her. Rafe is getting nowhere with his request and it frustrates him. She is growing mad at her brother thinking no one can do anything nice for her because it always about Sami.

Sami once again stumbles over her words and gets out that she is flattered by E.J.’s heart-felt confession. She goes on to say how happy she is they are getting along and no longer are fighting. EJ with an adulated tone says, “Sami, our issues we used to have seem rather insignificant when love is involved.” Sami agrees and tries to clarify her meaning. She continues to talk in circles. EJ wants to know why she can’t admit there is more than she is letting on. Sami apologies and says she doesn’t feel the same way he feels for her. E.J. concludes she is trying to say they are just friends. Upon hearing the word friends Sami jumps forward and all over the word friends. “Yes! We’re just friends!”  She goes on to say that he is her hero; she likes what he is doing for Arianna, and the little things he does every day with a loving tone. But insists she only thinks of him as a friend and doesn’t want to hurt his feeling. EJ giggles at her in disbelief, takes a deep breath, sighs, and says, “Amazing. (giggles again) That is the biggest lie that you have told yet!” (Considering this is Sami Brady that is a major statement!)

Kim says she is late getting back to the pub. Shane will not let things go because they are too important and states she is in denial. They continue to bicker and he suggests she can’t look him in the eyes because she is not being straight with him. She stomps out the door.

Philip and Melanie walk to the pier. Melanie rehashes her new found knowledge that Stephanie’s parents wanted to adopt Philips son and he would not allow that to happen. Philip says it’s hard to explain…Melanie needs to know because it seems Steve and Kayla is loving parents. He tries to say he was not ready to be a parent and the child would be a reminder of a part of his life he is trying to forget. Melanie seems hurt by his answer.

Nicole observes that Chloe is not wearing a wedding ring wants to know if she told Daniel about her indiscretion. Chloe says she hasn’t and Nicole is relieved. Nicole thinks they need to come up with a plan. Chloe gets overly dramatic.

Rafe apologizes that he is wrong. He realizes that EJ is helping his sister because she is innocent. He feels bad because he knows EJ and Sami reconnected before he even left town. He thinks their connection is stronger now then it was before he left. Arianna wants to know where her brother was all this time. He clues her in on his escapades.

Sami explodes at E.J. calling her a liar. Clearly still upset that Rafe called her a liar earlier in the day. She yells at E.J. that he called her a lying twit. E.J. corrects her that he did not call her that. Sami calls him an arrogant bastard. E.J. says she is a giant pain in his ass and always will be with a smile on his face. This is a cutesy bicker rather than a serious one. Sami gets sassy and says, “That’s right because that is who I am!” Sami tries to dart out of the room. E.J. catches her around her waist and pulls her into to him and says she is not done here. Sami looks away from him.

Shane bangs on the locked door of the Brady pub. Kim is irritated that he has followed her there, looks out and yells “We’re closed!” He yells back to let him in or he’ll break a window. She resigns and opens the door wanting him to make it fast. He hands her a letter.

Philip hands Melanie a coffee as she sits on the park bench. She asks him if he looked into the background of the family who adopted his son. He assures her that he did his homework. Melanie states you can never be too sure, look at what her adopted father turned out to be. Philip reveals that he keeps tab on his son, Tyler and he’s happy and doing great. Melanie is sad for him. They cuddle and Philip kisses the top of her head.

Nicole tells Chloe to stop crying she is stronger than that and not to worry what Carly will or won’t do. Chloe realizes she is in power.

E.J. has his hands on Sami’s tummy where she carried their children with her hands on top of his. E.J. breathes in his ex-wife’s scent around her neck. Sami starts to breathe heavy.  In an adulated tone, E.J. asks her to give him another minute. She says ok and breaks his embrace. E.J. has a chest-shire grin on his face. She wants to know the meaning of that grin. He says he is marveling at her, that she never changes. When she gets backed in a corner she comes out fighting. He smiles and says its one of the things that he can not stand about her but at the same time, its one of the things that he absolutely loves about her. Sami tells him to stop using that word. Sami starts to stumble over her words again. She can not believe that E.J. loves her after everything she has done to him. E.J. stands up and says, “I love you. I know I love you and you know that I love you.” Sami asks him to stop. E.J. says ok. He asks her why she kissed him as he steps closer to her. Sami’s face falls…her emotions are cornered...again she is at a loss for words… she doesn’t know…just a crazy moment that happened. E.J. charmingly smiles and nods at her. He sees right through her denials. He says it’s because we both felt the same thing. Why don’t you just admit that? E.J. steps closer and licks his lips. Sami can’t take her eyes off him and starts to step backward. E.J. persists, stepping nearer to her. Sami starts to breathe heavier the closer E.J. gets. He reminds her they have a bond, two children together, they have a family, she lives there, and they have feelings for one another. Sami scoffs but again she can not form words. EJ’s soft tender voice is affecting her. He once again ask her to be honest with him. “That kiss, that night….that said everything to me.” E.J. recalls as he steps even closer. Sami starts to get lost in E.J.’s soft hazel eyes as she has ran out of space to walk backward. She is up against the desk. E.J. places his hands on the desk around her body and leans down to meet her at eye level. Sami’s breasts start to heave as she can not seem to find enough air in the room. E.J.’s charm is oozing out of every pour as he says, “That kiss told me that you need me and want me just as much as I need and want you.” Sami is staring at his lips. Her body is aching for his touch. She desperately wants this man and her body languages is screaming it. E.J. comes closer to her face, closes his eyes and says, “Look, you may not be in love with me but I know you have feelings for me” As he starts to nuzzle her nose with his. Sami pants louder. Her skin is on fire for EJ. Again she is searching his lips for a kiss with her eyes. E.J. nuzzles her nose again as he says “Why don’t you just admit that?” E.J. takes his nose and nuzzles Sami’s neck. Sami’s eyes are closed and she enjoys the way he feels on her skin. He comes back to her nose for another Eskimo kiss and says, “Don’t fight it anymore.” Sami shakes her head no and mouths “I ca…” E.J. continues while making love to her with his eyes, “I tried. It didn’t get me anywhere so I gave up. Samantha we belong together. Our children are proof of that. How many times have we been so close? So in love? Yes, things happen. But we always get back together, because this is so real, because this is so deep, because this is so…so perfect.” E.J. moves in for a kiss. His bottom lip caress’s hers….his phone rings...a quick distraction. Sami darts from under his arms and runs across the room panting heavily. E.J. looks at his phone and discovers Adrianna’s arraignment has been moved up. He tells her she’s saved by the bell. Sami picks up a large glass of water and can not look at E.J. He walks across the room as he says he would like to continue this conversation when he returns home. He leans over and gives her a chaste kiss. Sami kisses him back and her heavy breathing intensifies. EJ leaves the room and Sami gulps down her water. Sami is clearly hot and bothered by her ex-husband.

Daniel asks Carly what is with her and Chloe. There is always anger and tension in the air. Carly says if there is a problem Chloe should be the one to tell him. She has to leave and check on a patient.

Nicole tells Chloe not to run after Carly to calm down and do the right thing. She says she is in the same place as Chloe. She wonders if E.J. is bluffing or does he really have something on her. Chloe starts to freak again that Carly might tell Daniel that she slept with someone else as Daniel enters he room.

Philip and Melanie kiss on the pier. She thanks him for always being honest with her. She asks him if he would ever want another child someday. Philip has a scared look.

Nicole says goodbye and leaves. Daniel asks what they were talking about. Carly says Nicole is afraid E.J. will try to pull some dirty trick in court today. Daniel wanted to make sure that she didn’t tell Nicole she was pregnant. Chloe asks him about the car accident. Daniel asks Chloe if she would ever lie to him.

Kim reads the letter of resignation that Shane filed with the ISA. Shane explains he has finally decided he does not want to spend the rest of his life being somewhere his family is not. He raises his voice to say he could have died in that hole and she could have died of leukemia and neither one would ever know. Never to be there to reach out for comfort or hope. He says his whole life has been about he mission but that’s over. Now all he wants is to spend the rest of his life with his family…that is if she will let him back in.  Shane’s voice is full of pain, regret, and love. Kim’s eyes swell with tears.

Rafe tells Arianna that he thinks him and Sami are not meant to be, too many things have gone wrong. E.J. walks up and greets his client. E.J. is not happy at his presence. E.J. asks Arianna how she is feeling. She says she is anxious. E.J. asks Rafe if he can have a moment alone with his client. Rafe scoffs and says they don’t need him anymore. E.J. looks at Arianna confused. Rafe says he is going to help his sister out. E.J. jokes that he hopes he doesn’t help her in the same way he helped Sami by coming up empty-handed. Rafe starts to argue and Arianna asks her brother to leave. He can’t believe his ears. She explains he is not helping anything and she needs to be in court very soon. Rafe leaves.

Philip says, yes he does want kids. He asks her and she says yes and they both agree not right now but to wait for the right time.

Chloe wants to know why she would lie to him and what Carly said to him. He wants to know if she is keeping anything about her medical condition from him. She insists that she is not. They say they love each other and he says that she is officially released from the hospital. Chloe smiles at him as Daniel suggest they start to fix up a room for their baby.

Kim is shocked by Shane's confession. Shane says she doesn’t have to answer right away; he just wanted to let her know. Kim still processing it turns away as he walks to the door. She stops him.

E.J. and Arianna go over her case. She is worried and he calms her fears. He feels confident she’ll get released on bail.

Nicole is at the pier talking to Doctor Baker on her cell phone. She tells him she has yet to find out the information E.J. has on her. She yells at Baker that she is afraid E.J. will tell the judge that he has proof that she and the Doctor planted evidence. Nicole gets a scared look on her face as she hears footsteps behind her. She turns and finds Rafe standing there. They smirk at each other.  Show fades to black.

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