Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/29/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/29/10


Written By René
Pictures by Juanita

The show starts with a replay of Sami and Rafe in the family room at the DiMera Mansion. Sami walks away from Rafe as they bicker. Sami thinks it’s great that he is back five minutes and he’s already calling her a liar. Rafe knows she is lying to herself. Sami is steaming mad and takes an insubordinate tone as she notifies him that she does not care what he thinks. She reminds him that HE walked out on HER which gives him no right to her life. Rafe scoffs and tells her that he knows they are no longer together but the DiMera mansion is the last place she should be and EJ is the last man she should be hooking up with. Sami insists he is jealous of EJ. Rafe insists he is not. He is afraid that EJ will hurt her again and he won't let that happen. Rafe takes Sami’s head in both hands and lays a kiss on her. She wraps her arms around him and reciprocates the kiss.

Madeline and Kate are at the pier. Madeline says yes everything Kate and Stefano stole minus the tape has been returned to her. Madeline hopes her and Stefano are happy. Kate informs her that no one can be happy after all that has happened. Madeline become worried she knows about the “secret” and asks her what she means. Kate asks her if she really wants to play this game because she knows everything that happened. Madeline is freaking out in her skin.

Carly lays a yellow rose on top of Alice Horton’s grave. Jennifer walks up and greets her. Carly hugs Jennifer and adds her condolences. Carly tells her she wanted to pay her respects to Alice but did not want to attend the funeral to upset Hope. Jennifer thanks her for her kind sentiment. Carly excuses herself and Jennifer stops her because she notices she has been crying. Jennifer wanted to know if she is upset over Bo. Carly tells her it has nothing to do with Bo.

Daniel is holding Chloe as she lay sleeping in her hospital bed. She awakens and turns to him and says she had the strangest dream. Daniel tells her it wasn’t a dream they are having a baby. He has the biggest grin on his face as he leans down to kiss his soon-to-be-wife.

Philip is in Maggie’s kitchen trying to reach Chloe on her cell phone. Melanie startles Philip as she walks in and asks if he was able to get a hold of her. Melanie tells him he does not have to hide anything from her and to always assume she knows more than she lets on. He has no idea what she means by that as he is not hiding anything. Melanie thinks she knows why Philip is trying to get a hold of Chloe.

Rafe and Sami continue to kiss passionately. Rafe takes Sami’s face in his hands as they break the kiss. In the background, EJ enters the doorway and sees the situation at hand. Sami sees a dismayed EJ and breaks away from Rafe. Rafe turns toward the doorway. The camera zooms in on a visible upset EJ.

Daniel looks at Chloe lovingly and happily tells her they are pregnant. Chloe is still in a bit of a fog and she recalls having a sonogram. Daniel eases her by telling her it all happened it was not a dream. Chloe is overcome with joy and says, “A baby? That’s all I have ever wanted for us. That can’t be.” Chloe flashes back to her and Philip making love two months prior and has a worried look on her face. Daniel tells her it is true. She wants to know how far along she is.

Arianna is sitting her in jail cell, depressed as her sister Gabi comes to visit her to deliver the news of their brother, Rafe’s return.

EJ enters the family room and softly asks Rafe to leave. Sami looks worried.

Kayla and Stephanie are sitting at table in the Brady Pub as they look at pictures of Stephanie’s baby brother. Kayla comments how happy her daughter seems. Stephanie tells her she is much happier than she was a year ago when she was with Philip. Kayla notices that Philip’s name comes up often and wishes he was gone from her daughters mind since he is out of her life. Stephanie corrects her that Philip is not out of her life.

Melanie knows Philip is concerned for Chloe’s well being because she is a friend of his. Philip has the “ah-that’s-it” look on his face and he says, “Yeah. Yeah she is. I just want the best for her.”   Melanie thinks Philip has helped her accept that Chloe is the right woman for her father. Philip doesn’t think so. He says he’s not sure how compatible Chloe is for Daniel. Melanie doesn’t believe him and tells him he’s doing a 180. Philip ponders if the reason he feels that way is because they don’t know the reason why they delayed their wedding. Melanie assumes Carly would know the reason since she is the one that interrupted the ceremony. Philip agrees.

Carly asks Jennifer not to tell anyone what she is about to confide her in.  Carly confesses it’s about Doctor Daniel Jonas, the father of her daughter. She asks Jennifer if she had the opportunity to meet him. Jennifer says no but she’s heard great things about him.  Carly agrees and adds that he has been a loyal friend to her even after she has deceived him for so many years. If it wasn’t for his forgiveness she would not be free right now nor would she have a relationship with her daughter. Carly feels that she owes Daniel. Jennifer asks her what the problem is. Carly admits that she has found something out concerning him that she wishes she hadn’t and she’s been dealing with it the best she can but a new complication has risen. She is concerned for him that the wonderful thing in his life will turn out to be terrible

Daniel comments that she seems upset again by the way she asked him a question. Chloe says any woman would be anxious to find out their baby’s due date. Daniel informs her that she is two months along. Chloe’s face grows increasingly worried.

EJ asks Rafe to leave once again. Rafe does not listen. Stefano enters the family room joining EJ, Rafe, and Sami. Rafe happily states that he got Anna to confess her part in the kidnapping. Stefano looks at him like Really-As-if-we didn’t-know-that, and says, “That’s it? That’s the big news?” Rafe explains he can not divulge any more information because it’s an ongoing investigation. EJ raises his voice and declares this a farce! They have a right to know what is going on. It’s his and Sami’s daughter and Stefano’s granddaughter. Rafe agrees and understands his concern. He then divulges that Anna was poisoned and could not get any information from her. Stefano calls Rafe an idiot.

Madeline asks Kate if she told Stefano what she has uncovered. Kate assures her that she has not….yet.

Philip thinks they should leave Carly alone because the news should be delivered to her by her father. Melanie agrees. Philip says he has to leave and it will give her some privacy with her father when he comes over. They make a date for lunch and he kisses her goodbye and says he loves her. After he closes the door he tells himself he must find out what is going on.

Carly admits she feels immensely guilty for holding on to her secret about Melanie for so long. She feels it was the right thing to do but can’t stop feeling the pain of it. Jennifer tells her this is her chance to make the new secret right.

Daniel hypothesizes that Chloe thinks it’s the accident that is making her feel bad for the baby that is why she is not displaying joy at the news. He eases away her fears of any complications for the baby as he has taken measures. She feels like she has taken him for granted and terrible for feeling insecure about Carly and not being able to give him a child. Daniel hushes her nonsense. Daniel says he loves her and he doesn’t care that she has put him through hell, as long as they are together, they can get through anything. Chloe insists there is something she needs to say to him and worry fills her eyes.

Carly and Jennifer embrace as Carly thanks her for listening and that she is kind-hearted like her grandmother. Jennifer is touched. They say their goodbyes and Carly walks away. Jennifer turns to Alice’s headstone and says she hopes she gave Carly the correct advice.

Philip asks after Doctor Jonas in the hospital lobby. The nurse informs him that he is in with Ms. Lane.

Daniel tells Chloe he does not want to hear any guilty confessions-it’s a time for joy. He concludes the night he found the baby clothes had to be the night they conceived. She agrees. The nurse walks in and says the forms for Chloe’s release are ready. He kisses her goodbye and tells her that she makes him happy. They briefly talk about how they will make a happy family with the baby. After he leaves, Chloe freaks out. She is sure the baby is Philips.

“You failed us, Hernandez” booms Stefano. Sami interjects that Rafe is only doing the best that he can. EJ thinks she should let Rafe defend himself. Rafe says there is no need, he did what he could and the truth will eventually come out. Rafe walks out as Sami chases him to the door. EJ shrugs. Sami catches him as he walks out the front door and asks him “What the hell was that?” He turns to her with a very pissed off look.

Stefano says Anna was telling the truth, FBI man knows nothing. EJ says “He’s still around though.” Stefano wants to know if something happened in the room before he arrived. EJ’s face grows sad.

Madeline wants to know if Kate ever plans on telling Stefano. Kate says this new information puts her in a bad situation and there is much to be considered. She can not promise anything.

Arianna asks her sister if Rafe was there. Gabi says yes he was but they would not let him in. (this makes no sense as Rafe told Sami that he went straight to her….) Gabi assures Arianna that Rafe will get her out of jail and she will no longer have to rely on EJ. Arianna looks worried.

EJ insists nothing happened before his father arrived. Stefano excuses himself since he has to make a call and leaves the room.

Sami and Rafe argue. Rafe is indignant that she is living with EJ. He says he must leave to go see his sister. Sami stops him and yells he is not going anywhere until he tells her why he kissed her. Rafe states it was a goodbye kiss. Sami has resolve in her eyes.

Stephanie explains Philip is married to a friend of hers and they are in Salem so….She then starts to rant how Philip hurts everybody. She doesn’t think it has stopped and senses he has hurt Melanie and she won’t stand by and allow her friend Melanie get hurt by Philip. (cue: eye rolling) Kayla is suspicious and concerned.

Daniel arrives at Melanie’s and is ecstatic to share some news with her but she must keep this information to herself. She agrees. He then delivers the news that she will be a big sister, that Chloe is pregnant. Melanie starts to jump up and down for joy and hugs her father. They are both extremely happy.

Chloe is wearing a purple dress with a yellow belt and is finishing her packing. Carly enters the room. Chloe sighs.

Sami says the kiss didn’t feel like goodbye….he just stares at her and announces he needs to go see his sister and leaves. Sami rolls her eyes and sighs and walks back into the house. There stands EJ giving her the sad eyes. She looks back at him with the same set of sadness.

Jennifer talks to Alice’s headstone that she will always live on in her heart and says goodbye.

Kayla figures that if Philip hurts Melanie that she will run back to Nathan. Stephanie admits that is her logic. She feels Melanie is still a threat to her relationship with Nathan. Kayla’s phone rings and she must take the call. In walks Philip and they greet one another. Stephanie confess she was just talking to her mother about him and she think he has done something wrong. Philip scoffs.

Melanie and Daniel are still reveling in their excitement. Melanie admits that she is not ready to share her father. He calms her and then says she wants to baby-sit. Melanie says this is going to be the greatest this time around because he will get to enjoy fatherhood from the beginning.

Chloe asks why Carly is there. Carly wants to know what the next move is. Carly says it’s a bad idea not to tell the truth and she can’t let it go. Chloe says fine, tell Daniel but if she does it will ruin his second chance at fatherhood. Carly feels guilty.

Philip thinks Stephanie thrives on gossip and asks her to stay out of it. Stephanie’s phone rings as Kayla returns and Stephanie says goodbye she has to go to work. Philip greets Kayla. He asks her what the context of her conversation with her daughter was. She says she will not reveal that to him. Kayla makes it clear that she is not the biggest fan of his.

Chloe insists if Carly tells Daniel it will tear him apart. Chloe tells her she is sure its Daniels child because she used protection with Philip. Carly doesn’t believe a word she says.

Rafe hugs his baby sister Gabi and greets Arianna. He insists he’ll get her out of there. Gabi has to leave as only one person at a time is allowed in. Arianna wants to know how he will get her out. Rafe says he needs to hear every detail of what happened. Arianna insists it will not be easy. She says there is some hope because E.j…. Upon hearing Ej’s name Rafe becomes royally upset. He wants to know what the hell EJ has to do with any of this.

Stefano meets up with Kate at the pier to give EJ and Sami some privacy. Kate wants to know what is wrong. Stefano reveals that Hernandez is back in town stirring up trouble. Kate wants to know why he is so rattled. He says he is because his son EJ is clearly upset. He insists that something must have happened before he walked in the room to upset him. Stefano is a bit hurt that EJ did not open up about what is bothering him. He wants to find out what it is.

Sami can’t look at EJ. She turns away and asks him why he is looking at her in such a way. EJ comes closer and leans against the mirror in the foyer and concludes that she is now back together with Rafe. She corrects him that no she isn’t and nothing has changed, they are finished. EJ observes that she threw herself at him and she is mooning over him like a teenager. Sami scoffs. EJ reminds her that Rafe keeps rejecting her…she already has a family. He asks where her dignity is. Sami interrupts him and wants to know what he thought. EJ pleads with her to stop being so coy that she knows exactly how he feels.

Kayla reminds Philip how he hurt them by taking away his son from them and gave the little boy to another. She thinks since he gave up so easily on fatherhood he will do the same in a marriage.

Carly says she regrets what she did to Daniel and she can’t hurt him again. She says Daniel needs to know the truth the sooner the better as Daniel walks in. Chloe says she is ready to get out of the hospital.

Arianna informs Rafe that EJ is her lawyer. Rafe insists she drops EJ since they have no use for him. Rafe raises his voice and demands that she stay away from EJ. Arianna thinks this is about Sami and not her.

Sami is confused as to what EJ is referring to. EJ recalls that everything that has happened between them since Rafe left. Her moving in with him, the night they went swimming, the way they bonded over their son’s accident, and the fact that she kissed him deeply. EJ asks, “Did it ever occur to you…” Sami says, “What? I don’t know what you are saying” EJ pours his heart out by stating that he loves her. Sami is overcome with shock. She can not believe her ears.

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