Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/28/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/28/10


Written By René
Pictures by Juanita

Ding Dong! The front door screams at the DiMera Mansion. Sami, wearing a yellow sun dress, opens the door to find Rafe standing there. She is stunned to see him as he has been M.I.A. for weeks with no word. Rafe nonchalantly says, “Hey”. He is not thrilled to find Sami living in the D’mansion. He makes his sentiments known to Sami as she rolls her eyes.

Bo and Hope are standing near Alice’s casket that is decorated with beautiful yellow roses. Hope is an emotional mess as she looks at Bo with aching eyes and asks him if he is planning on going back to Gran’s. He says yes and one of the roses falls to the ground. They both reach to retrieve the flower and their hands touch.

Kate is in the family room in the DiMera Mansion reading through the papers she found in Madeline’s safety deposit box. She talks to herself about how Madeline made the wrong move by stowing away this kind of evidence where someone could find it. (The audience is not privy to what Kate read). As she stuffs the papers back into an envelope she contemplates telling her husband, Stefano and leaves. (Oddly enough, does not pass Sami and Rafe in the foyer, ha-ha)

Madeline is outside the Brady Pub, pulls a yellow envelope out of her purse and talks to herself expressing her relief that Kate and Stefano did not find what is inside. Chad walks up behind her and she jumps a mile high and tells him not to sneak up on her. Chad tells his mother he’s been looking all over for her because he found something out that he is not happy about. Madeline’s eyes falls downward to the envelope, afraid he found out the secret she’s desperately kept all these years.

Rafe walks into the foyer at the DiMera mansion. Sami asks why he wanted to see her. He asks how her children are. Sami informs him that Sydney is doing great and Allie has returned from staying with her daddy (Lucas) in Hong Kong. Johnny had a fever but he’s better now so it’s all back to normal. Sami asks Rafe how long has he been back in town. He states he just arrived and came straight to see her. Sami looks at him a bit surprised. Rafe smirks and says, “First thing.” Sami smiles back at him feeling a little touched by his gesture, tells him that she missed him and gives him a hug. In their embrace, Rafe smells the scent of her skin.

Bo and Hope are both holding the rose and feeling each others fingers as Bo takes the rose for himself. Hope tells him she’ll see him back at the house and leaves. Bo turns around and looks at Alice’s picture with a smaller picture of Tom in the corner left by Lucas. Bo flashes back to a conversation with Alice where she tells him he is welcome to come over for her famous doughnuts and advice any time. Back in real time, Bo says he will miss her and he really needs her advice right now.

Doug, Julie, Nathan, Will, Kayla, Stephanie, and Melissa are sitting in Alice’s living room looking over a scrapbook of Mrs. Horton’s life reminiscing about the good times. They come upon photographs taken at hospital benefit where Alice dressed up as Groucho Marx. Flashback to Alice as Groucho Marx at the benefit teasing a nurse on stage.

Roman whispers in Kayla’s ear and they step aside to talk. Roman asks Kayla if she seen Shane at the funeral. Kayla said did see Shane for a couple of seconds but he disappeared quickly and thought he would be the last person she expected to see. Roman wonders where Kim ran off to.

Kim storms through the door at Bo’s house madder than hell that Shane decided to show up at Alice’s funeral out of the blue after years of no word. She flashes to a conversation with Alice about Shane and her having a strong relationship but it needed a rest from time to time. A knock on the door brings her out of the flashback. She opens the door to find Shane. The look on her face would suggest she is annoyed, yet relieved to see him on the doorstep.

Sami and Rafe break from their embrace. Rafe touches her hair. She asks him where he has been. He said he will tell her everything but needed to know if Stefano and EJ was home. She said they both have stepped out for the moment. She wanted to know why he wanted that information. Rafe tells her that he wanted to be alone with her. Sami looks at him slightly confused.

The group comes across the next set of pictures of Alice saving all the puppies from the pound. Doug mentions that she always loved to look out for the little ones. Hope makes a comment that Alice saved her and Bo on several occasions. As Bo enters the house, Ciara’s ear perked up and wants to hear a story. Hope obliges and flashbacks back to a time when her and Bo are in New Orleans running out of a wax museum. Alice is in an engineer costume and helps Bo and Hope escape. The flashback fades out and we see Bo smiling at the story. Ciara tells her mother that she wishes great grandma could save her and her daddy now. Hope looks up at Bo and they both look uncomfortable.

Madeline runs after Chad as he walks into the Brady Pub. They sit down at a table and he explains he got a text from Mia informing him that she is leaving Salem. Chad is clearly upset over her cold shouldered goodbye. Madeline flashes back to her giving Mia a plane ticket to leave. Chad is determined to find out what happened. Madeline sternly says, “No”. He looks at her as if he’s reading the lie on her face.

Kate arrives at Alice’s gravesite and talks to her portrait. She confesses her guilt of keeping Lucas from the Horton’s all those years. She says goodbye to Alice. Bill Horton happens upon Kate and she is shocked to find him there.

Maggie, Lucas, Laura, Carrie and Marie are in Alice’s kitchen and Laura asks if anyone has seen Bill. Lucas answers her stating he has stepped out for awhile. They gather sandwiches and drinks and head for the gathering in the backyard. Carrie asks Lucas to stay behind for a second. She tells him she is leaving to go home very soon. Lucas tells her to give Austin his best with a despondent look and tone. Carrie scoffs and thinks he doesn’t mean that. Carrie admits she feels bad for how things ended between them. Lucas says, “Grandma used to always say there are no endings, only new beginnings.” He lets her know it was good to see her. Lucas pulls Carrie into a hug as she smiles at him. The camera focuses in on Lucas’ face as it drops. The hurt shows in his face. This was the love of his life and it never could come together. A very nice, sweet, and touching moment.

Kayla tells Hope it’s been a touch day as Hope thumbs through the pages of the scrap book. Kayla says today she seen that Hope and Bo still love and need one another. She pushes Hope that her and Bo need to get back together. Hope, a bit annoyed with Kayla informs her that getting back with Bo is more complicated than just wanting it to happen.

Kayla says someone has to make the first move. Hope reminds her that Bo is living with Carly now. Nathan and Stephanie enter the room as Nathan summons everyone to come see what he’s found. He sticks in a VCR tape into the player. Everyone gathers around the TV to see the tape labeled “Special Day”.  It is a tape of Tom and Alice renewing their wedding vowels.

Kim sternly tells Shane she does not want to see him and tries to slam the door shut but he stops her. He needs to see her. Kim explodes on him. Shane has no idea what she has been through with the bone cancer. Shane is sadden and moved by the fact that she had cancer and he feels terrible that he had no idea. Kim screams at him that he has always been too busy with saving the world than focusing on family. Her voice laden with pain admits to him she felt like an idiot laying in the hospital bed thinking every footstep heard in the hallway belong to him…and they never were. Shane feels like his heart has been stabbed by her words. He instantly realizes how hard it’s been for her without him. His face is full of guilt and he makes his case. He explains to her that if he would have known what was happening and he wasn’t stuck in jail. Not any kind of jail but more like a camp where they send animals to die. Shane reiterates he would have been there in a heartbeat if he could. He is apologetic and full of regret as he makes it known that he is there for her now. Kim’s remorseful eyes swell with tears.

Sami pours them a drink in the family room while Rafe explains that he found Anna and tried to use Calliope Jones to turn on her. Sami looks at him in disbelief explaining to him how Anna and Calliope are besties. Rafe turns from her and paces the room while informing Sami of Mr. Jones tax troubles and how Anna fell poisoned right before she pointed a finger behind the kidnapping. Rafe follows that with how he came to be in jail. Sami looks on in disbelief. Sami can’t believe they let him out of jail. Rafe corrects her with “breaking” out. By the time he got to Anna she was already gone, never finding out whom she worked with. Rafe apologizes to Sami for not being able to find out the truth. It really bothers him that he returned home empty handed. Sami wanted to know if the entire time he was gone, was it for her benefit.

Carrie says goodbye to her father, Roman, as they hug. He tells her he is very happy that she returned to Salem. Bo interrupts and mirrors his brother's sentiment. Carrie offers Bo a place to stay if he would come to Switzerland and innocently says Hope can come along. Bo bites his lip as he smiles at his niece with a “why I outta” expression. The Brady men escort Carrie to her car.

Theo and Ciara are coloring on the Horton coffee table. Theo turns to Ciara and wants to know if she found her treasures. She says no as she sighs and confesses that she misses her wallet treasures. Theo requests to see her wallets. Ciara reminds him that they are gone and wonders if her mommy had taken them back…she doesn’t know.  Hope enters the room as Ciara says, “they disappeared the same night my mommy was hugging that strange man.” Hope scolds her daughter and wants to know what kind of stories she is making up.

Doctor Baker is reading Alice Horton’s obituary out loud and discovers that Detective Hope Brady is her grand-daughter. The Doctor flashes back to him and night-time-pill-popping Hope are discussing his concern for her on the Brady lawn. He ponders if she will return to the mugging business or if she will hunt down her ex-husband, Bo.

Maggie and Will enter the kitchen carrying dirty dishes. Will asks her if she has heard from Mia since she left for New York. Maggie answers that she had and she made it safe and sound. Maggie misses Mia and doesn’t understand why Mia out of the blue decided to leave.

Chad, also, does not understand Mia’s intentions in leaving. His mother tells him she does not want to see him make a mistake and thinks he should give Mia some space. If Mia comes back it was meant to be, if she doesn’t.... then reminds Chad of all the bad mistakes Mia has collected. Chad realizes he is not given a sympathetic ear and decides to leave. Madeline pulls the secret yellow envelope out of her purse and whispers, “she had to. I just had to.” I am surprised the envelope is not labeled, “SECRET”.

Bill and Kate are still in the graveyard as he informs her of his plan to head home. Kate wants to leave him alone for his final goodbye and tries to leave. Bill catches her arm and asks to speak with her as he heard her confess her regrets to his mother. Kate looks moved by his words but admits that he or no one else can help her. She leaves.

Hope sits next to her daughter and commands her to stop telling stories. Ciara is upset that she never believes her and runs straight to her father as he enters the room. Hope looks on Ciara with hurtful and confused eyes.

Doctor Baker is sitting in his hotel bed flashing back to the same conversation with nighttime-pill popping Hope where she displays her disdain for Bo because he moved on with Carly. Dick Baker comes to the conclusion that she is a bomb in a woman’s body ready to explode and when she does, it’s going to be on Bo Brady.

Maggie states everyone got through the day and says goodbye to Abe and Marie. Julie turns to Jennifer and says, “Maggie is always thinking of other people.” Jennifer responds that it sounds like someone else I know, meaning Julie.

Bo tells Roman that they have the evidence against Arianna. Roman doesn’t believe the evidence since he’s worked with her before. Bo concurs and thinks it’s a bit far fetched.  Hope walks up and demands that Bo is not going to take the case away from her.

Kim is flabbergasted at the thought Shane was sitting in prison all this time. She would have never come to that conclusion. Shane admits he thought about her the entire time he was held. He didn’t know anything about her health issues until he was debriefed at the headquarters upon his arrival. Shane requests one more chance with her. Kim gives him a mean look and tells him to go to hell.

Rafe tells Sami the entire time he was gone he was seeking justice and he won’t give up until he finds it. Sami sarcastically says, “Good luck with that.” The conversation turns to Arianna’s troubles and the lack of justice she is given. Rafe knows the charges are bogus because his sister would not go around mugging people….however; he thinks EJ deserved his attack. Sami explodes on him telling him that EJ could have been really hurt and it’s not a thing to joke about. Rafe is not pleased that Sami is defending the father of her children. He wants to know what is going on between her and EJ Sami gives him a quizzical look.

Hope sighs in frustration and paces the room. She yells at Bo that she is a good detective and he knows it. Bo thinks she is overacting and uses a calming tone. He reminds her that she is under a lot of stress at the moment. She become indignant and throws in his face that he thinks she can’t do her job under stress. Doug, Julie, and Ciara interrupt the spat. Ciara runs to her daddy’s arms. He picks her up and tells her he needs to leave. He turns to Doug and Julie and says it’s always good to see them. He turns to Hope, pauses, and says, “You take care.” Everyone is uncomfortable with the amount of tension in the air. He gives his little girl a kiss and states his love for her and leaves. Doug offers to take Ciara home so she can have some time alone. Julie walks over and asks Hope if the sleeping pills are working. Hope sadly states she is tired, very tired.

Maggie hugs Marie upon her exit as Marie thanks Maggie for all the nice things she has done. Melissa takes Marie to the airport. Maggie is left alone and picks up a picture of her and her beloved Mickey.

A nurse enters Mike Horton’s hospital room and finds his bed empty.

Madeline and Kate meet at the pier. Kate asks if she received the delivery. Madeline says yes everything minus the tape. Madeline hopes her and Stefano are happy. Kate informs her that no one can be happy after all that has happened. Madeline become worried she knows about the “secret”.

Sami insists that nothing is going on with her and EJ Rafe doesn’t understand why she is living there and stops her. She scoffs and then explains about the pipe bursting incident at her mother’s townhouse and EJ offered for her to stay there. Rafe wants to know when the pipes will be fixed. She takes a breath, braces for his reaction and states they already are fixed. Rafe is irritated by her answer knowing she has been staying there on her own accord for some time. Sami tells him the children love living there with their father and he is great with the kids. Will enjoys living there and in fact, everyone seems happy at the mansion. Rafe asks her if she was unhappy at living at her place. She confesses that it got lonely. Her answer stings Rafe has he takes a demeaning tone and says, “So you turned to EJ?” Sami takes a defiant tone “I did not turn to EJ. Nothing is going on.” Rafe tells her that she is lying. 

Hope walks through the Horton home, picks up a picture of Alice. She cries and hugs the picture the returns it to the table. Hope looks around for the last time and turns off the lights as she walks out the door. The camera remains a few seconds giving us our last look at the historical Horton living room…never to be seen again.

Mike reads a dedication plague to Alice Horton at the hospital. He apologizes for not being there but states she will always be in his heart.

Kim has her back to Shane as he asks her why she doesn’t believe him. She turns to him and raises her voice wanting him to leave. She walks to the door and opens it and screams at him, “You did this! Get out! Get out!” as she doubles over in grief. Shane is astonished at her display of hurt. He leaves as he tells Kim it is not over between them. She closes the door, continues to cry as she says, “Yes it is.”

Sami walks away from Rafe as they bicker. Sami thinks it’s great that he is back five minutes and he is already calling her a liar. Rafe thinks she is lying to herself. Sami is steaming mad and takes an insubordinate tone as she notifies him that she does not care what he thinks. She reminds him that HE walked out on HER which gives him no right to her life. Rafe scoffs and tells her that he knows they are no longer together but the DiMera mansion is the last place she should be and EJ is the last man she should be hooking up with. Sami insists he is jealous of EJ. Rafe insists he is not. He is afraid that EJ will hurt her again and he won’t let that happen. Rafe takes Sami’s head in both hands and lays their most passionate kiss on her to date. She wraps her arms around him and reciprocates the kiss. The show fades to black.

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