Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/3/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/3/10


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At the pub, Melanie wants Philip to swear to her that he believes Chloe is right for her dad. She thinks Chloe is doing everything she can to rush this wedding. Philip thinks Chloe is just insecure. Melanie shakes her head, sure that Chloe has some secret she’s keeping form her father, and she thinks Philip knows what it is.

At the pier, Daniel and Carly talk about his and Chloe’s wedding. Carly thinks they are rushing things. Daniel wonders how it is any of her business, and why she even cares.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe, flabbergasted, guesses that Vivian wants her to kill Carly. Vivian claims she is sick of seeing Carly ruin perfectly happy relationships, and assures Chloe that they’ll just be sending her to another world, since this one would be better off without Carly in it.

At Bo and Hope’s place, Ciara prepares to show her father the wallets she found under Hope’s bed. Baker and Hope watch from a window outside. Hope wonders what she is going to do now.

Chloe tells Vivian that she can’t do this. Vivian guesses Chloe is going to let Carly destroy Daniel’s life then, and guesses Chloe isn’t the woman she thought she was.

At Maggie’s place, Victor gets off the phone with someone, and tells Maggie that he is throwing all of this money around to get back into her good graces. Maggie claims he was never in her good graces to begin with, and accuses him of trying to forget that he is married.

Baker rushes off. Hope guesses it’s time to say goodbye to life as she knows it. Bo gets ready to look at what Ciara has to show him, but a car alarm blares, interrupting the two. Bo rushes outside to check it out. Hope sighs, saying that Baker bought her some time, but she still needs a miracle.

Nathan and Stephanie lie in bed together and complain about how busy they both are. Stephanie suggests they move in together, but Nathan isn’t thrilled about the idea. She thinks he’s commitment-phobic. He reminds her he already gave up the Johns Hopkins fellowship for her, so she should be past that worry. The two kiss.

Philip tells Melanie that they both need to stay out of Chloe and Daniel’s relationship.

Vivian urges Chloe to arrange for Carly to get on the elevator, and then she will take moral responsibility for her death. She claims she knows what is right and wrong, and Carly is wrong.

Carly stammers that she is just trying to help. Daniel snaps at her to buy him a toaster after the wedding, adding that he is marrying Chloe, and there is nothing Carly can say that will change that.

Caroline calls Ciara into the kitchen. Baker returns. Hope tells him she owes him one and sneaks into the house, grabbing Ciara’s backpack.

Philip tells Melanie that Chloe is her own person, and her not being exactly like Melanie and her mother doesn’t make her bad. He suggests Melanie step back and allow Chloe to live her own life. Melanie apologizes. Philip says it’s alright, and that he just thinks they should focus on their marriage and let her father focus on his.

Nathan gets a page and has to go back to the hospital to tend to a little boy with a bad heart. Nathan confides in Stephanie that the boy’s parents are their age and how terribly he feels for them. Stephanie gushes about how compassionate he is and what a great father he will be. Nathan puts the kibosh on that idea, saying that he isn’t nearly ready to have kids yet. He then heads off. Stephanie smirks.

Maggie tells Victor that she refuses to allow him to come here and complain about the old ball and chain. She fairly pushes him out the door, demanding that he go home to his new bride.

Hope sneaks back outside with the wallets as Bo comes in, ready to see what is in Ciara’s backpack. Unfortunately, he finds nothing inside.

Stephanie heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and tells Adrienne that she could use some adult supervision.

Melanie tells Philip that she just wants Chloe and her father to be has happily married and honest as the tow of them are. She then vows that nothing will ever come between her and Philip. Just then, Nathan walks in.

Carly apologizes for interfering and wishes Daniel and Chloe the best. He thanks her.

Chloe returns home and tells herself in horror that she was really considering killing someone. She decides she must tell Daniel the truth—tonight.

Ciara wails that her treasures are gone. Caroline has a surprise for Ciara, and gives her her mother’s rosary. Ciara, elated, vows not to lose it and hurries to her room to put it away. Bo worries about Ciara. Caroline doesn’t think she has much she can count on these days and has been relying on her imagination. Bo guesses Caroline blames him and Hope. She says she doesn’t. Bo sighs, wondering what he and Hope have done.

Hope admits she has a terrible headache, and wonders why Baker is still here, as it isn’t exactly safe. Baker vows warmly that he isn’t going anywhere as long as she is here.

Stephanie confides in Adrienne about not taking her birth control pills and lying to Nathan about it. She guesses Adrienne hates her, and admits she hates herself. She wonders what the hell she was thinking.

Nathan tells Melanie about the kid with the heart condition, and how his doctor isn’t sure he will make it. Melanie throws herself into his arms, telling Nathan how sorry she is. Philip watches angrily.

Daniel heads into his apartment. Chloe tells him that the night she thought he slept with Carly, Philip also thought Melanie was cheating on him, so the two slept together. Daniel flies into a rage, telling Chloe that they are through. Chloe comes back from her fantasy and decides that she can never tell Daniel the truth, as he won’t understand.

Victor comes back to the mansion to find Vivian packed. He guesses hopefully that she is leaving him, but she angrily reminds him of their honeymoon. Victor isn’t interested. Vivian declares that she is leaving whether he comes with her or not.

Caroline tries to reassure Bo as Ciara comes back downstairs. Caroline heads off to get the cookies. Ciara wonders if Bo knows what happened to her treasures. Bo doesn’t. Ciara sighs.

Baker admits that he cares for Hope. Hope thinks he is the only one that does.

Adrienne thinks there is something she and Stephanie need to talk about.

Nathan leaves. Melanie apologizes to Philip, as she knows things will always be weird between him and Nathan. She also apologizes for going off on Chloe earlier. Philip asks her to stop talking, kisses her, and suggests they go home. The two then head off together.

Chloe contemplates calling the man whose number Vivian gave her. Just then, Carly calls her.

Baker tells Hope that he understands how it feels to lose everything and assures her that he is on her side.

Adrienne tells Stephanie about the emergency morning-after pill. Stephanie decides it’s a good idea to take it and thanks Adrienne for the advice. Adrienne is just happy that she can be of use to someone.

Carly tries again to get Chloe to tell Daniel the truth. She accuses Carly of being jealous of their happiness and hangs up on her. Carly decides that Daniel has to know the truth.

Daniel is at Maggie’s place. He tells her about the wedding and shows her some jewelry he bought for Chloe. Maggie thinks the two will be very happy. Daniel agrees, doubting anyone can ruin their happiness now.

Victor packs for the honeymoon, warning Vivian that she had better not be trying to secure an alibi for herself, as he will show her the true meaning of ‘‘til death do us part’ if anything happens to Carly while they are away. Vivian gulps.

Stephanie takes her morning after pill as Nathan comes back in. He notices the pill bottle and asks Stephanie what it is.

Vivian grumps that she remembers the deal she and Victor made. He suggests they get going, then.

Carly calls Bo. He thinks something is wrong. She claims it has to do with a patient, and says she will see him later. The two hang up. Bo heads off to get a gift for Ciara that he got when he was in the Merchant Marine.

Hope tells Baker that it’s odd, but she truly believes that he cares about her. Baker puts his hands on her shoulders.


Nicole says, “I'm the only one who can clear Arianna.”

Arianna asks EJ, “Could you do me one more favor?”

Chloe tells Carly, “I have to talk to you right now.”

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