Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/2/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/2/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Gus heads into the Kiriakis mansion and greets Vivian. She tells him he missed a glorious event, and admits that while her husband isn’t here on their wedding night, the evening still wasn’t a total loss.

At her and Daniel’s place, Chloe flashes back to Vivian saying that her ultimate goal must be to get rid of Carly for good. Chloe comes back to the present and tells herself that Carly has left her with no choice.

Daniel heads into the pub and greets Philip and Melanie. He tells the two that he and Chloe have moved up their wedding date, and plan on getting married tomorrow. Melanie yelps.

In prison, Arianna is on the phone with her mother, assuring her that she is innocent and has a good attorney. She sobs, apologizing for disgracing their family, but tries to convince her mother that her lawyer is going to get her off.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, EJ accuses Nicole of letting Arianna rot in jail when she knows that she is innocent.

At his place, Bo starts to head off to call his mother about Victor, but stops when he sees Carly and Ciara interacting. Carly asks about Ciara’s backpack. She snatches it away, saying that her secrets are inside. She hisses at Carly to stay away from her. Bo and Carly gape.

Hope calls Baker to ask him to meet her at the pier in a few minutes. She claims she wants to inflict some serious damage—and she knows just where to start.

Melanie stammers that she thinks Daniel and Chloe are rushing into things. Daniel doesn’t think so, and adds that Chloe needs a commitment from him, and she’s going to get it. Philip agrees that he think it’s a good idea, too.

Vivian tells Gus about Chloe believing that Carly is responsible for ruining her life. Just then, Chloe calls. She tells Vivian she has decided to take control of her life, but she needs Vivian’s help to do it.

Brady and Caroline run into one another at the pub. Brady explains he is taking Arianna some fresh clothes for her arraignment, and declares the day has been insane between her arrest and his grandfather’s wedding. Caroline, confused, asks what he is talking about. Brady explains that Victor married Vivian. Caroline promptly freaks out.

Bo intervenes and sits down with Ciara after Carly excuses herself. Bo explains that he knows Ciara’s secrets are special to her, but Carly is his very good friend, and he is hoping that she and Ciara may be friends one day, too. Ciara nods, unconvinced. Bo then asks her what she has in her backpack.

Baker apologizes for framing Arianna. Hope pulls a gun on him, telling him that he betrayed her, and that can end even the best partnership. Baker quails.

Nicole reminds EJ that she defended Arianna on-camera, but the deck is stacked against her thanks to the DNA evidence. EJ then reminds Nicole that she can provide an alibi for Arianna on the night Justin was attacked. Nicole practically chokes.

Baker assures Hope that they can just mug someone else, and then the cops will have to let Arianna go free, but Hope claims she won’t be doing any more muggings, as it is now finally time to go after her real target. Baker wonders who that is. Hope tells him to follow her, and he’ll find out.

Bo reaches his hand into one of the pockets on Ciara’s backpack, but nothing is inside. Before Bo can search further, Caroline bursts in, demanding to know how he could have let his father marry Vivian.

Chloe shows up at the Kiriakis mansion to meet Vivian, but she still isn’t so sure that this is a good idea. Vivian assures Chloe that she and Daniel are the perfect couple, and that she must save him from this awful woman. Chloe wavers. Vivian assures her that she will be there the whole time to guide her.

Melanie tries to convince Daniel that getting married doesn’t solve your problems. Philip gets a business call and hurries off to take it. Daniel demands to know why Melanie is really against him and Chloe getting married.

Bo reminds Caroline that Victor is his own man. She wonders why he did it. Bo claims he doesn’t have any answers, and suggests that he and Caroline just try to accept it. Caroline refuses.

Daniel tells Melanie that moving up the wedding was his idea, and Chloe was so excited that she wanted to elope right away. Melanie thinks that smacks of desperation, and wonders if there is something Chloe did to Daniel that he hasn’t told her about.

Chloe remembers Carly threatening to tell Daniel about her affair, and tells Vivian that she has no choice but to make sure that Carly doesn’t ruin everything. Vivian, delighted, vows that Carly won’t win this time.

Brady visits with Arianna. She tells him about the lead EJ is following. Brady sighs and starts to express his concerns, but the guard interrupts, telling him that visiting hours are over.

EJ reminds Nicole that the night Justin was attacked, Arianna gave her a check from Brady. Nicole didn’t know that was the same night, and claims she will do anything to help Arianna. EJ claims he will too, and accuses Nicole of setting Arianna up and of attacking him. Nicole scoffs.

Daniel assures Melanie that he is happy and marrying the woman he loves. Melanie just hopes Chloe won’t ever hurt him. Philip listens in nearby and mutters to himself that Chloe had better not blow this.

Chloe isn’t so sure she can stop Carly, as she is so strong and confident, but Vivian knows she has a weakness—claustrophobia—and she tells Chloe about the elevator incident a few months ago. She then gives Chloe the number of a person that will help ensure that Carly gets exactly what she deserves.

Nicole tells EJ that his accusation is ludicrous, as she has a solid alibi for the night Roman was attacked. EJ thinks Nicole is trying to set Arianna up so she can have Brady all for herself. Nicole scoffs, saying that she has an alibi for the night Brady was attacked, too, and for the night Justin was mugged, if what EJ said about Arianna is true. She promises to check the dates, but if she comes to Arianna’s defense it will be for her sake and not EJ’s. She then huffs off, vowing to herself not to let EJ ruin this for her.

Daniel tells Philip and Melanie that there will just be some family and close friends attending the wedding. He hopes Philip will agree to walk Chloe down the aisle. Philip agrees, and Daniel heads off. He hopes Melanie isn’t angry with him for defending Chloe. Melanie isn’t, but admits that she can’t shake the feeling that Chloe is going to break her father’s heart. Philip doesn’t think she will, as Daniel is everything to her. Melanie scoffs that he is for right now.

Vivian explains that if Chloe calls this man, he will tell her what elevator Carly should get on, and what time. Chloe doesn’t see how that will help keep Carly from telling Daniel her secret.

Caroline thinks Bo knows something she doesn’t. He stammers. Just then, Ciara interrupts, showing Caroline a drawing she made of her. She then drags Caroline off to the kitchen to bake cookies.

Baker and Hope sneak up outside. Hope tells Baker that this is her home.

EJ comes to see Arianna to tell her that Nicole will back up her story that they were together the night Justin was mugged. Arianna thanks God.

Nicole prays that EJ doesn’t figure out Baker attacked him, as Baker will talk, and then it will be over for her. She decides the best offense is a good defense.

Carly flashes back to threatening to tell Daniel the truth. Daniel interrupts her reverie, and Carly apologizes about overreacting about the wedding. She thinks that if Daniel and Chloe are happy, then that is none of her business. She then asks Daniel when he will tell Chloe about the wedding. He says he already has.

Chloe figures out the man will do more than just stall the elevator. Vivian nods, saying that he will do what has to be done.

Philip suggests he and Melanie wish Daniel and Chloe luck, hope they’re happy, and leave it at that. Melanie agrees, but first she wants Philip to swear on her life that he thinks Chloe is right for her father.

Carly, surprised that Chloe agreed to the sudden wedding, asks if Chloe had anything to say. Daniel chuckles, saying that she actually wanted to elope right away.

Vivian chuckles, saying that the man will turn that elevator into an expressway to hell. Chloe falters. Vivian reminds her that once this is over, then Carly will be out of her life and Daniel’s life for good.

Arianna hopes Nicole won’t lie. EJ thinks she might, and admits he only took this case because Nicole was involved. He vows to make sure to find out how involved she really is when it comes to this case.

At the pier, Nicole tells someone over the phone that she refuses to do another story on the D.A. Brady interrupts, and Nicole hangs up, telling him that she may have a way to exonerate Arianna. Brady gapes.

Hope tells Baker that her husband and child live here, and that her husband traded her in for a newer model. She goes on to say that all the other mugging victims were just stand-ins for Bo. Baker’s eyes widen as he figures out that she mean Bo Brady, the police commissioner. Just then, Hope sees Ciara with the wallets through the window. Ciara shouts for Bo to come see her treasures. Hope curses.


Daniel tells Carly, “I am marrying Chloe, and there is nothing you can say about it.”

Chloe gapes at Vivian, “You're asking me to kill her.”

Hope sighs, “Time to say good-bye to my life as I know it.”

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