Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/1/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/1/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Sami greets Gabi, who has shown up at the DiMera mansion to ask if Sami knows where Rafe is. She doesn’t. Gabi tells her all about Arianna’s recent woes.

Brady heads into the jail and confronts Arianna and EJ. Arianna informs him that EJ is her lawyer. Furious, Brady wonders why she is taking help from EJ when she wouldn’t accept his. Arianna claims it’s because EJ believes that she is innocent.

At the pier, Nicole tells Baker that they have to destroy all the evidence linking him and his partner to Roman’s attack. She demands to know if Baker took his wallet. Baker flashes back to taking Roman’s wallet.

Upstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, Bo opens the box under Hope’s bed. The two peer inside only to discover that the box is empty.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Ciara admires a pile of wallets.

At the hospital, Daniel gets off the phone with the priest and informs Carly that he and Chloe are getting married tomorrow. Carly doesn’t think that is such a good idea. Daniel demands to know what is going on.

In the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian offers to help Chloe get Carly out of her life for good.

In her kitchen, Victor tries to console Maggie over the loss of Mickey. He makes a joke about his future being full of tears now that he is married to Vivian. Maggie thinks he ought to be spending his wedding night with his wife and doubts that Vivian even knows where Victor is. Victor replies that he doesn’t care.

Chloe is unconvinced, but Vivian tries to warn her that Carly will destroy her happiness if she doesn’t act.

Carly thinks she owes it to Daniel to be honest.

Sami tells Gabi about Rafe’s new undercover assignment. Gabi wonders if Sami will talk to Roman on Arianna’s behalf, since Rafe can’t do it. Sami stammers. Gabi accuses her of thinking Arianna is guilty, too.

EJ excuses himself to give Arianna and Brady a moment to talk. The two argue about whether or not Brady doubted Arianna’s innocence. He claimed he just needed time to process the positive DNA results. Arianna snaps at him to get out, as she refuses to go back to prison. She claims that all she needs is her lawyer and again asks a stunned Brady to leave her alone.

Baker claims that his partner has the wallets. Nicole hopes she knows they can’t mug anyone else now that Arianna is behind bars. Baker snaps that that is up to his partner, as he can’t stop her. Nicole wonders who she is.

Hope guesses unhappily that Ciara was lying once again. Bo tries to comfort her, assuring her that they will figure out what is going on and fix it together, but Hope shrugs him off, saying that all she cares about focusing on right now is her daughter.

Ciara puts the wallets in her knapsack, telling herself that these secrets belong to her, not her mommy.

Vivian tries to warn Chloe again not to try to handle Carly alone, but Chloe hurries off, claiming that she isn’t worried at all. Vivian grins, telling herself that Chloe is scared, and she thanks God for that.

Maggie and Victor talk about Mickey. She bawls, telling Victor how much she misses him.

EJ hurries back in to tell Arianna that she will be arraigned in a couple of hours. He wonders if she needs anything, and Arianna admits she needs a change of clothes. Brady hurries off to get her some. Arianna wonders what her chances are of having bail set. EJ thinks her chances are good, especially since it’s obvious that she’s completely innocent. Arianna smiles gratefully. She then confides in EJ that she is sure that she was set up. EJ isn’t so sure that will work as a defense, but explains that he has thought up something that is sure to get her off for good.

Baker snaps that who his partner is is none of Nicole’s business. He huffs off. Nicole starts to follow, but Chloe bumbles over, sobbing. Nicole wonders what is wrong. Chloe replies that she may have lost Daniel for good.

Daniel sings Chloe’s praises, telling Chloe how he hasn’t felt this happy since before Rebecca died, and that has all been possible because of Chloe. Carly knows that, and claims that is why what she has to say is so hard.

Chloe explains that she has done something terrible. Nicole thinks she is the one that has done terrible things, and anything Chloe might have done probably pales in comparison. Chloe is still sure that Daniel will never forgive her if her secret comes out. Nicole doesn’t think Daniel would leave Chloe is they were married. Chloe thinks that might work, and decides that she and Daniel need to get married right away.

Daniel interrupts Carly, telling her that he is marrying Chloe tomorrow no matter what. Carly just wants to help him, but Daniel hurries off, claiming he doesn’t need it. Carly sighs.

Gabi is furious with Sami for implying that Arianna could be guilty, and plays her trump card, announcing that Rafe wouldn’t like the things she is saying about his sister.

EJ thinks he could get all the charges against Arianna dropped if she only had an alibi for one of the muggings. Arianna isn’t so sure she does, but then gasps, saying that she’s got it.

Bo suggests Ciara stay with him at the house tonight instead of going to her sleepover. Hope gratefully agrees, admitting that she needs a good night’s rest. Just then, Ciara runs in, telling Bo and Hope that she’s all packed and ready to go. She points at her knapsack.

Carly confronts Chloe at her and Daniel’s apartment, telling her about Daniel’s plans for the two of them to get married the next day. Carly vows to tell Daniel the truth if Chloe doesn’t do so before then. Chloe reminds Carly angrily that she agreed not to say a word. Carly admits she changed her mind after talking to Kate, and assures Chloe that she really only has her best interests at heart. She again threatens to tell Daniel the truth and hurries off. Chloe decides that Nicole was right all along, and that she now knows what she has to do.

Bo and Ciara head off. Hope sighs and takes some more of her sleeping pills.

Victor and Maggie reminisce over their memories of Mickey and Isabella. Vivian calls Victor and interrupts, demanding to know where the hell he is.

Brady runs into Nicole and tells her about his troubles with Arianna. Nicole is sure that the two of them will work everything out.

Arianna tells EJ that she and Nicole had a confrontation at the café the night Justin was attacked EJ isn’t sure whether he should be surprised that Nicole hasn’t stepped forward to provide an alibi for Arianna. Arianna thanks him for all his help. EJ claims it’s nothing and hurries off.

Nicole tells Brady that she thinks Arianna loves him, which is hard for her to say since she let him slip through her fingers so many months ago. She then tells him that she will be at the bar later if he needs to talk. She heads off, telling herself that she prays that Arianna will stay stubborn just a little while longer.

Maggie excuses herself. Vivian demands that Victor come home. He threatens her with bodily harm and hangs up on her.

Chloe takes out her phone and sighs. Daniel heads in with a bouquet of flowers, telling Chloe elatedly that Father Matt can marry them tomorrow. Chloe tells Daniel that she found a place in another town that will do their entire wedding for them tonight, and she’d rather go that route.

Sami tries to call Rafe, but reaches his voicemail.

Daniel refuses to get married tonight, as he wants Father Matt to officiate the ceremony, and he wants his daughter there as well. He kisses Chloe, explaining that he has to go give Melanie the good news. Chloe sighs.

Bo and Ciara head into their house. Carly is waiting for them. Bo reminds Ciara of the chat they had about Carly, and how she must be polite to her. Ciara nods and rushes upstairs. Bo confides in Carly about Ciara’s recent troubles, and admits he is thrilled to be able to have a night with her to bond.

Hope sits straight up in bed and grins slyly.

Sami visits the police station to see Arianna. Arianna assures Sami that with any luck, she’ll be getting out of here tonight.

Nicole sits at the Cheatin’ Heart and has a drink. She hopes Brady won’t leave her hanging. A man walks up behind her. Nicole whirls around, ready to greet Brady, but she finds EJ standing there instead.

Victor suggests that Maggie start a Mickey Horton scholarship fund. Maggie thinks that is a wonderful idea, since one of Mickey’s great loves was mentoring students. She then tells Victor that he ought to get back to Vivian, but thanks him for one of the most enjoyable days she’s had in a long time.

Back at the mansion, Vivian sobs miserably.

Chloe decides that she must find a way to stop Carly if she doesn’t want to lose Daniel. She considers taking Vivian up on her offer to help her.

Bo heads off to call Caroline about Victor. Carly tries to play with Ciara, but Ciara snatches her knapsack from her, shouting that those are her secrets not Carly’s.

Hope calls Baker and tells him it’s time to cause some serious damage—and she knows just the place to go to to make that happen.

Arianna tells Sami about EJ offering to be her lawyer.

EJ tells Nicole that he knows what she did to Arianna, but he isn’t sure why she did it. Nicole turns pale.


Vivian tells Chloe, "If we work together we can stop Carly from ruining your happiness."

Daniel tells Melanie, "We're getting married tomorrow." Melanie shrieks, “No!”

EJ informs Nicole, "And I think you are going back to prison."

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