Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/28/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/28/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Ciara approach the Kiriakis mansion. Ciara wonders why there are so many cars.

Inside, Vivian prepares to toss the bouquet.

In his hotel room, Baker watches Nicole reporting about Arianna being arrested on TV. Baker frets about Hope finding out that Nicole had him set Arianna up.

A public defender comes to see Arianna in jail. The woman admits she doesn’t have a lot to work with, given the evidence implicating Arianna.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ watches Nicole’s report on Arianna on his laptop. He scoffs.

Vivian throws her bouquet. Hope and Ciara walk in just in time to see Carly catching it.

Nearby, Melanie tells Philip that she hopes he is ok over what happened with her and Nathan, adding that she would hate to hurt him, as he is the perfect husband. Philip insists that he isn’t.

At the pub, Nathan opens an envelope and reads the letter inside. He tells Stephanie it’s good news, but she doesn’t think that he looks very happy.


Bo explains that Vivian texted everyone to get them to show up to her surprise wedding. Ciara interrupts, asking if Carly is going to marry her father, since she caught the bouquet. Hope snaps that this has all been very hard on their daughter.

Justin and Carly make small talk about Hope. Carly admits she was very friendly towards her the other night, but today it’s as if she doesn’t exist. Justin think it was just hard for Hope to walk in and see Carly carrying a bridal bouquet.

Brady talks to Victor about Arianna and insists that she is innocent. He starts to head out to see her, but Nicole stops him, explain that Arianna is talking to her lawyer right now, and that that might calm her down enough to want to see Brady later. Brady decides it’s probably best to put off seeing Arianna.


Arianna’s public defender advises Arianna to take a plea deal if she can get one. Arianna refuses to go to jail for something she didn’t do. Her lawyer thinks a deal is the best she’s going to get. Just then, EJ walks in, saying that he disagrees.

Brady and Nicole congratulate Daniel and Chloe on their impending wedding. Brady decides to go visit Arianna right away and hurries off. Nicole gives chase. Later, Maggie congratulates Daniel as well. He thanks her for talking him and Chloe into staying to support Victor. Nearby, Carly tries to convince Chloe to tell Daniel the truth.  Chloe tells her to go to hell. Carly heads over to tell Daniel that they need to talk, but Victor interrupts and pulls Daniel away. Chloe lays into Carly, but she explains that she has now decided it’s not her place to tell Daniel the truth. She still hopes Chloe will do the right thing and do it herself.

Victor warns Daniel about rushing into marriage with Chloe. Daniel is indignant, considering that Victor just married Vivian. Victor admits that he will never love Vivian, however.

Nathan tells Stephanie that before he came to Salem, he applied for a fellowship at Johns Hopkins, and he has been accepted. Stephanie is happy for him. Nathan admits he applied for this fellowship before he had a reason to stay in Salem. Stephanie wonders what he plans on doing.

Melanie wonders what Philip means. He stammers. Fortunately for him, Carly interrupts, and he scoots off. Melanie confides in Carly about how she thinks her father rushing into marriage with Chloe is a big mistake. Melanie then cracks a joke about Chloe’s physical advantages over other women.

EJ warns Arianna that her public defender isn’t a very good lawyer, and offers his services to her instead.

Nathan doesn’t want to give up either Johns Hopkins or Stephanie. He asks her to come with him to Baltimore.

Chloe and Philip discuss the fact that Nathan isn’t going to rat Chloe out for her affair. They also talk about how stupid they were to think their significant others were cheating. Philip moans about how close he came to losing Melanie. Melanie interrupts at this point, wondering how Philip could have lost her.


Bo tells Hope that he believes Ciara when she says she didn’t use her lipstick. Hope does too, and says the scary thing is that Ciara believes the lies she tells. Just then, Ciara runs over, insisting again that Hope has a treasure box under her bed. She then accuse Hope of lying about it, and asks Bo if he believes her.

Philip and Chloe do their best to cover, saying that Philip just doesn’t want to ever screw things up with Melanie. She seems to accept this, and tells the two that Vivian and Victor are getting ready to cut the cake.

Nathan decides that he can’t ask Stephanie to drop her life here to come to Baltimore with him. He explains that he has decided to turn down the fellowship and stay here in Salem.

Victor tells Maggie that he found out that she asked everyone to stay, and he wonders why she did so, since she told him she was disappointed in him. Maggie replies that she just wanted to show him that many people still love him despite his boneheaded schemes. Vivian interrupts just then, telling Victor that it’s time for photos.

Bo and Hope talk about Ciara privately. B wonders why she would make something like this up. Hope wonders defensively if Bo is calling her a liar.

Vivian ask Justin if he has seen Victor. He hasn’t, and the two head upstairs to look for him.

Back at home, Maggie sobs over a photo of Mickey. Victor shows up with something Maggie forgot. He thinks she’s been crying ,but she claims it’s just allergies. Victor cracks a joke about his wedding being more like a wake, anyway.

Melanie and Philip head into the pub and greet Stephanie and Nathan. The four make small talk about Victor marrying Vivian. Philip announces Chloe and Daniel moving their wedding up. Surprised, Nathan frowns.

Carly admits she lost Vivian’s bouquet. Angry, Vivian makes a crack about Bo and Hope being nowhere to be found. Kate jumps in at this point, asking pointedly where Victor is. Vivian huffs off. Kate then warns Carly that Chloe isn’t to be trusted.

Now alone with Stephanie, Melanie accuses her of avoiding alcohol again. Stephanie claims she is dieting, and tells Melanie to lay off this garbage about her trying trap Nathan. She then tells her about Nathan turning down the fellowship to be with her. Stephanie hurries off to take a call from Kayla. When Nathan returns Melanie confronts him about turning down the Johns Hopkins fellowship.

Daniel kisses Chloe goodbye and heads off to check on a patient. Carly hurries over, saying that she learned some disturbing things about Chloe, and they need to talk.

EJ makes Arianna pay him a dollar so they’ll have legal attorney-client privilege, and vows to get the charges against her dropped. Arianna agrees to hire him.

Nicole thinks Brady should wait to visit Arianna, but he refuses and hurries off. Nicole sighs. Baker heads over, remarking sarcastically that that went well.

Hope thinks she and Bo need to check under her bed and see if there’s really a box under there. Bo agrees.

Philip warns Stephanie about Melanie telling him that she is trying to get pregnant. Stephanie thinks Melanie is pathetic. Philip jumps to her defense.

Nathan coldly tells Melanie that he perfectly happy in Salem for a lot of reasons. Stephanie and Philip walk over, and Nathan excuses himself and Stephanie. The two hurry off.

Carly tells Chloe that she has to tell Daniel the truth, since she just learned Chloe has cheated on someone before. She hurries off. Chloe sobs. Vivian begs Chloe to let her help her.

EJ promises to arrange everything so that Arianna can leave jail today. She wonders why he is doing this. EJ says it’s partly because she defended him once, but it’s also because he believes that she is innocent. Arianna thanks him just as Brady heads in and sees the two together.

Baker threatens to expose Nicole for framing Arianna unless she loans him some money.

Bo and Hope go to her room and find the box under her bed. Hope doesn’t ever remember seeing it before. Bo takes the lid off and peers inside.


Carly says, “Chloe, you have to talk to him tonight.”

Nicole threatens Baker, “You're gonna tell me who your partner is right now.”

EJ tells Arianna, “I know you're innocent.”

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