Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/27/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/27/10


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Upstairs at the Kiriakis mansion in Vivian’s room, Maggie tries to convince Victor to run away. Vivian interrupts the two and shoos Maggie away, asking her to be sure to have a seat for the ceremony. She then complains about Maggie, but Victor doesn’t want to hear it. Vivian worries that Victor doesn’t plan on marrying her.

Downstairs, Kate and Nicole crack jokes about Victor getting married because he wants another baby.

In the living room, Maggie tells Melanie, Chloe, and Carly about Victor being set on marrying Vivian. They all suggest ways to get rid of her. Maggie confides in the three that she thinks Victor believes he is doing all this for the sake of his children and grandchildren.

Out in the foyer, Bo confides in Philip and Daniel that he set this whole thing in motion by underestimating Victor.

Maggie thinks that Vivian could be trying to isolate Victor, so she thinks they should all stay and let her know that they support Victor, no matter what.

Bo explains that he told Victor that he had to contain Vivian after what happened with Melanie, and he thinks that that is why Victor is marrying her. Daniel fears that he and Philip staying may look as if they are condoning what Vivian did. Bo doesn’t mind if they leave, but informs the two that he must stay.

Vivian continues to rail on Maggie, but Victor stops her, warning her to never mention that woman’s name again. She fears Maggie has turned Victor against her, but he assures her she will get her wedding day—just like she wanted. He then warns her that though she will be Mrs. Kirikias, she will be living on the razor’s edge, and she won’t want to slip.

In a jail in a foreign country, a guard tells Rafe that he is getting a new bunkmate, and that the man is an assassin.

Philip claims he isn’t staying and rushes off as Melanie and Carly head over. Melanie thinks they just need to give Philip some time. He hurries over to Kate to complain about both of his parents marrying attempted murderers. He threatens to leave town, but Melanie interrupts, saying that that’s something he needs to discuss with her.

Vivian heads into her room, ready for the wedding. She tells Victor that she will always be there for him. He snaps at her not to rub it in.

Maggie urges Philip to talk to Maggie, who thinks they all need to stay and support Victor. He agrees to do so and heads off. Bo walks over and thanks Melanie for all she is doing to keep their family together. He then admits that he screwed up, and that this wedding is partly his fault. Melanie thinks Bo is on the right track to getting on her good side.

At the park, Hope congratulates Ciara on getting a gold star during her ice-skating lesson. Ciara can’t wait to get to her grandpa’s house so she can put it in her treasure box.

Victor and Vivian head into the living room to find that no one has left. Victor gasps. Bo suggests they get started, and the justice of the peace begins the wedding ceremony. He asks if anyone has just cause as to why these two shouldn’t be married. Vivian glares at the crowd.

Ciara and Hope argue about whether Hope has a secret treasure box under her bed.

Carly ask Bo quietly if he is sure he doesn’t want to stop this. Bo shakes his head, saying that the ball is in Victor’s court now.

The guard brings in a bloodied and beaten man with his head slumped over his chest. The guard wrestles him onto a cot and heads off. Rafe goes to check on the man. When he turns him over, we see that it’s Shane Donovan. Rafe gasps.

Justin heads into the living room, and Philip quietly fills him in on what is going on. Victor takes the opportunity to say a few words, and thanks everyone for staying. Victor adds that he knows they all think he is crazy for doing this. Vivian objects, but Victor ignores her, assuring everyone that he is only doing this because he cares so much about his family.

Rafe tries to rouse Shane, but he fights him off, mumbling at Rafe to shut up.

Victor and Vivian say their vows while Kate and Nicole make cracks from the audience. After the justice pronounces them man and wife, Victor hurries off. Vivian protests and gives chase.

Rafe explains to Shane that he has seen tons of pictures of him in his niece’s house. Shane stares. Rafe explains that he is an FBI agent from Salem, and is friends with Sami. He wonders how in the hell Shane got here.

Hope and Ciara’s conversation is interrupted by a message on Hope’s phone. She listens to it, and then tells Ciara that they have to go.

Victor and Kate trade snipes over their spouses.

Philip and Melanie gloat over the fact that they all managed to ruin Vivian’s wedding day.

Bo and Victor argue over whether or not all of this is Carly’s fault. Victor thinks Bo has been nothing but miserable since she showed up in town, but Bo claims he was miserable long before that.

Nicole guesses that Chloe is having problems with Carly. She agrees miserably.

Daniel confides in Brady that he and Chloe are getting married as soon as possible. Melanie overhears and begins to panic.

Nicole gathers Kate and Carly for a photo of the wives of Victor Kiriakis. Vivian refuses to participate, but the other three joyfully pose for the camera. Vivian grimaces.

Rafe explains how he knows Sami, and fills Shane in on the kidnapping debacle. Shane admits he has been out of the loop for some time now, and since he is accused of being an assassin, he will most likely be executed. He fears for Rafe’s life simply because he knows him.

Melanie doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Daniel and Chloe to move up the wedding. Philip and Brady excuse themselves. Melanie is angry that Philip doesn’t agree with her.

Maggie lays into Victor for not only marrying Vivian, but for acting like a spoiled brat and making sure that he ruined her wedding day to boot. She adds that Vivian is an idiot for marrying him.

Shane explains that he was just spying on the president of the country. When he was caught, an assassination attempt was fabricated, and the ISA disavowed his very existence. Rafe suggests the two try to help one another.

Daniel announces to everyone that he and Chloe are getting married soon.

Melanie confides in Philip that she is sure Chloe is hiding some big secret from her father.

Chloe is stunned. Bray isn’t so sure she wanted her wedding linked to this one. Daniel quickly apologizes for the announcement.

Bo remarks to Carly that both Melanie and Chloe look unhappy with Daniel for making the wedding announcement.

Hope and Ciara are outside. Ciara wonders why so many cars are here.

Bo congratulates Daniel as Vivian gathers all the women together for the bouquet tossing. Just as Hope walks in, Carly catches the bouquet. Hope frowns.


Nathan tells Stephanie, “See, I don't wanna give up Johns Hopkins just to be with you.”

Chloe accuses Carly, “You're trying to ruin my life and Daniel's.”

EJ declares, “If she will have me, then I am Arianna's lawyer.”

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