Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/26/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/26/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, Kate and Sami argue about the mess in the living room. Their fight is interrupted when Kate gets a surprising phone call.

At the hospital, Carly threatens to tell Daniel everything if Chloe won’t. Just then, Daniel walks over, wondering what is going on. Before either woman can tell him, Daniel gets a page about Victor.

At Maggie’s place, Philip makes some frantic phone calls as Maggie heads in. Melanie fills her in on the fact that something is wrong with Victor. Philip announces that he can no longer wait for answers and hurries off.

At the pier, Brady gets a call about Victor just as Nicole assures him that she will be there if he or Arianna need anything. Brady thanks her, excuses himself and hurries off. Nicole thinks things are going well for her now that Arianna is in jail and Victor has fallen ill. She then chases after Brady.

At his place, Bo arranges for a babysitter, explaining that he has an emergency with his father.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian moans that she never meant for things with Victor to turn out this way.

Will heads into the pub and greets Stefano, who has been waiting for him to apologize for not being able to help with his algebra. Will says it’s alright, as his mom would have thrown a fit if she learned he had cheated to get good grades. Stefano thinks she would be right to do so.

Sami wonders if what is wrong has something to do with Lucas or Allie. Kate shakes her head and grumbles that she needs a drink.

Daniel says he has to get over to the mansion and hurries off. Carly tries to convince Chloe to tell the truth, but she hurries off, claiming that she can’t deal with this right now. Just then, Bo calls Carly with the news about Victor. He asks Carly to meet him at the mansion, and she agrees to do so.

Sami and Kate trade insults. Sami vows that she and her kids will be out of here as soon as construction is finished on her townhouse. Kate hopes she doesn’t assume Will is coming with her, since she and Stefano like having him around.

Will complains about how unfair it is that his mother is so irresponsible; yet she grounds him if he isn’t. He then launches into a tirade about his mother screwing things up with Rafe. Stefano thinks Sami is just emotional, and that emotional people tend to make rash decisions. Will wonders why Stefano never seems to panic. Stefano claims that he doesn’t get mad; he gets even. Will thinks that could work for him, too.

Bo and Philip run into each other in the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion and both wonder where Victor is. Daniel heads in just then, and they guess he got the same message they did. Melanie and Maggie walk in a few moments later, followed by Brady. They all stand around and wonder why no one has called 911, where Victor could be, and if he’s alright. Just then, Vivian heads in, thanking them all for coming. Philip demands to know what she has done to his father.

Stefano tells Will how happy he is that he is living at the house, as they seem to have an understanding. Chad interrupts, and Will introduces the two. Stefano and Chad make small talk about college, and the two shake hands just as Madeline walks in. She marches over and demands that Stefano get his hands off of her son.

Sami and Kate now argue over Stefano’s relationship with Will. Kate thinks the boy needs a good role model, since all Sami does is fling herself from one man to the next. She adds that Stefano could be that role model. Sami scoffs, reminding Kate that Stefano has done some terrible things. Kate snaps that she loves Stefano, and that a part of her will always love Victor, too. She huffs off. Sami gets a call from Caroline and promises to meet her right away.

Vivian, delighted, tells everyone they are here right on time. Just then, Victor walks in, demanding to know what is going on, and why everyone is here.

Sami meets Caroline at the hospital. The two discuss the fact that Roman is getting better, and that neither of them really think Arianna is responsible for the muggings. Sami thinks everything is a mess. Caroline thinks something must be going on in Sami’s life. She admits that she never should have moved into the DiMera mansion.

Stefano and Madeline argue over whether or not is was appropriate for Stefano to shake Chad’s hand. Will is surprised the two know one another.

Victor is surprised to learn that everyone received text messages from Henderson. Nicole heads just then, surprised that Victor isn’t dead. Everyone else agrees that they thought something was seriously wrong. Vivian finally pipes up and admits she sent the text messages because she and Victor are getting married today, and she wanted it to be a surprise. Everyone groans as Carly heads in, wondering what is going on. Bo fills her in. Vivian tries to explain to Victor that she knew he didn’t really want just a simple ceremony in front of the judge. Victor suddenly asks everyone to leave, saying that no one should have to witness this debacle.

Sami admits that she should have just kicked EJ out instead of chasing Will to the mansion. She then confides in her grandmother about overreacting about Will’s grade in algebra. Caroline agrees that she was too hard on Will. Sami then confides in her abut Kate saying that Will thinks that Stefano is cool. Caroline demands that Sami pack her bags and take her kids out of that place before it’s too late.

Madeline practically drags Chad out of the pub. He demands to know what is going on.

Victor snarls at Vivian not to come anywhere near him. She slinks off. Maggie walks over, demanding to know what Victor has done now.

Brady decides not to attend the wedding. Nicole is concerned about him, but Brady doesn’t buy it, and accuses Nicole of wishing that his grandfather had died.

Melanie and Philip mock Vivian. Philip wonders what she has on his father to be able to force him into this marriage.

Nearby, Carly and Bo discuss the fact that Victor is probably marrying Vivian because otherwise, he’d have to produce the evidence proving she tried to kill Melanie, and Vivian would go to jail. Bo is surprised Victor agreed to marry the woman. Carly asks Bo to stop the wedding. Bo agrees to do so, but says his only option is to kill Vivian if Victor won’t neutralize her himself.

Daniel tells Chloe that she can go home, but she wants him to come with her. He agrees to do so once he talks to Philip.

Nicole claims that she hates to see Brady so miserable, and begs him to lean on her the way she has leaned on him in the past.

Vivian grumps about no one being happy for her and Victor has Kate bursts in. Melanie and Philip tells Kate about the wedding, and she bursts out laughing.

Carly begs Bo not to kill Vivian. He reluctantly agrees not to do so.

Caroline urges Sami to rescue Will from Kate and Stefano’s clutches.

Madeline explains the photo to Chad and Will, and the two boys head off. Stefano tries to assure Madeline that Chad will be going away to school soon, and that she has nothing to fear. Madeline snaps that Chad has decided to stay in Salem next year, and vows that she will move heaven and earth to make sure he has no contact with Stefano.

Daniel explains that he wants to get closer to Philip, since he is married to his daughter, but he assures Chloe that they will go home afterward and spend some time together. Chloe doesn’t want anything to ever hurt Daniel. He is sure nothing will as long as Chloe is in his life.

Melanie and Philip fill Kate in on the details, including how furious Victor was. Kate thinks Vivian had better give chase before Victor is miles away. Vivian grumbles.

Victor confides in Maggie that he has no choice but to marry Vivian. Maggie disagrees and urges him to stop playing games, especially as he has his health, his kids, and his grandkids to enjoy.

Caroline is sure Sami has done a fine job of raising Will in the right way, but she plans on saying a few prayers for Stefano’s downfall, anyway.

Madeline vows that if Stefano doesn’t stay away from Chad, then she will produce the tape she has, and then it will all be over for him.

Maggie suggests that Victor sneak out the back, and she’ll claim he’s been summoned to Greece to rescue the economy. Then she’ll meet him out back and give him a ride to the airport. Victor ponders what a ride that could be.

Everyone heads into the foyer to wait for the wedding to begin. Bo calls Philip and Daniel back, explaining that there is something neither of them know.


Hope tells Ciara, “Mommy doesn't have a treasure box.” She replies, “Yes, you do.”

Victor asks Vivian, “Damn it, woman, do you want a wedding today or not?”

Rafe gasps, “Good God, it's you.”

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