Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/25/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/25/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian tries to discuss wedding plans with Victor. He grumbles about his heartburn.

Bo makes Carly breakfast at his place.

Hope and Ciara head over to Bo’s place to pick up a gift for Ciara. Ciara claims she is going to put it in her secret treasure box, just like the one Hope has.

At the Java Café, Philip and Melanie discuss Arianna’s arrest. Melanie is sure Brady will find a way to get her out of jail, seeing as how she must be innocent.

Brady is at the police station to try to get Arianna out of jail. She is surprised to see him since she thought he was angry with her. He admits he was shocked by her juvenile record. Arianna demands that he leave, but Brady refuses.

Outside the pub, Nicole does a report on the most recent mugging, and Arianna’s arrest, but Philip rushes over and stops her.

At her and Daniel’s place, Chloe flashes back to sleeping with Philip, and remembers that she told Daniel yesterday that she would tell him the truth today. Chloe sighs as Daniel heads into the living room.

Bo and Carly kiss. He remembers that he forgot to send Ciara’s gift to the mansion and wonders if Carly got it. She says she did, and then confides in him about the conversation she had with Hope, and how Hope told her that she wasn’t angry with her.

Hope doesn’t know what treasure box Ciara is talking about. Ciara tells her that it’s under her bed. Hope wonders what’s in it. Ciara flashes back to finding Brady’s driver’s license and explains that all the things her mommy took from other people are in there.

Chloe tells Daniel how happy she is that he decided to move up the wedding date. Daniel can tell something else is on her mind and wonders if she wants to talk about it.

Nicole refuses to pull the story. Melanie interrupts, saying that they can’t tarnish Arianna’s good name with no proof that she committed these crimes. Nicole grumbles that it’s hard to tarnish the name of a felon. Melanie accuses Nicole of using this situation to try to get back together with Brady, and snaps that Nicole is an idiot if she thinks it will work.

Vivian is concerned about Victor and wonders what she can do to help. Victor, angry, wonders if she really needs to ask.

Melanie, furious, tells Nicole loftily that Philip offered her this job first and she turned it down. Nicole scoffs sarcastically that she made the right choice and huffs off. Philip wonders if Melanie wants the job now. She claims she doesn’t.

Brady claims that he knows Arianna is innocent and adds that he thinks someone set her up. He wonders why else she thinks he’d be here. Arianna flatly replies that she wishes he weren’t.

Nicole calls Baker to tell him that Arianna appears guilty, so he and his partner mustn’t mug anyone else. Baker doubts Nicole’s plan to win Brady back will work, and besides, his partner is going to go after her the second he finds out Nicole had Arianna framed. Nicole hangs up on him and huffs. Philip heads back over, wondering if she has a problem.

Arianna insists that she’d rather have a public defender, but Brady insists on getting her the best lawyer he can buy. She complains about the cops taking her engagement ring. Brady assures her that she is stuck with him forever, ring or no. Arianna frowns and calls for the guard.

Chloe, flustered, stammers. Daniel assures her that whatever she has to tell him won’t affect his love for her. The two then argue about which one of them doesn’t deserve the other.

Carly hurries upstairs as Ciara and Hope show up at the house. Bo gives Ciara her gift, and she vows to put it in her secret treasure box, the one like Hope’s. She then hurries upstairs. Hope confides in Bo that she is really worried about Ciara, as she really hasn’t been doing well.

Victor complains that the only illness he has is a mental one, and that’s been clear ever since he decided to marry Vivian. She isn’t surprised he is having regrets, but she thinks they make a great team. Victor grumbles that no one in his family will talk to him anymore.

Nicole reminds Philip that all the other news shows will be running this story. Philip caves and agrees to allow her to talk about it, but he warns her to be careful about what she says, as he will be watching.

Hope suggests Bo have a talk with Ciara on his own. She hurries off. Bo sighs.

Nicole reshoots the story. This time, she paints Arianna in a favorable light, and reminds the audience that she herself has a past, so she thinks everyone should give Arianna the benefit of the doubt. As she finishes, Philip congratulates her. Brady heads over to thank her for her kind words as well.

Daniel apologizes to Chloe for letting her down by celebrating his new-found daughter while she was grieving over her imagined pregnancy. He promises to stay away from Carly from now on, but Chloe doesn’t think he should have to do that, as Carly isn’t the problem—she is.

Vivian admits she always hoped she and Victor had more in common than just despising Carly. She realizes that he will probably never love her, but she at least hopes that they can respect one another. Victor groans.

Bo sits Ciara down and talks to her about Hope’s treasure box. He sternly asks her if she was going through her mother’s things.

Hope talks to Arianna about the argument she and Brady had the night he was attacked. Arianna stammers that she was angry, but that she would never hurt Brady. Hope waves her off, saying that she knows exactly how she felt, as she has been in that situation before herself. She adds slyly that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Chloe tries to explain that she has been seeing and hearing things, and wonders if she is losing her mind. She vows that she will always love Daniel. Daniel claims he will always love her too, and that their love can get them through anything.

Vivian plucks petals from a rose to determine if Victor really loves her. Suddenly, a crash from the foyer interrupts her. She rushes out to see what is going on.

Arianna claims that Brady has never scorned her, and besides, they’re engaged. Hope then shows Arianna the brand, asking if she recognizes it. Arianna does. Hope knew she would, especially as it’s the same brand her gang from high school used.

Brady complains about Arianna rejecting him. Nicole suggests he give Arianna some time to think things through. Brady thanks her for her kind words and her advice, admitting that he isn’t sure what to think about Nicole anymore.

Melanie complains about Nicole. Philip admits that he and Nicole used to be pretty close. Melanie is surprised, but guesses there are a lot of things she doesn’t know about Philip. He flashes back to sleeping with Chloe.

Daniel and Chloe head into the hospital. Daniel hurries off to check on a patient. Carly makes a beeline for Chloe and demands to know if she told Daniel the truth.

Ciara admits she went through Hope’s things, but didn’t use the missing makeup. Bo wonders if Ciara can help him figure out who did, then.

Arianna explains that after she turned state’s evidence, she lost contact with most of her old friends, so she doesn’t know anything about the symbol or how it might be affiliated with the gang. She then adds that the whole idea of her being behind these attacks is ridiculous. Hope begins to consider that there may just be a reasonable explanation for everything.

Nicole admits she isn’t really happy for Brady and Arianna, and she tells Brady that she will always love him.

Philip tries to assure Melanie that he and Nicole were just friends, but Melanie claims he doesn’t have to explain himself, as she already knows that she married one of the good guys. Philip sighs.

Chloe tells Carly about Daniel’s surprise, and how she couldn’t tell him the truth after he moved up the wedding date. Carly thinks Chloe will want to get married with a clean conscience. Chloe inst convinced. Carly huffs that she can’t keep another huge secret from Daniel and threatens to tell him the truth herself if Chloe won’t.

Hope reminds Arianna of her past addiction to drugs. Arianna protests. Hope adds that the last two men attacked, Roman and Brady, were men that were close to Arianna and had recently let her down. Hope thinks Arianna finally snapped under the pressure, and claims that she is only here to help her.

Ciara thinks Vivian may have taken the makeup. Bo thinks that is a good guess, and then asks Ciara what she found in Hope’s treasure box. Just then, a call interrupts, and Bo learns that something is wrong with Victor.

Philip also gets a text letting him know something is wrong with his father.

Chloe thinks Carly wants her life to be ruined just like hers, but Carly claims that isn’t true, and demands to know if Chloe plans on telling Daniel or not. Daniel walks over, wondering what Carly is talking abut. Just then, he gets a page about Victor.

Brady gets a text from Henderson about Victor.


Vivian sobs, "I didn't want it to happen this way!"

Bo groans, “Victor…”

Stefano tells Will, "Don't get mad, get even." He replies, "It works for me."

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