Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/24/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/24/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Daniel and Chloe’s apartment, Carly accuses Chloe of cheating on Daniel. Chloe denies it and demands that Carly leave. Carly retorts that Chloe is lying.

At the hospital, Daniel and Bo discuss Roman’s attack. Bo tells Daniel about Arianna being brought in for questioning, and admits that he doesn’t think she had anything to do with the muggings.

Brady runs into Nicole at the station. She drops some papers, and Brady notices an envelope with Arianna’s name on it. Nicole claims it is nothing, but Hope comes over, accusing Nicole of withholding information during a police investigation. Nicole hands the papers over readily and Hope looks them over, saying that this puts everything in a whole new light.

Anna wakes up in a foreign hospital, moaning about her head. Rafe is by her said, telling her how miraculous her recovery is. He then demands to know who was behind Sydney’s kidnapping.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami tells EJ how proud she is of him for standing up for his kids. The two move in for a kiss, but Stefano interrupts. Sami groans.

In an interrogation room at the police station, Gabi worries over Arianna, and what might happen if the police start digging into her past. Arianna assures Gabi that her juvenile records are sealed. Gabi wonders if Arianna has ever told Brady what she did.

Hope demands to know where Nicole got this information. She claims she has an internet source that sent it to her. Hope wonders if Brady knew about Arianna’s record. Brady says he does know about her drug-dealing, but Hope shakes her head, saying that as a juvenile, Arianna was arrested multiple times for assault and robbery. Brady stares.

Stefano reminds EJ and Sami that there are dozens of other rooms in the house. He grabs a stack of files and hurries off, telling them to carry on.

Bo tells Daniel that he heard that things weren’t going so well between Chloe and Carly after he left. Daniel assures Bo that Chloe is just emotional and will be fine.

Chloe sobs that Daniel was her whole life and she was his until Carly showed up and started playing games. Carly claims she never did anything to come between Chloe and Daniel, and would never do that. Chloe wonders what Carly wants from her, then. Carly demands that Chloe tell Daniel the truth.

EJ thinks he and Sami need to talk about what just happened, as it may have gone further if not for his father, and they may have ended up regretting what happened in the morning.

Rafe tries to pump Anna for answers, but the doctor heads in and stops him. He shuts off Anna’s IV drip. Rafe protests. The doctor tries to explain that Anna may have suffered brain damage from the poison, and may never speak a work again as long as she lives.

Hope tells Brady about Arianna running with a gang in her youth that was known for beating up people and robbing them. Nicole tries to defend Arianna, saying she had every reason not to tell Brady about that, but Hope snaps at her to get out. Nicole huffs.

Arianna complains to Gabi that she dated the leader of a gang for a while, and when he went down, he blamed her for most of the stuff he had done himself. Gabi urges her to hang in there and heads off a Hope and Brady come in. Hope shows Arianna her juvenile record, hoping that she can explain it.

Chloe lays into Carly for lying to Daniel herself. Carly claims she was wrong, but reminds Chloe that Daniel forgave her. She is sure he will forgive Chloe, too. Chloe refuses to take advice from a murderer who came to town to steal Hope’s husband. Carly threatens to tell Daniel herself if Chloe won’t. Chloe gapes. Carly claims she is trying to help. Chloe finally decides to tell Daniel, but vows to make sure he knows it’s all Carly’s fault. Carly doesn’t care what Chloe says as long as she tells Daniel the truth. She hurries off. Chloe sighs.

Baker calls Nicole, wanting a loan. Nicole refuses, and also informs him that his mugging days are through, as they can’t pin this on Arianna if the muggings continue. Baker thinks that may be a problem.

Arianna whines that she never mugged anyone, and that it was all her ex-boyfriend’s fault. Brady reminds Hope that she is questioning Arianna without an attorney. Hope decides it doesn’t matter anyway, since the DNA test will clear Arianna. She heads off. Arianna sobs, telling Brady that she never thought she’d have to bring up any of this garbage from when she was a teenager. Brady hugs her, assuring her that he knows she is innocent. He promises that from now on, she can be honest with him about anything. Arianna promises she will be.

EJ and Sami talk about how glad they are that Stefano interrupted them, since they are getting along so well for the kids’ sake, ad wouldn’t want anything to jeopardize that. Sami heads off for bed. Stefano comes in, applauding EJ.

Rafe tells the doctor that he believes the same person that hired Anna to kidnap that baby also poisoned her, and he needs to find out who it is. The doctor retorts that Anna’s heart rate must return to normal first. Rafe grumbles that this has DiMera written all over it.

EJ accuses Stefano of trying to undermine him when it comes to Sami. Stefano tells him about Anna waking up. EJ, angry, says he thought their problem with Anna was taken care of. Stefano says it isn’t and reminds EJ that Rafe could be questioning her right now. He wonders if EJ would like him to take care of this problem once and for all.

Baker claims that his partner calls the shots. Nicole huffs that he had better let her know that he is the man and calls the shots.

Ciara calls Hope to let her know she had a nightmare. Hope suggests that the nanny put Ciara in her room, so that when she gets home, they can snuggle. Ciara agrees and hangs up. Hope sighs, wondering what she is going to do about her baby girl.

Carly greets Bo at his place. He wonders what’s wrong. She throws herself into his arms, telling him how much she loves him.

Sami lies down in bed, but Sydney wails from her room, and Sami gets up to check on her.

Stefano reminds EJ that he will lose everything if Rafe learns the truth, and he asks EJ if he’d like to handle this himself, or let his father make one call. EJ sighs.

A cop comes into Anna’s room and tells Rafe that they are close to making an arrest in regards to Anna’s poisoning. Rafe is glad to hear it until he learns that the officer plans on arresting him.

Chloe sips wine and sobs miserably. Daniel heads in, and Chloe tells him tearfully that they need to talk.

Sami talks to Sydney’s picture back in her room, telling the photo that everything would be perfect if only Rafe would come back.

Stefano gets off the phone and tells EJ that the Rafe situation is taken care of.

The officer puts Rafe in a jail cell, explaining that he had the means and opportunity to poison Anna, as well as the fact that he had a fake passport. Rafe explains that he is a member of the FBI and asks the man to call the state department, but the cop snaps that they have no diplomatic ties with the U.S. and slams the cell door shut, telling Rafe to have a nice life.

Chloe bawls, telling Daniel how understanding and wonderful he has been, and how she fears that he won’t want to marry her once she tells him the truth. Daniel insists that he does want to marry her, and in fact, he asked Father Matt to help him push up their wedding date. He then gets on one knee, asking Chloe to marry him as soon as possible.

Hope heads into the interrogation room and tells Arianna and Brady that the hairs found on Roman’s body belong to Arianna. The two gape.

Bo and Carly finish a bottle of wine and start stripping off one another’s clothes.

Rafe tells God that he needs a miracle.

Sami tosses and turns in bed and moans Rafe’s name.

Stefano advises EJ to stop playing games with Sami and to put all of his cards on the table. EJ protests as Sami interrupts, saying that she came down for a glass of water. Stefano excuses himself.

Chloe agrees to marry Daniel. He wonders what it is she wanted to tell him, but Chloe claims that it can wait until tomorrow.

Delia tucks Ciara into Hope’s bed and heads off. Ciara gets up and starts going through Hope’s box of wallets. She finds Brady’s driver’s license.

Hope arrests Arianna. Arianna claims that she can tell that Brady thinks she did this. He says he doesn’t but she snaps at him to leave her alone. Hope hauls Arianna off. Brady follows. Nicole intercepts him and tells him how sorry she is.

EJ and Sami talk about keeping their feelings in check. Sami snaps that it won’t be a problem for her, as she is still in love with Rafe.

Rafe dreams about returning home to Sami and telling her how much he loves her. The two kiss.

Meanwhile, Anna dreams about Rafe interrogating her. She tells him that EJ is behind all of it.


Brady says, “Ari, someone set you up somehow.”

Nicole tells someone over the phone, “Ari's looking guilty as sin.”

Chloe tells Daniel, “It is my fault.”

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