Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/21/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/21/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Will heads out of the DiMera mansion for a party, but Sami stops him in the foyer, telling him that he isn't going anywhere.

In the living room, EJ demands to know why Anna hasn't checked in. Stefano thinks Rafe must have gotten to her.

In a hospital far away, a doctor informs Rafe that Anna may never regain consciousness. Rafe demands that the doctor figure something out.

At the hospital in Salem, Melanie wants to see Stephanie's birth control pills. Stephanie refuses. Melanie, sure that she is up to something, makes a grab for the purse, and the two girls fight over it.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Philip worries about what Chloe might have told Nathan. Just then, Daniel bursts in, demanding answers from Philip.

At her place, Chloe snaps that she doesn’t need sex therapy—she just needs Nathan to keep his mouth shut. She then whirls around to discover Carly standing behind her. She asks what’s wrong.

Sami tells Will that she knows he is getting a D in algebra, and wonders why his grade is slipping. Will snaps that he was doing well because Rafe was tutoring him, but then his mom screwed it up. Sami scoffs.

Rafe begs the doctor to do something. He admits there is one thing he can do.

Carly tells Nathan and Chloe about Bo being back in town, and how she showed up to get some of her things so she can move back in with him. She wonders if anything is wrong. Chloe claims that she and Nathan were just talking about Lucas, and adds pointedly that she is sure Nathan won’t make a big thing out of it.

EJ begins to panic, but Stefano assures him that Anna won’t be talking to anyone, though she is still alive. EJ grumps that he doesn’t like his father controlling things without consulting him. Stefano throws his hands up and agrees to leave EJ on his own—including when it comes to Sami.

Sami grounds Will and threatens to keep him from going to prom if he doesn’t bring his grades up. Will reminds her that he moved out to get away from her, and the two yell over top of one another. EJ comes out and wonders what is going on. Sami and Will both blame one another.

Stephanie tries to pick her things up off the floor as Melanie hunts around for the birth control pills, calling Stephanie a liar. Stephanie thinks she is insane. Maggie hurries over, demanding to know what is going on. Melanie smirks, asking Stephanie if she would prefer to tell Maggie herself.

Carly excuses herself. Chloe shuts the door and lays into Nathan for almost giving her secret away.

Daniel wonders what Philip was thinking by agreeing to let Melanie have dinner with the woman that tried to kill her. Philip gapes. Daniel wonders what Philip thought he was talking about.

EJ tries to mediate the argument. Sydney interrupts, and Sami goes upstairs to calm her. EJ reminds Will that Sami is his mother. Will complains that Rafe really understood him, and didn’t always take his mom’s side. EJ reminds Will that Rafe isn’t here. Will blames EJ for that. EJ sighs and heads off to help Sami, promising that they will talk later. Will smashes his hand into the chess board, sending pieces flying. Stefano walks in just then, asking Will if he can help with whatever problem he has.

Chloe claims she doesn’t need sex addiction therapy, as she only cheated on Daniel once, but Nathan thinks it’s a pattern with her. Chloe thinks he came here because he wants a shot at Melanie, not because he wants to help her.

Stephanie tells Melanie to go ahead and tell Maggie how hung-up she is on Nathan, despite the fact that she’s married to Philip. Melanie protests, but Stephanie doesn’t think she’d care about her and Nathan’s relationship so much if that weren’t true.

Philip assures Daniel that he just agreed to dinner to shut Vivian up, and adds that he doesn’t want Melanie around her either. Daniel is glad to hear it, and apologizes for jumping all over Philip. He then admits that he is off his game due to what is going on with Chloe. He thinks Philip knows what her secret is, and asks Philip to tell him.

Will confides in Stefano about getting grounded over his poor grade in algebra. As EJ watches, Stefano tells Will that he knows a way to make his bad grade disappear.

The doctor tells Rafe about a strong stimulant that might work. He asks the doctor to administer it immediately.

Stephanie snaps at Melanie to think about other people’s feelings the next time she wants to express her fantasies aloud. She huffs off. Melanie claims that Stephanie is going to hurt Nathan. Maggie demands to know what is going on.

All Philip will say is that love makes you do weird things. Daniel agrees, and decides that Chloe’s real problem stems from her insecurities in regards to Carly. Daniel decides he must fix it, and hurries off.

Nathan admits he doesn’t want Melanie to get hurt. Chloe claims she will if the truth comes out. Nathan wonders what Chloe’s affair has to do with Melanie.

The doctor administers the drug to Anna and leaves. Rafe begs her to wake up and tell him who wanted her to kidnap Sydney. Anna vegetates.

EJ interrupts, and Stefano claims that he was just explaining to Will that he can change his grade with hard work and perseverance. EJ agrees. Will rolls his eyes and heads off. EJ lays into Stefano for trying to convert Will to the DiMera way of life, and vows that Stefano won’t get to Will the way he got to him when he was younger.

All Melanie will say is that Stephanie has plans for Nathan. Maggie presses her for more information, but Melanie hurries off, claiming that she no longer wants to talk about Stephanie or Nathan. Maggie sighs.

Chloe claims that Daniel being unhappy would make Melanie unhappy. Nathan seems to accept this, and promises that he won’t say a word to anyone. He heads off. Chloe thanks God that he didn’t discover that she slept with Philip, and decides things are looking up. Just then, Carly shows up, telling Chloe that they need to talk.

Stefano and EJ argue about Stefano mentoring Will. Stefano refuses to stop, since EJ doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, and Johnny is too young to talk to. As Sami listens in, EJ vows not to let Stefano corrupt Will the way he corrupted his own son.

Stephanie and Nathan meet at the Cheatin’ Heart. Nathan notices her disheveled appearance. Stephanie admits that she and Melanie got into a fight. Nathan wonders what it was about.

Melanie meets up with Philip at Maggie’s and tells him about her fight with Stephanie. Philip asks what it was about, and Melanie admits that it was about Nathan.

Daniel runs into Father Matt at the hospital and confides in him about Chloe’s problems. He blames himself and admits to the priest that he is completely lost right now.

Carly tells Chloe that she overheard quite a bit of her argument with Nathan, and claims that she knows exactly why the two were fighting.

EJ warns Stefano of the consequences of taking Will under his wing. Sami heads in and agrees with EJ, adding that it won’t be the diabetes that kills Stefano if he tries to mentor Will. Stefano decides to let his own son be Will’s shining example and hurries off. Sami admits she overheard the conversation, and thanks EJ for having her back.

Rafe urges Anna to wake up for Sydney—and for Tony. Anna’s finger twitches.

Nathan decides that he would rather go home with Stephanie than hear about her argument with Melanie. Stephanie agrees, and the two head off.

Melanie tells Philip about the birth control debacle. Philip doesn’t think that sounds like Stephanie, and adds that it is none of Melanie’s business, anyway. She agrees, and admits she only told Philip about it because she wants to be as open and honest as he is.

Carly brings up the sex therapy Nathan suggested. Chloe panics and blurts out that it only happened one time, it was a mistake, and Carly can’t tell Daniel. Confused, Carly asks what she is talking about.

Will gets a call from Tad, and tells him that he can’t attend the party. He hangs up and flashes back to playing chess with Stefano. Will then decides that Stefano isn’t so bad of a guy.

Sami tells EJ what a good man he is, and how proud she is of him. The two move in for a kiss.

Rafe urges Anna to wake up. She opens her eyes.

In bed with Nathan, Stephanie flashes back to Melanie accusing her of tricking Nathan. Nathan wonders if something is wrong. Stephanie kisses him, claiming that nothing is.

Melanie talks about the importance of honesty. Philip changes the subject by kissing her.

Daniel admits to Father Matt that he has an idea of how to help Chloe, but it’s a bit extreme, and he’s going to need the priest’s help.

Chloe stammers. Carly puts two and two together and gasps, asking if Chloe cheated on Daniel.


EJ shouts at Stefano, “I thought this Anna problem was over and dead!”

Hope asks Brady, “Do you know about Ari's record?”

Carly tells Chloe, “All I want is for you to tell Daniel the truth!”

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