Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/20/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/20/10


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Bo heads into his place and surprises Carly. The two hug and kiss.


At the hospital, Abe announces to Nicole, Brady, and Arianna that her fingerprints were found on the flashlight near Roman's body. Both Arianna and Brady think that is impossible.

Dr. Baker plays poker with some men at the warehouse. He flashes back to Hope smashing Roman over the head. One of the other players interrupts his reverie, asking if he is in, Baker is.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Stephanie tells Philip that she can tell that something is wrong. Philip changes the subject, saying that it appears to him as if things aren't going so well between Stephanie and Nathan.

Outside, Melanie asks Nathan if he knows something about Chloe and her dad. He flashes back to Chloe begging him not to tell Daniel that she slept with someone else. Nathan sighs. Melanie begs him to tell her, saying that he would if he cared for her at all.

At their place, Daniel wonders if he did something wrong. Chloe flashes back to sleeping with Philip, and tells Daniel that he will have a hard time understanding what she did. She hopes that he will be able to forgive her.

Brady and Arianna run through the possibilities as to where the flashlight could have come from. Abe cuts to the chase and asks Arianna if she has an alibi.

Bo and Carly discuss the bone marrow transplant and Kim's clean bill of health. Carly tells Bo about Roman being attacked.

Abe calls Hope to tell her about the attack on Roman, and the fact that they found physical evidence at the scene this time. Hope promises to be at the hospital right away and leaps out of bed at the Kiriakis mansion.

Brady wants to get a lawyer for Arianna, but she refuses, as she is innocent. Nicole doesn't think Arianna is sophisticated enough to pull all of this off, and reminds Abe that Carly described someone she saw fleeing the scene. Abe nods, and informs the three that the person Carly saw fits Arianna's description.

Melanie tells Nathan that she doesn’t like Chloe because of how often she and her dad have been arguing. Philip comes outside to get her just as Melanie learns that she must return to the hospital to cover another nurse's shift. She and Philip head off. Nathan heads into the bar and informs Stephanie that Melanie just told him something that upset him.


Chloe moans that she is disgusted with herself, and blames herself for ever thinking that Daniel could have slept with Carly. Daniel blames himself for not paying attention to Chloe's needs, and begs her to be honest with him.

Carly assures Bo that Roman will be fine, but he was branded like Brady, and the police are sure that the mugger is the same one that attacked the D.A., Justin, and EJ. Bo decides to go down to the hospital, and wonders who would be brazen enough to attack a cop. The two hurry off.

As Hope heads into the hospital, Brady intercepts her, trying to convince her that Arianna didn't do this. Hope claims that she has to consider all the possibilities and hurries off to find Abe. Brady tries to reassure Arianna that no one would ever really suspect her of pulling off these muggings. Nicole watches and smirks.

At the park, Melanie confides in Philip that she was talking to Nathan about Chloe, as she knows something isn't right between her and her dad. Melanie vows to find out what it is.

Daniel gets a page from the hospital and has to go in. He promises Chloe that everything will be fine and heads out the door. Chloe agrees that it will--so long as he never finds out that she slept with Philip.


Stephanie wonders what Nathan and Melanie were talking about. He claims it is work-related, but confides in Stephanie that he overheard something that he shouldn't have.

Brady assures Arianna that Hope and Roman won't sell her down the river, but Nicole thinks the cops in town are good at pinning the blame on the innocent. Just then, Bo heads in, looking for Roman. He and Hope catch sight of one another and stare.

Philip heads into Maggie's kitchen and calls Chloe to tell her about Melanie's suspicions. Chloe assures him that she has decided not to tell Daniel a thing, and adds that she has taken care of Nathan. Philip bristles, demanding to know if Nathan knows about what happened between them.

Bo and Hope make small talk about the muggings as Carly heads over to tell Hope that she saw someone fleeing the scene. Hope promises to take her statement, and tells Bo that she is going to catch the mugger. Bo is sure she will, as he heard down at the station that he really hasn't been missed. Hope assures him that he has been missed.

Abe tells Brady that he thinks Arianna needs a lawyer. Nicole and Arianna discuss the fact that Arianna doesn’t have an alibi. Then the two argue about their prison records. Nicole threatens to take her down if she hurts Brady, but Hope interrupts, asking the three to come down to the station. Hope tells Bo that she will handle things down at the station while he visits his brother.

Nathan and Stephanie trade compliments. She promises to help him with his problem if he will only let her.

Melanie and Daniel run into one another at the hospital. She steers the conversation in the direction of his and Chloe’s relationship, and asks Daniel if Chloe really makes him happy.

Chloe tells Philip that Nathan has no idea who she slept with. Philip wonders that Melanie may figure out what is going on, but Chloe assures him she has handled it. Nathan shows up just then, and she hangs up hurriedly.

Baker calls Nicole, who is at the police station, and demands fifty dollars, saying that she owes him. She thinks he owes her and says so just as Arianna and Brady walk over.

Melanie expresses her concern over Chloe being high-maintenance, but Daniel claims he is happy. Melanie then tells him about Vivian inviting her and Philip over for dinner. Daniel doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Nathan tells Chloe that what she did and the tension between her and Daniel is affecting Melanie, and he doesn’t like it. Chloe guesses that he plans on telling Daniel what she did.

Nicole claims she was talking to a source for a story. Hope walks over. Brady is ready to leave, but Hope says that Arianna isn’t going anywhere.

Nathan claims that he isn’t planning on telling Daniel, but he does want to help Chloe. He suggests sex-addiction therapy.

Stephanie runs into Melanie at the hospital. Melanie learns she is spending the night with Nathan and demands to see her birth control pills.

Hope questions Arianna and learns that she didn’t have an alibi for the nights Brady and Roman were attacked. Hope then asks if Arianna came into contact at all with Roman earlier. Arianna claims she didn’t. Hope remarks that that is going to decide her fate.

Baker grumbles about the fact that he needs to get out of town before that crazy detective learns that he framed Arianna.

Hope tells Arianna that a hair was found on Roman, and she will need to take Arianna’s DNA sample so that a match can be run. Arianna agrees, though Hope warns her that she will be arrested if it matches.

Melanie thinks Stephanie is up to something. Stephanie denies it. Melanie tries to grab her purse, and the two struggle over it.

Philip worries about what Nathan might know as Daniel bursts into Maggie’s kitchen, demanding to know what Philip has done to his daughter. Philip stammers that he didn’t mean for it to happen.

Chloe snaps that she doesn’t need sex therapy, and shouts at Nathan to get out and to keep his mouth shut. Chloe whirls around to find Carly standing behind her.


Daniel asks Philip, “How could you do something like that?”

Chloe snaps at Nathan, “'Cause you're still hoping that you have a shot with Melanie.”

Melanie smirks, “Do you want to tell her, or should I, Stephanie?”

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