Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/19/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/19/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Nathan greets Stephanie with a kiss. He’s surprised to find her drinking juice, and wonders what is going on. Stephanie grins, saying that she isn’t drinking.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie tells Philip how lucky she is to have a wonderful husband like him, and admits that she is worried about her father’s relationship with Chloe, as it seems to be falling apart.

Chloe and Daniel come home after a therapy session. Chloe admits she feels worse now than she did before. Daniel, exasperated, wonders how that can be. He accuses Chloe of holding out on him. She flashes back to making love to Philip. Daniel wonders what he can do to help her. Chloe sobs that there is nothing he can do.

Nicole shows up at the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Brady about Arianna. She claims that she is really agitated. Brady admits that the two had a fight and decides to try to call her again. Nicole remembers that Arianna is in bed without an alibi and quickly fakes a knee injury to stop Brady.

In her room at the pub, Arianna decides that she can’t sleep and decides to call Brady.

Roman locks up the pub and starts to head off, but Hope sneaks up behind him and knocks him unconscious with the butt of the gun. Arianna hears the commotion and wonders what is going on. Hope informs Baker that she will take over from here and rummages through her purse. He takes out the evidence Nicole prepared to frame Arianna. Carly tries to call Hope from the park, but she ignores the call. Carly leaves a message letting her know a package came from Ciara. Baker kneels down and gets ready to place the flashlight with Arianna’s prints near Roman’s body. Hope looks up and asks him what he’s doing.

Nicole claims she just got hurt in prison, and that it isn’t serious. She then tells Brady that she is coming with him to see Arianna.

Baker claims he is looking for the wallet and yanks it out of Roman’s coat pocket. Meanwhile, Hope brands Roman’s wrist with the Celtic symbol.

Caroline and Arianna bump into each other downstairs. Caroline notes that she looks pale and breathless, and wonders where she has been.

Hope rushes off. Baker drops the flashlight and follows. Carly shows up a few minutes later, catches sight of Roman, and calls for an ambulance.

Stephanie clarifies, claiming that she felt dehydrated earlier, so she isn’t drinking tonight. She and Nathan talk about how much they love spending time with one another.

Melanie confides in Philip that Chloe is too high-maintenance, and she doesn’t think she is right for her dad.

Daniel is angry that he is wasting his time with therapy. Chloe admits it helps a little, but it isn’t enough. Daniel wants to go back, but Chloe refuses, claiming that the therapist thinks she is nuts. Daniel tries to assure her that no one thinks that and of how much he loves her. He adds that this therapy is for both of them, as he hasn’t been sensitive enough to her needs. Chloe sobs that she fears that Daniel will never forgive her if he learns what she has done.

Baker and Hope argue about the amount of money Baker found on Roman. Baker is fed up with the low scores and declares that he is calling the shots from now on. Hope glares.

Carly tends to Roman as Brady and Nicole hurry over. They gasp as Arianna and Caroline head out of the pub and join them. Caroline, distraught, wonders who could have done this. Nicole curses quietly, fretting to herself that Arianna has an alibi.

Melanie bashes Chloe some more, and Philip responds by bashing Daniel. Melanie decides they had better just agree to disagree, and the two hug.

Daniel thinks communication is the problem, and reminds Chloe she can talk to him any time, and if she is honest, they’ll get through this. Chloe bawls and throws herself into his arms.

Abe and the police show up at the scene and question everyone as the paramedics take Roman away. Carly tells Abe that she saw a smaller woman with dark hair feeing the scene. She and Abe then head off for the hospital with Caroline. Nicole decides to go to give a statement as well. Brady announces that he has to talk to Arianna and the two go into the pub. Nicole smirks, telling herself that her plan is working perfectly so far. Nearby a police officer finds the flashlight Baker planted.

Stephanie wins a poker game against Nathan. Nathan thinks she is a true player. Melanie has walked in with Philip and she snorts that Nathan can say that again.

Arianna and Brady are alone outside the pub. He wants to make up. She does too, but she is worried about Nicole and admits she is really insecure. Arianna then decides the muggings are more important right now, and wonders why this is happening and who could be doing this.

Hope claims that she has a reason for attacking the people she attacks, and in order to get Baker to help her, she agrees to hand over all the money to be made from the victims. Baker sighs and asks who’s next. Hope grins.

At the hospital, Roman is taken into a room. Nicole tells Caroline how sorry she is. Caroline heard about her expose on the pub and would rather Nicole do an expose on the mugger so that he will be caught. Nicole promises to see what she will do and heads off to call Baker and curse him for attacking Roman. He claims it wasn’t his idea. Nicole is just glad he dropped the flashlight and thinks that things are really going her way.

Baker decides that if he can turn his small amount of cash into a lot, then he can leave town.

Carly assures Caroline that Roman is going to be fine. Glad to hear it, she heads off to notify his children of what happened. Nicole tries to get Carly to tell her how Roman is doing, but Carly refuses to comment to the press. Brady and Arianna head in, and Brady heads off to find what is going on. Nicole demands to know where Arianna was when Roman went down.

Daniel tells Chloe that he is through talking, but again assures her that he will always be there for her.

Nathan and Philip head off to get some beers. Stephanie reminds Nathan she isn’t drinking. Melanie jumps all over it once the guys are gone, and accuses Stephanie of being pregnant. She claims she isn’t. Nearby, Nathan apologizes to Philip for the way he has been acting about his wife. He promises he and Melanie are past all of that, and thanks Philip for being the bigger man. Meanwhile, Stephanie tries to get Melanie to agree to stay out of her life the way she has stayed out of hers.

Arianna snaps that she was in her room. Nicole replies that she and Brady couldn’t get in touch with her, and that’s why she went over to the mansion. Arianna lays into her just in time for Brady to come out and witness it.

Roman wakes up, and Abe, Carly and Caroline greet him. Roman convinces Caroline to go home and get some rest, and he and Abe discuss what happened alone. Abe informs him that the mugger got sloppy, and left some evidence behind.

Hope heads into the Kiriakis mansion and makes a drink, telling herself that she is closer than ever to her ultimate target.

Daniel and Chloe begin to make love, but she flashes back to making love to Philip and stops Daniel.

Nathan finds Melanie outside the bar, and he can tell something is wrong. He asks what is going on. Melanie admits she is concerned about Chloe and her dad. Nathan thinks Chloe is all wrong for Daniel.

Inside, Stephanie can tell something is wrong with Philip and demands to know what is going on.

Abe gets a call, tells Roman the lab results from the evidence found on the scene are in, and promises to let Roman know the results right away.

Nicole accuses Arianna of being missing when Roman was attacked. Arianna claims she was sleeping. Brady tries to mediate the fray.

Philip claims he isn’t hiding anything, but Stephanie knows something is going on.

Nathan flashes back to overhearing Chloe admitting to sleeping with someone else. Melanie accuses him of knowing something she doesn’t.

Daniel demands to know what is going on with Chloe.

Carly and Caroline make small talk back at the pub, and Carly tells her that she and Bo are happy, and that Hope doesn’t seem to be so angry with her anymore. Caroline guesses unhappily that Hope blames Bo.

Hope heads into her room and puts Roman’s wallet in her box. She grins, saying Bo will never know what hit him.

Abe opens the lab results and announces to Nicole, Brady and Arianna that Arianna fingerprints were found on the flashlight.


Melanie grabs Stephanie’s purse, “I'll find out myself.” Stephanie shouts, “ What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Melanie shrieks, “I'm not crazy!”

Chloe tells herself, “As long as you don't find out I slept with Philip.”

Abe asks Arianna, “Can anyone give you an alibi?”

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