Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/18/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/18/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Sami make small talk about the kids. EJ admits he is having trouble concentrating on his work, and that he has the feeling that something is wrong.

In her hotel room in a foreign country, Rafe demands that Anna tell him who she was working for. She begins to choke. Rafe demands that she quit stalling.

In the park, Stefano gets a phone call about something being delivered. He asks the person to keep him posted and hangs up with a grin.

At the Java Café, Arianna accuses Brady of being addicted to Nicole. He claims he is in control of himself. Arianna storms off. Kinsey walks in, wondering what Arianna’s problem is.

Hope listens in outside the door of the warehouse as Nicole demands to know who Baker’s partner is. He’d rather not say, lest he end up dead. Nicole agrees to drop it for now and heads for the door. Outside, Hope draws her gun.

Sami wonders what’s wrong with EJ. Sydney’s wails coming from the monitor interrupts the two. Sami heads off. EJ frets about Anna and her whereabouts.

Anna continues to choke and wheeze. Rafe ignores her and demands to know who she was working with. Anna keels over onto her dessert plate. Rafe gapes.

In her kitchen, Maggie confides in Mia that Alice isn’t doing well. Mia suggests they bake some cookies to take over there. Maggie thinks that is a good idea, but first she wants Mia to talk to her about the sadness she can tell is in her eyes.

Brady leaves Arianna a message, saying that he wants to talk. Upstairs in her room at the pub, Arianna gets the message, but doesn’t think talking will help when Brady is clearly hung-up on Nicole.

Baker stops Nicole, asking her what they are going to do about Arianna’s alibi, as their track record isn’t so good when it comes to scheming. Nicole disagrees as Hope slinks off. Nicole assures Baker that she will make sure Arianna doesn’t have an alibi. She then heads off.

Sami brings Sydney downstairs and enlists EJ’s help in getting her to go to sleep.

Rafe checks Anna’s pulse and tries to revive her. He curses and hurries over the phone, making a call to the front desk to let them know they have a medical emergency in the room.

Hope heads into the warehouse and lays into Baker for conspiring with his old partner, Nicole. She accuses him of betraying her, and vows that he has made a huge mistake.

Nicole runs into Roman at the café and asks him about any leads on Brady’s mugging. Roman refuses to comment, and makes a catty remark about her sudden interest in justice. She claims she is sorry for what she did, but Roman won’t hear it, and vows to make sure she gets what she deserves if she comes near Sydney again. Nicole glances over at Brady and sighs.

EJ tries to convince Sami that Sydney loves her, but she thinks Sydney loves EJ more.

A paramedic questions Rafe about Anna and any medication she might have taken. Rafe doesn’t remember her taking anything. He then glances over at her half-eaten dinner and curses.

Maggie confronts Mia about her cutting classes recently. Mia doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and claims none of her classes are preparing her for the real world, anyway. Maggie knows she has been through al t what with her getting pregnant and the baby dying, but she thinks Mia needs to focus on her education. Mia then tells Maggie about her plan to drop out of school and pursue dancing in New York.

Hope tells Baker that she heard him promising to help Nicole frame Arianna for the muggings, and she refuses to let another woman take the fall. She adds angrily that she is in control, and she won’t let this happen. Baker sighs.

Nicole wonders if people will ever forgive her for what she did, though she doesn’t care so long as Brady forgives her. Brady suddenly remembers he has someplace else to be and hurries off. Kinsey heads over and dishes to Nicole about the argument Arianna and Brady had earlier. Nicole grins.

Sami admits to EJ that she is jealous of all the time he spent with Sydney that she missed out on. EJ assures her that they are a family now, and that she has the rest of her life to bond with Sydney. Sami tells EJ about how hard it is for her to do so, especially after her own childhood, and how she went into witness protection even after swearing to never be apart from her kids. EJ reminds her that she had no choice but to do so.

Rafe tells the paramedic that he is sure that Anna was poisoned. They wheel Anna off.

Sami moves on to Nicole and how she ruined her life, along with the kidnapper that was working with Anna. Sami vows to kill whoever did this as soon as she gets her hands on them. EJ gulps.

Maggie wonders if this is about Chad, but Mia says it’s mostly about Grace, and her needing to get away from the bad memories and start a new life. Maggie thinks she is running away.

Baker claims he was just humoring Nicole so that he could get leverage against her, as she has proof he was behind at least one of the muggings. He fills Hope in on Nicole’s plan to get Arianna out of the way in order to win Brady. Hope thinks it’s foolish for Nicole to take so many risks for some bastard that will just break her hear. Hope claims that she will never let another man hurt her again.

Nicole strolls outside the pub and decides it’s time to make sure Arianna is all alone. She makes a phone call.

EJ thinks the most important thing is that Sydney is back, and assures Sami that Sydney will call her ‘Mama’ eventually. Sami worries that Sydney wishes that she were Nicole.

At a nearby hospital, Rafe brings a doctor some of the food Anna ate so that it can be tested. He asks if she will pull through, but the doctor isn’t sure.

Stefano gets a call outside the mansion and jokes about Anna’s dinner not agreeing with her. He adds that he thinks it may be her last one.

Mia doesn’t think anyone in town cares about her anyway, except for Maggie. She then sobs, saying that too many places in town remind her of Grace, and while Chad sort of understands what she is going through, she fears that she is about to lose him, too. Maggie soothes Mia as she declares that she must move away and leave her pain and misery behind. Maggie admits her house reminds her of Mickey, but she can’t run away from what is in her heart, and neither can Mia.

Baker tries to question Hope about her past, but hurries off, saying she has something to take care of.

Nicole gets in touch with Arianna and asks her to meet with her to talk about her expose. Arianna refuses, saying that she is off the clock, and is going to bed. Nicole hangs up and grins, watching as Arianna’s light is shut off upstairs.

The doctor informs Rafe that the food was poisoned, and thanks him for bringing the food by, as Anna may have died if they hadn’t found out what poison it was. He adds that she could still die, but Rafe begs him to do whatever he can to keep Anna alive.

Maggie urges Mia to graduate with her friends, and then she can go off to college anywhere she likes. Mia isn’t so sure, but Maggie tells her that she is a great comfort to her. Mia caves and hugs Maggie, crying and promising to stay.

Nicole heads into the café and calls Arianna again to ensure that her phone is really off. It is, so Nicole calls Baker to let him know that Arianna is home alone in bed, so he had better get ready to plant the evidence she gave him implicating Arianna. Nicole smirks, saying that Arianna is about to wake up to a nightmare.

Arianna decides to get some sleep in the hopes that things will look better tomorrow.

Hope comes back to tell Baker that their victim is ripe for the picking. She heads off. Baker grabs the flashlight and hairbrush that Nicole brought him, stuffs them into his coat pocket, and hurries off after Hope.

Back at the hotel, Rafe learns from the manager that the man that delivered the food was most likely an imposter. He asks for surveillance footage and for a meeting with the rest of the staff and the man heads off. Rafe vows to find out who wanted Anna dead.

Stefano assures his henchman that Rafe will never find him.

EJ sings Sami’s praises, sure that Sydney will one day realize that she is the best mother in the world. Sami thinks he is a great parent, too, and she thank him again for all he has done. EJ takes her face in his hands and thanks her tenderly. They then decide to go check on Sydney together.

Back at the hospital, Rafe informs someone at the bureau about the poisoning. The doctor heads in just then, telling Rafe that it doesn’t look good.

Stefano tosses some chess pieces around inside the mansion and apologizes aloud to Tony.

Nicole shows up at the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Brady about Arianna. She claims Arianna sounded angry and upset and even hung up on her. Brady tells Nicole about their argument. He decides to call her again.

Arianna can’t sleep and decides she won’t be able to until she settles things with Brady.

Roman locks the pub and heads out. Hope sneaks up behind him and knocks him unconscious with the butt of her gun.


Arianna asks Brady, “Why is this happening? Who would be doing this?”

Hope tells Baker, “I have my reasons for robbing the people that I rob.”

Carly makes a call, “I need an ambulance at the Brady pub. Commander Roman Brady’s been attacked.”

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