Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/17/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/17/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Kiriakis mansion, Ciara tells Hope how happy the talk they had the night before made her. Hope doesn’t remember it.

In his hotel room, Baker wonders why his mysterious partner hasn’t called to make sure he didn’t give her up to Nicole. He wonders what she would say if she knew Nicole wanted him to frame Arianna for the muggings.

At the pub, Arianna catches Nicole trying to lift a fingerprint from her wine glass. Arianna thinks she must be trying to steal it.

At the Java Café, Brady demands to know if Sami still has feelings for EJ.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ rages about Anna missing her appointed check-in time. Stefano vows to make her pay if she has double-crossed him.

In a hotel room in a foreign country, Rafe urges Anna to tell him everything.

Hope asks Ciara what she said to her just as Justin heads in and interrupts. He and Ciara discuss their plans to go to the movies next weekend. Hope admits that she has to take Ciara upstairs and put her to bed, but asks Justin to stick around until she’s through. Justin promises to do so, and Hope and Ciara head upstairs.

Nicole claims that she is thinking of doing a story on college kids that steal dishes from restaurants to outfit their kitchens and wants to prove how easy it is to pull it off. Arianna scoffs, telling Nicole to find another angle. She snatches her wineglass from Nicole.

EJ is angry when Stefano admits that someone isn’t keeping track of Anna every minute of every day. He worries that Rafe may have found her.

Rafe tries to convince Anna that no one will offer her a better deal than he will, but Anna is afraid to tell him everything she knows, as he may want to kill the messenger.

Hope confides in Justin about Ciara making up a conversation that they never had, and that the therapist claims she never does these things in her sessions. Justin is worried about Hope, as she no longer seems like herself.

Sami and Brady argue about their relationships with EJ and Nicole. Brady reminds Sami that he has moved on from Nicole. Sami huffs that she would move on and be with Rafe if he wanted that, but he doesn’t.

EJ confides in Stefano about Sami telling him about Rafe’s undercover assignment. He frets over the possibility of Anna turning him in if she is faced with jail time. Stefano assures EJ that if Anna makes a deal with Rafe, then it will be the last one she ever makes.

Anna claims that Sami put all of this into motion, as none of it ever would have happened if she hadn’t lied to EJ in the first place. Rafe defends Sami vehemently. Anna wonders why he is here questioning her instead of in Salem keeping Sami away from EJ.

Hope admits that her life has veered off course ever since Ciara was kidnapped and she and Bo ended their marriage. She then admits that she felt the same powerless feeling when Justin was attacked. Justin tenderly admits that he knew everything would be alright when he awoke to find her by his side.

Kinsey, who had been listening in to Arianna and Nicole’s conversation, heads over and lets the two know that she is on Nicole’s side, as she thinks it would help Mrs. Brady if Nicole were to expose these thieves on TV. Nicole vows to tell it like it is and hurries off. Arianna groans.

Over the phone, EJ arranges for a contractor to fix Sami’s townhouse. Stefano reminds EJ that he orchestrated the plumbing issue to ensure that Sami stayed in the mansion, but EJ doesn’t think it will matter once Rafe gets Anna to confess. EJ expresses remorse over what he did to Sami by taking Sydney and making her think she was dead. Because of that, he refuses to trick her into staying here any loner. Just then, Will walks into the foyer and overhears EJ admitting that Sami is only here because of Will, and that he wants her to take her kids and leave if that is what she wants.

Rafe claims that Sami would never be with EJ, but Anan isn’t so sure. Rafe tells her to stop trying to change the subject and suggests she settle in, as it is going to be a long night.

Arianna meets Brady at the café and complains about Nicole. Brady suggests she quit, but Arianna refuses. Brady wonders what it is she is trying to prove by keeping it.

Justin takes Hope’s had, but she backs off, telling him she needs more time because of the mugging case. She decides to stay up all night and work on it.

Will interrupts Stefano and EJ. Stefano excuses himself and heads off. EJ talks to Will about the futility of holding onto anger, and how he has only now learned what the power of forgiveness can feel like. Will softens as Sami walks in. EJ gives Will a knowing look and heads off. Will looks at his mother and sighs.

Anna calls to check on her dinner. Rafe launches into an explanation of what he thinks happened, saying that he believes someone used Anna’s hatred for the DiMeras to get her to kidnap Sydney. Just then, Anna’s dinner arrives. She uses the opportunity to dart out the door. Rafe gives chase.

In her own hotel room, Nicole transfers the prints from Arianna’s wine glass to a flashlight. She then calls Dr. Baker to tell him that she is ready for him to moveo ntheir plan tonight.

Arianna tries to convince Brady that she likes her job and is good at it, but Brady isn’t sure he can live with her while she is doing it.

Justin suggests Hope try to get some rest and wake up about an hour before Ciara so she can look over everything with a clear head. Hope agrees to do so, especially as she wants to solve this case before Bo comes back. Justin hopes she does so they have more time together. He then heads off. Hope takes a couple of sleeping pills and sighs.

Nicole meets Baker at the warehouse. He warns her that he still has to clear this with his partner. Nicole tells him to do that while she works on making sure that Arianna doesn’t have an alibi.

Sami asks Will to help her teach Johnny to play poker, since he asked. Will agrees as long as he doesn’t have too much homework, and heads off. Sami, all smiles, tells EJ as he walks back in that Will agreed to help her teach Johnny to play poker. She wonders what EJ said to Will. EJ grins.

Rafe drags Anna back into her room. She asks the man who brought her dinner to call the police, but Rafe gets rid of him by showing him his FBI badge. The man hurries off, and Rafe vows that Anna won’t get another opportunity like that one.

Sami and EJ discuss Will’s miraculous turnaround. Just then, Will heads in with Johnny and a pack of playing cards. Sami grins.

Nicole suggests that Baker call Arianna with a tip and send her on a wild-goose chase. Baker isn’t so sure this is a good idea, and asks Nicole if she really thinks framing Arianna will win over Brady.

Brady reminds Arianna that she doesn’t like Nicole, yet talks about her all the time. Arianna waves him off, saying she is sure that Nicole is no longer a threat to their relationship. Brady doesn’t reply.

Will, with Johnny on his lap, EJ, and Sami, who has Sydney in her arms, sit around the table and play a hand of poker. They all pitch in to teach Johnny how to bet. Will jokes that he always knows what hand Sami has, as he can tell exactly what she is thinking.

Rafe tells Anna that he can tell she is scared, and he vows to make sure she is protected from whoever hired her to take Sydney. Anna agrees to tell him everything so long as he lets her eat. Rafe hands her a fork.

Sami and EJ, now alone with Sydney, talk about how well poker went. Sami thanks EJ for whatever he said to Will, as it feels as if the weight of the world has been lifted off of her shoulders. EJ then admits he has a confession to make.

Hope heads downstairs, telling herself that she hopes Baker is rested, as they both have work to do.

EJ admits that he hired a contractor to work on Sami’s townhouse so that she can leave sooner rather than later, if that is what she wants. Sami thanks him as Johnny rushes in. He pokes his finger at EJ, telling him to put his hands up, as he is the FBI. EJ groans, Sami reminds him it’s just a game.

Anna claims she was just protecting Sydney from that crazy Nicole. Rafe thinks Nicole intended on getting Sydney home, and reminds her of the ransom note she wrote EJ, and how EJ convinced Sami to keep it from him. Anna scoffs, asking if Rafe is just anxious to make her talk because he’s jealous that EJ turned out to be Sami’s hero instead of him. Rafe scowls.

Arianna blows up, thinking that Brady is so hung up on Nicole that he can’t even handle hearing her name mentioned. She storms off. Brady sighs.

As Hope approaches the warehouse, Nicole tells Baker that she can’t wait to meet the nutcase he has hooked up with .Baker doesn’t think she’ll ever get the chance.

Will heads in, telling EJ and Sami that Johnny is still wound up from the poker game. Johnny kisses EJ tells him goodnight. Sami looks on and smiles as EJ tells Johnny how much he loves him.

Anna wants to discuss witness protection, but Rafe wants a name first. Anna starts to say something, but begin to choke.


Hope asks Baker, “Whatever happened to staying true to your partner?”

Rafe asks Anna, “Who helped you kidnap Sydney?”

Sami vows to EJ, “I swear to God when I find out how did this, I'm gonna kill them.”

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