Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/14/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/14/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, Sami tries to assure EJ that her kids adore him as Will walks in, scoffing that he can barely tolerate EJ. Sami lays into him for being rude when he is staying here as EJ’s guest. Will huffs off. Sami complains about what a lousy mom she is, but EJ thinks she has made plenty of sacrifices for her kids, including moving into the mansion. Sami claims that that wasn’t such a sacrifice after all.

In a country far from Salem, Calliope moans about how nice Anna is being to her, and admits that they didn’t meet by chance. Anan reaches out to comfort her, but Calliope’s wire falls out of her shirt. Anna gasps. Rafe watches from his laptop as the transmission is cut off. He curses.

At the pub, Arianna and Brady discuss setting a wedding date and their honeymoon. Nicole listens in nearby, and vows that hurricane Nicole will follow no matter where they go.

Sami claims that saying at the mansion isn’t so bad, and besides, she owes EJ for helping her get her daughter back. EJ admits that his motives weren’t exactly unselfish.

Anna tells Calliope that she plans to run, and threatens her not to get in her way. Calliope squeaks. Anna rushes off. Rafe makes a call to another officer to let him know the equipment malfunctioned, and claims that it’s all over if he goes in now.

In the foyer of the DiMera mansion, Will confronts Kate with the photo of her and Madeline.

In the park, Madeline and Chad argue about him wanting to go to Salem University. Madeline claims that he is going out of state to school whether he likes it or not.

Nicole call Baker from outside the pub, informing him that it’s time to move on their plan.

EJ admits that he is just happy that he and Sami are getting along, as he never thought it was possible given their previous custody disputes. Sami isn’t sure how he ever forgave her after she lied to him about Sydney. EJ assures her that they’ve all made mistakes.

Anna bursts into her room, grabs her bag and her passport, and starts to head off, but Rafe greets her at the door, wondering why she is leaving so soon.

Nicole and Baker discuss the fact that Nicole wants Baker to bash another man over the head so she can frame Arianna for the crime. Baker thinks there must be an easier way to get to Bray, but Nicole thinks his heart belongs to her already and it’s just her head that needs to catch up. Just then, Brady walks out of the pub and stares. Nicole frets.

Now at the Java Café, Will asks Kate again about her relationship with Madeline.

Madeline and Chad get into an argument about his so-called friends and the bad influence Will’s family is sure to have on him. Chad changes the subject and tearfully complains that his mother just wants to get rid of him.

Sami flashes back to Rafe giving her a ring with all of her children’s birthstones in it. She stare at it and sighs. EJ walks back in and catches her. He frowns.

Anna reminds Rafe that he can’t touch her in this country because they don’t extradite to the U.S., but Rafe scoffs and moves in menacingly anyway. Anna gulps.

Stefano interrupts Sami, who tells EJ that she is thinking to taking the ring off and wearing it around her neck. She hurries off after Stefano greets her. Stefano thinks EJ should be thanking him for what he has done, as one word from him would ruin things between EJ and Sami forever.

Another cop brings Calliope in, who is handcuffed. Anna lays into her for lying to her. Rafe decides to give them both a chance to go free if Anna will only tell him what the wants to know. Anna ignores him, and lambastes Calliope some more. Rafe asks the other officer to take her away. He then tells Anna that he will lose everything she holds dear unless she starts cooperating.

Nicole and Brady make small talk about her top-secret undercover operation. Brady warns her to be careful, but Nicole doesn’t think she needs friends now that she has done hard time. Brady assures her that he is her friend as Arianna comes out and makes a big production over kissing him and discussing their upcoming wedding plans. Nicole rolls her eyes.

Kate claims that she knows Madeline and Charles because they’re all in the same social circle, but she isn’t friends with them, and she’d like for it to stay that way. Will tells her that Chad’s mom said the same thing about him and Chad.

Stefano assures EJ that Sami is now a part of their family because of the children, but that doesn’t mean he has to like her. EJ agrees, but warns Stefano not to interfere. Stefano promises not to do so, especially as Sami is good at making trouble all on her own.

Kate and Will share some scones as Sami walks in. Eager to change the subject, Kate offers her seat to Sami so that she and Will can talk. She then hurries off. Will makes it clear he isn’t interested in speaking to Sami, but Sami claims that she loves Will and will always want to talk him.

Madeline reminds Chad that he has other schools besides Wake Forest to choose from. The two run into Kate as they approach the café. The two women stare.

Rafe tells Anna that he wants justice for Sydney the way she wants justice for Tony. Anna thinks he just loves Sami. Rafe admits he does, and Anna calls him a fool.

Sami wants to talk about his feelings, and assures him that she misses Rafe, too. Will doesn’t think so, as he keeps walking in on her and EJ nearly kissing. He demands to know what is going on with the tow, and wonders if she can go without a man for two seconds. Sami reminds him this discussion is about him and his feelings. Will, angry, admits that he hates his mother. Sami practically bursts into tears.

Chad excuses himself to start work and Kate and Madeline decide to talk somewhere more private.

Will hurries off to greet Chad as Brady heads in. He can tell Sami is upset, but she changes the subject. Brady tells her about him and Arianna setting a wedding date. Sami vows to make sure Nicole doesn’t wreck things for them.

Inside the pub, Nicole refuses to tell Arianna about the undercover project she is working on. The two then get into an argument about Brady. Arianna accuses Nicole of trying to steal him, but Nicole informs Arianna that she should be worried about Brady’s feelings, not hers.

Johnny rushes in, and Stefano spots his FBI jacket. He demands he take it off. EJ sends him off to Mary, warning Stefano not to tell his son what to do. Stefano angrily reminds him that Johnny will never show the family any respect unless EJ teaches him to do so.

Nicole wants her and Arianna to try to work together civilly and suggests the two have a drink together. Arianna worries that Nicole might poison her, but she suggests they both watch the bartender open the bottle.

Sami admits she had a fight with Will, but Brady doesn’t think it’s a big deal, as he and Sami were a lot worse as teenagers.

Madeline and Kate argue about Chad and Will. The two start trading insults, and Madeline snaps that once you’re a whore, you’re always a whore. Kate replies huffily that it takes one to know one. Madeline glares.

Stefano tells EJ that he doesn’t want Giovanni to think of Rafe as admirable and is sure that that idea will be gone soon. EJ agrees.

Rafe warns Anna that she will go to prison if she doesn’t talk.

Nicole and Arianna finish off some wine as Arianna gets a phone call. She heads outside to talk to Dr. Baker, who wants to give an anonymous tip to the news. Nicole uses the opportunity to snag a hair from Arianna’s brush in her purse. She places it into a plastic bag and then starts to lift one of Arianna’s prints from a wine glass. Arianna comes back just then, wondering what she is doing.

Brady and Sami talk about Rafe and she admits that she feels vulnerable now that she is stuck at the DiMera mansion. Brady wonders if she still has feelings for EJ.

Stefano learns over the phone that Anna missed her scheduled check in He curses and tells EJ about it, saying that she had better show up soon, or he’ll have to incapacitate her for good.

Anna claims Benny was her only accomplice, but Rafe doesn’t buy it. Anna then agrees to tell him who she was really working for.


EJ snaps at Stefano, “Doesn't take a bloody genius to connect the dots!”

Brady asks, “What the hell am I supposed to think, Sami?”

Rafe tells Anna, “Sami didn't make you take that baby.”

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