Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/13/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/13/10


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Daniel comes back home from doing surgery on some victims of a car accident. Chloe thinks he ought to go to bed, but Daniel demands to know what she meant last night when she told him that she did a terrible thing. Chloe flashes back to sleeping with Philip, and says she’s afraid that she will lose him forever if she tells him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian leaves Victor a message about the flowers for their wedding. Gus heads over with some coffee for her, and Vivian complains that Victor is treating their wedding like an inconvenience.

At the hospital, Victor grumbles about all the messages Vivian has left him. Maggie makes a joke about the blushing bride-to-be as Melanie and Philip head in. Melanie wants to take Maggie home, but Victor offers the limo. Philip insists that Victor join him outside, as they need to talk.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami finds Johnny and EJ playing soccer in the living room. She interrupts the game and shows Johnny a gift he received in the mail. It’s an FBI jacket from Rafe. EJ frowns.

In a country far from Salem, Rafe fastens a wire to Calliope, and reminds her that she needs to get Anna to tell her who she was working with. Calliope isn’t so sure she can go through with it.

In a cabana nearby, Anan sips a bloody mary and moans over her hangover. She remembers nearly telling Calliope who she was working for and groans.

At the Java Café, Tad, Mia, and Chad talk about college, and how they’ve have to wait all the way through next year. Mia informs the two that she doesn’t think she will be here next year.

Johnny rushes around to play in his FBI jacket. EJ thought all ties had been cut, but Sami claims that Rafe just made a promise to Johnny, and he always keeps his promises. Johnny flops on the couch, complaining that this isn’t as fun without Rafe. EJ is stung.

Philip accuses Victor of trying to use Maggie to get back into his good graces, and suggests he do that by not marrying Vivian. Victor denies it. Philip warns him to leave Maggie out of this, as she is kind and decent. Victor snaps that their relationship is none of his business, and that Maggie is the finest woman he has ever known. Vivian walks in just then, thinking Victor is talking about her. Philip informs her that he was talking about Maggie.

Melanie frets over Maggie. She say he is ok, so Melanie turns her attention to Daniel, who hasn’t yet come to check on Maggie. She hopes he is alright.

Chloe tells Daniel that when she thought he had slept with Carly, she did something that she will regret until the day she dies.

Anna makes last minute arrangements over the telephone.

Calliope guesses that Rafe thinks that Sami is in danger. Rafe isn’t sure, but admits Sami and her kids are like family, even though he may never see them again, so he has to ensure their safety. He then shows Calliope a picture of Sydney, and asks her to do what she thinks is right. Calliope wavers.

EJ sulks when Sami suggests they get Johnny a mobster jacket. He glares. Sami reminds him that her kids love Rafe whether he likes that or not. She then decides to call Rafe to thank him for the jacket. EJ begs her not to.

Chloe tells Daniel about overhearing him tell Carly that she was wrong to think Carly was coming between them. She adds that Daniel has been acting like she is making things up ever since she thought she was pregnant, and she is beginning to think that he is right.

Mia tells Tad and Chad that she is considering moving to New York to study dance. Chad scoffs, saying that he knows why she’s really doing it.

In the park, Madeline tells Charles that she wants Chad to go away to school in Vermont so that she can keep him away from the DiMeras.

EJ tells Sami that he wants to call Rafe himself, as he thinks it’s time to offer an olive branch, considering how important Rafe is to Johnny. Sami doesn’t think it will go well. EJ agrees not to call him and heads off with a sigh.

Calliope agrees to help Rafe for Sydney’s sake and heads off to talk to Anna. Sami calls Rafe just then, thanking him for Johnny’s gift. Rafe hurriedly explains that he is on an undercover operation and hangs up on her. Sami sighs. Rafe listens in as Anna tells Calliope that she said some things the night before she wishes she hadn’t. EJ heads back in to the living room at the mansion and guesses the phone call didn’t go so well. Sami guess Rafe is too mad to talk to her. EJ thinks it’s because he is in love with her.

Vivian invites Philip and Melanie over for dinner some time. Melanie heads out of Maggie’s room with Maggie. Philip tells her about the invitation, wondering if she is feeling lucky.

Chloe explains to Daniel that she thinks she just twisted things around in her head because she feels as if she doesn’t deserve him. She then admits that Philip came over. Daniel interrupts, telling her that he knows exactly what happened.

Tad excuses himself, and Chad reminds Mia that she needs a high school diploma to get into college. Mia says that she doesn’t really want to go to college; she just wants to get out of here.

Charles nixes the idea of sending Chad away, telling Madeline that he is getting too old to be told what to do, and that they have to trust him.

Anna and Calliope recline in the cabana after having gotten facials. Anna confides in Calliope that it wasn’t her idea to take Sydney, and promises to tell her whose idea it was, but first they have something else to talk about. Rafe listens in eagerly.

EJ admits to Sami that he is upset that he isn’t the kind of man his son would want him to be, but Rafe is.

Philip and Melanie head off. Vivian gives Maggie some flowers. Maggie tells Victor that she is getting a ride home with Philip and Melanie, and head off, sure that Victor and Vivian’s marriage will be blissful. Victor scoffs.

Melanie learns that Daniel was at the hospital all night and went home a little while ago. She wonders why his phone is off.

Daniel thinks Chloe must have confided in Philip about her feelings, since she couldn’t talk to him. Chloe frets.

Mia admits that she is afraid of the thought of Chad going off to college, as he is the only other person she knows that will never forget about Grace.

Anna proposes that she and Calliope start traveling together, since they are both all alone. Calliope stammers that she can’t.

EJ is concerned about Johnny growing up and asking questions about what he does for a living. Sami reminds him that he is his own man and doesn’t have to follow in Stefano’s footsteps. She adds that as far as she is concerned, EJ isn’t only a good guy, he’s a great guy.

Daniel assures Chloe that none of this is her fault, and vows to fix whatever is wrong between them.

Philip and Melanie talk about Victor and Vivian. Philip admits that he can’t see his father going through with the wedding.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian complains to Gus about victor’s attentions to Maggie. She vows not to stand idly by.

Calliope reminds Anna that she is hiding from the IRS. Anna offers her money to pay off her taxes, since they are friends. Calliope chokes back a sob.

Sami assures EJ that he isn’t like his father, and that she would like Johnny to grow up to be just like his father.

Back at the café, Tad admits e will miss Mia ,but not as much as Chad will.

At the pier, Chad tells his mother that he has decided to stay in Salem instead of going to college.

Victor comes back the mansion. Vivian complains about him to participating in the wedding plans, and informs him she has moved the date up. Victor spits his drink all over the floor.

Melanie confides in Maggie that she is worried about her dad.

Daniel makes an appointment for him and Chloe to start therapy together.

Sami insists that EJ is a good father, that the kids love him, and that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Calliope sobs, telling Anna that it wasn’t fate that brought them together, but she can’t say any more. Anna, confused, reaches out for Calliope, and finds he wire. Anna gapes. Rafe groans.


Rafe asks Anna, “Leaving paradise so soon?”

Will asks Sami, “What is up with you and EJ, Mom?”

Stefano tells EJ, “Then you and Samantha will be finished. Forever.”

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