Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/12/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/12/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie gets some things together to take to Maggie at the hospital. She confides in Philip about how she didn’t really know anyone in Salem when she got to town, but now she has plenty of people to trust. She hugs Philip, who immediately flashes back to having sex with Chloe. He sighs guiltily.

At the pier, Daniel tells Carly about the connection he and Chloe used to have, and thinks he must be screwing things up. Carly thinks the beginning of any relationship is hard. Daniel then confides in her about trying to get Chloe to see a therapist, and how she doesn’t trust him now that he acted like such a jerk about her pregnancy. He adds that it’s strange that Chloe is so focused on Carly and the idea there could be a conspiracy theory, but Carly doesn’t think it’s so strange since they are in Salem, after all.

At the pub, Chloe and Vivian bond over their mutual hatred of Carly. Vivian asks Chloe to help her stop Carly.

Brady and Arianna make love at the Kiriakis mansion. Arianna gets a message and rages about Nicole.

At Baker’s hotel, Hope looks on as Baker gets a call from Nicole. She tells him that she will agree not to turn him into the police, provided that he make Arianna his next mugging victim. Baker refuses, but Nicole insists.

Arianna tells Brady that Nicole is off doing a story on her own, which could cost her her job. She hopes out of bed, vowing to find Nicole and stop her. Brady groans.

Nicole wants Baker to meet with her, but Baker stammers that he isn’t in charge. Nicole suggests he strike a deal with his partner. Baker claims the partner isn’t very flexible. Nicole threatens him with jail if he doesn’t show. He hangs up with a sigh. Hope knows something is going on, and warns Baker not to let anyone know who she is, or he is toast. Baker moans that he hates it in Salem. Meanwhile, Nicole grins, saying that she can’t wait for Arianna and Baker to meet.

Carly tries to assure Daniel that he and Chloe have just been through a hard time, and that they’ll get through this.

Chloe tells Vivian that Daniel looks at her as if she is crazy, and she thinks it’s because she thought she was pregnant. Vivian disagrees, saying that Carly must have said something to Daniel, as she loves nothing more than to poison happy relationships. Vivian can’t imagine being a person like Carly that can’t stand to see others happy.

Brady tries to get Arianna to see that Nicole is just yanking her chain, and to let her alone, but Arianna refuses, saying that Nicole doesn’t now how to work the equipment. Brady warns her to be careful and to let Nicole start running her life.

Hope warns Baker to keep Nicole contained, but he’s worried she may tell the DiMeras that he isn’t dead or that she might go to the cops. Hope doesn’t care, and vows that prison will look like a safe harbor if Nicole finds out she is behind the muggings. She then hurries off. Baker sighs, saying that Arianna picked the wrong person to mess with. Later he heads own to the pier to meet Nicole. Hope, who doesn’t trust him, follows him.

Daniel and Carly argue about whether or not he and Chloe can work this out. Melanie calls and interrupts, and fills Daniel in on what happened to Maggie. He promises to check on her himself and hangs up. He tells Carly that he has to get to the hospital. She thinks he is angry at her, but he admits that he is just worried sick about Chloe.

Chloe doesn’t want to speak to Vivian about this, as this is her fault, not Carly’s. She reminds Vivian that she lost her faith in Daniel, and that it shouldn’t have happened, no matter what Carly said. Vivian insists that Chloe and Daniel are a match made in heaven, and that they can’t let Carly destroy that.

Hope listens in as Nicole and Baker greet one another. Ciara calls and interrupts, and Hope is forced to go home. She hisses under her breath that Baker had better handle Nicole and hurries off. Baker explains to Nicole that his partner only likes to attack men, and won’t touch Arianna. Nicole says she figured as much, and then tells Baker that she doesn’t want him and his partner to mug Arianna--she wants incontrovertible evidence that Arianna is responsible for these muggings.

At the hospital, Melanie confides in Daniel that Philip is worried about Chloe, and that he told her about the pregnancy. She hopes that is ok. Daniel doesn’t mind, but admits he didn’t know that Philip and Chloe were that close. Across the room, Philip gets a call from Chloe telling him that it’s over, as Daniel believes Carly and not her. Philip curses.

Chloe decides to just apologize to Daniel, but Vivian tells her she can’t do that. Chloe storms off. Vivian vows to make sure that Chloe is her ticket to making Carly pay.

Hope is with Ciara, and explains that she had to work. She asks Ciara to look at her book, vowing that she will be right back.

Nicole asks Baker to plant evidence on Arianna proving that she has been mugging men around town. Baker wonders why Nicole hates her so much. She grins, saying that Arianna has something she wants.

Arianna decides to fight Nicole, but Hope comes downstairs and interrupts, warning Arianna that Nicole doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants, and perhaps they could all learn a lesson from Nicole. Arianna and Brady gape.

Baker assumes this is about a man, and hopes Nicole doesn’t want EJ again. She grimaces, saying that EJ was a mistake, as the real love of her life was right there in front of her the whole time. Baker doesn’t think putting Brady’s fiancée in the big house is the way into his heart, but Nicole is sure Brady loves her and not Arianna.

Hope wishes Arianna luck, as she has seen Nicole hurt a lot of people and doesn’t want to see Arianna and Brady added to that list.

Carly runs into Vivian, grinning that he was just thinking of her.

Philip meets Chloe at the café, and she blubbers about overhearing Daniel say that he believes Carly and not her. She decides she has to confess, but Philip doesn’t think she should, as it would hurt Daniel. Chloe think it would hurt Philip, too.

Carly compares Vivian to an infection, which you have to kill, as they don’t die on their own.

Melanie and Daniel discuss the terrible coincidence of Chloe learning that she couldn’t have kids right around the same time Daniel learned that Melanie was his daughter.

Chloe decides she doesn’t want to hurt Daniel. Philip thinks that they are really protecting the people they love by keeping their affair quiet.

Hope thinks it will be hard for Arianna to fight Nicole when Brady still has feelings for her. He protests, and Hope apologizes, admitting she was out of line, probably because of how tired she is. They all discuss the case and Brady assures Hope that there is no way Nicole would have branded him the way that mugger did. Hope fears that the mugger is actually just getting started.

Baker admits that he likes Nicole, and asks her not to do this, as it will most likely blow up in her face. Nicole refuses to listen to reason, and tells Baker that he will be going to prison unless she and Brady head off into the sunset together.

Daniel decides to go home and wait for Chloe. Melanie thinks Philip must have had a work emergency, and decides to wait on him. She wishes Daniel good luck with Chloe.

Philip asks Chloe to calm down and stop being so hard on herself, as everything will get better soon. He then heads off. Chloe agrees that everything will get better--as soon as she tells Daniel the truth.

Hope heads off to bring Ciara some milk. Arianna decides not to do battle with Nicole, and to stay the night with Brady instead. The two kiss.

Nicole assures Baker that the cops will believe Arianna did it, as she is a former criminal, and her motivation could be that Arianna is jealous of her relationship with Brady. She asks Baker if he plans on helping her, or if he’d rather star in her next expose.

Carly promises to keep a watch on Vivian and storms off. Gus comes over, wondering what that was all about. Vivian thinks it was just posturing. She then tells Gus that she is sure Chloe can be a real danger to Carly.

Hope is back with Ciara, who confides in her about a boy from school liking another girl instead her. Hope advises her that the trouble with people is that they hurt you.

Arianna is back in bed with Brady and turns off her phone.

Nicole warns Baker to make sure his partner will go along with this, and vows to make sure the charges stick herself.

Philip comes back to the hospital. He kisses Melanie and the two head off together.

Chloe heads into her apartment, and tell Daniel that they need to talk, as she has done a terrible thing.


Calliope asks Rafe, “Do you think Sami’s still in danger?”

EJ tells Sami, “I think it's because he's still in love with you.”

Chloe sobs, “I didn't mean for it to happen.”

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