Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/11/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/11/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Baker heads back into the warehouse for another poker game, but finds Nicole there, alone.

Carly and Chloe run into one another outside their apartments. Carly tries to apologize for them misunderstanding they’ve had. Chloe isn’t buying her innocent act, and warns Carly that both she and that creep know that she didn’t cover her tracks well enough. Carly has no idea what creep she is talking about.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, the motel clerk flashes back to pretending not to know Chloe. Back in the present, he remarks that he got a lot of money for an easy job. He pays his tab and walks outside, where Daniel confronts him, demanding to know who made him lie.

At the hospital, Vivian asks Maxine where Victor, her fiancé, is. Maxine is surprised that they are getting married, and explains that Victor has asked not to be disturbed. Vivian threatens to have Maxine fired, and Maxine caves, pointing out Maggie’s room. Vivian heads over and listens in as Maggie tells Victor that she told Melanie that he deserved a second chance. Victor takes her hand, telling her how grateful he is.

Brady and Arianna canoodle on the couch at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady gets a call from Roman, who wants him to come down to the station to sign a statement and to go over some theories with him in regards to his attack. Brady thought Hope was on the case, but Roman explains that he is filling in for her tonight, as Hope had to stay home with Ciara.

Upstairs, Hope gets out of bed, and without waking Ciara, she grabs her pills and creeps into her closet, closing the door behind her.

Nicole demands to know why Dr. Baker isn’t dead. He demands to know why she isn’t in prison. He threatens to call the cops, but Nicole snaps that that is her job, and threatens to do so unless he tells her why he is in town and what he is up to.

Carly tries to figure out what Chloe is talking about, but Chloe shouts that Carly is sick for trying to play these games with her and Daniel, and for getting that man to lie to him about her. Carly stares, confused, as Chloe tells her triumphantly that her little game didn’t work, as Daniel believes her. She then storms off. Carly sighs.

The motel clerk claims that he has no reason to lie, and thinks Daniel’s friend was just mistaken. Daniel then explains that Chloe thinks that a female friend of his paid the clerk to lie to her about them having an affair. The man doesn’t know what Daniel is talking about, but advises him that he thinks one of the women is lying. Daniel thinks the clerk might be lying, and approaches him menacingly.

Vivian interrupts Victor and Maggie. She pries, trying to discover why Maggie is in the hospital, but she just claims she is having tests run. Vivian reminds Victor that they have a lot of appointments in regards to the wedding this evening, but Victor replies that his conversation with Maggie isn’t finished, and he isn’t going anywhere.

Arianna insists on going to the police station with Brady, claiming that she can’t relax until his attacker is found.

Hope applies lipstick in the mirror. Ciara tosses and turns. Hope smirks.

Nicole thought Stefano’s goons killed Baker, as Sami and Rafe found his body, but Baker claims that he was only dead-ish. Shocked that Baker managed to fake his own death, Nicole demands to know how he pulled it off.

Hope whispers to Ciara that she will be back soon and heads off.

The clerk tells Daniel that he thinks his fiancée might be crazy and wonders if she has a history of mental illness. He adds that she might also just hate Daniel’s female friend, but either way, he knows he has never seen Daniel’s fiancée before, and he never wants to see either of them again. He then hurries off.

Victor practically throws Vivian out, telling her that they will talk later. She claims she is busy too, and heads off. The clerk calls her to let her know about Daniel confronting him, and how he made him think that Chloe is batty. Vivian doesn’t think it’s much of stretch. The clerk remarks that he plans on taking his money and getting out of Salem. Vivian thinks that is the best idea. Just then, Chloe walks over, on the phone with Daniel. He wants to meet her at home. She thinks it sounds as if something is wrong. Vivian smirks.

Baker tells Nicole about injecting himself with a drug that slowed his heart rate and how he strangled himself a little to make his death look authentic. He thinks Nicole ought to be glad, and thinks they are done here, but she thinks they need to discuss his more recent activities. She then holds out Brady’s money clip. Baker gapes.

Chloe thinks Carly said something to Daniel, but he claims he hasn’t spoken to her. Chloe agrees to meet him at home and hangs up, cursing that Carly is poisoning Daniel against her. She hurries off. Vivian makes a call to Gus, asking him to follow Chloe, as he thinks she is going to get bad news soon, and she wants Gus to note her reaction.

At the police station, Roman tells Arianna and Brady about the Celtic symbol, and the new theory that the mugger may be a woman, possibly one that dislikes Brady. Arianna wonders if they know this for sure, but Roman shakes his head, saying it’s just something Hope strongly believes.

Hope runs into Carly at the pier, and blithely informs her that she no longer hates her guts. Carly is stunned. Hope explains cheerfully that she has given it a lot of thought, and gained some perspective, and she now sees that Carly wasn’t to blame for the end of her marriage, and it’s time she start laying blame where it belongs.

Nicole accuses Baker of mugging men like EJ and Brady to support his gambling habit. Baker isn’t upset two rich bastards are out a few hundred bucks, but he isn’t admitting to anything, as Nicole can’t prove what she saying. Nicole pulls out her camera, claiming that she can, actually, and vows that Baker is going down tonight.

Roman excuses himself to take care of something, and Arianna and Brady use his absence as an excuse to argue about Nicole and whether or not she has feelings for Brady.

Brady doesn’t think anyone will believe Nicole, but she claims she is a big shot reporter. She adds loftily that she might have given him another chance of he hadn’t done something so sick by branding Brady. Baker shouts that that was her idea. Nicole catches onto the ‘her’ demands to know who Baker’s partner is. He stammers.

Hope tells Carly that she blames Bo completely for the end of their marriage, and says that she would love to chat with Carly again. She hurries off. Carly then runs into Daniel and tells him about Chloe confronting her. She hopes Daniel believes that she would never do anything to hurt him or his relationship with Chloe. Chloe walks up and listens in as Daniel tells Carly that he knows that Chloe is dead wrong about him.

Baker tells Nicole that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She threatens to go straight to the police, and tells Baker to enjoy his last few minutes of freedom.

As Chloe listens in, Daniel tells Carly that Chloe isn’t vindictive, and that this kind of behavior isn’t like her at all. He adds that he doesn’t think that the Chloe he fell in love with would ever act this way. Chloe despairs.

Maggie thanks Victor again for helping her, and he thanks her for what she said to Melanie, vowing that he will always have Maggie’s back no matter what. Vivian watches as Gus calls. She answers, and he tells her that she’s going to want to get down to the pier right away, as she has hit the jackpot with Chloe, Daniel, and Carly. Vivian sighs and hangs up.

Brady is tired of talking about Nicole, but Arianna sobs that she has the right to express her worries and fears in regards to Nicole. Brady soothes her. The two kiss and make up just as Nicole head into the station and spots the two.

Daniel tells Carly about Chloe’s hysterical pregnancy, and thinks that may be part of the reason she is so upset. He reminds Carly of all he and Chloe went through to be together, and vows to fix things, as he loves her.

Outside the pub, Gus tells Vivian about Chloe overhearing Daniel saying that he doesn’t believe her and thinks she may be crazy. Vivian spots her through the window, sulking over coffee, and delighted, she hurries inside. She and Gus make a big production and loudly accuse Carly of ruining Vivian’s wedding plans. Chloe looks over, interested.

Hope finds Baker packing at his hotel. He tells her about Nicole recognizing him. Hope is sure she can still get away with it all, and warns Baker that their partnership is now over for good.

Brady and Arianna decide to leave. They head off, giggling. Nicole grumps about Arianna not having an alibi and getting off scot-free. She then suddenly gets an idea.

Victor decides to let Maggie get some rest, and promises to visit her tomorrow. He then assures her that she will beat this disease. Maggie grins.

Daniel tells Carly about pushing therapy on Chloe. He thinks he needs to get to the bottom of all this, but fears that he may be making some wrong assumptions.

Vivian apologizes to Chloe, saying she knows she likes Carly, but Chloe claims she hates her. Vivian thinks the two of them can help one another out, then.

Arianna and Brady make out in the foyer of the mansion. Someone’s phone rings, but they both decide to ignore it.

Nicole calls Baker and promises not to turn him in--provided that he make Arianna his next victim.


Chloe tells Philip, “You know what, I have to confess. I have to tell Daniel.”

Arianna snaps at Brady, “Maybe I'm tired of letting her walk all over me.”

Nicole tells Baker, “She has something I want.” He sighs.

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