Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/10/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/10/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pier, Nicole talks to her boss about her assignment to investigate underground gambling rings. She refuses to let Arianna be her assistant on this one and hangs up, calling Arianna a pushy loser and vowing not to let her have Brady all to herself.

Arianna finds Brady in his hospital room, all ready to check out, but Arianna declares that he isn’t going anywhere.

At the police station, Abe and Hope discuss the additional patrols the city has paid for to help them solve the mugging cases. Hope is sure that there are two people involved, and based on the symbol branded on Brady’s chest, the ringleader is probably a woman.

At the hospital, Melanie wants to talk to Nathan about Stephanie, but he thinks he already knows what she is going to say.

Victor helps Maggie into a chair in her kitchen. He wants to call 911, but Maggie insists that she is fine.

In a country far from Salem, Calliope tries to get Anna, who is already half-drunk, to tell her who gave her the idea to kidnap Sydney. Suspicious, Anna demands to know why she is grilling her. Rafe looks on worriedly from his laptop as Anna remarks that it’s odd that Calliope ended up here. Anna then accuses her of following her, and demands to know what her angle is.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami massages EJ’s shoulders. He thinks she is doing a great job, and Sami admits she once went to school to be a masseuse, but something happened and they asked her to leave. EJ thinks it is their loss, as Sami is gifted, and can do anything she sets her mind to. The two move in for a kiss just as Will walks into the room.

Victor guesses that Maggie’s myasthenia is back, and counsels her to let her family know, but Maggie doesn’t want to worry them. She claims that she has it under control and just forgot to take her medicine today. Victor wonders if she can walk. She says she can, and gets to her feet. Victor then takes her by he arm and hustles her out the door, saying that she is going to the hospital whether she likes it or not.

Anna wonders if Roman or Carrie put Calliope up to this, but then gets a more horrible idea, and asks if Calliope plans on selling her story to the tabloids. Callie protests, but Anna cries at her to forget it, as this conversation is over. Rafe groans.

Will angrily demands to know what Sami thinks she is doing.

Arianna thinks Brady wants to go after the person who did this to him, and she advises him to let the police handle it. Brady refuses, as he has more resources than the cops. Arianna then decides that she will help him on this, assuring him that she is with him every step of the way.

Hope shows Abe the photo of the Celtic symbol that was branded on Brady. She tells him what it means and adds that she prays this woman doesn’t take it any farther.

In a warehouse, Baker tries to offer up his watch to Charlie, one of the other men, but he refuses, saying that Baker is out of the game unless he has another money clip like the one he traded in the other night. Baker insists that was a one-time thing, but decides to stick around, as his lady friend might show up, and then his luck will change

Anna complains that she has spilled her guts to Calliope over several drinks, but Calliope hasn’t told her anything about her own life. Calliope insists that her life and problems are boring, but Anna thinks she came here on purpose to grill her. She wonders when Calliope started working for the cops. Calliope fidgets.

Sami insists that she was just massaging EJ’s shoulder. Will demands to know if she moved in her for the kids, or if she really just wanted to get closer to EJ.

Hope gets a call from Maggie saying that she can’t baby-sit Ciara. Since her dad and Julie are out of town, and Caroline is swamped, she guesses she will have to watch Ciara herself. Abe reminds her that the case probably won’t break tonight. Hope agrees and decides to assign someone else to take her place.

Nathan stammers that he assumes Melanie has a problem with him and Stephanie being together. She claims that that isn’t it, and that all she wanted to say is that she thinks he and Stephanie are moving too fast. She adds that she is his friend, and doesn’t want to see Stephanie hurt him. Nathan wonders how Stephanie could hurt him.

Anna accuses Calliope of selling out, and threatens to leave unless she tells her exactly how the two of them ended up in the same place. Calliope sighs, admitting that it wasn’t a coincidence. Rafe sighs.

Sami asks EJ for time alone with Will and he heads off. Will demands to know if she ever really loved Rafe, or if it even matters to her which man is in her life, as long as someone is. Sami glares.

Melanie tries to explain that she thinks Nathan and Stephanie should take things slower just as Stephanie barges in. She angrily asks Melanie if she already told Nathan what happened.

Brady refuses to let Arianna help him, as he may have to take some risks. She reminds him the mugger only attacks men who are alone, but he doesn’t want her putting her life in danger. Arianna accuses him of always playing the hero and wonders if he is trying to protect her or Nicole this time.

Nicole meets Charlie outside the warehouse, and operating under an alias, she pretends to be interested in playing poker. Charlie seems to accept this and asks her to come inside and meet the other players.

Callie thinks her and Anna meeting was fate, as Anna’s life is a mess, and frankly, she didn’t come here with Eugene- he tried to run off with a belly dancer, so she flew as far away from home as she could. Anna gapes. Rafe grins. Calliope then says that she has to go. Rafe wonders what the hell she thinks she is doing.

EJ complains about Will to Stefano in the foyer. Stefano vows to take care of Will himself.

Will demands to know if Sami has feelings for EJ. She admits that she might.

Melanie stammers that all she told Nathan is that she thinks that Stephanie is more serious about their relationship than he is. Stephanie snaps that that is something she and Nathan can discuss without her input, and heads off. Nathan promises to call her later. He then tells Melanie that her advice is neither wanted or needed.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna rails on Brady in regards to Nicole’s blouse being unbuttoned after she left the mansion. She then demands to know if Brady still has feelings for Nicole.

Nicole cleans up at the poker game, and Charlie is forced to forfeit Brady’s money clip. Nicole remembers seeing it before and that it is Brady’s. She frowns.

Anna sympathizes with Calliope and the two decide to order another round of drinks. Calliope tells Anna how much she has missed her and how much she loves her.

Sami reminds Will that EJ forgave her for lying about Sydney, and adds that she is grateful to EJ, which is different than being in love with him. Will think she is lying.

Hope finishes reading Ciara a bedtime story in her bed. Ciara has fallen asleep so Hope turns off the light, glad that the stakeout was postponed, as she is right where she needs to be. Hope takes a couple of sleeping pills and les down.

Nicole catches up with Charlie at the pier and whips out her video camera, telling him that the money clip is stolen property. Charlie stammers, recognizing her as a reporter. Nicole demands to know who gave him the money clip, threatening to plaster his face all over the news unless he gives up the guy that gave him the money clip.

Melanie greets Maggie, who is in the hospital. She tells Melanie about being faint, and praises Victor, who is by her side, for catching her when he did, as she could have fallen and really hurt herself if he hadn’t.

Sami claims that she only moved in to the mansion to follow Will here, not because she misses Rafe or wants to be with EJ. Will guesses Rafe is never coming back. He then warns his mother that EJ is not the answer to her problems.

At the pier, Nathan kisses Stephanie and tells her how crazy he is about her. He then reminds her that he has years of training ahead of him, so they had probably better just take things slow. Stephanie agrees and hugs him. She grins slyly to herself.

Maggie, now alone with Melanie, can tell something is wrong with her. Melanie admits that earlier, she found something out about Stephanie that would have caused Nathan to dump her, but she decided not to tell him, and to let Nathan make his own choice, just like she did when she chose Philip. Maggie is glad she took the high road, and asks if she will do the same when it comes to Victor, since he truly loves his family. Melanie isn’t so sure, but Maggie thinks she ought to give Victor a chance.

In a hotel room, Baker receives call about some money someone is loaning him. Excited about the loan, he hurries back to the warehouse.

Anna moans that the Anna Calliope knew is dead and gone, and finally admits drunkenly that she didn’t kidnap Sydney by herself, and that someone helped her. Delighted, Calliope asks who it was. Anna passes out before she can say. Calliope tries to wake her up, to no avail.

EJ finds Sami alone in the living room. She hurriedly excuses herself, but EJ stops her, warning her that she can’t avoid him forever.

Melanie thanks Victor outside Maggie’s room, saying that he can be a really decent guy when he wants to be. She then tells him that she has to go get Maggie some water, and that it would be alright if he sat with her while she is gone. Victor heads into Maggie’s room with a smile.

Stephanie and Nathan kiss, but he gets a page from the hospital, and has to go back for about an hour. He promises to meet Stephanie afterward and hurries off. Stephanie tells herself that Nathan wants her, but he just needs little push in the right direction. She chucks her birth control pills in the water with a smile.

Calliope is back with Rafe, who warns her that she will have to re-question Anna once she wakes up. Callie doesn’t want to do this anymore, but Rafe warns her that the IRS will go after her if she doesn’t cooperate. He then tells her that she must find out who helped Anna kidnap Sydney.

EJ reminds Sami of what Will almost walked in on and adds that Rafe isn’t coming back. Sami snaps that that doesn’t mean that anything will happen between the two of them, as she and EJ just have kids, and that there is nothing else between them. She storms off. EJ disagrees, grinning and telling himself that there is something between them.

Baker heads back into the warehouse, ready for a hand of poker, but runs into Nicole. He gapes.


Chloe hisses, “Damn it, that bitch is poisoning him against me.”

Hope tells Carly, “I don't hate your guts anymore.”

Nicole warns Baker, “You're goin' down, Dicky. Tonight.”

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