Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/7/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/7/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Melanie stares unhappily at Nathan and Stephanie as they kiss. Maxine comes over and assigns her a new patient. Melanie heads into a room and greets the homeless woman who found Stephanie’s birth control pills in the trash. As she complains about a foot problem to Melanie, the pills peek out of her bag.

In Brady’s room, Brady tries to assure Victor that he is feeling better. Victor is concerned with his psyche, as someone branded him. Victor then vows that whoever did this will pay.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami tells EJ that he kissed her on the pier while he was going in and out of consciousness. EJ doesn’t remember it. Sami doesn’t think it was a big deal, but EJ disagrees.

In a cabana in a foreign country, Rafe watches via camera as Calliope tries to get Anna to tell her about her troubles. Anna admits that it all started with Sydney DiMera. Calliope thinks she must be one of Stefano’s wife, but Anna says that she’s a little baby. Calliope doesn’t see how a little baby could cause any trouble. Anna isn’t sure where to start. Calliope suggests she start at the beginning. Rafe thinks he has Anna right where wants her.

EJ is embarrassed and apologizes, saying it’s no wonder Sami has been so resentful. Sami admits the kiss was weird, but he clearly doesn’t remember, so she thinks they should talk about it. She wonders if he knows why he did it. EJ claims he does.

The homeless woman, Rae, asks about her cat, who came in with her. Melanie promises to check, and then searches the woman’s bag, claiming they do it to all new patients. She finds the pills and asks if they are Rae’s. She says no, but she thought they might help with her headaches. Melanie notices Stephanie’s name on the pills and remarks that they won’t help with headaches.

Maggie heads into the hospital and greets Stephanie and Nathan. She remarks that Stephanie is practically glowing. They all chuckle.

Victor think all the victims should be working in conjunction with the police to catch the mugger, as all the men have be upstanding citizens--the D.A., the mayor, Justin, and now Brady. Brady remarks that EJ is on the list, too.

EJ tells Sami that she is beautiful, and that since they used to have feelings for each other, he must have been confused about what place and time he was in. He doesn’t want things to be awkward and claims the kiss only happened because of his bump on the head. He apologizes for causing Sami any distress. She says she’s glad they have this all cleared up.

Melanie explains that Rae has birth control pulls. She shrugged, saying she found them in the trash can and thought case was cute. Just then, Stephanie and Nathan come in. Nathan takes Rae off for an x-ray. Stephanie starts to leave, too, but Melanie tells her to stay, and that it’s important that they talk.

EJ hopes Sami feels better about moving into the mansion now. Sami admits she is grateful to EJ, as they have now become friends.

Calliope, aghast, recaps the events of the baby swap between Nicole and Sami. Anna tells her it’s all true, and, since she’s had a few drinks, she slurs and sobs over Stefano calling her to tell her that Tony died. She admits she wanted to get back at him, so she kidnapped Sydney, and she doesn’t regret it. Rafe watches and smirks, saying that she will.

Melanie confronts Stephanie with the birth control pills. She stammers and claims that they fell out of her purse. Melanie doesn’t buy it, accuses Stephanie of lying, and demands to know what she is up to.

Victor claims that all the power in the world means nothing when something happens to your children or grandchildren. Brady assures him that he is fine. Victor thanks God emotionally as Maggie walks in in time to witness the moment.

Calliope warns Anna that she can’t go back to Salem. Anna thinks that she will stay here, and wonders at the coincidence of she and Calliope running into one another. Uncomfortable, Calliope claims that she has a hair appointment. She and Anna hug, and Calliope hurries off. Anna sighs.

Sami is glad she and EJ are putting the kids first. EJ reminds her that he cares for Will and Allie as if they were his own. He then says he had better get going, as Lexie has ordered him to do laps in the pool. He invites Sami, explaining that it’s heated, but she doesn’t want to get into a bathing suit in front of people. EJ thinks she is beautiful and half-jokingly accuses her of being afraid that he might kiss her again.

Stephanie is angry that Melanie is accusing her of lying. The two continue to argue about how Stephanie’s birth control pill could have gotten in the trash can. Melanie thinks she’s pathetic for trying to trick a guy into getting her pregnant, but Stephanie thinks Melanie is pathetic for writing Nathan a love letter before her wedding to Philip. Melanie shouts that Nathan has a right to know if she isn’t taking her pills just as Nathan walks in. he asks what is going on.

Calliope, who is back with Rafe, freaks out about Anna having kidnapped a baby. Rafe explains that he already knows that, and that he needs Calliope to find out who Anna was working for. Calliope isn’t interested. Rafe explains that she is being patriotic by helping the government solve a crime. Calliope wants to believe that Anna was forced into all this. Rafe assures her that Anna was just a pawn in someone else’s game, and tries to convince Calliope to go back and get Anna to talk.

Sami doesn’t think EJ will kiss her, but she also doesn’t want to go swimming. Just then, Johnny comes in. He wants to go swimming, but he can’t go alone with EJ, since his shoulder is hurt. EJ thinks Sami ought to come supervise. Johnny pleads with her. Sami groans and agrees, taking Johnny off to put on their suits. EJ grins.

Stephanie snaps at Melanie to tell Nathan what is going on, but he gets a page and hurries off. Stephanie warns Melanie that she will look like a fool if she says anything, and storms off. Melanie scoffs.

Maggie has joined Victor to visit Brady as Melanie heads in to check his vitals. Victor and Maggie head out, and Maggie, after sympathizing with Victor about Brady, asks Victor for a ride home, saying that they need to talk about something. Melanie checks Brady’s vitals. He can tell something is wrong with her. She sighs, hoping he has a minute for a friend.

Calliope comes back, claiming that she cancelled her appointment to spend more time with Anna. She urges her to pick up her story right where she left off.

EJ, Sami, and Johnny head inside from the pool. Johnny hurries off to have Mary help him change. Sami shivers. EJ approaches her with a blanket and drapes it around her shoulders. Sami blushes and thanks him.

Melanie tells Brady about Stephanie’s birth control pills, and how she feels as if she should tell Nathan. Brady advises her not to get involved, a thing he knows well from his experience with Nicole and EJ. He adds that Stephanie wouldn’t try to get pregnant to make a guy stay with her anyway. Melanie isn’t so sure, but thanks Brady for the advice and heads off.

In her kitchen, Maggie confides in Victor that she is concerned over how Philip and Melanie are taking his engagement to Vivian, but she also realizes that family means a lot to him, so she is willing to help him mend fences with Philip. Victor thanks her, saying that means more to him than he can say.

Anna admits that she believes EJ still loves Sami even after all she has done to him. Calliope wonders how she knows that. Rafe, interested, leans in.

EJ admits his shoulder hurts, and Sami massages it. EJ tells her she doesn’t have to worry about showing how little she cares for him, as he knows she only has room in heart for one man. Sami remarks that that is never going to happen, though.

Stephanie comes to see Brady, and based on his behavior, she guesses Melanie came to talk to him about her. Brady sighs. Stephanie snaps that she doesn’t know why Melanie is so concerned, and she doesn’t care. She storms out the door, cursing Melanie.

Melanie heads into the on-call room and tells Nathan that they need to talk about Stephanie.

Maggie pours Victor some coffee. He notices her hand is shaking. She claims she is fine, but then collapses in his arms.

Anna claims she just lived with EJ for a long time, so knows he has always loved Sami. Calliope changes the subject, saying that she has to wonder why Anna took this baby, as it doesn’t seem like her. She adds that Anna must have been working for someone. Anna wonders why she is answering so many questions. Rafe sweats.

Sami and EJ talk about how she went to massage school for a while, but was fired. EJ thinks things will go her way one day, as she is gifted, and all she has to do is believe in herself. The two lean in for a kiss.


Anna shouts at Calliope, “Forget it! This conversation is over.”

Stephanie wonders, “What are you guys talking about?” Nathan replies, “You.”

Will asks Sami, “Do you have feelings for EJ?”

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