Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/6/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/6/10


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At the DiMera mansion, Kate tells Stefano that she doesn’t mind compromising and living with Sami if it means that Stefano can spend more time with his grandchildren. Stefano remarks that she seems to be on edge lately. Kate admits that it has to do with Madeline, and curses the judge for telling her to make sure that Will stays away from her son, Chad. Stefano promises Kate that he will take care of Madeline.

At the pub, Gabi comes over and takes Chad and Madeline’s orders. After she leaves, Madeline remarks that she is a sweet girl and reminds Chad that he screwed things up with Gabi, probably because Mia was trying to get him back at the time. Chad launches into a general complaint regarding his parents not liking any of his friends. Madeline thinks Mia is troubled. Chad agrees, but doesn’t think Will is. Madeline replies that she has no problem with Will, but she doesn’t want Chad exposed to the people he’s living with--Kate and Stefano. She warns Chad to stay away from Will as long as he is living that house.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami admits she doesn’t know what she was thinking by moving in here, and adds that she was so busy not letting her family tell her what to do that she didn’t consider what it would be like living at the mansion. EJ thinks it’s convenient, but Sami declares that it won’t work, not even for a few days. EJ wonders why she is having this sudden change of heart, as everything was fine until he suggested that part of the reason she might be living here is because of him. Sami flashes back to kissing EJ on the pier.

In a hotel room, Calliope tells Rafe angrily that she did what he asked, and made contact with Anna, but she doesn’t like it one bad. Rafe smirks that that is too bad, as she is going to help him catch Anna whether she likes it or not.

In a nearby cabana, Anna grumbles about her masseuse canceling. She finds Calliope’s compact on a chair and sighs, telling herself that she is going to have to nip this little reunion in the bud.

Calliope tries to explain to Rafe that Anna was devastated when Tony died, but Rafe isn’t sympathetic. Calliope is sorry she agreed to help him and accuses him of being cold and cruel. Rafe says that is fine by him, as he’ll just call the IRS and tell them that the deal is off. Calliope complains that Eugene was taken in by a crooked accountant. Rafe ignores her and makes takes out his phone. Calliope snatches it, telling him how mean he is. Rafe explains that he is sorry she and her husband are having tax trouble, but the fact of the matter is that someone has to go down, and she needs to decide if its going to be her and her husband, or Anna.

EJ guesses he is part of the reason Sami doesn’t want to live here. She admits that is true, and that she just wasn’t thinking straight after he got hurt because she was worried about how it might affect the kids. She adds that part of it was wanting to be close to Will, but she was wrong about all of it, as it just isn’t going to work. She then rushes off. EJ chases her, calling her name.

Kate flips through some old photos and finds one of herself and Madeline hugging at a party. Kate groans, wondering why she even kept it. Just then, Will walks in, asking what she is doing. Kate flips the photo over and stammers.

Madeline excuses herself, as she has to be in court, and tells Chad they’ll talk later. Gabi comes over and Chad complains about how judgmental his mother is. He says he has to go also, but asks Gabi to tell his mom that he isn’t hanging out with Will if she comes back and asks her. Gabi agrees and Chad hurries off. Arianna comes in, wondering if she has heard from Rafe. Gabi hasn’t. Arianna sighs, saying that her fiancé is in the hospital, he boss is a bitch, and she has no idea where her brother is.

Outside on the fronts step, EJ tries to convince Sami to stay, but she refuses, saying that she already told the nanny to pack up the kids’ things, adding that she’ll be back in an hour to get them, as this place has too many bad memories for her to stay any longer. EJ thinks she had time to prepare for all that and begs her to tell him what is really going on, as he is sure that he can help her. Sami thinks he means that, but advises him to spend some time with his kids, as she will be back for them soon.

Rafe explains that Calliope needs to get Anna to open up to her. He suggests she talk about her problems, which may encourage Anna to discuss her own. He warns Calliope to be genuine, as Anna will know if she is faking. Calliope bets she is already suspicious of her being at a day spa. Rafe thinks they need to act fast, then. Calliope tells him that Anna is getting a stone massage. She suggests that Rafe get her one, too, as she is sure Anna will be there for a while. Rafe agrees.

Anna makes a call and arranges for a charter flight, saying that she needs to get out of this country as soon as possible.

Kate stuffs the photo under some papers, telling Will that she was just looking at some picture of Sydney and Johnny. The two then talk about Sami moving in. Will hopes that he can avoid her, but Kate doesn’t think it’s possible. She then gets a call from someone that didn’t receive something she sent overnight. Kate heads off to find her receipt. Will picks up the stack of papers Kate hid the photo in and heads off.

Arianna complains about Rafe disappearing, and then chalks it up to cramps. This leads to a product placement for Midol. Arianna then learns that Rafe has left her a voicemail.

Rafe places a wire and camera on Calliope, warning her to stay close to Anna, and to make sure that the camera stays in place in her buttonhole. He suggests she talk about her tax problems, and the maybe then Anna will open up about her own.

Stefano runs into EJ in the foyer, who informs him of Sami moving out. EJ blames Kate. Stefano assures him that he has nothing to worry about. EJ demands to know what Stefano has done, but he claims that he has just made EJ happy. EJ grumps that he would rather live with Sami, but Stefano reminds him that he doesn’t want that, and that things might come out about EJ and Anna if he isn’t happy. EJ gets his point. Stefano assures him he doesn’t have to worry about Rafe either, but EJ insists that Rafe will only look harder for Anna if Stefano makes fool out of him, and if he does find Anna, then they will never see Johnny and Sydney again.

Rafe and Arianna make small talk about Brady and Rafe’s search for Anna. Rafe vows to find her, as Sami and Sydney deserve justice. Arianna thinks that if Rafe finds her, then everything will change for him and Sami.

Kate comes back to the living room to find that the papers she hid the photo in are gone. She frets as Stefano comes in, and she confides in him about the photo, and how it is missing. Stefano is sure the maid just threw it away, as she does things like that all the time. Stefano again assures her she has nothing to worry about, but Kate thinks she does, as Madeline could be the undoing of them both, and he knows it.

Chad and Will are at the Java Café, discussing their report for school. Will shuffles his papers around and the photo of Kate and Madeline falls out. Will picks it up. Chad looks at it and gasps, saying that that’s his mom with Will’s grandma. The two boys gape at the photo.

Rafe gets the feed from Calliope’s camera as he explains to Arianna that there is no easy answer for him and Sami. She thinks finding Anna will do the trick. Rafe hopes so and says that he has to go. He hangs up as Calliope enters the empty cabana, calling out for Anna.

Kate worries about the photo falling into the wrong hands as EJ walks in. Kate makes an excuse about having a problem with the maid and heads off. EJ suggests that Stefano says goodbye to the kids while he has the chance, but Stefano claims it won’t be necessary. Just then, Sami comes in. EJ tells her that the children are packed, but Sami says she isn’t going anywhere, as she can’t take the kids back to the townhouse.

Gabi and Arianna talk about Rafe being close to finding Sydney’s kidnapper. Gabi thought they gave the case to another agent, but Arianna is sure he is going to solve it anyway. Gabi thinks he’ll be Sami’s hero. Gabi is glad they’ll both have people that love them Arianna assures her that she will have that someday, too.

Will can’t believe this. Chad can’t either, since his mom was mad about him hanging out with Kate’s grandson when the two apparently partied together. Chad wonders what her problem is. Will thinks Chad’s mom is a saint compared to his.

Sami explains that a pipe burst, and that her townhouse is under four inches of water. Stefano smirks, saying that she can stay here as long as she likes and then heads off. Sam decides to stay in a hotel, but EJ thinks the repairs could take months, and it wouldn’t make sense for her to cram the kids in one room when they could have the run of this place. Sami suggests moving in with a relative, but EJ thinks they’ll just say ‘I told you so.’ Sami is still unconvinced, so EJ reminds her that they can make Kate’s life a living hell. Sami finally comes around and admits she’d like to do that, so she’s in.

Calliope thinks Anna flew the coop, but Rafe snaps at her to ask at the front desk if she went to her massage. Calliope retorts that he had better help her with her tax problems. Anna walks in, asking who Calliope is talking to. She stammers. Rafe groans.

Back at the café, Chad confronts Madeline about the photo he and Will found. Madeline claims she was a lawyer for Kate’s company once, and the photo must have been taken at the dinner they had after the trial to celebrate their win. Chad snaps at her to stop treating him like a two year old. Madeline abruptly says that she will see him at home and heads inside to call Kate, telling her that they have to meet. Kate claims she doesn’t have time but Madeline insists that she make time.

Will heads into the living room to find Kate. EJ heads off to give Sami and Will some time to talk. She tells Will how much she misses him, but Will doesn’t buy it, accusing her of choosing EJ over him. Sami says she didn’t do that, but she also can’t let Will dictate all her decisions. She then reminds Will that he moved into the mansion with Stefano solely because he had a problem with EJ. Will snaps that his father is in Asia, and his grandmother is always busy taking care of Johnny and Sydney, so he had no place else to go. Sami scoffs.

Calliope claims she was talking to herself. She thought Anna had left, but she admits she couldn’t get off this island if she tried. Calliope reminds her they didn’t get a chance to talk. Anna misses that. Calliope does too, and reminds Anna that she never told her what she wanted to talk to her about, but didn’t. Rafe hisses at her not to push Anna too hard. Anna, suspicious, wonders why Calliope is being so nosy.

Sami thinks Will chose to live with Kate so that he could hurt her. Will thinks she hurt him, too. She thinks he is angry that she has been spending so much time with Sydney, but Will claims he is angry because she dumped Rafe for EJ. He cries out that she blew it for herself and for all of them, as they could have had a normal family, and now she’ll just end up pregnant with another one of EJ’s kids. Sami warns him not to talk to her that way, and claims that she has no choice but to back Sydney and Johnny up, because EJ is their father, and they will love him no matter what. She asks if Will understands. Will shouts that he doesn’t and storms off.

Chad and Gabi talk at the café. He reminds her of what he told her about his mom not wanting him to hang out with Will and explains that he and Will found a photo of his mom and Will’s grandmother together, and that they were once apparently friends. He admits that he believes something more is going on than his mom just not liking the DiMeras. He vows to find out what it is.

Kate and Madeline meet in the park. Madeline demands to know why Kate gave her grandson a picture of them together. Kate groans.

EJ comes back and he and Sami make small talk about the nanny. She confides in EJ about how young she was when she raised Will, and how it feels as if she has lost her right arm now that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She then tells EJ that everyone must think that she is only here for the kids, and that it’s a temporary situation. EJ agrees, but he thinks he knows the real reason Sami is so anxious to leave.

Anna thinks Calliope is being pushy, and reminds her she hasn’t tried to pry into her tax issues. Calliope thinks Anna had a adventure, while taxes are boring, but Anna disagrees that she had an adventure. Calliope urges Anna to tell her what is going on, and to get it of her chest. Anna admits she is scared. Calliope tells her that she doesn’t have to be, as she is here now.

Kate tells Madeline how Will got the photo, and Madeline tells her the story she told Chad about being a lawyer for Kate’s company. Kate is angry that she has to explain why she’d save photo like that, but Madeline tells her to deal with it, because of this blows up, it will be worse for Kate and Stefano than it will be for her.

EJ thinks Sami is upset because she is still in love with Rafe, but Sami blurts out that it’s because EJ kissed her. EJ stares, confused.

Anna agrees to tell Calliope everything. Rafe watches and grins.


Melanie tells Stephanie, “He deserves to know the truth.”

Rafe grins, “We got her right where we want her.”

Sami asks EJ, “So you know why you kissed me?”

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