Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/5/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/5/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Arianna heads into Brady’s hospital room and greets him. Victor and Vivian are already there, and they look on as Arianna asks worriedly how he is doing. He says he is fine, and hopes she slept, but Arianna admits she was up all night beating herself over the fact that she wasn’t with him. Brady reminds her she isn’t his bodyguard, but Arianna is sure the mugger only attacks men that are alone, so she should have called and met up with him instead of going over to the mansion. Vivian is surprised Arianna was there, as she didn’t see her. Nicole, who has been listening outside the door, walks away, remarking that Arianna doesn’t have an alibi at all. She smirks, saying that sometimes one just gets lucky.

Hope jumps out of bed at the Kiriakis mansion, groaning that she has overslept once again. She spots her makeup scattered all over the floor and sighs.

Stefano is on the phone at the DiMera mansion, telling someone that Hernandez is no longer a problem. He then asks about Anna, and is delighted to learn that she is finally behaving and following orders. Kate walks in as he hangs up and asks if he was just talking about Anna.

In a foreign country far from Salem, Anna lounges in a cabana and tells herself that this is the life, as she has all the books to read that she could want, and Stefano and EJ aren’t around. She then admits to herself that she doesn’t have much of a life, either. She sighs, wishing Tony were there. Just then, Calliope walks in. The two gasp as they recognize each other.

EJ and Sami head into the pub, arguing about whether or not EJ should be there with her to pick up the kids, since he just got out of the hospital. EJ insists that he is fine, and that he is sick of the awful coffee and the paper gowns. He then asks Sami to get coffee while he gets the kids. Sami agrees, and EJ heads off. Just then, Roman comes in. He explains that he left Sami a message, but she hasn’t gotten it, so Roman fills her in on Brady’s mugging. Sami is concerned, but Roman assures her that Brady will be fine. He then explains that he needs to find EJ to ask him a few questions. Sami replies that he is upstairs getting the kids. Roma guesses she picked him up for the hospital and wonders why Stefano couldn’t have done that. Sami replies that it just seemed easier for her to do it since she is going to be living there now. Roman gapes.

Anna is shocked to see Calliope, as it’s been years since the last time they were together. Calliope reminds Anna that she is and old friend and adds that it looks as if Anna is hiding out.

Stefano wonders why he would be talking about Anna. Kate reminds him that she kidnapped his granddaughter and he’s not the type of person that leaves a loose end like that untied. Stefano admits that he likes to cover his bases, but there is nothing he can do, as it isn’t as if he has forensic evidence against the woman. Kate remarks that she must have misunderstood and adds that Anna is none of her business.

Roman is surprised that Sami plans to move in with EJ despite all the warnings from her family. Sami claims that the situation is only temporary, and that it’s beneficial for both her and the kids, since they don’t have to be toted back and forth anymore. She thinks Roman not to get use to her an E interacting since they share two kids. Roman wonders what will happen with Rafe, but Sam reminds him that Rafe told her that it was over for good. Roman wonders if there is a future for her and EJ. EJ walks up behind the two as Sami admits there might be. EJ grins.

Arianna insists she was at the mansion. Vivian replies that she must have been if she says so. Nicole scoffs from the door that she wasn’t if she has anything to say about it. Victor snaps at Arianna and Vivian to stop arguing, as Brady has been knocked out and branded. Victor vows to find out who did this, swearing that they will be sorry that they ever messed with a Kiriakis.

Hope leads Ciara into her room. Ciara wonders if she is in trouble. Hope claims she isn’t, but reminds her that she should ask before she plays with her makeup. Ciara swears she didn’t do it. Hope wonders who else could have. Ciara thinks she did.

Sami explains that she saw Rafe, and he admitted that he still cared for her, but then all he did was fight with her. Roman guesses it was about EJ, and Sami admits it was, as Rafe believes EJ is the devil, and she can’t deal with someone who is so irrational. Roman reminds her of what happened the last time she moved into that house, but Sami vows that that won’t happen again. EJ walks over as Sami again assures Roman that the situation is temporary. Roman vows to keep an eye on her and heads off. Sami wonders where the kids are. EJ explains that they’re sleeping, and that he didn’t want to make small talk with Caroline. Sami hands him his coffee and heads off. EJ smiles to himself.

Calliope admits she heard about Tony’s death. Anna sobs that she couldn’t bear staying in Salem, so she took Tony’s ashes, left, and never looked back. Calliope complains about how hard it was for her to get here. Anna replies that she knows why she took the effort to get here, but she has to wander why Calliope did.

Hope tells Ciara that she believes her, and Ciara hurries off so that Hope can get dressed. Just then, Roman calls to tell Hope about the attack on Brady. Hope gasps as Roman notes that the mugger appears to be attacking people they know.

Brady wants the police to handle his mugging, but Victor reminds him Bo is out of town. Brady assures him that Roman said the whole force would be mobilized because of this attack, but Victor vows to talk to Roman himself. He storms off. Vivian hurries after him. Brady sighs.

Stefano and Kate greet Johnny and Sydney as Sami and EJ bring them in. Sami demands to know where Will is. Kate explains that he didn’t want to be here when she moved in. EJ assures her that Will is going to come around eventually. Kate decides to take Johnny upstairs, and Sami follows with Sydney. EJ informs Stefano of Brady’s mugging. Stefano guesses Victor is probably as mad as he is, and wonders if they can join forces. Stefano then changes the subject, asking if EJ is happy that Sami is living here. EJ admits he is, but warns Stefano he must make sure no one finds out where Anna is. Stefano vows that no one will find her.

Calliope reminds Anna that she can tell her why she hiding out here, as they are old friends. Anna admits they are, and flashes back to Calliope urging her to be with Tony, as he has always been there for her to lean on. Anan comes back to the present, admitting that they had some good times together, but all she is running from now are her own memories. She again asks why Calliope is here, and she tells her about her and Eugene’s troubles with the IRS. She explains that he is deep-sea fishing all day, and trying to get loans, so it will be wonderful for her to have Anna to talk to. Anna doesn’t think that is a good idea, and suggests that the best thing for Calliope to do is leave. Calliope gapes.

Since Victor has a board meeting, Vivian offers to take notes for him while he goes down to the police station. Victor agrees and hurries off.

Nicole tries to get Arianna to apologize to her for accusing her of being the mugger, but Arianna refuses, and warns Nicole not to dare try to grill Brady about his attack. Nicole scoffs that she would never do that and heads over to Brady’s room as Arianna steps onto the elevator. Brady complains to her about his grandfather being out for revenge and Nicole sympathizes. Brady then thanks her for being there for him and for get-together ambulance there so soon. Nicole claims that he doesn’t need to thank her, but Brady thinks he does.

Kate tries to talk to Sami about the food the kids might want to eat, but Sami snaps at her to drop the act. Kate tries to smooth things over by saying that they should try to get along for the kids’ sake. She then broaches the subject of Will. Sami thinks it’s all Kate’s fault that Will hates her, but Kate reminds her that it was her living with EJ that bothered Will, and they probably shouldn’t have followed Will here. Sami vows to get through to him. Kate wishes her luck, but Sami accuses her of wanting to do everything she can to come between them.

Calliope cries that she thought she and Anna were friends. Anna stammers that she lost her mind when Tony died, and she did some things she’s not proud of. Calliope wonders if she is in trouble.

EJ reminds Stefano that Rafe is still trying to find Anna, but Stefano is sure he won’t. EJ reminds him what is at stake for both of them if Rafe learns the truth, but Stefano assures him that Sami will eventually want to stay here in this house with him on her own. EJ hopes so. Stefano vows that there is nothing Rafe or Anna can do about it, either.

Sami vows to work things out with her son, but Kate reminds her that Will is becoming man, and is tired of sticking up for Sami after all the mistakes she has made. Sami doesn’t think Kate is such a good mother, but she retorts that she is on speaking terms with all of her children. Sami thinks that is because they fear she’ll poison them. Kate suggests she let Will lead his own life, but Sami refuses to hand her son over to Kate. Stefano walks in, wondering what is going on. EJ, who follows him, agrees that he’d like to know the same thing.

Brady admits he hasn’t been easy on Nicole lately, and she saved him last night anyway. Nicole reminds him that she isn’t a monster, and vows that she would never turn her back on him. Brady apologizes for not realizing that she is the woman that was and still is his friend.

Victor storms into the police station, demanding to know if Roman has caught the lowlife that attacked his grandson. Roman says they haven’t, but that he has his best detective on the case. Victor wonders who that is. Hope walks over, saying that it’s her. Victor replies he doesn’t think she is up to handling this.

Anna assures Calliope that she isn’t in trouble, but that she did do something reckless after Tony died. Calliope wonders if she is trying to figure out her next move. Anan isn’t sure there is a next move and tells Calliope that this place may be it for her.

Brady admits Nicole didn’t make it easy to be her friend, as she kept popping up and telling him that his engagement was a mistake. Nicole reminds him that she backed off, but no matter what, she will always be the one that has his back, as she remembers all the times he came through for her when no one else cared. Brady supposes she wants an interview. Nicole claims she would never do that to him, as she knows where to draw the line. Arianna heads in just then with a bouquet of flowers, saying that Nicole could have fooled her.

Hope resents Victor telling her that she can’t do her job. Victor explains that he is fond of her, but her life is too complicated right now to handle all of this. Roman suggests that Victor help them, Victor snaps that he want this handled by the police and storms off. Hope thinks he is right, and vows to switch to nights if she has to to solve this case. Roman then shows Hope the branding mark on Brady’s chest. Hope gasps that she knows what this means, and adds that the mugger must be sending her a message.

Kate explains that she and Sami were just talking about Will. Stefano suggests that he and Kate take a walk so that EJ and Sami can have some time alone. The two then head off. Sami complains about Kate trying to make her crazy. EJ advises her not to let Kate get to her. He assures her that Will can’t avoid her forever, and that he must miss her and his brother and sister. He adds that he knows she can make this right. Sami replies that that is why she is here. EJ admits he was hoping that he was part of the reason she was here.

Hope explains that she is familiar with the symbol from her trip to Ireland with Bo, and that the tree rings are Celtic, and represent female empowerment. Roman wonders if the attacker is a woman. Hope believes it is possible. Roman reminds her that EJ saw a man, but Hope says that EJ said the man was too far away from him to have hit him. She then heads off to the hospital to talk to Brady.

Brady insists he can do the interview, but Arianna explains that she got a call from the higher-ups and they were instructed not to cover this one Brady guesses Victor was involved. Arianna tells Nicole pointedly that she plans on taking the day off to spend with Brady. Nicole decides she had better leave. She heads off. Brady thanks Arianna for the flowers and kisses her. Nicole glares through the window, calling her a bitch and wishing she could wipe that smirk off of her face. Vivian watches and grins.

Calliope admits that she and Eugene can’t afford to stay here, but she thinks there must be a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow. Anan thinks that Eugene is the pot of gold. Calliope promises to see her later unless he plans change, and the two say goodbye.

Brady tells Arianna that she doesn’t have to spend her day off here, but Arianna wants to. She then wonders why Vivian would act as if she wasn’t at the mansion when she said she was, but Brady thinks it’s just because Vivian likes to make trouble. Arianna thinks it will be interesting when their families get together for holidays. The two kiss as Hope walks in and interrupts. She apologizes, saying that she needs to follow up on the statement Brady gave earlier. Arianna heads off to get home some time alone. Brady asks Hope if they are any closer to making an arrest. Hope admits they are and adds that she thinks it’s thanks to the brand Brady received.

Sami admits EJ is one of the reasons she is here, as he is a good father, and deserves more time with his kids. Disappointed, EJ wonders if this is just about convenience. Sami says that is part of it, but now that she and EJ have a understanding, she thinks she can be honest with him. He wonders what is going on. Sami claims she can handle Stefano, but talking to Kate reminded her that the two can’t be alone together without fighting, sp she isn’t sure this is going to work.

Vivian runs into Arianna in the waiting are and asks her to let them know if Brady needs anything. Arianna snaps that she can take care of Brady herself. Vivian hopes so, and warns Arianna to keep an eye on Nicole, as she appears to be looking for an opportunity.

Outside the Java Café, Nicole is on the phone with her producer, and agrees to take a job covering illegal gambling rings in Salem.

Kate and Stefano sit in the park. Kate complains about Stefano not thinking of the consequences of asking Sami to move in, but he explains that he had to look at the bigger picture. He then confides in Kate that EJ is in love with Sami. Kate can’t believe it, and claims that all Sami does is use men and dump them. Stefano assures Kate that Sami isn’t going anywhere.

Sami explains that everyone in her family thinks she is crazy for doing this, and while she has to do what is best for her kids, this is just crazy. EJ vows that they can deal with Kate, but Sami says this is more about a catfight, as Kate tried to murder her. She adds that there are also a million other reasons she can’t do this.

In a hotel room, Calliope cries out that she made contact, though she didn’t want to do it. The camera pans up to reveal Rafe. He smirks.


Arianna confides in Gabi, “I think he's close to finding out who kidnapped Sydney.”

Rafe tells Calliope, “You're gonna help me catch Anna DiMera, whether you like it or not.”

EJ warns Stefano, “If she talks, you and I are gonna lose.”

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