Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/4/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/4/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At her and Daniel’s apartment, Chloe snaps that she knows what Carly has done, as she didn’t cover her tracks well enough. Carly, stunned, wonders what she is talking about.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Philip leaves a message for Chloe, warning her not to do anything rash when it comes to Carly. As he hangs up, Melanie walks over, asking why Chloe would do anything rash. She asks worriedly if something happened, but Philip shakes his head, saying that Chloe is just a little more upset about things than she is letting on. Melanie admits that she already knows that Chloe smashed a picture of her and Daniel. Philip then explains that Chloe is having a hard time getting past finding out about Carly, Daniel, and Melanie. Melanie understands that, but wonders what that has to do with Philip. Philip gulps.

At the pier, the camera pans over from Stephanie’s birth control pills, which are in the trash can, to Nathan and Stephanie. Nathan hopes she won’t be too upset, but he’d prefer spending a quiet night at home instead of going out. Stephanie, disappointed, says she doesn’t mind, and starts to head off, asking him to call her tomorrow, but Nathan stops her, chuckling and explaining that he wants to spend a quiet evening at home with her. Stephanie thinks that is a wonderful idea, and the two head off together. The camera pans back in on the birth control pills in the trash.

At the pub, Gabi snaps that Nicole is a piece of work. Nicole thinks Gabi is just like her sister--judgmental and holier-than-thou. Gabi retorts that any time a woman has something nice, like a baby or a man, Nicole tries to take it. Nicole scoffs. Gabi warns her that everyone is on to her, and that she is played out and done. Nicole laughs, saying that she is Nicole DiMera, and she never done.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna wonders where Brady is.

At the docks, Baker warns Hope that they need to get out of here. Hope replies that she isn’t yet finished with Brady. Baker wonders what she plans on doing. Hope rips open Brady’s shirt and grins, saying that he’ll see.

Philip assures Melanie that it’s none of his business if Chloe has a problem with Carly. Melanie thinks Chloe is making it his business, but Philip explains that Chloe tends to lean on him when things are rough for her, though he wishes she had someone else to confide in. Melanie guesses that Chloe considers Philip to be a close friend, but still, that message Philip left for her was pretty intense. Philip claims that Chloe was just confiding in him about her insecurities over Carly and Daniel. Melanie wonders why Philip didn’t mention that he and Chloe were close enough for her to confide in him. Philip guesses he probably should have, but admits he didn’t think it was his place. Melanie apologizes, saying that Chloe should feel like she is able to talk to Philip. She says she’s also sorry for being possessive and for asking so many questions, as it’s wonderful that Philip is such a good friend to Chloe and has been able to help her. Philip sighs, saying he hasn’t helped her--in fact, he just made things worse.

Chloe snaps that Carly is good, as she almost believes that she doesn’t know what is going on, even though she knows what a lying, manipulative bitch Carly is. Carly, utterly confused, wonders what is going on. Chloe rages that Carly murdered her husband and gave her baby away, but she refuses to let Carly destroy anyone else’s life ever again. Carly stares, shocked.

Baker worriedly asks if this is about to get freaky. Hope grins. Baker reminds her that she can’t kill the guy. Hope takes out a small purse and opens it, remarking that this is her game, and that she can do whatever she wants.

Chloe wonders if Carly simply came back to Salem to see how many women’s lives she could ruin. Carly reminds her that she can’t properly discuss this with Chloe if she has no idea what is going on. Chloe ignores her, wondering if she played these dirty mind games with Hope, too. Carly pleads with Chloe to tell her what she thinks she did. Chloe fumes. Just then, Daniel walks in, asking what is going on between the two of them.

Melanie thinks Philip is exaggerating, as his listening to Chloe vent about her mother could hardly have made things worse. Philip says it’s complicated, and claims that he did manage to make things worse when he talked to Chloe about how upset she was over Carly. Melanie accuses him of not telling her the whole truth, and wonders what it is Philip isn’t telling her. Philip gulps.

Nathan and Stephanie lie in bed and drink wine. He tells her how glad he is that they’re spending a quiet evening together, and adds that he would love to take her to Paris someday--in the springtime of course. Stephanie wonders if he knew that she speaks French and busts out that tired line from Patti Labelle’s Lady Marmalade. Nathan kisses her, telling her what a lovely accent she has. Stephanie giggles.

Gabi reminds Nicole that her last name is actually Mendez, and wonders when she hit the delete key on that one. Nicole huffs that she isn’t ashamed of where she came from, if that is what Gabi is insinuating. She adds that she lived in hell and pulled herself out of it, and she’s proud of herself because of it. She then tells Gabi that what she thinks of her means nothing. Gabi orders her to get out of the pub. Nicole wonders who the hell she thinks she is. Gabi huffs that she is Arianna’s sister, and that her sister is happy, so she refuses to let some washed-up porn star take that away from her. Nicole thinks that is up to Brady, not Arianna or Gabi. Gabi thinks Brady loves her sister, but Nicole vows that this washed-up porn star is going to make sure Brady sees the light.

Arianna tries to call Brady from outside the mansion, cursing and wondering where he is.

Hope finishes with Brady, smirking that he will now never forget what happened tonight. Baker wonders what she has done, and Hope smiles slyly, explaining that she left her mark.

Philip explains that when Chloe was in high school, she had leukemia, and the chemotherapy treatments made it nearly impossible for her to ever conceive a child, but she also knows how much Daniel wants kids. Melanie gapes, remembering that all of a sudden, she showed up as Daniel’s daughter and Chloe wasn’t the mother. Philip nods, saying it’s actually worse than that, as shortly before everyone found out about Daniel and Carly, Chloe received a false positive on a pregnancy test. Melanie shakes her head, pitying Chloe, but she wonders why that would make her smash a picture of Daniel, as it isn’t true that Daniel wants to be a family with just her and her mom. Philip thinks it’s just because Chloe is emotional right now.

Daniel tells Chloe that he could hear her yelling all the way down the hall. Chloe shrieks that she tends to get upset when someone is trying to ruin her life. Daniel asks what is going on, but Carly says she isn’t sure, as Chloe won’t tell her what she thinks she did. Chloe suggests Carly tell them instead, but Carly says she has to get to work, ad besides, she needs to go before she says something that she regrets. She wishes Daniel luck and hurries off. Daniel demands to know why Chloe has a problem with Carly. She snaps that Carly is too possessive of the father of her child. Daniel can see she is upset, and is sorry for it, but tells her that she has to know that Carly is still a part of his life. Chloe cries that she doesn’t know anything, as she was sure before that Carly and Daniel left the hospital together and went to a sleazy motel to have sex. Daniel gapes.

Nicole orders Gabi to make her a martini as Gabi rails on her for lying to her when they first met and giving her a sob story about her abusive husband. Nicole scoffs and heads behind the bar, saying that she’ll make the drink herself. Gabi squeals that she isn’t allowed back there. Nicole ignores her and grabs a couple of bottles of liquor. Nicole asks her snidely if she’d be breaking the law, like Arianna did when she was dealing drugs. Gabi tells her to make her drink and get out of here, as the longer she stays here, the more of a loser she appears to be. Nicole rolls her eyes.

Baker eyes Hope’s handiwork and tells her how perverse she is. He puts his foot over Brady’s money clip as Hope says that they’d better get out of here. Baker agrees. Hope hurries off as Baker picks up the money clip and puts it in his pocket. He follows her quickly.

Chloe explains that she heard a rumor that Carly and Daniel were having an affair, and she is sure that Carly started it. Daniel doesn’t think that makes sense. Chloe snaps that a lot of things Carly does don’t make sense, like murdering her husband and lying to Daniel about his child. Daniel reminds Chloe that Carly was just trying to protect both him and Melanie. She shrieks that Daniel always defends her, no matter what. Daniel thinks she has to, since Chloe keeps attacking her. She cries that she thought the two slept together, and he is acting as if this is all her own fault. Daniel isn’t sure where this rumor came from, but it certainly wasn’t from Carly, as she would never do something so sadistic. Chloe demands to know who did it, if not Carly. Daniel isn’t sure, and asks if this is really a rumor. Chloe claims it is, and what’s more, Daniel hasn’t exactly convinced her that he isn’t having an affair. Daniel doesn’t feel like he really needs to deny it, but Chloe disagrees. He sighs, saying that he would never do anything like that to her, and he’s shocked that she believed it. He assures Chloe that he loves her, and only her, and decides they must get to the bottom of who started this ugly rumor. He then asks Chloe to tell him the whole story from the beginning.

Hope asks Baker who that guy was that they attacked. Baker flashes back to Brady threatening to kill him if he goes anywhere near Nicole again. Baker tells Hope that the two just had a little disagreement. Hope notes that he doesn’t seem to want to talk about his past. He reminds her that she is a detective, but Hope thinks he ought to trust her since they have been through so much. Baker admits that they are a great team. Hope agrees, and says that they will be until the day she decides they no longer make a good one. Baker mutters that this situation isn’t getting better anytime soon. Hope demands to know what he just said. Baker mumbles that he hopes to see her soon and hurries off. Hope remarks to herself that that man is a liar. She examines herself in her compact mirror, saying that she is all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Nicole finishes making her drink. Gabi hurries over and squirts mustard in it. Nicole wails that she can be mad at her if she likes, but she can’t take it out on an innocent martini. Gabi snaps at her to go to hell in Spanish. Nicole retorts in Spanish that she can do the same. Just then, Brady stumbles into the pub. Nicole rushes over and he collapses in her arms. Nicole gasps. Gabi looks on worriedly.

Chloe explains that the night Daniel had surgery, she came to the hospital looking for him, and a nurse, Greg, told her that Carly and Daniel had left together to go the Mercer Motel. Daniel curses and pulls out his phone, but Chloe explains that the nurse already skipped town. Daniel assures her that the man made it all up, but Chloe says he wasn’t the only one that lied. She then tells him about going down to the motel, and how the clerk there told her that Daniel had come in with a woman whom he couldn’t keep his hands off of. Daniel finds this all unbelievable. Chloe admits she was just as confused as he is now when she arrived at the hospital to learn that he was in surgery the whole time. She adds that she isn’t sure what got the hospital buzzing, but it had to be Carly. Daniel is sure that Carly would never make up a rumor like this one. Chloe accuses Daniel of thinking that she is crazy, and claims that it is Carly’s fault if she is. Daniel doesn’t think Carly has done anything to warrant Chloe’s jealousy, and assures her that they are going to get to the bottom of this. He vows to find the person that made her believe all of this crazy stuff and make them pay.

Melanie wonders if Chloe continued to get more upset even though Philip tried to calm her down. Philip carefully replies that that isn’t what he meant exactly. Melanie demands know what he means then, as he keeps talking in circles and hasn’t yet told her how he managed to make things worse. Philip stammers that he should have just stayed out of it. Melanie doesn’t think he would be himself if he had. She adds that part of the reason she loves Philip is because of how loyal he is and how he cares for his friends and family. She thinks the reason why people like Chloe confide their secrets to Philip is because they can trust him--just like she can. Philip smiles miserably.

Stephanie tells Nathan that she loves him. Nathan responds by kissing her, and the two begin to make love.

Gabi calls for an ambulance in a panic. Nicole cradles Brady in her arms and tries to stop the bleeding with a cloth, but can’t do it. She assures him that the ambulance will be here soon. Brady groans. Nicole cautions him not to move or try to talk, vowing that she will be here for him just like he was for her. Later, at the hospital, Carly won’t allow Nicole in to see Brady. She advises her to go home and sober up, as she reeks of booze. Nicole retorts that Gabi spilled it on her. Carly doesn’t care, as Nicole isn’t family, so she isn’t going in. Nicole huffs. Roman breezes past her. She tries to tell him that Brady has been mugged, but Roman ignores her. Gabi tries to call Arianna, and leaves a message that Brady has been hurt. Roman heads into Brady’s room and asks Carly how he is. She explains that he has been stabilized, and they’re going to keep him overnight for observation. Roman asks if it was the same M.O. Carly nods, explaining that his wallet was stolen, and his wound is the same as the other victims. Roman admits he suspected the attacks would escalate, and worried that they would. Carl thinks he’s got more to worry about and shows Roman Brady’s chest. On it, there is a red stamp with a spiral design. Roman wonders what the hell that is. Carly shakes her head, saying that it’s sick.

Hope heads into her room at the Kiriakis mansion. She places Brady’s wallet with the others in the box under her bed. She takes a sip of water and sets down the cup, leaving a red lipstick ring behind.

Baker heads into the warehouse to find a poker game in full swing. One of the men snaps that this is a cash-only game. Baker flashes Brady’s money clip, saying that he has cash. The man tells Baker to have a seat, but warns him that he’s gone once the money is. Baker chuckles, saying that he has a feeling his luck will change, as he now has a lucky charm. The camera pans in on Brady’s money clip.

Carly asks if Roman got all the pictures he needs. Roman nods, saying it will be interesting to learn what Brady remembers. Carly thinks he was probably unconscious when the mugger got artistic with his chest. She wonders what it means, and why Brady was the only victim marked like this. Roman suspects it may be personal. Carly wonders if he saw Nicole out in the lobby, reeking of booze. Roman says he did, and that when it comes to personal attacks on Brady, it doesn’t get much more personal than Nicole. Later, Roman advises Nicole to go home and take a shower, but she refuses to go anywhere while someone she loves is hurt. Roman outright accuses her of attacking Brady. Nicole denies it, as she loves Brady, and accuses Roman of throwing his weight around just like the rest of his family. She adds that she has an airtight alibi, as she was in the pub with Gabi when Brady stumbled in, and the two of them were talking for about an hour before he did. Roman is surprised to hear it. Nicole then calls Gabi over, telling her that the commander wants to talk to her.

Melanie is glad that she and Philip discussed this. He asks her not to tell Chloe and Daniel that they spoke about it, and adds that while he wants Melanie to get to know her father, he isn’t so sure that them spending so much time with Chloe and Daniel is a good idea. Melanie wonders why, and Philip explains that Chloe seems uncomfortable around him ever since she confided in him, and he thinks they should give Chloe and Daniel their space. Melanie admits she sees enough of Daniel at work, and asks Philip if Carly knows about any of this. Philip isn’t sure. Melanie considers telling her, but Philip begs her to try to stay out of this mess as much as possible.

Stephanie lies in Nathan’s arms and asks him to tell her more about Paris and what they will do. Nathan guesses she likes to make plans. Stephanie replies that she just likes listening, and that she plans on leaving everything up to him. She then flashes back to throwing out her birth control pills. She comes back to the present and smiles, saying she’ll leave almost everything up to him. Nathan then tells her about all the sights they will see while they’re in Paris. Stephanie grins.

Chloe and Daniel search for the motel clerk on the pier. Due to an astonishing coincidence, the clerk just happens to walk by. Daniel confronts him, asking if he works at the motel. The man wants to know who is asking. Daniel introduces himself and reminds the man that he told his fiancée that he was at the motel with another woman. The man stares. Chloe jumps in and adds that they just met up at the Cheatin’ Heart a little while ago, and he told her that it was all a mistake. The man demands to know that she is talking about, as he has never see her before in his life. Chloe gapes.

Baker thinks he’s won the hand with a pair of nines and threes, but one of the other men has three kings, and tells Baker to get out, as his money is gone. Baker offers up the gold money clip. Another man admits he’s always wanted one, and the first man agrees to give Baker another three hundred dollar credit.

Gabi tells Roman that Nicole was at the pub talking to her for a least an hour before Brady came in. Nicole is ready for an apology, but Roman ignores her, thanking Gabi. He asks if she has gotten in touch with Arianna just as she rushes in. Gabi explains that Brady was mugged and is in a room with the doctor. Arianna gasps. Gabi demands to know where she has been this whole time. Meanwhile, Roman tells Hope to let her know there’s been another mugging.

Hope lies in bed and dreams about branding Brady on the chest. She wakes up, startled, and gasps.

Back at their apartment, Chloe sobs, guessing that Daniel believes that strange man over her. Daniel assures Chloe that he believes her, and that they are going to figure out exactly what happened.

Melanie and Philip lie in bed. Philip apologizes. Melanie tells him she loves him. Philip flashes back to having sex with Chloe. He tells Melanie that she loves her, too.

Stephanie sighs, telling Nathan that listening to him talk about Paris makes her feel as if she is already there.

A homeless woman rummages through the garbage can on the pier and finds Stephanie’s birth control pills.

Baker thinks he’s won a pot with a flush, but one of the other men has a full house. He says he’s sorry, but Baker is done. He takes the money clip, and asks where Baker got it. Baker gulps.

Arianna claims she was having issues with her phone and asks Gabi where Brady is and if he is alright. She explains that he’s in a room nearby, and that he is fine, as he was stabilized in the ambulance on the ride over. Nicole heads over, glad that Arianna finally showed up. Arian demands to know what she is doing here. Nicole claims she saved Brady’s life, but Gabi insists that isn’t true, as Brady just came into the pub all bloody and faint. Nicole replies that Brady collapsed into her arms, and she thanks God that she was there. She adds that she also thanks God Arianna’s sister was there, as she has an iron-clad alibi for the mugging. She snaps that she knows Arianna thinks she is committing the muggings, but perhaps that was all just a misdirection so that no one would suspect her. Arianna glares as Nicole adds that Arianna was angry with Brady and no one knew where she was for hours. Arianna, angry, demands to know if Nicole is accusing her of doing this. Nicole scoffs, claiming that she isn’t accusing anyone of anything. She smirks. Gabi looks at Arianna worriedly.

Carly tells Roman that he can talk to Brady in the morning. Roman doubts he will remember anything since this person is experienced and only seems to be getting better. Carly admits that this branding thing scares her. Roman agrees that it’s freaky and bizarre. Carly wonders what the spiral patter means. Roman isn’t sure, but he thinks whoever did this is trying to send a message.

Hope tells herself that that was weird. She adds under her breath that the doctor said she’d probably have strange dreams, so she’s thankful that she doesn’t remember any of them.


Sami snaps at Kate, “Excuse me? I am not turning my son over to you.”

Stefano assures EJ, “Why should Anna be a problem? Nobody's going to find her.”

Anna gasps, “Calliope?”

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