Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/3/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/3/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Baker starts to head out of the warehouse with his suitcase, but Hope is outside. She asks where he thinks he is going. Baker snaps that it is none of her business, but Hope disagrees, since she and Baker are partners, and ought to be sticking together. Baker gapes.

At the pub, Stephanie asks Philip why he would call himself a bastard, and wonders if he did something to make Melanie mad at him. Philip grimaces. Stephanie begs him to tell her what is going on.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Chloe asks the motel clerk what he means by saying that someone is yanking her chain. The man explains that jealousy can make a person crazy, and someone out there knows that, so they’re having a little fun with Chloe. Chloe gasps, “Carly?”

Melanie greets Carly at the hospital, surprised to see her here. Carly explains that she had some paperwork to sign. Melanie is glad she is here, as she wanted to ask her something about someone. Carly wonders what is going on, and Melanie admits that even though this is probably none of her business, she’d like to know what Carly thinks of Chloe.

Nathan heads into Daniel and Chloe’s apartment and hands Daniel some files from the hospital he wanted. Daniel thanks him. Nathan wonders if he’ll be operating tomorrow, but Daniel shakes his head, explaining that the hospital wants him to take things slow. Nathan hopes to see him back in the O.R. soon, and Daniel thanks him. He then explains that he and Carly are going to be going over these cases later, and he invites Nathan to sit in with them so he can learn something while they formulate their plans of attack. Nathan, thrilled, says that he would love to. He then asks worriedly if Chloe will be here. Daniel isn’t sure, but wonders why that makes a difference.

Arianna and Brady make out in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion. Arianna thinks they’d better stop or they’ll never get out of here, but Brady admits he has been rethinking their plan about going out, since everyone else is already asleep and they can have the house to themselves. Arianna laughingly suggests they snuggle and watch a movie. Brady claims he has a better idea--to relive their first time in the pool together. Arianna admits she didn’t bring a suit. Brady unbuttons her shirt, claiming that that is too bad. Just then, Brady’s phone rings. Both he and Arian groan.

At the pier, Nicole pleads with Brady to pick up.

Baker demands that Hope get out of his way, but she refuses, claiming that it’s clear that he doesn’t see the big picture. Baker asks what she means, and Hope explains that it’s too late for either of them to turn back now.

Brady checks his phone and sighs.

Nicole curses Brady for not answering, telling herself that she needs his help.

Arianna wonders who that was. Brady claims it isn’t important, and wonders why Arianna is still dressed. She giggles, reminding him that he’s still dressed, too. The two then kiss.

The hotel clerk asks Chloe if she knows of anyone that would deliberately send her on a wild goose chase and make her believe something that isn’t so. Chloe snaps that he was the one that lied about Daniel and Carly having sex in his motel, and because of it, she did something stupid. The clerk waves her off, saying that he never said anything for sure, and that Chloe jumped to her own conclusions. He then adds that while she has a big problem; it isn’t with him. He then heads outside and calls Vivian to let her know that he told Chloe exactly what she told him to tell her, and she bought every word of it. Vivian is glad to hear it. Inside, Chloe wonders if she was really wrong about Carly.

Baker snaps that he and Hope aren’t partners, as he doesn’t even know her name, and frankly, he doesn’t care about her at all. Hope reminds him that he helped her take down DiMera, but Baker thinks she’s the one that’s in this too deep, as she is a police officer who is going around attacking people. He wonders why she is doing it, and who the hell she is. Hope asks him to have a seat, promising to explain everything.

Someone bangs on the door of the Kiriakis mansion, interrupting Arianna and Brady. The two groan. Arianna would rather ignore it, but Brady reminds her that the knocking will wake everyone in the house unless he answers. He hurries over to the door and opens it to find Gabi outside. She thanks God he is here and explains that she really needs to see her sister, as she has screwed up, and Arianna is the only person that can help her.

Philip claims he hasn’t done anything, but Stephanie doesn’t buy it, as she has seen that look on his face before, and it’s obvious that he’s beating himself up over something. Philip snaps at her to lay off, but Stephanie thinks that just proves that she is right to be suspicious, as Philip has no reason to be nasty to her for trying to help. Philip claims that he just had an argument with his father, and he was disrespectful, which upset him, but Stephanie thinks Philip lives to be disrespectful to Victor. He retorts that none of this is her business, but Stephanie thinks it is if he has done something to Melanie. Philip reminds her angrily that she doesn’t even like Melanie. Stephanie remarks that she find her interesting and complex in a boring sort of way. Philip thinks he has heard enough. Stephanie warns him that if he has screwed things up with Melanie, then she’ll seek solace in Nathan’s arms, and that is something that neither of them want. Philip vows that that won’t happen, as he has everything under control. He then gets a phone call and hurries off as Adrienne heads into the pub. Stephanie sighs. Adrienne wonders if anything is wrong. Stephanie admits there is something wrong, but she’s afraid to find out what it is.

Hope admits that Baker is right about her being a cop, and that she has actually been assigned to investigate the muggings. Baker shakes his head in disbelief. Hope laughs, admitting that it’s scary, but assures Baker that he has nothing to worry about, because when she is working her day job, it’s as if Baker doesn’t even exist. Baker wonders why Hope is doing this, but she claims that her reasons are none of his concern. She thinks the only thing he needs to worry about is having lot of fun and making some easy money in the process, but Baker claims that he is done with all of this. Hope doesn’t think so, as she is sure Baker must be tired of fending for himself and trying to survive on his own. She thinks they can help each other. Baker claims he doesn’t want her help and says that the two of them are finished, but Hope grins, saying that on the contrary, she and Baker are just beginning.

Carly gets off the phone with Bo, and tells Melanie that he said hello, and that both he and his sister are doing much better. Melanie is glad to hear it. Carly guesses that Melanie now wants to know what she thinks of Chloe, and she understands why, since Chloe is going to be a part of her life. Melanie sighs, admitting that Chloe is nice, but she sometimes looks at her strangely, as if she thinks she talks too loud or smiles too much. Carly is sure Chloe doesn’t think that, especially since Melanie is so charming and funny. She adds that she thinks Chloe is lucky to have Melanie in her life. Melanie thanks her and guesses that Chloe might just be possessive of Daniel and doesn’t want anyone in his life besides herself. Carly doesn’t believe that, as she is sure that Chloe loves Daniel very much, and wants him to have a good relationship with his daughter. Melanie wonders if Carly thinks Chloe will make Daniel happy. Carly does think that. Melanie, now appeased, decides to stop being paranoid and to let Chloe into her heart, as all she wants is for both of her parents to be happy.

Daniel asks Nathan if he wants to stick around, but Nathan decides that he had better get going. Daniel wonders if this has anything do with Chloe. Nathan sighs, admitting that he fears that Chloe will be uncomfortable around him since he is Lucas’ cousin, and since he is living in the house Lucas bought for himself and Chloe. Daniel reminds Nathan that he saved Chloe’s life, and he thinks she thinks of Nathan as her hero. Nathan isn’t so sure, since Chloe and Lucas aren’t on good terms. Daniel assures Nathan that it isn’t a problem, so long as he isn’t the one that disapproves of his relationship with Chloe. Nathan assures Daniel that he knows it is none of his business, and besides, he thinks Daniel is a brilliant doctor, and he really looks up to him. Daniel thinks everything settled then, since Chloe doesn’t have problem with Nathan, and Nathan doesn’t have a problem with either of them. Nathan stammers. Daniel sighs, saying that he thinks he knows exactly what is going on.

Philip heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and tells Chloe that he got her text. She nods brusquely, informing him that they need to talk. Philip isn’t so sure this is a good place to do it, but Chloe reminds him that they are friends, and that they can be seen in public places together. She asks Philip to take a seat and he does so, albeit reluctantly. Chloe then informs him that while they cheated on their significant others, they’re not totally to blame here, as all this happened because of her. Philip asks who she means. Chloe snaps that she is talking about Carly, and informs Philip that that slut set her up.

Gabi tells Brady and Arianna in a panic that her computer froze, and she lost her history paper, which is due the next day. Arianna, upset, asks if she is talking about the paper they were working on. Gabi nods miserably. Brady wonders if she backed it up. Gabi snaps that she wouldn’t be here freaking out if she had. Arianna reminds her that Brady is just trying to help. She apologizes quickly, explaining that she need Arianna’s help, or she will never be able to rewrite this paper by tomorrow. Arianna sighs, telling Brady that duty calls, and that this could take a while. Brady understands, and Arianna thanks him. She and Gabi then head off. Brady shuts the door. Just then, someone knocks. Thinking Arianna has forgotten something, he chuckles and opens the door. Nicole is outside. Brady stares.

Now at the pier, Adrienne advises Stephanie not to get so upset, since she doesn’t know for sure what is going on. Stephanie sighs, saying that Philip always blows it with women, and she knows that firsthand. Adrienne jokes that it’s the Kiriakis curse. Stephanie then tells Adrienne that if Philip screws things up with Melanie, then Nathan will rush to console her. Stephanie vows not to let that happen, and not to let Philip or anyone else come between her and her happiness.

Philip wonders why Carly would go to so much trouble just to mess with Chloe. Chloe thinks it’s because of Daniel. Philip reminds her that Carly is in love with Bo, but Chloe thinks that she is still a threat to Carly, as Carly is selfish and manipulative, and Carly’s probably afraid that she will make Melanie and Daniel see that, too. Philip wonders what this prank is supposed to prove, and wonders if Carly wanted to drive Chloe away from Daniel by making her think he had an affair. Chloe isn’t sure, but she does know it got her to cheat on Daniel with Philip. She moans that she doesn’t deserve Daniel. Philip thinks she does deserve Daniel, as he is lucky to have some as wonderful as Chloe. He adds that she doesn’t know what Carly is thinking, either. Chloe admits she doesn’t, but she is sure that that sneaky bitch is trying to bring her down. She then tells Philip that if it weren’t for Carly, neither of them would have ever made that terrible mistake.

Upstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian toasts Gus and tells him that everything is going her way, as she is moving back into the mansion, and is about to marry one of the most powerful and handsome men in Salem. Gus asks about her little plan and Vivian grins, telling him that that little twit Chloe is angry as hell, as she thinks Carly is playing sadistic tricks on her mind.

Nicole explains that she needs Brady’s help, but he asks her to leave. Nicole explains that she saw Arianna leaving with her sister, and would never have dared to interrupt them otherwise. Brady doesn’t want to hear it. She begs him not to turn his back on her, but Brady snaps that she isn’t his problem anymore. Nicole guesses that he doesn’t care if she goes back to prison. Brady say that isn’t it, but asks her to leave again anyway. Nicole agrees to go--provided that he look her in the eye and tell her that he feels nothing for her. She adds that if he can do that then she will walk out the door and never come back.

Baker grumbles that he knew something was off the moment he met Hope, and he should have gone with his gut. He starts to head off, but Hope demands he give her the cashier’s check first. Baker asks what she means. She glares, saying that she knows he had a substantial amount of EJ DiMeras funds transferred to a bank account, then withdrew most of it. Baker claims he doesn’t have it on him, but Hope snatches at his coat, pulling the check from an inside pocket. She rips it up into tiny pieces as Baker gapes. Hope explains that he was right before--this has nothing to do with money. Baker accuses her of being nuts and say that he has to get going. Hope, upset, pleads with him not to leave, as she needs him.

Daniel thinks this must be about Melanie, as he knows Nathan has some unresolved feelings for her, and Nathan probably thinks he’s watching him like a hawk. Nathan assures Daniel that he respects Melanie’s marriage to Philip, and that Daniel has nothing to worry about. Daniel is sure Nathan does, and adds that he trusts him, so there is no reason to feel uncomfortable. Nathan claims he doesn’t. Daniel wonders why he is making excuses not to stay, then. Nathan stammers that he has a date with Stephanie, and didn’t want to say so, since blowing off a work opportunity to go out with a girl seems unprofessional. Daniel assures him it isn’t a big deal. Nathan thanks him for understanding and hurries off.

Carly tells Melanie that it means a lot to her to hear that Melanie wants her to be happy. Melanie explains that she has had a change of heart about Carly, especially after seeing what she did for her father with the surgery. She adds that she also thought about her own life and marriage and how everything isn’t in black and white. Melanie adds encouragingly that people that make mistakes should get a chance to rectify them. Carly agrees. Melanie then tells her that she didn’t mean what she said before about not wanting to be a part of her life, and that she hopes one day they can become a lot closer. Elated, Carly tells Melanie that she has no idea how much she would like that.

At the pub, Arianna tells Gabi that she may know of a way to retrieve her paper. Gabi declares that it would save her life. Arianna warns her she isn’t sure, yet, but Gabi ignores the warning and suggests she call Brady to let him know she won’t be gone long. Arianna would rather wait to see if this works first. She types away furiously at the keyboard of the laptop as Gabi looks on hopefully.

Brady closes the door of the mansion. Nicole throws her arms around him, but Brady peels her off of him, telling her to wait in the living room while he makes them a drink, and then she can plead her case. Happy, Nicole heads into the living room, whispering that she knew Brady still cared for her. Just then, Brady’s phone vibrates. Nicole checks the text message, which is from Arianna, telling him that she will be back soon. Nicole grumps, wondering why Arianna won’t leave her and Brady alone. Nicole then unbuttons her blouse, showing off her cleavage. Brady heads into the room, asking why he should believe Nicole is innocent. He catches sight of her and his eyes nearly pop out of his skull. Nicole bats her eyelashes.

Baker angrily asks Hope if she needs him for target practice. Hope turns on the tears, saying that she can’t do this without him--not since she lost her partner, whom she loved very much. She sob that she feels so alone, and that she doesn’t want to feel this way anymore. Baker softens.

Adrienne asks Stephanie if she feels as if what she has with Nathan isn’t strong enough to survive Melanie. Stephanie explains that she isn’t naïve, and that she knows guys are always running to the rescue of women scorned. She refuses to let Melanie play any of those tricks on Nathan. Adrienne guesses she can’t allow that. Stephanie then confides in Adrienne that she must find a way to really get Nathan to commit to her. Adrienne wonders how she plans on doing that. Stephanie isn’t sure, but vows to find a way.

Chloe claims that Carly must be behind this, as she is the only person that could hate her this much. Philip guesses she is right. Chloe rails on Carly, calling her sadistic and threatening to strangle her. Philip tries to soothe her as Chloe wails that she never would have betrayed Daniel if not for Carly. Philip warns her that she must keep it together, and be careful not to blurt anything out. Chloe admits that he is right. Philip advises that she just stay away from Carly altogether. Chloe shudders with rage, saying how much she hates Carly. Philip admits that Chloe is scaring him a little. Chloe decides to go home. Philip again advises her to keep everything under control and to avoid Carly. Chloe vows that she will, but says that she must find a way to show Daniel what a devil that woman really is.

Carly is back at Daniel’s apartment. She wonders if this is really a good idea, and asks if Chloe will be home soon. Daniel isn’t sure, as she sent him a text to let him know she’d be late. He adds that he plans on picking up dinner from a new Italian place down the road. Before he leaves, Carly thanks him for everything he has done for her, as there is no way she would have made this much progress with Melanie without him. Daniel thinks he is giving him way too much credit. Carly insists that he is a great friend to her, and that he is her friend, too. Daniel ask if that means she has his back. Carly nods, jokingly threatening anyone that might mess with him. Daniel chuckles and heads off to get dinner.

Brady demands to know what Nicole is doing. She sashays over, claiming that she is just showing him her appreciation. Brady snaps to her to cover up and get out. She protests, but Brady claims that this was a bad idea, and he should have known better. Nicole insists that he must still have feelings for her as Brady drags her over to the door and outside. He ask why she is doing this. She demands to know why he is fighting it. Brady sighs, telling her that he is going for a walk, and that she had better not be here when he gets back. He adds that he doesn’t want to see her anymore and heads off. Nicole sighs.

Baker tries to comfort Hope by putting a hand on her shoulder, but she snaps at him not to touch her. She then suggests that she and Baker stop being alone and start working together, as they’d make a great team. Baker finally agrees. Hope beams, suggesting they get going, as there are so many men out there and so little time. The two head out of the warehouse.

Adrienne advises Stephanie to be herself, as she is too smart and beautiful to have to figure out a way for a guy to commit to her. She adds that if Nathan can’t see that he is lucky just to be in her presence, then to hell with him. Stephanie thinks that was spoken like a true aunt. Adrienne admits she must go home. Stephanie says that she’s going to stick around, as she has a date with Nathan and promised to meet him here. The two tell each other that they love one another and Adrienne heads off. Stephanie takes her birth control pills out of her purse and sighs.

Melanie and Philip kiss in Maggie’s kitchen. She tells him she has a surprise for him, and then wonders if it would be alright with him if they hang out with Chloe and Daniel the next day. Philip agrees. She then asks if it would be aright to ask Carly over, too, since she is right across the hall. Philip stammers that that would be fine. Excited, Melanie bounces off to get Philip’s surprise. Philip groans.

Carly looks over a case file as the door opens. She remarks that that was fast, and looks up to find Chloe standing there instead of Daniel. Carly greets her. Chloe folds her arms and glares.

Outside the pub, Nicole leaves Brady a message, admitting that she pushed it tonight, and pleading with him to call her back. She hangs up and spots Arianna and Gabi inside. Nicole grins, unbuttoning her blouse and mussing her hair. She pretends to be on the phone with Brady and heads inside the pub, remarking loudly that she had a really good time with Brady tonight. Arianna and Gabi glare. Nicole greets the two after pretending to hang up. Gabi, surprised, asks if she was really with Brady. Arianna thinks she is lying about it. Nicole claims it isn’t what she thinks, as Brady was just a shoulder to cry on That’s why he didn’t respond to her text saying that she would be over soon. Nicole admits she figured Arianna would already be on her way. Arianna glares, remarking that Nicole is truly evil. She then storms off. Nicole grins.

At the pier, Brady tries to call Arianna, but realizes that he has forgotten his phone. Baker and Hope approach Brady and hide behind some bushes. Baker thinks the guy is trouble, but Hope thinks he is the perfect target.

Stephanie tosses her birth control pills into the trash. Nathan heads over a few seconds later, asking if she is ready for their date. Stephanie grins and nods, hugging him.

Vivian tells Gus that it won’t be long, and that all they have to do now is sit back and wait before Chloe attacks Carly. She grins, saying that the fireworks will begin any time now.

Philip leaves Chloe a message, reminding her of what they talked about earlier. He advises her to be cool and not to do anything rash with Carly around. He hangs up as Melanie walks over, wondering what he is talking about, and why he thinks Chloe would act rashly.

Chloe asks where Daniel is, and Carly explains that he went to get dinner. Chloe snaps that she looks pretty cozy in their apartment. Carly explains that she and Daniel are working on a case, and that she thought Daniel told her. Chloe retorts that she has had a lot on her mind. Carly can tell she is upset and wonders what is wrong. Chloe snaps that Carly is what is wrong with her, as she knows Carly doesn’t think she is good enough for Daniel. Carly cries that that isn’t true, but Chloe snaps at her to shut her lying mouth, as she knows exactly what she did. Carly gapes.

Gabi confronts Nicole, telling her that she is a horrible person, and Gabi warns her to leave Brady and her sister alone. Nicole scoffs that Gabi needs to grow up, and so does her sister.

Arianna heads into the mansion, calling out for Brady, but no one answers.

Hope bashes Brady over the head with the butt of her gun and he slumps to the ground. Baker remarks that that went well, and suggests that they take the money and go. Hope shakes her head, saying that Brady isn’t getting of that easily.


Melanie asks Philip, “What is it you're not telling me?”

Chloe snaps at Carly, “You're not gonna ruin anyone's life ever again!”

Baker asks Hope, “What the hell did you do?”

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