Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/30/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/30/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In his room at the hospital, EJ asks Sami if she is going to move in or not. Sami decides she must be open and honest with EJ. EJ thanks her, as she knows she has been honest with him ever since she told him about Sydney. Sami chuckles over the idea of either of them being open or honest, but then gets serious, telling EJ that truthfully, the thought of moving into the DiMera mansion with his father makes her want to run screaming from the room. EJ assumes that is a ‘no,’ but Sami says that isn’t exactly what she means.

Baker heads into the warehouse where he met Hope and sets down his luggage. A man inside wonders if he is having a sleepover. Baker explains that he is actually leaving town, but wanted to play a few hands first so that he can go first-class. The man is surprised Baker is leaving, as he heard that Baker hooked up with a pretty fine woman. Baker admits that he did, and flashes back to Hope bashing EJ over the head with her gun. Baker comes back to the present and says it’s too bad that the woman is a total whack job.

Hope leads Nicole into an interrogation room at the police station. Nicole huffs that this is crazy, as she didn’t mug EJ any more than Hope did. Hope wishes she had a dollar for every time Nicole told her that she was innocent. Nicole insists that she is, and that EJ is trying to frame her. Hope smirks, telling Nicole that she’ll see what she can do to help.

Daniel heads into his apartment with Carly, and invites her to stay and have a drink so they can celebrate the success of his eye surgery. Carly thinks he needs to rest, but Daniel disagrees. He calls out for Chloe, who apparently isn’t home. Carly decides it isn’t a good idea to stay when Chloe isn’t here, adding that she isn’t interested in hanging out with anyone who has a significant other--not after what happened with Bo. Daniel claims that his problems with Chloe are over, as they just had a little misunderstanding, but Carly would rather do the thinking for the two of them since Daniel isn’t using his brain right now. Just then, Melanie and Philip show up with a basket for fruit and goodies for Daniel. Philip hangs back near the door. Melanie asks what he is doing. Philip glances at the couch and flashes back to making love to Chloe on it. He gulps and heads over to Melanie, who wonders where Chloe is.

Chloe catches up with Nathan at the hospital, telling him that she has been waiting for him. He explains that he was in surgery for two hours. Chloe knows that, but says that she needs to talk to him before he leaves for the night. Nathan assumes she wants to talk to him before he tells Daniel what he overheard--that Chloe slept with someone else.

EJ wonders what that means, but Sami admits that she isn’t sure of that herself. EJ confides in her that he knows this is a difficult decision for her to make, but he feels its for the best. Sami knows that he feels that way, and that he just wants to do whatever he can to provide his children with a stable family life. EJ agrees that that is true. Sami then tells him that Rafe asked her why she and EJ couldn’t just find a place of their own instead of moving in with Stefano and Kate, who have both tried to kill her in the past. EJ again informs Sami that Stefano is ill, and doesn’t have a lot of time left. Sami reminds him of what Stefano has done to him in regards to Sydney, but EJ feels like he must try to forgive his father. Sami sighs, saying that she can’t agree to move into the mansion just yet, but she promises to think about it. She then heads off. Outside, Stefano watches her head into the elevator and sighs. He then downs his coffee and heads in EJ’s room. He asks how it went with Sami, and EJ grumbles that it would have gone better if Stefano and Kate hadn’t spent most of their time in the past trying to make Sami miserable. Stefano, for his part, is convinced that EJ is highly motivated to do this and he agrees, as the idea of going to prison and losing one’s children should be motivation enough for anyone. Stefano suggests he be a real American and follow this advice--when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Hope slams some folders down on the table, telling Nicole that these are the records of all their past conversations. Nicole threatens to tell her lawyer that Hope threatened to help EJ frame her, but Hop thinks there must have been some kind of misunderstanding, as that isn’t what she meant at all--she just meant that she intended on allowing truth and justice to prevail. She then shows Nicole a file stating that Nicole was once a suspect in a crime, and EJ was her lawyer. Hope smirks, remarking that those were the days. Nicole snaps that this is harassment, and adds that Hope is clearly enjoying this. Hope insists that she doesn’t enjoy talking to a criminal who kidnapped another woman’s baby and got off because of a corrupt governor. Nicole reminds her that she is supposed to be objective, but Hope replies that she is at her breaking point.

Chloe tries to tell Nathan that he misunderstood what he overheard, and that even if he is sure of what he heard, he mustn’t say anything to Daniel, as it would kill him. Nathan scoffs, saying that what Chloe did would kill Daniel, not his telling Daniel the truth. Chloe guesses that Nathan is mad, and he admits that he is, as all he can think of is Chloe in a coma, and how Daniel didn’t care if he went to jail or not so long as he could save her life. Chloe replies that she knows that, and that she loves Daniel with all of her heart. Nathan asks about Melanie. Frightened, Chloe wonders what Melanie has to do with this. Nathan snaps that she just found out Daniel was her father, and he knows Melanie won’t want to see him hurt by the woman he is about to marry. Chloe tell Nathan that she made a huge mistake, but that it will never happen again. She then warns him that a lot of people are going to get hurt if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut.

Nicole admits that Hope is scaring her. Hope, glad to hear it, asks Nicole who the man is that EJ was talking about. Nicole thinks EJ made it up. Hope asks why she destroyed the interview footage, then. Nicole admits that her instincts went into overdrive, as she didn’t want to go back to prison, but she assures Hope that she can ask Arianna--the truth is that EJ didn’t say anything that would incriminate her. Hope reminds her that EJ flat-out accused her, but Nicole retorts that he has amnesia. Hope thinks that gives him credibility, but Nicole doesn’t think a person that can’t remember anything is a very good witness. Hope scoffs that this is EJ they are talking about, so if he had wanted to set her up, it would have already been done. Hope adds that she thinks that he really remembered something. She then demands to know who this man is that EJ saw and how he is connected to Nicole.

Baker and the man at the warehouse play a hand of poker. The man thinks whack jobs can be fun, but Baker shakes his head, saying that this woman isn’t that kind of psycho. The man admits that Baker seems a little freaked. He explains that in his experience, women with men issues never get any better, and this woman definitely has some men issues. The man asks if Baker thinks she has a problem with him. He shrugs, saying that that is why he is getting out of town--he doesn’t want to stick around and find out the answer to that question.

Melanie again asks where Chloe is. Daniel isn’t sure, and offers to call her, but Carly is sure she will be here soon, as she know this is Daniel’s big ‘welcome home’ celebration. Melanie nods, saying that women don’t like to be checked up on, as marriage is an institution of trust. She asks Philip for confirmation. He stammers that she is right. Carly thinks that seemed forced and asks Philip jokingly if he has anything to hide. Melanie is sure he isn’t and offers everyone a drink. Just then, Melanie spots the broken photo of Chloe and Daniel on the floor and gasps. Philip jumps, startled, as Melanie points out the photo, asking what happened.

Chloe pleads with Nathan, asking him to think what he wants of her, but not to tell Daniel what is going on under any circumstances. Nathan promises that he won’t tell Daniel anything, as this is none of his business anyway, but he thinks that Chloe ought to, as Daniel deserves to know if she isn’t happy. Chloe claims she is, but Nathan thinks her sleeping with someone else proves that that is a lie. Chloe then explains that she only thought she was unhappy at the time because she thought that Daniel and Carly were sleeping together. Nathan gapes. Chloe nods, saying that a nurse told her so, and she just went crazy after that. Nathan again assures her that it’s none of his business and that he doesn’t want the details. Chloe claims that she was really set up, and she vows to find out who did this to her, asking Nathan to keep quiet about it in the meantime. Nathan says that in his experience, secrets don’t often stay that way, and warns her that it would really hurt Daniel to know that she had lied about this. Just then, Stephanie walks in. She sees the look on Chloe’s face and asks her what is wrong.

Nicole wonders how the hell she is supposed to answer that. Hope suggests she make it up like she normally does. Nicole reminds her that this is a nameless face that EJ doesn’t even remember, so she doesn’t see how she can tell Hope what her connection to the guy is. Hope asks if she knows anyone that is good with computers, and could hack into a bank account. Nicole refuses to help Hope and EJ pin this on her and tells Hope to go ahead and charge her if she is able to do so with no evidence. Hope decides the interview is over, and tells Nicole that she will contact her once EJ remembers the rest. She then heads off. Nicole decides that she needs help, and tells herself that she knows just where to get it.

EJ asks Stefano to leave. Stefano guesses that EJ isn’t in a good mood. EJ admits he isn’t between his father blackmailing him and Nicole trying to bash his head in. Stefano doesn’t think Nicole is that stupid. EJ snaps that his father would know better than him, and then asks that he leave, as his head aches. Stefano thinks it was because he was talking to Sami, but EJ claims that she is the only person he can trust. Stefano guesses the blow to the head didn’t knock any sense into him. EJ ignores the comment, wondering why Stefano wants Sami to move in if he hates her so much. Stefano thinks he knows the answer to that. EJ sys he does, but it isn’t as if he can tell Sami that Stefano will turn him over as a kidnapper if she doesn’t move in. Stefano guesses Sami is still resisting and EJ admits she is, as she doesn’t see why they need to move in with Stefano and Kate. He adds that he fed her some malarkey about Stefano dying, so he’d appreciate it if he could look sick. Stefano chuckles. EJ says that he has to do everything he can to get Sami to move in with him, but even he will think she’s crazy if she agrees.

Caroline and Sami have coffee a the pub. Sami asks for news on Bo and Kimberly, who are both doing well. Caroline, sensing that something is off, asks Sami what’s wrong. She sighs, saying that Will has moved into the DiMera mansion, Rafe left town, a mugger is bashing people--including EJ--over the head and robbing them, and she really doesn’t like the colors this spring. Caroline thins that’s a lot to take in and wonders if Sami has talked to her father about this. Sami shakes her head, admitting that he is too reasonable, and has a tendency to remind her that a lot of her problems are of her own making. She then confides in Caroline that although she and Rafe love one another, they can’t stop fighting. EJ, on the other hand, has been great, and they’ve really pulled together over what happened with Sydney. Caroline thinks that must be good for Johnny and Sydney but Nicole admits that it’s good for her, too, as EJ makes her feel calm and as if everything will work out. She then tells Caroline that EJ has asked her and the children to move into the DiMera mansion. Caroline wonders if she has lost her mind.

Melanie wonders if Daniel forgot a birthday or something, as the photo looks as if someone smashed it, not as if it fell. Daniel inspects some glass fragments near the fireplace as Philip stammers that Melanie may be jumping to conclusions. Daniel sighs, admitting that the truth is that he and Chloe had a huge fight and he guesses that he didn’t realize how angry she was. Carly reminds him that Chloe was no longer angry by the time she arrived at the hospital, but she seemed pretty upset with herself for not knowing about the surgery. Daniel thinks that is his fault, as he decided not to tell either Melanie or Chloe about the operation. Melanie thinks everything is fine, as Chloe isn’t angry anymore. Philip downs his drink. Melanie eyes him, wondering what is wrong.

Chloe stammers that she is still upset about Daniel’s surgery. She thanks Nathan for being so understanding and hurries off. Stephanie remarks that she’d hate to see Chloe if the surgery hadn’t been a success. Nathan thinks all opera singers are probably drama queens. He then ask Stephanie what she wants to do tonight. Stephanie moves in for a kiss, saying that she knows exactly what she wants to do.

Sami explains that the good thing about moving into the mansion means that the kids can spend time with their extended family. Caroline huffs that the saying is ‘it takes a village’ not ‘it takes a village of the damned.’ Sam knows that there are problems, but she thinks there are advantages to the arrangement as well. Caroline scoffs as Sami explains that Will is there, and she thinks he ought to be with his mother and siblings. Caroline doesn’t think Will belongs there either, and adds that Sami ought to go over there and force Will to come home. Sami assures her that this is just a temporary arrangement, confiding in Caroline that Stefano is very ill according to EJ, and doesn’t have much time left. Caroline asks Sami not to try to cheer her up. Sami insists that EJ has been great to her during this whole thing, and she isn’t sure she’d be sane right now if it weren’t for him. Caroline sighs, saying that is worse than she thought--Sami is falling for EJ all over again.

Stefano opens the door at the DiMera mansion to find Nicole outside. He lets her in, chuckling that she has never lacked nerve. She replies that she wants his help. Stefano shrugs, saying that people in hell want ice water. Nicole ignores the comment, remarking that Stefano is going to give it to her, too.

Chloe wonders who hates her enough to have made that nurse lie to her. Maxine comes over just then, informing Chloe that Daniel checked out about an hour ago. Chloe replies that she knows that, and that she actually came by to talk to one of the nurses, Greg. Chloe asks what floor is working on tonight, but Maxine explains that he quit with no notice. Chloe, surprised, asks if Maxine has a forwarding address. She shakes her head, saying that Greg hung up on her when she asked where to send his last paycheck. Maxine figures he must have won the lottery or something.

Philip guesses he isn’t hiding the fact that he is worried about work very well. Melanie jokes that he only hired Nicole as a reporter, so he really has nothing to worry about. Philip replies that he really needs to go, and Melanie agrees, asking him to drop her off at the hospital to do some paperwork. Philip apologizes for breaking up the party. Daniel is just sorry he missed Chloe. Philip flashes back to the two making love on the couch. Melanie promises to see Carly and Daniel at work, and she and Philip head off. Outside, Melanie accuses him of lying about work because knew how uncomfortable Daniel was about the photo Chloe broke. She hugs him, telling him how amazing he is. Inside, Daniel decides to throw out the photo. Carly thinks she had better leave, but Daniel explains that he needs to talk to her.

The man tells Baker that he has a real hot streak going. Baker says he really has to go, but the man has never known Baker to walk out on a hot streak before. Baker sighs, agreeing to play one more hand, but then has to go before that nutcase catches up with him again.

Hope heads into her room at the Kiriakis mansion. She’s on the phone with Ciara, who is staying the night at Doug and Julie’s. She wishes her a good night, adding that she is going straight to bed. She then tells Ciara that she loves her and hangs up. Hope gulps from her pill bottle, then takes a sip of water, telling herself that she really needs a good night’s rest.

Sami tells Caroline that she didn’t have two kids with a guy she hates, explaining that EJ can sometimes wonderful. Caroline grumps that it wasn’t so wonderful of him to present her custody papers on the day of Grace’s funeral. Sami sighs, saying that she remembers that, although no one seems to think she does. She explains that when she looks at EJ, she sees a man that is trying to fight the hold the DiMeras have on him. She admits EJ doesn’t always win, like when he kicked Sydney and Nicole out of the mansion, but she thinks he has changed, as he seems to have forgiven Stefano, and he actually cares that his father is dying. Caroline asks if Sami thinks she is the reason EJ has changed, but Sami replies that she actually thinks it’s the kids, adding that if they are all there to support EJ, then Stefano and Kate might not win, and EJ will finally become the man she knows he can be. Caroline guesses Cain’s wife thought the same thing about him. Sam sighs, reminding Caroline that their family goes to church and prays to forgive those who have trespassed against them, but all they do is pray--they never really forgive. Caroline sighs.

Stefano admits that there was a time when he thought Nicole was the mother of his grandchild, so he put up with her attitude. He adds that now that he knows she is a kidnapping, lying, and powerless bitch, he doesn’t have to put up with her at all. Nicole declares that EJ is lying about her. Stefano doesn’t think lies should bother Nicole so much considering how many she has told. Nicole ignores the comment, demanding that Stefano stop EJ. Stefano chuckles, wondering why in the world he would ever do that.

Chloe is on the phone at the hospital, asking someone over the phone if the clerk at the motel quit. She finds out he didn’t, and explains that she needs to talk to him right away. She learns he is at the Cheatin’ Heart and hangs up, sighing and commenting on the irony of the name. Chloe then hurries off.

Stephanie heads into the pub and asks Nathan over the phone to meet her at the pier in a an hour. She asks him to try not to get an emergency before then and hangs up, giggling. She spots Philip at nearby table with a bottle of scotch. Stephanie heads over and asks sympathetically what Melanie has done now. Philip looks up at her miserably.

Melanie heads into the hospital and Maxine greets her, finding it hard to believe that Melanie is here on her night off to do paperwork. Melanie chuckles. Maxine then deices anything is possible, since the Saints won the Super Bowl. Nathan walks over just then and Melanie greets him, saying that they need to talk. Nathan thought they had said all that needed to be said, but Melanie claims she has something to tell Nathan.

Daniel explains that he doesn’t want Carly to feel uncomfortable in his home. She reminds him this is a tricky situation, but Daniel doesn’t think it is anymore, though she was right about Chloe being more upset than he thought. Carly suggests they stop dancing around the issue and admit that Chloe was upset with her. Daniel replies that that is true, but reminds Carly that she advised him to work things out. She remembers saying that, but explains that she meant that Chloe and Daniel need to work this out alone. Daniel claims they did work it out when Chloe came to the hospital, and he doesn’t want Carly to feel as if she can’t come around anymore. Carly suggests he focus on Chloe’s feelings instead of hers, but Daniel replies that she is a part of his life, just like Melanie is. He thinks it might be better if Carly were to hear this from Chloe herself, but as far as he is concerned, they all need to move on and put all this tension behind them.

Chloe heads over to the motel clerk, who is having a beer at the Cheatin’ Heart. She tells him she needs to speak to him, but he snaps that he doesn’t speak to strangers. Chloe retorts that he didn’t mind lying to her before--about her fiancé being in the motel with another woman. He replies that he doesn’t have to talk to her, but Chloe vows to find out why he lied to her and ruined her life. He asks her to leave him alone. Chloe decides to play the Kiriakis card, telling the man that he messed with one of the richest and most powerful families in Salem, though he probably didn’t intend to. She decides to make a phone call, but the man stops her, promising to tell her exactly what went down that night.

Melanie tells Nathan that she told Philip everything that happened between them the night before. Nathan wonders if that includes the kiss they shared. Melanie nods. Nathan wonders how Philip took it. Melanie says he took it well, actually, and that she was surprised. Nathan admits that Stephanie seems to be doing fine as well. Melanie guesses everything worked out for the best. Nathan agrees, saying that now they can all live happily ever after.

Philip accuses Stephanie of thinking that everything is Melanie’s fault. Stephanie says it’s just that Philip doesn’t look very good to her. Philip claims he is fine, but Stephanie doesn’t think drinking half a bottle of scotch on your own seems fine. Philip grumbles that Melanie didn’t do anything, and that he is the bastard.

Nicole tells Stefano that helping her is the right thing to do, as she had nothing to do with EJ’s mugging. Stefano scoffs. Nicole claims that EJ will just embarrass himself if he tries to pin this on her, as she’ll start running stories about his head injury and his increasing paranoia. Stefano ask what she means, and Nicole explains loftily that she is now a television journalist. She threatens to tell the public about Stefano’s recent hospitalizations due to his diabetes, and how it seems as if there’s a leadership problem in the DiMera family. Stefano, furious, shouts at Nicole to get out of here, snapping that she had better pray that he doesn’t tell EJ that she was threatening the family. He warns her that she is only walking and talking because of their discretion, and warns her to be careful in how she deals with them. He then opens the door, shouting at Nicole to get the hell out.

Carly gets a call and tells Daniel that she has to go. Daniel decides to get started on a case, but Carly thinks he ought to take a couple of days off. Daniel doesn’t want to wait to get back to work, but Carly advises that he discuss this with Chloe first and see how she feels about him returning to work immediately. Daniel assures Carly that he and Chloe are on the same page, and that from here on out, it will be smooth sailing.

The motel clerk tells Chloe that a lot of couples checked in that evening. She demands to know if two doctors, Daniel and Carly, did. The man isn’t sure, as no one came in wearing a white coat. Chloe shakes her head, confused, as the man had told her at first that they were there, and now he is saying that they weren’t. The man sighs, advising Chloe that someone is yanking her chain.

Outside the mansion, Nicole fumes to herself that the DiMeras are closing ranks. She adds that she didn’t get out of prison just so EJ could bring her down with lies. She vows that that won’t happen.

Sami cuddles Sydney, joking that she drove down her just to see her Daddy. Sami then wonders how Sydney really got here. EJ explains that Lexie brought her down. Sami is glad that they are both here, as she has something important to tell them. She then informs EJ that she has decided to move into the mansion with him and the kids. EJ thanks her profusely, swearing that she won’t regret this.

Baker decides that his luck has finally changed. His poker partner grumbles that Baker doesn’t have to bother locking up on his way out, as there nothing else worth stealing. He hurries off. Baker grins and chuckles, putting on has coat and grabbing his suitcase. He opens the door to leave, but Hope is outside. She grins, asking him where he thinks he is going.


Stephanie tells Adrienne, “I’m not gonna let anyone come between me and my happiness. Not anyone.”

Chloe spits, “That slut set me up.”

Hope warns Baker, “You and I are just beginning.”

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