Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/29/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/29/10


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Rafe shouts at someone over the phone at the police station. Sami heads in and greets him as he hangs up, saying that she could hear him yelling all the way down the hall. She guesses Rafe still thinks he was set up to find that woman in Morocco that looked like Anna. Rafe admits it was a waste of time and wonders what Sami is doing here. She replies that Will came to see her about something that was bothering him, and it turns out Rafe was right. He stares, shocked, as Sami explains that Stefano is up to something, and they have to find out what it is.

In the foyer of the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells Sydney that her father is going to be fine, and that now all they have to do is what the DiMeras do every time someone hurts one of their own-- track the person down and make them wish that they had never been born.

Baker heads over to Hope at the pier and explains that she is just the person he has been looking for. Confused, Hope asks if she knows him. Baker starts to tell her that he doesn’t have time for games, but an officer walks over and Baker scoots off. The officer asks Hope who he was. Hope shrugs.

From his hospital bed, as Arianna works the camera, EJ tells Nicole that the mugger was definitely a man, and that he seemed familiar to him. Nicole asks if he thinks the man may be an associate of his family’s. EJ snaps that he thinks the man was working for Nicole. Nicole scoffs, saying that she knows EJ blames her for everything, but this is taking things too far. EJ disagrees, accusing Nicole of setting him up to get back at him. Nicole curses him as he vows not to let her get away with it this time.

Hope claims she has no idea who that guy was, but admits he was weird. Baker, who is hiding nearby, huffs to himself that he thought he was a good liar. The officer calls Hope ‘detective,’ and tells her he has good news. Baker gapes as the officer explains that someone has been withdrawing money from EJ’s bank account with his ATM card. Hope prays that they got the guy on camera, but the officer admits they didn’t, as whoever it was was smart enough to cover their tracks.

EJ warns Nicole that she has made a very big mistake, and that she won’t get a pardon this time around. Nicole thinks he is hallucinating and demands to know why he thinks she had anything to do with this She then adds that she believes that EJ only agreed to do this interview so he could get back at her by accusing her of this crime. She demands that Arianna turn off the camera. Arianna, delighted at the turn of events, refuses to do so.

In the living room of the DiMera mansion, Kate flashes back to Madeline threatening to destroy her perfect life with Stefano if she doesn’t stay away from her family. Kate comes back to the present and sighs. Stefano heads in just then, asking her why she is in here by herself. Kate tells Stefano somberly that they’ve got a big problem.

At the Java Café, Mia heads over to Will, saying that he looks angry. Will admits that he tends to get mad when people play him the way Mia did. Mia admits that she knows what she did was wrong. Will reminds Mia that he is on to her, and suggests that she skip the excuses and sad faces. Mia frowns, warning Will not to hang out with Chad anymore, as Chad doesn’t like him, and she doesn’t think Will can trust the guy.

Nearby, Madeline tells Chad that it looks as if his friend Will has finally figured out what Mia is really like. Chad admits that he feels sorry for Mia. Madeline isn’t surprised, as Mia has probably made sure that he does. She adds that she isn’t sure it’s such a good idea for Chad and Mia to be working together, and suggests that Chad quit. She offers to raise his allowance to make up for it, but Chad doesn’t want to give his father any more excuses to go off on him, as he already grounded him for not making the honor roll. He reminds his mother that he is already taking a risk by using her car. Madeline assures Chad that Charles won’t find out, and then admits that he has been bit volatile lately. She assures Chad that he will calm down once the police find the man that attacked him.

Nicole reminds Arianna that she works for her, but Arianna thinks this is a great story, as it involves a conniving bitch and a real crime. Nicole admits that she’s right, and snatches the camera, taking out the cassette tape and destroying it. She demands that Arianna leave, but she refuses. EJ asks Arianna to give them a moment alone and she agrees. Before she heads off, she asks EJ to give Nicole hell. Arianna then runs into Brady outside. He explains that he is here for a board meeting, and asks why she is here. Arianna says that she is working, and informs Brady that EJ knows who is behind the muggings. Surprised, Brady asks who it is. Arianna smirks, saying that it’s Nicole.

The officer informs Hope that the mugger figured out EJ’s PIN and he transferred the funds to an offshore account, so he must be pretty sophisticated. Hope promises to make sure she lets EJ know so that he can freeze the rest of his accounts. Baker watches, stunned, as Hope asks the officer to check to see if their has been any activity on any of the other victims’ bank accounts. The man promises that he’s on it and hurries off. Hope catches sight of Baker lurking in the shadows and heads off, wondering who that guy is.

Now in an office alone, Rafe tells Sami that he realizes that she doesn’t know the real reason EJ is allowing his father to see the children, so he went to talk to Stefano about it. He starts to tell Sami that Stefano told him why EJ really wants her to move into the mansion. Sami thinks EJ just wants to do what is best for his kids, but Rafe shakes his head, saying that it’s because EJ doesn’t trust her with Sydney and Johnny--her own children. Sami scoffs.

Stefano reminds Kate that she doesn’t usually overreact this way. She snaps that Madeline Peterson-Woods came over here and threatened her in her very own home. Stefano assures her that the judge made a mistake. Kate explains that the two have been avoiding each other for years, but now things are different because Will is in the same class with her son. Stefano takes out his phone and asks her to calm down. Kate wonders what he plans on doing. Stefano dials a number, saying that he is going to handle things.

Madeline’s phone rings. Chad wonders who it is, but she claims it’s no one. Chad then says goodbye to her and heads over to the counter to get some coffee. Mia, who has a bouquet of flowers in her hand, takes the opportunity to talk to Madeleine. She wonders if she remembers her, and makes small talk about how she has loved lilacs ever since she saw them in her house. Madeline stammers uncomfortably that she is running late. Mia then informs her that she plans on going to visit her daughter’s grave, as she and Chad sometimes like to go there. She wonders if Madeline would like to join her. Madeline stares in surprise.

Brady scoffs as Arianna informs him that EJ said that Nicole set up his mugging. Brady wonders if EJ has any proof to back that up. Arianna replies that EJ remembers that he saw a guy that knows Nicole. Brady laughs and asks if she plans on airing a fair and balanced story like that one. Arianna grumps that she can’t, because Nicole destroyed the footage. Brady isn’t surprised, since EJ is clearly just lying just to get back at her. Arianna angry, asks if he really thinks Nicole is above getting someone else to do her dirty work for her. Brady retorts that he wonders if Arianna thinks that EJ is above lying to get revenge on someone. Arianna snaps that with all this talk of everything being EJ’s fault, and Nicole being the innocent victim, she is starting to get déja vu.

Nicole wonders if this person that she supposedly knows has a name. EJ admits that he can’t yet remember it. Nicole guesses she should just turn herself in, since EJ clearly has a mountain of evidence against her. EJ vows that he will get her eventually, and that now, it’s only a matter of time. Nicole claims that she didn’t do anything, and angry, asks if EJ plans on framing her. All EJ will say is that the days of her getting away with all of her crimes are over.

Rafe is surprised that Sami doesn’t seem bothered by what Stefano said about her, but Sami replies that it isn’t the first time. Rafe reminds her that EJ said it, but Sami thinks Stefano is a liar, and that Rafe knows it. She can’t believe he is only choosing to believe Stefano now that he is saying something negative about EJ. Rafe thinks it may be the real reason EJ wants Sami to move in, but she insists that EJ just wants what it best for his kids. Rafe rails on Stefano and Kate for their track record, but Sami reminds him angrily that this wasn’t her idea. Rafe retorts that when a man wants a life and a family, he moves out on his own--he doesn’t go running to his father and his new step-mother. Sami thinks EJ just wants to smooth things over with his dad. Rafe isn’t so sure about that, and contends that he thinks EJ gave Stefano that reason for wanting to move in. Sami wonders why EJ would make up something like that. Rafe thinks it’s because EJ doesn’t want anyone to know the real reason--that EJ wants Sami, too, not just his children.

Madeline tells Mia that she actually has an appointment. Mia apologizes sarcastically for asking and for thinking that she might care about her own granddaughter. Madeline gets that Mia is angry, but she doesn’t think she knows how she feels, either. Mia accuses her of being thrilled that Chad has dumped her again. Madeline asks her quietly if she wants a public scene. Mia thinks Madeline just wants to get away from her, but she suggests that the two go outside so they can speak privately. The two head off as Chad walks over to Will. Will wonders what that is all about. Chad isn’t sure, but says that Mia picked the wrong person to mess with, if that is her intention.

Rafe thinks that EJ wants Sami back, but if she is being honest with herself, then she knows that already. Sami wonders why he would say something like that and demands to know if he saw anything. Surprised, Rafe asks if there was anything to see. Sami stammers that she is just tired right now, as she was on her way to confront EJ when she found him nearly dead at the pier. She adds angrily that she only reason she cares about EJ is because he’s the father of her kids, and tells Rafe that she is sick of everyone butting into her life. Rafe urges her to think of her kids, but Sami claims that that is all she does. He pleads with her to really think about it, as she has to be honest with herself for their sakes.

Brady agrees with Arianna that they have been down this road before. Arianna grumbles that he is always in Nicole’s corner, no matter what. Brady thinks that Arianna always blames Nicole, no matter what. Arianna then tells Brady that she doesn’t have time to argue, as she has to tell her boos why perfectly innocent Nicole just destroyed a perfectly good news story. She adds that she wonders why Nicole did that.

Nicole vows that EJ won’t get away with this. He remarks that he thought that was his line. Nicole insists that he won’t get any evidence against her, because she hasn’t done anything. EJ claims that he remembered the person present at his mugging because they are somehow connected to Nicole. Just then, Hope comes in. Nicole suggests that EJ give her the big news. EJ explains he remembers something. Hope asks what he remembers.

Mia sniffles that Madeline is obviously too busy to hear about her granddaughter. Madeleine asks Mia what this is all about, and Mia explains that Chad listens to his mother, and Mia think she deserves another chance. Madeline doesn’t think she can change the way Chad feels about her, but Mia thinks she just won’t do it, because them breaking up was exactly what she wanted. Madeline shushes her as Mia cries that the mother of Chad’s child will never be good enough for him in his mother’s eyes.

Rafe asks Sami to look him in the eye and tell him that EJ hasn’t made a move on her. All she will say is that she doesn’t have feelings for EJ. Rafe doesn’t think that is the issue, and wonders if she can really deny the fact that EJ obviously has feelings for her. Sami reminds Rafe of what an emotional experience she and EJ went through over Sydney. Rafe scoffs, saying that now, because of it, EJ is going to end up with everything he wants. Sami sighs.

EJ clutches his head. Hope asks if he is alright. He admits he is, but that his memories are coming and going in waves, as Lexie said they would. Hope wonders if he remembers something. EJ admits that he does, and that he is sure that he man he saw is connected to Nicole. Nicole scoffs, saying sarcastically that EJ doesn’t remember who the person is, or what his name is, but he knows he’s connected to her. Hope demands that she leave. Nicole claims she can’t let EJ tell lies about her, but Hope snaps that she needs to interview her victim. Nicole thinks EJ has the Salem police force in his pocket. Hope thinks prison hasn’t changed Nicole, and again asks her to leave. Nicole huffs off. Hope then asks EJ to tell her everything he remembers.

Nicole huffs over to Brady outside and tells him about EJ pointing the finger at her. Brady already knows, and Nicole guesses that Arianna has been spreading the good news. Brady asks her if she had anything to do with EJ’s mugging. Nicole can’t believe that he is asking her that. Brady reminds her that he knows her, and besides, she destroyed the tape footage, which makes her look pretty guilty. Nicole whines that she is scared, as everyone is going to believe EJ and not her. She wails that she can’t go back to prison and throws herself into Brady’s arms, begging him for help. Arianna walks around the corner and spots the two. She glares.

Sami promises to tell Rafe what is really bothering her if he promises not to jump all over her. He gives her his word, and Sami reminds him that Will is living at the DiMera mansion. Since Sydney and Johnny are EJ’s kids, they’ll be there, too, and so will EJ, so she thinks it only makes sense for her to bite the bullet and go there as well--just so she can protect her kids. Rafe sighs. Sami knows the idea is insane, as she isn’t stupid, but she loves Will and is worried about him living there with Kate, who is one of her worst enemies. Rafe thinks Will is a smart kid, but Sami worries that Kate will be able to turn him against her. Sami claims that if Will is anything like she was when she was a kid, he doesn’t make very smart or rational decisions. Rafe vows that she won’t lose Will, as he truly loves her. Sami doesn’t think she has a choice and claims that her back is up against the wall on this one.

Brady wonders what is wrong with Nicole, as he has seen her act coolly under worse circumstances than this one. Nicole claims that EJ is trying to frame her, but Brady assures her that she has nothing to worry about if she didn’t do anything wrong. Nicole thinks she needs an alibi and asks Brady to lie and tell the police he came over to her place. He refuses to do so, reminding her that EJ is accusing her of hiring someone to do this, anyway. Nicole thanks him sarcastically for his compassion. Brady, angry, reminds Nicole that he told her not to come back to town, and this is an example of why he was right. Nicole guesses she should just leave town since that is what everyone wants. She huffs off. Brady sighs and catches sight of Arianna just then.

Hope tells EJ about the mugger using his ATM card, and EJ explains that the bank contacted him, so he froze his accounts. Hope asks if Nicole had the PIN, but EJ says that he changed all the numbers after their marriage ended. Hope then tells EJ that because the man used the computer to hack into the account, he has left a trail. Hope thinks they’ll be able to find him, especially if EJ remembers more--then they’ll nab him and whoever he is working with.

Baker packs a suitcase and clicks the TV off as Nicole comes on the screen, promising to have interviews with the mugging victims on tonight’s news. Baker mutters that he thought Nicole was crazy, but she’s the poster child for mental health next to the detective from Pluto. Baker tells himself that he sure can pick them, and starts to wish that he had stayed dead.

Chad and Will struggle with an essay they have to write for class, and Chad begins to wish Mia was here. Will refuses to sit across from Mia and pretend that everything is alright. Chad sighs that he needs his grades to come up, and besides, Mia is just messed up, partly because of him. Mia walks in just then and Will points her out, asking Chad if he wants him to leave. Chad says he doesn’t and suggests they just keep studying. One of the other boys that works at the café greets Mia, asking her if she wants to get coffee or something. Mia eyes Chad slyly, telling the young man that she doesn’t want coffee, but she does want something else.

Stefano meets with Madeline at the pier, warning her that the next time he wants a meeting with her, she had better not ignore his wishes. Madeline vows that there won’t be a next time. Stefano glares, saying that she is right about that.

EJ guesses that Hope thinks money was a motive, and he thinks she may be right, as Nicole does love money. Hope then tells EJ that he was hit over the back of the head with a small-caliber gun, and based on the angle of the blow, his attacker was shorter than him. EJ suggests that Nicole used this guy as a distraction, and then she snuck up behind him and hit him while he wasn’t paying attention. Hope agrees that Nicole would have enjoyed something like that. EJ is sure she would have, and assures Hope that while his memory may be vague, he is absolutely sure that Nicole had something to do with it. Hope promises to look into it, and that she’ll enjoy doing so.

Brady didn’t realize Arianna was here. She is glad that he didn’t, as she wouldn’t have wanted that to be for her benefit. Brady reminds her that Nicole is still his friend. Arianna knows she is, and she thinks Brady was being a good friend by trying to get her to wake up. Brady doesn’t think a good friend tells you to get out of town, but Arianna thinks he was warm and caring and gave Nicole some practical advice. Brady bets she hopes Nicole takes it. Arianna wraps her arms around Brady, telling him that not only likes him; she loves him, and that is one hell of a combination.

Rafe thinks that if Sami feeling as if her back is against the wall, then that ought to tell her that something is very wrong here, but Sami explains that when she does things, she has to fully commit to them, and besides, she knows what Stefano and Kate are capable of, so she’ll keep her eye on them. She doesn’t think she has to worry about EJ, but Rafe thinks he is the most dangerous of them all. Sami starts to protest, but Rafe gets a call. He answers, thanks the person, the promises to pack and be on the next plane out of town. He hangs up, and tells Sami that he hopes she will hold off on making her decision until he returns. Sami wonders when he will be back, but Rafe doesn’t know. Sami snaps that she can’t plan her life around ‘I don’t know.’ He says that he has something to tell her, but Sami is sure he’s said everything he needs to say at least twice. She sarcastically wishes him a good trip and storms off, slamming the door. Rafe counsels himself not to tell Sami what he knows, as she will just run and tell EJ.

The boy asks Mia in surprise if she really wants him to kiss her. She nods, and he remarks that his day is already picking up. He moves in and kisses her. Mia promptly slaps him. He yelps, asking what that was for. Will comes over, explaining that it was for his and Chad’s benefit, as they used to date Mia, and she clearly wanted to make them jealous. The boy suggests Mia go back on her meds and hurries off. Mia snaps that she didn’t do this for Will’s benefit, as she doesn’t care what he thinks. She claims she did this for Chad. Chad smirks.

Madeline snaps that she wants Stefano to stay away from her and her family, but he claims that it works both ways, reminding her that she went to his house and threatened his wife. He warns her that that was a very big mistake.

Kate shakily pours a drink. She looks down at her hands, which are covered with blood. She shrieks. She looks down again, and her hands are clean. Will comes up behind her, greeting her, and she jumps. Will wonders what is wrong. She claims he just startled her and asks about his study group. Will admits it broke up early, as they weren’t getting much done. Kate thinks it is for the best, as she really doesn’t want Will spending time with Chad. Will then demands to know what Kate and Chad’s mother’s problem is, and why they don’t want him and Chad hanging out together.

Madeline tells Stefano that it won’t happen again, but warns him not to bring up the past ever again as he will be the one to suffer if he does.

Hope greets Nicole by the elevator, noting that it looks as if she has been crying. Nicole snaps that she doesn’t cry anymore. Hope then informs her that the attack on EJ was the most vicious yet, and seemed almost personal. Nicole is shocked, as they all know how beloved EJ is around town. Hope asks where she was last night, but Nicole doesn’t see how it matters, since EJ is claiming a man attacked him. Hope replies that his memory is a little fuzzy and asks Nicole again where she was last night. Nicole would rather they finish this some other item, but Hope demands the they finish this talk down at the station--just like old times. Nicole groans. Hope asks herself who that mystery man could have been.

Baker finishes packing in his hotel room and mutters goodbye to Salem.

Sami greets EJ at the hospital and hands him a milkshake. EJ thinks she seems nervous, and Sami admits that she was worried about him. EJ assure her that he will be fine. He then tells her how lucky he was that she showed up when she did, as she probably saved his life. Sami thinks he is being morbid and reminds him that he is fine. EJ reminds her she could have been a single mother and claims that this experience has made him realize just how important his children are to him. He then wonders if Sami has decided whether or not she will move in with him.

An officer asks Rafe if he has ever met Anna. Rafe nods, saying that he did once, and that she lied to his face. He then pulls up a photo on the computer and nods, saying that that is her, alright. He vows that this time, the two of them will meet face to face, and then Anna will tell him the whole truth, so help him God.


Nicole tells Hope, “EJ is trying to frame me.”

EJ tells Stefano, “Samantha is about the only person that I can trust.”

Caroline warns Sami, “You're falling for him all over again.”

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