Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/28/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/28/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, an officer tells Roman that Sami told him that EJ was attacked, as EJ himself wasn’t in any condition to give a statement. Hope gets off the phone just then and heads over to let Roman know that EJ is stable now, so she’ll get his statement herself. She heads over to a white board where she’s listed all of the victims attacked and the locations where the attacks happened. She adds EJ’s name to the list. Roman can’t believe there was another mugging right after Abe went on TV promising the public that there wouldn’t be any more. He adds that they’re getting a lot of angry phone calls from the public, and he wants this case solved. Hope doesn’t think he wants it solved as badly as she does.

Dr. Baker sleeps in a motel room and dreams about Hope hitting EJ over the back of the head and knocking him unconscious. An advertisement on TV wakes him, and he stares in disbelief as Nicole comes on the screen, saying that she won’t take ‘no comment’ for an answer. Baker yelps at her to stop talking and turns the TV off. He shakes his head, saying that he can’t believe Nicole is a TV reporter, but he decides to focus on that later, as he has more important things to think about--like the fact that his bank account in the Caymans is no longer anemic. Baker eyes a stack of cash on his bed and grins, thanking EJ DiMera aloud.

At the Java Café, Arianna heads over to a table where Nicole is working. She assumes the coffee in Arianna’s hand is hers, but Arianna scoffs, saying that it’s for her, actually. She then tells Nicole about an assignment Frank, their news director, wants her to do. Nicole looks it over, and is surprised to see that the story is at the zoo. Arianna smirks, saying that it’s alternative fuels day in Salem, so Frank wants a shot of Nicole shoveling elephant dung. Nicole refuses, but Arianna warns her that Frank is pretty fired up about it. Just then, both Arianna and Nicole get messages telling them that EJ was attacked the night before. They both gasp. Nicole tells Arianna that there’s no one better to get his statement than his ex-wife.

Lexie heads into EJ’s room at the hospital and asks how he is doing. He grumbles that he would feel a lot better if he knew who did this to him. Lexie explains gently that retrograde amnesia often accompanies head injuries like his. EJ vows to find out who did this and make them pay.

At the pier, Madeline gives Chad the keys to her car so he can get around to the library and to his study groups. Chad thinks his father will be angry, but Madeline counsels him not to tell Charles about it. Chad thanks her profusely just as his phone rings. Mia is on the other line, and lets him know that the study group at Kinsey’s has been cancelled thanks to her mom’s Botox party, so they’re going to have the study group at Will’s new place. Startled, Chad asks her if she really plans on going tot the DiMera mansion. Mia explains that she has to work, but hopes she’ll see Chad later. Chad snaps that he doubts it and hangs up. Madeline demands to know if the study group will be held at Stefano’s place. Chad admits that it will be. Madeline asks for her keys back, as she doesn’t want Chad going anywhere near the DiMeras. Chad wonders why she freaks out every time their name is mentioned.

Hope asks Roman how Kimberly is doing. He says that she is doing better, and Hope is glad to hear it. Roman is surprised she hasn’t heard form Bo, and says he sorry. Hope admits she is, too. Roman heads off. Hope takes her pills out of her bag and drops them on the floor. She sighs and kneels down to pick them up. Julie heads in and asks Hope what she is doing She explains that she is working, but Julie notes that she is also picking pills off of the floor. She asks Hope if everything is alright.

Lexie begs EJ not to go all Sonny Corleone on this, as she thinks Hope will find the mugger before either EJ or their father does. EJ isn’t comforted by the fact that she is working the case, but Lexie assures him that Hope wants this person found as much as anyone. She adds that Hope has already called here and wants to talk to EJ, and she thinks he ought to be careful not to hold out on her. EJ grumbles that all he remembers is a passing blur, but Lexie thinks that is better than nothing. EJ then adds that he has a feeling that he knows who this person is. Lexie thinks that if it’s the mugger, then they’ve made their first mistake. EJ thinks it must be the mugger that he remembers seeing, but Lexie thinks it may have just been someone that didn’t want to get involved. EJ grumps that whoever it was knew he was being mugged and didn’t help him, so the man had better pray he doesn’t remember who he is, because he’s is involved in this whether he likes it or not.

Baker decides to double his money and buy Hope several drinks--once he finds out who she is and where he can find her. Baker grins, saying that it ought to be a piece of cake.

Hope explains that she hasn’t been sleeping well, and that her doctor gave her a prescription for sleeping pills. Julie isn’t surprised that Hope can’t sleep, but she is concerned. Hope assures her that the pill aren’t addictive, but Julie insists that she had a friend that had trouble getting off some pills that weren’t supposed to be addictive. Hope claims that she is fine, and that she hasn’t been taking them long. Julie reminds Hope that she never had insomnia before, and suggests that Hope try a warm bath or some soft music. Hope sighs, saying that she has, and none of it worked. She adds that after a night with no sleep she is useless in the morning. Julie agrees to drop the issue, and the two make small talk about Ciara. Hope tells her about Ciara getting into trouble at school for stealing and how she is claiming that she told her that Justin would be her new daddy. She swears she never said it, but Julie reminds her that kids sop up all the emotions around them. Hope scoffs, wondering if Julie is saying that she thinks she is the problem. Julie nods, saying she guesses that she is.

Arianna doesn’t think that management will allow Nicole to interview EJ, but Nicole thinks an interview between the baby switcher and the crime lord is must-see TV. Arianna retorts that EJ will never allow her into the room. Nicole doesn’t think she knows that for sure, but Arianna claims she spent some time with EJ, and he even offered her a job. Nicole isn’t surprised based on her drug-dealing background, as EJ likes the shady types. Arianna guesses so based on who he married. Nicole suggests Arianna go in and ask EJ for the interview since the two are apparently soul mates. Arianna refuses. Nicole threatens to tell their boss that Arianna refused to help get the story that will win their time slot. Arianna groans, agreeing to bring the car around. Nicole smirks, telling herself that EJ owes her this.

Hope snaps that she doesn’t think she is Ciara’s only problem when Bo is shacking up with Carly. Julie agrees, but based on Ciara’s recent behavior, she knows things aren’t right in her world right now. She then reminds Hope that as a teenager, she acted out by shoplifting to get her parents’ attention. Hope claims Ciara has her full attention, but Julie thinks Ciara only sees Hope after a long day at work, and when she is already exhausted. Hope wonders what she is supposed to do. Julie suggests she put her child first, or she will regret it for the rest of her life.

Arianna and Nicole head into the hospital. Nicole points out EJ’s room. Arianna wonders how she knew, and Nicole replies loftily that she has her sources. She then asks Arianna to secure the interview while she goes over her notes. Arianna isn’t so sure about this, but Nicole replies that she already called Frank, and he thinks the idea is genius. Arianna sighs and heads off. Lexie heads over to Nicole, snapping that she has a hell of a nerve showing up here.

Arianna heads into EJ’s room and asks if he is up for a visitor. He invites her in, and she tells him that she was sorry to hear he was mugged, as he doesn’t need anything else in his life going wrong. EJ says he’s fine, and thanks Arianna for coming to see him. Arianna sighs, saying that when EJ finds out the real reason she is here, he will probably leap out of that bed and throw her out.

At the DiMera mansion, Will tells Kate about the study group. She hopes Mia isn’t coming, as she is dead to her, and Will smiles, saying that she has to work. Kate is glad to hear it. Will then tells her that Chad Woods will also be coming over, the guy Mia was two-timing him with. Concerned, Kate wonders if he is any relation to the D.A. or the judge. Will nods, explaining that the two are Chad’s parents. Kate grimaces. Will assures her that Chad didn’t know he and Mia were together, and wonders why Kate got that look on her face when he found out who Chad’s parents are. Kate admits she doesn’t have a problem with Chad; she has a problem with his parents.

Madeline insists that she doesn’t want Chad going over to mobster’s house to study, and snaps that the RICO act was put into effect because of guys like Stefano. Chad assures her that everything will be fine, and that he doesn’t have much choice, since Will moved, and the study group is at his house. Madeline doesn’t like it. Chad then reminds her of how weird she got the day she saw Kate DiMera. He wonders if her over-the-top reaction really has to do with Stefano’s reputation, or if his mother really just has personal issue with Stefano’s wife.

A man comes up behind Baker at the Cheatin’ Heart and taps his shoulder. Baker turns and grins, offering to buy him a drink, but the man snarls that he just wants the money Baker owes him.

Julie wonders if Hope has considered taking a leave of absence. Hope admits she has, but she changed her mind about it, as she promised Ciara that things wouldn’t change, and she fears Ciara will think that she can’t handle both her and her job if she does that. Julie reminds her gently that things aren’t the same, as she and Ciara aren’t with Bo and are living somewhere else. She thinks everything in Ciara’s world has changed. Hope insists she hasn’t, as she and Ciara still have the same routine. Julie wonders if Justin is doing these things with them and if that might be why Ciara thinks that Justin will be her new daddy. Hope admits that Justin has been very good with Cara, but they aren’t involved. Julie thinks Ciara might wish they were involved, and she thinks she knows why.

Nicole scoffs that she is here because the people of Salem have a right to informed when there is a threat to their community. Lexie scoffs, wondering where her concern for the community was when she took off with a baby that wasn’t hers. Nicole retorts that Lexie that she took Abe’s son to bed to get back at Abe. Lexie glares. Nicole huffs that at least she isn’t doing anything behind anyone’s back.

Arianna tells EJ that she is now with Titan TV, and she’s here with the reporter she has been assigned to. EJ guesses that she wants to interview him. Arianna nods. EJ says that he would be more than happy to give the reporter a statement, and wonders why Arianna would think that he would kick her out. Arianna then explains that the reporter is Nicole and guesses EJ would probably like to throw her out now.

Will wonders what Chad’s parents ever did to Kate. She reminds Will that the D.A. tried to accuse her of poisoning Chloe without a shred of evidence. She adds that now that she is married to Stefano, the D.A. and his wife will do anything to get to her, so she thinks they need to stick together. Will reminds her that he isn’t a DiMera. Kate replies that he is her flesh and blood, and the D.A. and his wife like to go after powerful people like her and Stefano. Will thinks she is acting as if Chad’s parents might come after him. Kate wouldn’t rule it out.

Madeline explains that she and Chad’s father believe in the rule of law, while people like the DiMeras think they can come up with their own laws. She adds that she doesn’t want word getting around that Chad has been spending time at the DiMera mansion. Chad thinks that’s because it would be bad for her and his father politically speaking. Madeline snaps that she and his father are officers of the court, and the DiMeras could destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to accomplish. She then pleads with Chad to have the study group moved somewhere else. Chad sighs and calls Will, telling him that his mother is upset about him going over to the DiMera mansion, so she wants them to move the study group. Will agrees to have the group meet at the café. Chad thanks him and hangs up. He asks angrily if his mother is satisfied. She thanks him, hugs him, and Chad heads off. She tells herself that she knows Chad is angry right now, but he will get over it. She frets that the DiMeras could still ruin everything, even after all these years.

Julie thinks that Ciara might be trying to tell Hope that she needs a new man in her life, since that is what Ciara is used to. Hope thinks Ciara is used to Bo, and reminds Julie that she has always prided herself on her independence. Julie thinks independent women get lonely, too and wonders if it’s possible that there is something going on between her and Justin. Hope claims that she can’t think about that right now, as she has work to do. Julie promises that she and Doug will pick Ciara up from school. Hope asks Julie to let her know if Ciara gives them any insight into what is going on with her. Julie promises to do so and heads off. Hope sighs.

Baker tells Bernie that he had every intention on getting in touch with him, but he was out of town. Bernie snaps that he still had a phone and warns Baker that he starts to lose faith in his fellow man when people that owe him money don’t call or write. He adds that that when that happens, he can’t be held responsible for his actions. Baker quakes with fear.

Chad heads into the Java Café with Will. Surprised and pleased, Mia heads over, saying that she thought she wouldn’t see him. Chad grumbles that the study group has been moved again. Will suggests they get started. Chad wonders where Kinsey and Tad are. Will explains that he left them both a message. Mia thinks this is great, as even if Kinsey and Tad don’t show, it will still be the three of them. Both the boys grimace.

EJ doesn’t understand why Arianna will work for Nicole, but not for him. Arianna then tells him the whole story about her interviewing to work for Cece, and how Cece got another job last-minute and Philip replaced her with Nicole. EJ guesses Arianna was sent in here to soften him up before the interview. Arianna admits she made the mistake of telling Nicole that EJ had been decent towards her, and she jumped all over it. EJ wonders what will happen if he refuses to do the interview. Arianna sighs, saying it will probably amount to the same thing Nicole did to the mayor, which essentially boils down to her making up a lot of stuff on air, and that she’ll probably tell the public that EJ didn’t talk to her because he had something to hide. Arianna doubts it would be much different if he granted Nicole the interview, but at least then he’d have a fighting chance. EJ sighs. Arianna apologizes for bothering him and starts to head off, but EJ asks her to wait.

Will heads off, deciding to try Tad and Kinsey one last time. Mia tells Chad that she will be off work soon and suggests the two of them ditch Will and go hang out together. Chad snaps that he doesn’t want to hang out with her. Mia stares, hurt, as Will comes back and lets Chad know that Kinsey is waiting for Tad to pick her up. Chad pointedly tells Mia that she has a customer, and she heads off sadly. Will wonders what that was about, as he thought Chad and Mia were together. Chad scoffs that he thought wrong.

Madeline shows up at the DiMera mansion, and Kate answers the door. Madeline explains that she came by to congratulate Kate on her marriage, which is certainly a match made in hell. Kate rolls her eyes and demands that Madeline get to the point. Madeline then tells Kate that she came by to put her on notice.

Hope meets with her doctor at the hospital, and explains that she dropped her sleeping pills all over the floor of the station, so she came by to get another prescription. The doctor shakes his head gravely, telling Hope that he can’t write her one.

EJ thinks that Nicole will find some way to place the blame on Arianna if he doesn’t do the interview, so he asks Arianna to send her in. Arianna heads outside and tells Nicole that she got EJ to agree to the interview and threatens Nicole not to treat EJ the way she treated Abe. Nicole scoffs, wondering if she’ll tattle to Brady if she does. Arianna frowns as Nicole informs her that Brady hates EJ as much as she does, so it won’t work. Nicole then heads into EJ’s room, remarking that it looks as if he finally got what was coming to him. EJ asks if that is going to be the tenor of the whole interview. Nicole wonders if he was expecting a tribute, as that wouldn’t sell to the public at all. EJ snaps that she is the expert when it comes to what sells and doesn’t sell. Nicole retorts that she has heard all of the terrible things he and Sami have said about her, but it’s now her turn to let Salem know how she feels about him. Arianna insists that the interview is over unless Nicole promises not to start in on EJ again. Nicole rolls her eyes, accusing Arianna of being his protector, but agrees to play nice. Arianna gets the camera rolling, and Nicole starts the interview by commenting that EJ is the fourth rich and powerful man to be mugged in the recent weeks. She asks him if he saw anything before he was attacked. EJ nods, saying that he knows more than one person was involved. Stunned, Nicole ask if he knows who attacked him. EJ nods, adding that he won’t stop until he tracks the person down.

Bernie manhandles Baker, who cries that he has the money he owes him. Bernie demands he hand it over, but Baker explains that he as to move some things around to get his hands on the cash, but he’ll have it after he lines up the high-stakes poker game he’s playing in tonight. Bernie thinks it will be hard for Baker to play poker with no hands. Baker wonders if five hundred dollars will appease him. Bernie replies that it’s a start. He takes the cash and heads off. Baker decides it’s time to move on to plan b, whatever that is. He wonders where that dark-haired lady could be.

The doctor refuses to write Hope another prescription, but she explains that she spilled them on the floor of the police station, and God only knows what could be on that floor. The doctor isn’t so sure about doing that, as her insurance won’t pay out for another thirty days, but Hope offers to pay for them herself. Suspicious, he asks if she needs them that badly. She vows that she isn’t abusing the pills, but she does have a daughter that needs her, so she needs her rest. The doctor agrees to write her another prescription, and Hope thanks him. The make small talk about how well the medication is working for Hope, as before she was taking it she couldn’t rest because of the anxious dreams she was having. She claims that now that she has taken these pills, she doesn’t remember her dreams, and she wakes up rested and refreshed. The doctor is glad to hear it.

Chad explains that he dumped Mia after he learned that she was playing both him and Will. Will grumbles that he used to think Mia was so sweet, but she isn’t. Chad knows she went through a bad time, and that it’s because of him in part, and he guesses he will always care about her. He adds that like Will, however, he now sees that Mia isn’t the girl he thought she was. Nearby, Mia tells herself that Chad and Will must be talking about her. She thinks Chad still wants her, and vows to find a way to make him see that.

Madeline admits that she hoped that she and Kate could stay away from one another after their last encounter, but it’s clearly not going to work out that way. Kate guesses it’s because of the boys. Madeline admits that Will is a good kid. Kate snorts and agrees, especial when compared to Chad. Madeline thinks Kate ought to tell Will that Chad is a bad influence then, and encourage him not to hang out with Chad. Kate thinks the kids will see right through that. Madeline warns Kate to stay away from her family, or she’ll make sure this pretty life she’s cooked up with Stefano will come crashing down. Kate scoffs, but Madeline thinks Kate knows she is capable of doing so.

Nicole wonders if the police know about this accomplice, but EJ admits he hasn’t yet given the police a statement. Nicole excited, wonders if EJ can give her a description of the person that attacked him. EJ says that it was a man, and that he seemed familiar. Nicole wonders if EJ thinks the man could be an enemy of his and his father’s, and if he thinks the other attacks were meant to disguise the fact that the person is really out to settle a score with the DiMeras. EJ agrees that someone is definitely looking to settle the score. Nicole wonders if EJ knows who it is. EJ glares, saying that as a matter of fact, he thinks the person is an accomplice of Nicole’s. Nicole gapes.

At the pier, Hope makes a call to the station to let them know that she is on her way to interview EJ. As she hangs up, Baker comes over, telling her that she is a sight for sore eyes and that he has been looking for her everywhere. Confused, Hope asks if she knows him. Baker stares, stunned.


Kate tells Stefano, “We have a problem.”

EJ growls, “It's just a matter of time, Nicole. I'll get you.”

Rafe informs Sami, “But he doesn't just want his kids.”

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