Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/27/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/27/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Vivian threatens that soon, everyone will know that Carly is the one that is responsible for destroying Chloe’s life. Carly stares, stunned.

In Daniel’s room, Chloe cries out that she is sorry, and begs Daniel to forgive her. Philip glares. Melanie, confused, wonders what Chloe is talking about. Chloe flashes back to making love to Philip. Daniel gently asks Chloe what it is she did. Chloe frets.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Nathan tells Stephanie a humorous story about one of the doctors. Stephanie tells him how nice this is, and how great of a time she is having on their date. Nathan thinks he can guess why--it’s because a certain someone isn’t sitting with them. Stephanie frowns.

Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion and Stefano thanks him for coming over. Rafe thinks it’s a little late for a chat. Stefano apologizes and explains that since Sami may be moving into the mansion, he thought that he and Rafe should have a discussion about it. Rafe claims that what Sami does and where she lives is none of his business. Surprised, Stefano asks Rafe if he is saying that he no longer loves Sami.

EJ struggles at the pier as Sami kneels by his side, assuring him that she is right here, and that he has to try not to move around. EJ groans, begging her to stay, but Sami says that she must find help. EJ murmurs that he needs her. Sami stares, shocked, as EJ passes out again. Concerned, Sami shakes him and calls his name. EJ doesn’t respond. Beginning to panic, Sami shrieks for help.

Rafe finds it interesting that Stefano would drag him over here at this time of night to ask him if he still loved Sami. Stefano shrugs, saying that he just thinks that is a good place to start. Rafe thinks that what Stefano really wants to know is if he is going to cause trouble if Sami does move in here. He starts to head off, asking Stefano to use the phone the next time he has a stupid question, but Stefano stops him, saying that he is personally against the idea of Sami moving in here, but he has no choice but to be aware of his son’s feelings on the matter. Rafe finds it strange that EJ wants to live here himself since he hates Stefano and even moved in with Sami to get him and the kids away from him. Rafe then demands to know what made EJ change his mind about Stefano.

Sami screams for help and an ambulance, and then turns back to EJ, begging him to wake up. EJ doesn’t respond. Sami cries for help again and shakes EJ, pleading with him to answer her.

Carly insists that she hasn’t done anything to Chloe, but Vivian claims she overheard her and Maxine talking about how Chloe called her every vile name she could think of. Carly claims Chloe was just upset over an argument she had with Daniel. Vivian smirks, saying that Chloe and Daniel should be fighting. Carly snaps that Vivian doesn’t even know what the argument was about, but Vivian retorts that it was clearly about Carly. She then calls her a home wrecker. Carly gapes.

Daniel asks what Chloe did. Philip jumps in, giving Chloe a meaningful look and asking Daniel pointedly if Chloe really didn’t tell him. Chloe stammers. Melanie thinks this is weird and Daniel agrees, saying that he clearly missed something along the way. He asks Philip what he is talking about. Chloe jumps in, saying that she is sorry, but she must tell Daniel the truth. Philip glares daggers in her direction.

Stefano claims that time heals all wounds, but Rafe doesn’t buy it, nor does he buy the excuse that Stefano is ill, and that is the reason why EJ is so desperate to reconcile with his father. Stefano accuses him of being cynical, but Rafe thinks that if Stefano were really at death’s door, EJ would be the first in line to start digging his grave. Instead, he suddenly wants Sami and the kids to move in here with him. Rafe then demands to know the real reason why EJ forgave Stefano. Stefano agrees to tell him.

Sami starts CPR on EJ and shrieks for help as she does chest compressions. She insists that EJ isn’t going to die. EJ comes to, coughing and gasping for air. Sami, elated, hugs him, assuring him that he is going to be alright.

Daniel asks Chloe to lay the truth on him, but Chloe claims it’s not important. Melanie reminds her that she was just freaking out. Daniel agrees, assuring Chloe that he wants to hear whatever she has to say. Chloe stammers that she and Philip are old friends and that she confided in him about the fight she had with Daniel earlier. She adds that Philip also told her how upset he was. Melanie frowns, claiming that this is all her fault and tells Philip again how sorry she is. He soothes her, assuring her that she doesn’t have to be sorry. Daniel thinks he ought to be taking most of the blame for the argument he and Chloe had. He adds that he feels badly that Chloe felt that he had to confide in Philip, but he’s glad that Philip was there for her when he couldn’t be. He thinks everything is fine now. Philip agrees, and so does Melanie, saying that it isn’t as if something bad really happened. Philip stares at Chloe pointedly. She sighs.

Nathan reminds Stephanie that Melanie is part of their new relationship, whether they like it or not. Stephanie guesses she is. Nathan then informs Stephanie that Melanie finally told him the truth about what was in the letter she wrote him on her wedding day, and how she wanted to leave Philip for him if he was still interested. Stephanie worriedly asks what happened after that. Nathan explains that Melanie made it clear that she is now completely committed to Philip, and Nathan also realized that he is completely over Melanie for good. Stephanie tells him that the doesn’t have to say that just to make her feel better, but Nathan claims that he means it.

Stefano claims that he and EJ decided to reconcile for the sake of the children, adding that they both agree on one thing, and that is that Sami is an unfit mother. Rafe scoffs, but Stefano thinks Rafe knows it is true. He rails on Sami for being impulsive and for lying at the drop of a hat. Rafe protests, but Stefano waves him off, explaining that while he despises Sami, his grandchildren come first--so if that means that Sami must live here in order for him and EJ to keep an eye on her, then that is the way it has to be. Rafe rolls his eyes.

In a warehouse, Dr. Baker takes a look at EJ’s credit card and flashes back to confronting EJ, and EJ recognizing him. Baker comes back tot the present, telling himself that if EJ never wakes up, then he is home-free, but either way, the money is just sitting there. He then makes a call to a colleague, explaining that he isn’t dead after all, and he needs the man to hack a PIN for a bank card. The man asks for the name on the card and Baker smirks, “Elvis DiMera.”

Sami assures EJ that she is going to get him help, and that he is going to be ok. EJ mutters and thrashes. Sami tries to hold him down, explaining that he can’t move at all. EJ moves in for a kiss. Sami responds.

Philip thinks Melanie and Daniel probably need some time alone, and he suggests that he and Chloe heads over to the Java Café. Chloe agrees, and Daniel promises her that once she returns, they’ll work on getting him out of here so the two of them can start having fun again. Chloe smiles wanly as Daniel urges her not to worry about him or anything else. She kisses him, and then she and Philip head out the door. Philip warns her quietly not to say a word until they are alone. Just then, he gets a business cal that he must take, and excuses himself for a few moments. Chloe heads over to Carly, and as Vivian watches, Chloe tells Carly that Daniel is in good spirits now, and that she wanted to apologize for the way she acted earlier. Carly claims it’s no problem, and that all she cares about is that Daniel is alright. Carly adds that the rest is just water under the bridge. Chloe thanks Carly profusely for everything she did, as she saved Daniel’s career, but Carly claims Dr. Yang did the surgery, not her. Chloe still thinks she is a terrific friend and a great person. Carly thanks her. Vivian huffs.

Nathan hopes Stephanie believes him. She sighs, admitting that she is trying to. Nathan assures her that Melanie is no longer in his head or in his heart, as Stephanie has taken her place. Adrienne heads over just then and greets the two. Stephanie asks how Justin is. Adrienne believes he is just fine, but then again, she really isn’t in the loop these days. Nathan quickly excuses himself to get him and Stephanie a couple of more beers. Stephanie asks Adrienne to join her. Adrienne agrees to do so until Nathan comes back, and notes that Nathan seems to look at her with total adoration in his eyes. Stephanie smiles. Adrienne wonders whatever happened to the girl that wrote Nathan the letter on her wedding day and then married Philip anyway. Stephanie explains that that drama played itself out. Adrienne is glad to hear it. Nathan gazes at Stephanie from the bar and smiles.

Sami and EJ kiss as sirens approach. Sami pulls back, telling EJ that he is going to be fine, and stammering about how scared she was. Just then, a police officer hurries over, and Sami explains in a panic that EJ was attacked and she found him bleeding and unconscious. The officer calls for an ambulance and assures Sami that they will be here soon. Sami thanks God and again assures EJ that he is going to be fine. He thanks her with tears in his eyes. Sami soothes him, reassuring him that he will be fine.

Rafe asks Stefano incredulously if he and EJ really plan on going with the story that they want Sami here so that they can protect the children. Stefano shrugs, saying that it’s the truth, but Rafe doesn’t buy it, telling Stefano that he knows the real reason EJ wants Sami back.

Daniel wonders what happened between Melanie and Philip. Melanie explains that she told Philip about her feelings for Nathan, but she made it clear that she no longer has feelings for Nathan, and that Philip is the man for her. Melanie admits that he was a little freaked out, but it was probably because he saw her and Nathan kissing. Daniel gapes. Melanie quickly assures him that it was a goodbye kiss, though it probably looked like a ‘hello’ kiss to him. She then tells Daniel that she had no idea that Philip was there at the time, but he came by later, and she told him that he was the only man she wanted to be with. Daniel hopes he believed her. Melanie thinks he did, and not only that, but she is sure that her confession made their marriage stronger. Daniel is glad to hear it. Melanie then admits that she has Daniel to thank for that.

At the Java Café, Philip tells Chloe how glad he is that she didn’t say anything. She apologizes, saying that she was sure he had told Melanie everything. Philip shakes his head, saying that he couldn’t break her heart like that. Chloe nods, admitting it would hurt Daniel, too. Philip thinks they made a huge mistake. Chloe agrees, wondering what they were thinking. Philip thinks they weren’t, and that’s the problem. He then confides in Chloe that Melanie told him the truth about everything--the letter, and the kiss, and how she had finally decided that he was the only man for her. Chloe reminds him that Daniel wasn’t even at a motel with Carly; he was being operated on. Philip thinks it’s odd that they were both so wrong, but Chloe is convinced that someone was feeding her lies, and she vows to find out who it was. Philip warns her not to say anything about what happened and Chloe agrees that no one can ever know that the two of them had sex. Just then, Carly walks into the café.

Vivian storms into the Kiriakis mansion. Gus follows, saying that he doesn’t understand why Chloe didn’t hurt Carly. Vivian snaps that she actually thanked the woman. Gus thought that Chloe was under the impression that Carly had slept with her fiancé, but Vivian explains that Chloe learned the truth before she was able to really retaliate. Gus reminds her gently that Carly and Daniel never really slept together, and that it was all an illusion created by her. Vivian retorts that she knows that, and that her plan to get back at Carly has backfired. Gus sighs. Vivian pleads with him not to say “I told you so.”

Rafe vows that Sami won’t be living here for long, but Stefano chuckles, saying that she will be here as long as he and his son want her here. Rafe demands to know if this new set-up is going to be like a prison, but Stefano scoffs, wondering if Rafe takes him for a monster. Rafe admits he does, and adds that this whole ‘protect the children’ story doesn’t fly with him, especially as EJ was already with the children at Sami’s place before he moved back here. He wonders how Stefano made EJ do that. Stefano claims that he didn’t make EJ do anything, but Rafe demands that Stefano confess and tell him what it is that he has on EJ.

A couple of paramedics wheel EJ into the hospital as Sami follows. Lexie rushes over, asking what happened. Sami explains that EJ was attacked at the pier, and that he has already been checked out at the ER, but now he needs a room. Lexie is stunned that EJ was attacked. Sami explains that someone hit him over the back of the head, just like Abe, Justin, and the D.A. Lexie looks over EJ’s chart. EJ clutches Sami’s hand and murmurs her name.

Stephanie tells Adrienne that Melanie told Nathan what was really in the letter she wrote him on her wedding day, and he told her that he wasn’t interested. Adrienne is glad to hear it, as Nathan is a great guy. She adds that she hopes things work out for the two of them. Stephanie then asks about Adrienne and Justin. Adrienne insists that there is nothing going on between them, and that it’s over. Stephanie is surprised hat she sounds so sure of that, but Adrienne shrugs, saying that people change. Nathan comes back over just then, and Adrienne starts to excuse herself to work on some sales sheets for the closing, but Nathan’s phone interrupts. It’s the hospital, and he heads off to take the call. Adrienne wonders if that happens often. Stephanie admits it does, but that she is used to it, since her own mother is a doctor. Adrienne chuckles, noting that Stephanie seems to have it bad for Nathan. She admits she does, and that she is sure that Nathan is the one.

Daniel claims that he had nothing to do with making Melanie’s marriage stronger, and that she was the one that did that by being honest with Philip. She thinks Daniel was the one that taught her to be honest, but he thinks Maggie was the person that showed Melanie how important that is, especially as he has only known that he is her father for a few weeks. Melanie thinks he sets a good example by being so honest and open, but Daniel assures her that he has made his share of mistakes. Melanie gestures at herself, joking that one of his mistakes turned out to be good. Daniel tenderly assures her that she wasn’t a mistake.

Philip promises not to argue with Chloe about keeping what happened between them a secret, as learning the truth would break Melanie’s heart. Chloe starts to say that what they did was so wrong on so many levels, but Carly interrupts just then, greeting the two. The two stammer around, and Philip excuses himself to get back to the hospital to check on Melanie. Chloe sniffles. Carly thinks something must be wrong, and asks Chloe if everything is alright.

Stefano claims that the reason EJ moved back in is because when all is said and done, they are still a family. Just then, Stefano’s phone interrupts. It’s Lexie, who is calling to tell him about EJ being in the hospital, and the fact that he has a concussion. Stefano promises to be there right away and hangs up. He tells Rafe that EJ was attacked at the pier, so they will have to finish their conversation at another time. He hurries off. Rafe follows.

Baker assures the man on the other end of the line that EJ will never find out that he hacked into his bank account. The man is still reluctant to do so, and Baker sighs, finally promising to split the money if he agrees to help. He asks if the man is ready to make a lot of easy cash.

EJ comes to in a hospital room and groans, holding his head. Sami is sitting by his side, and assures him that he is alright, and that he just has a concussion and needs to take it slow. EJ wonders what happened. Sami, surprised that he doesn’t remember, explains that he was attacked and mugged, just the way Justin, Abe, and the D.A. were. EJ admits that all he remembers is that Sami was there and that she saved him. He thanks her, but Sami blushes, saying that he already showed her his gratitude. EJ, confused, asks what she means. Sami, stunned, wonders if he really doesn’t remember.

Stephanie tells Adrienne that she always thought that she and Justin were soul mates, though it is probably out of line for her to say so. Adrienne admits she had to let Justin go, but she advises Stephanie not to do the same with Nathan. Stephanie promises not to do so as Nathan comes back over, explaining that a colleague got into a fender bender and can’t make it in, so he has to go back to the hospital. Nathan kisses her, promising to make this up to her later. Stephanie knows he will and admits she is looking forward to it. The two kiss again.

Philip heads into Daniel’s room and asks where Melanie is. He explains that she went to get him some water. Philip stammers that he is glad that Daniel is doing better. Daniel then explains that Philip doesn’t have to walk on eggshells around him, as Melanie told him the whole truth, and he thinks the fact that the two of them worked things out is a terrific sign. Philip hopes so. Daniel sighs, saying that no father ever thinks any guy is good enough for his daughter, but he has to admit that Philip comes pretty close. He then warns Philip that if he ever does anything to hurt his little girl, then he will break his neck. Philip gulps.

Gus warns Vivian that despite the amount of money she paid that nurse and the motel clerk, they’ll eventually give her up, and Chloe will learn the truth. He adds that then she’ll be in serious trouble. Vivian gets his point, and vows to make sure that Chloe never tells Carly what she has done.

Carly thinks Philip and Chloe seemed awfully intense when she walked in. Chloe claims that she is still worried about Daniel, but Carly thinks she may still be worried about the argument the two of them had. She urges Chloe to put it behind her, as Daniel loves and needs her very much--especially now. Just then, Carly gets a page from the hospital and tells Chloe she has to get back. Chloe nods distractedly. Carly heads out the door, giving Chloe one last curious glance before she hurries off.

Stefano hurries into the hospital and Lexie rushes over, thanking God he is here. She explains that EJ was attacked down by the docks. She assures Stefano that EJ is fine, but it’s lucky that Sami found him when she did, as he could have been out there all night otherwise. Lexie then throws herself into her fathers arms, wondering tearfully who could be doing this and why it’s happening. Stefano soothes her, asking her to calm down and stay strong. Rafe, who has been listening in, walks by the two and over to EJ’s room.

Rafe pokes his head into EJ’s room and listens in as EJ tells Sami that he doesn’t understand what she means by saying that he already showed her his gratitude. Sami says it’s nothing, and that EJ just wasn’t thinking straight. EJ still doesn’t understand what she means.

Vivian decides to have the nurse and the motel clerk eliminated, but then changes her mind, as that would make Chloe even more suspicious. She frets about her goose being cooked if the two stay in Salem, but she then suddenly gets a brilliant idea, telling Gus that she has nailed it.

Stephanie heads over the bar and explains that Nathan had to go back to the hospital. Adrienne thinks she is glowing and wonders what Nathan said to her. Stephanie claims he didn’t say anything; he just kissed her. Adrienne thinks it must have been some kiss. Stephanie admits that it was, and while she is pretty sure that Nathan doesn’t love her the same way she loves him, she thinks he is heading in the right direction. She adds that now that Melanie is finally out of the picture, the two of them are on their way.

Chloe calls Philip outside the Java Café and thanks him, as she didn’t get to do so before Carly interrupted them. Philip admits they both dodged a bullet tonight and warns Chloe that they’ve got to keep things zipped up tight. Chloe agrees, and as Nathan walks up behind her, she says that Daniel can never find out that they slept together, as it would be the end of her. She hangs up and turns around to find Nathan behind her. Chloe sweats. Nathan stares.

Baker makes a call and refers to himself as Robert Bishop, explaining that he needs to transfer money into his bank account from a PIN-protected credit card.

Stefano wonders if Lexie will be alright. She says she’ll be fine, and tells Stefano to go see EJ, as he’ll be glad to see his father, even though Sami is in there with him right now. Stefano doesn’t think he ought to talk to Sami, as he is already upset, but Lexie reminds him that Sami may have saved EJ’s life. Stefano admits that he is grateful, but he’s also furious that the Brady police force has done nothing about these attacks and now his son is a victim of them. Stefano then vows that whoever this criminal is, they’ll rue the day they ever crossed the DiMeras.

EJ asks Sami what he did, but she assures him that it was no big deal. Rafe looks on as Sami adds that she is glad that nothing happened to EJ, as she doesn’t know what she would have told their children. EJ takes her hand, assuring her that he isn’t going anywhere. Sami thinks that’s the best news she has had all week. Rafe grimaces.


Kate tells Will, “I don't have a problem with Chad Woods, but I do have a problem with his parents.”

Madeline says, “The DiMeras could ruin everything.”

Arianna tells EJ, “When you find out why I'm here, you're probably going to get out of that bed and throw me out.”

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