Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/26/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/26/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Vivian and Gus head into the Kiriakis mansion, and she reminds him that he is her wedding coordinator, should anyone ask. Gus snaps that he heard her the first time, and that she knows how he feels about this. Vivian doesn’t want to hear about it anymore, as Carly Manning is a menace to society and the bane of her existence. She adds that it will be sheer genius if she can convince Daniel’s little songbird to eliminate Carly for her.

Chloe sits by Daniel’s side in the hospital and moans that she should have known he would never do anything like this, and that she has ruined everything. She then flashes back to making love to Philip. Daniel brings her out of her reverie by asking what she means.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie tells Philip that she is sure he is still mad at her, and she begs him to hear her out, as she just needs him to know how much she loves him and how much she wants to be worthy of him. Philip groans, saying he wishes he had known that before. Melanie wonders what he is talking about, then gasps, guessing that she is too late.

Sami grabs her coat and purse at her place, vowing that she will deal with EJ and find out what is going on. Will pleads with her to wait.

Hope comes up behind EJ at the pier and knocks him unconscious with the butt of her gun. She thinks it went well, but Baker’s eyes bulge out of his skull in fright, informing Hope that EJ recognized him, and he shudders to think what will happen once he wakes up. Hope guesses they ought to make sure he doesn’t wake up, then. Baker grabs her arm, reminding her that she is talking about killing a DiMera, but Hope claims she isn’t just talking about it.

Melanie moans that it took too long for her to come to her senses, as she should have realized from the moment he asked her to marry him that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She think she has blown it now, as Philip doesn’t want her anymore. Philip wonders why she would think that. Melanie claims it’s because of Nathan, of course, and asks Philip why else she would say that.

Chloe is glad to see Daniel awake, and asks about his surgery, and if his vision is back to normal. Daniel says it is for now, but they’ll know more in a few days. Chloe is glad he had it done. Daniel is too, and he’s also glad that Chloe is here. He then asks her what she meant by saying that she has ruined everything. Chloe frets.

Hope aims her gun at EJ. Baker shouts at her to stop, telling her that she can’t do this. Hope lowers the gun, agreeing that she can’t, but then hands it over to Baker, saying that he can.

Gus tells Vivian that he doesn’t understand why she has to destroy Chloe’s life just to get to Carly. Vivian sighs, reminding him again that she can’t touch Carly directly, so she made Chloe think that Daniel and Carly slept together. That way, Chloe will be the one to retaliate, and she won’t have to spend all her time trying to find a way to make Carly miserable, as Chloe will do it for her.

Carly heads into Daniel’s room, telling Chloe how glad she is that she is here, as Daniel has been anxious to reach her. Chloe asks when all of this happened, and Carly explains that the surgery was completed about an hour ago. Daniel explains that he didn’t want Chloe to worry, so he waited to tell her until he could assume that the surgery corrected his vision. Chloe guesses unhappily that he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Daniel nods, saying that Carly called a specialist in to do the surgery, and she assisted. Daniel asks if Chloe got his message about being at the hospital. Chloe admits she did, and sighs, saying that she thought she understood it, but she obviously didn’t. She moans, asking herself what she has done. Daniel asks what she is talking about, and what it is she has done.

Melanie guesses that Philip plans on leaving her over the feelings she used to have for Nathan. Philip wonders if she really thinks he would leave her. Melanie replies that she wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t want to be married to her any longer, since she was unfaithful to him. She then assures Philip that she has been beating herself up over this ever since she realized that he is the one she really wants to be with. Philip tries to interrupt, but Melanie barrels over him, saying that it’s one thing for her to have written that letter to Nathan on her wedding day, but to have these unresolved feelings for Nathan for so long is another thing entirely, and she doesn’t blame him if he doesn’t want her to be his wife anymore. Philip again tries to say something, but Melanie explains that she was never unfaithful to him physically, thought Nathan did catch her by surprise by kissing her. She then laughs nervously, not sure why she keeps bringing that up, except to make herself feel less guilty. She admits it isn’t working. Philip asks her to stop, assuring her that she has done nothing wrong. She thinks she has been horrible, while he has been wonderful, but Philip claims that isn’t true, and confides in Melanie that he made a huge mistake.

Sami is sitting on the couch with Johnny, who has woken up from a nightmare. Sami tries to assure him that both she and Will are here with him, but Johnny wants his daddy. Sami sighs. Will explains that he was asking for EJ the moment he woke up. Sami thanks him for doing such a great job, and then tries to explain to Johnny that it’s her turn to have him, as he was with his father last night. Johnny grumps that he wants his daddy now.

Baker wonders if Hope is insane, and if she really expects him to off EJ DiMera. Hope reminds him that he said himself that EJ recognized him, so she’s giving him an opportunity to get rid of this threat once and for all. EJ groans. Baker tells Hope that he is waking up, and she kicks him in the head. EJ promptly passes out. Hope grunts that that is taken care of.

Chloe tells Daniel that the message he left her got cut off, and she had no idea he was being operated on. Daniel admits he left her an ambiguous message on purpose, as he didn’t want her to get excited and then the operation end up not working. Chloe sobs that she feels terrible, as she should have been here for him. Daniel says he is sorry, too, but not because she wasn’t here. He assures her that he didn’t want her worrying about him, but he is sorry about the fight they had earlier. Chloe is sorry too--more than Daniel knows. Daniel claims the fight was all his fault, as he said some hurtful things and over reacted, but he thinks it was just because of how much stress he was under. He promises everything will be fine now and hugs Chloe, who bawls. Carly apologizes for interrupting, but explains that she has to examine Daniel. Chloe wipes her eyes and promises to wait right outside. Daniel assures her she has nothing to worry about and Chloe nods tearfully and hurries off. Outside, she tells herself that she has to call Philip and explain what happened before he blows their secret.

Phillip’s phone rings. Philip ignores it. Chloe begs him to pick up. Melanie tells Philip that his phone is ringing. Philip nods distractedly. Melanie thinks he had better see who it is.

Sami tells Will that she finally got Johnny back to sleep, but it wasn’t easy, as Johnny isn’t as comfortable with her as he is with EJ. Will thinks Johnny feels the same way when he’s at the mansion and Sami isn’t around, but she disagrees, as EJ has never had to call her to ask her for help with Johnny. Will thinks that Johnny is just upset about all of the back-and-forth, and assures his mom that Johnny doesn’t prefer EJ to her. Sami thinks it must be hard for Sydney, too, though she is too young to express it. She adds that she thinks if she were around a little more, then perhaps Sydney would call her ‘Mama.’ Will didn’t realize that she hadn’t said it yet. Sami said she did once, but she hasn’t said it since, except for when she said it to Nicole. Will apologizes for telling his mother that, as he shouldn’t have. Sami is glad he did, as this isn’t about her or Nicole; it’s about Sydney and doing what is best for her. Will wonders what she is saying. She then confides in Will that she thinks EJ makes a good point about the kids being confused about being shuttled back and forth. Will doesn’t think she can do anything about it, as moving into the DiMera mansion isn’t an option. Sami insists that she has to do what’s best for them, but Will doesn’t think moving in with the DiMeras is what’s best; in fact, he thinks it’s a terrible idea.

Baker asks Hope to remind him to never get on her bad side. She snorts that she was testing Baker, and warns him that they won’t have any problems provided that he does what she tells him. Baker kneels by EJ’s side, saying that he’s going to need stitches and an MRI to check for internal hemorrhaging. Hope wonders how he knows that. Baker explains that he is a doctor. Hope scoffs, wondering if the gambling is just a hobby. Baker admits it’s more than that, and that he is actually taking a break from practicing medicine. Hope asks him what EJ’s prognosis is. Baker thinks that depends on Hope and hurries off. Hope groans, telling herself that you have to do things yourself if you want them done right. She goes through EJ’s pockets and throws his phone in the water. She then takes out his wallet and flips through it, grinning.

Sami scoffs, wondering why it’s a terrible idea for her to live at the mansion, but it isn’t a bad idea for Will to live there. Will stammers. Sami thinks he just moved there to get away from her, and she warns him that it won’t be that easy. Will suggests they forget about him, and he asks Sami how she plans to live in the mansion when she hates Stefano. Sami scoffs, wondering if Will and Stefano are best friends all of a sudden. Sami accuses Will of just not wanting to be around her, but she believes that is a conversation for another time. She claims that right now she has to figure out what is going on with EJ. Sami then tells Will that Johnny shouldn’t wake up again, so she needs Will to watch him while she tries to figure out whether EJ has his family’s best intention at heart, or if he is just cooking up another scheme with his father. She asks Will to call if he has any problems with the kids and hurries off. Will sighs.

Gus gets off the phone and tells Vivian that his sources have informed him that Chloe has left her apartment and is headed for the hospital. Vivian is delighted and finishes her drink, saying that Chloe wouldn’t go there unless she planned on giving Carly hell. Vivian starts to hurry off .Gus wonders where she is going. Vivian says that she is going to the hospital, of course, as she plans on witnessing it when Carly goes down.

Chloe leaves Philip a voicemail, explaining that she misunderstood what happened, and that they need to talk, as it’s very important. Carly walks over just then and Chloe hangs up, demanding to know why Carly is looking at her like that, and if she overheard the message she left. Carly admits she knows she left one for Philip. Chloe stammers. Carly assures her that she doesn’t have to explain, as she knows exactly why Chloe called Philip.

Philip tells Melanie that the phone call isn’t more important then them and the conversation they are having. He then explains that he made a huge mistake--one he is going to regret for the rest of his life. Melanie wonders what is going on. Philip decides to start from the beginning, and admits to Melanie that he walked in on her and Nathan kissing earlier. Melanie gapes. Philip tells her it’s alright, as she was honest and confessed before he could confront her, and he appreciates that more than she will ever know. He then says that that is why he now has to be completely honest with her.

Hope runs into Baker back in the warehouse they were playing poker at earlier. Baker stammers that he just came back for his phone. Hope snaps that it’s rude to take off without saying goodbye. Baker retorts that he already dealt with one crazy woman in this town, and he refuses to deal with another. Hope says it’s too late for that. Baker, aghast, guesses that she killed EJ, and calls her a lunatic. Hope pulls her gun on him, telling him to watch it with the name-calling, as he wouldn’t want her to get uncivil. Baker gulps.

Sami finds EJ unconscious at the pier and kneels by his side, calling his name. EJ doesn’t respond.

Carly tells Chloe that she assumed that she was calling Philip because she doesn’t have Melanie’s number and she wanted to let her know about the surgery. Chloe stammers that that was the reason. She asks how Daniel is doing, and Carly assures her that he is fine, and will probably sleep on and off for the rest of the night. She adds that she is glad the surgery went well, as everyone around here is anxious for Daniel to get back to doing surgeries. Chloe feigns a smile, saying that she hates that she misunderstood Daniel’s message. Carly thinks the important thing is that Chloe is here now, and asks her not to be so hard on herself. Chloe whines that everything would have been different if she hadn’t been so worried and paranoid. Carly wonders why she is so rattled. She tells Carly that she and Daniel had a fight. Carly say she knows, though she doesn’t know any of the details. She then assures Chloe that Daniel is very upset for losing his temper with her. Chloe sighs. Carly suggests she go and see Daniel, since he was so anxious to let her know about the outcome of the surgery. She assures Chloe they can talk later. Chloe nods and heads off for Daniel’s room as if in a fog.

Philip tells Melanie that when he saw her kissing Nathan, he took it the wrong way. Melanie doesn’t blame him for doing so. Philip then confides in her that he went to his dad’s house and had a few drinks. Melanie interrupts, assuming that he feels guilty or drinking and driving. She lambastes herself for it being all her own fault, and is glad that Philip is alright, as she couldn’t have lived with herself if he had gotten hurt. Philip assures her he feels the same way, but says he still has to be honest with her. Just then, Carly calls Melanie and interrupts. Melanie answers, and Carly tells her about Daniel’s laser eye surgery for his double vision. Melanie replies that she didn’t know Daniel was considering surgery, and Carly admits it was a last minute kind of thing, and that Daniel didn’t want to worry anyone. Melanie wonders if she can see him. Carly informs her that Daniel will be in and out due to the pain medication, and that Chloe is with him right now, but that Melanie can come by and see him any time, as Carly expects him to be awake part of the night. Melanie promises to come right away , thanks Carly for what she has done for her dad, and hangs up. She tells Philip about the surgery, and how Carly is hopeful that it was a success. Philip is glad to hear it. Melanie adds that she has to get down the hospital right away, though Chloe is with Daniel right now. She grabs her coat and heads out the door. Philip rushes after her.

Baker apologizes for calling Hope a lunatic and tells her that she doesn’t have to do this. Hope retorts that she doesn’t need Baker any more now that it’s clear that he isn’t going to help her. Hope thinks she has no choice, as she has no use for him, and asks him to close his eyes. Baker winces as Hope aims and pulls the trigger. The gun clicks. Hope giggles, “Gotcha.” Baker, angry, calls her a thief, and wonders who she thinks she is, messing with him like this. Hope grins.

Sami pleads with EJ to wake up, telling him that he can’t be dead. EJ groans and comes to. Sami thanks God. She asks if he is alright. EJ wonders what happened. Sami claims she has no idea. Sami takes out her phone to call for an ambulance, as she notices blood on the pavement under EJ’s head. EJ moans that someone hit him. Sami wonders if he saw them, or if he has any idea who might have done this to him.

Vivian heads into the hospital and looks around, telling herself that it’s a good sign that Carly isn’t around. She fantasizes about Chloe confronting Carly over stealing Daniel, the love of her life. Carly protests, but Chloe pulls out a scalpel and stabs her. Carly chokes. Melanie and Philip interrupt Vivian’s reverie and rush into the hospital, asking for Daniel. Carly hurries over and points out Daniel’s room. Vivian glares, wondering what the hell Carly is doing here, and why she is still in one piece.

Melanie hurries into Daniel’s room and asks how he is. The two hug as Daniel admits he is better now that she is here. Chloe and Philip exchange guilty glances.

Hope claims she was just joking and tells Baker to lighten up and be a man. She then assures him that she doesn’t intend on killing anyone. She reminds Baker that they agreed to go into partnership so they could just knock guys out and take their money. Baker doesn’t mind teaming up with her, but he wishes they’d pick an easier target next time. Hope warns him that she will be the only one choosing the targets. Baker wonders if she only plans on targeting men. Hope nods and smiles, saying that they’ll get what they deserve.

Sami rummages through her purse for her phone as EJ tells her that he thinks he remembers something. Sami asks him not to worry about it, but EJ instructs himself to focus. Sami begs him to stop trying so hard to remember before he hurts himself. EJ vows that whoever did this is going to pay. He tries to sit up, but collapses on the ground with a groan. Sami hovers over him worriedly as EJ moans and groans about his head.

Melanie asks Daniel if the surgery corrected his double vision. Daniel is pretty sure it did, but warns Melanie that they will have to wait a few days and run some more tests to be sure about it. Melanie is glad he had the surgery, Daniel admits he is too, and that he is grateful to Carly for talking him into it. Melanie asks if he feels alright now. Daniel admits he does, but tells Melanie that he is concerned about her, as it looks as if she has been crying. Melanie admits her eyes are little puffy. Daniel wonders what happened, and if something upset her. Chloe begins to panic.

Outside, Maxine asks if things are really alright between Chloe and Carly. Carly insists they are, but Maxine isn’t so sure, as she overheard what Chloe said to her. Carly smiles, saying that she is aware that Chloe called her miserable bitch. Vivian, who is listening in, tells herself that all may not be lost after all.

Hope asks if Baker is in or out. He goes through EJ’s wallet. Hope cautions him to only take half, and Baker removes some cash and credit cards, finally handing the wallet back over to Hope. Baker admits it isn’t a bad pay day. Hope promises she’ll be in touch. She then heads off. Baker looks over the credit cards and cash and sighs.

Sami continues to search for her phone as EJ grumbles that he will find whoever did this and make them pay. Sami decides she must not have brought her phone and curses, going through EJ’s pockets and looking for his. EJ mumbles groggily. Sami sighs, guessing that whoever did this stole his phone, which means she’s going to have to leave to go get help. She promises to be back as quickly as she can, but EJ grabs her arm, begging her not to go.

Vivian walks over to Carly, smirking that rumor has it that she has wrecked another home. She thinks Carly is so adept at it by now that she could probably did it in her sleep. Carly glares.

Melanie admits she has been crying. Daniel wants to talk about it, and Philip agrees to give the two some time alone, but Melanie wants to say this in front of both Chloe and Philip, as Philip is her husband, and Chloe is part of the family, too. Chloe sweats as Melanie explains to Daniel that she and Philip had a big fight. Chloe yelps that she is sorry, and begs Daniel to forgive her. Philip gives her a look that could kill as Melanie and Daniel look on, stunned.

Hope return to her room at the Kiriakis mansion. She opens the box under her bed and we see that it is full of men’s wallets. Hope places EJ’s wallet inside with the others, then turns off the light and gets under the covers.

Baker tells himself that he thought he was done with the DiMeras, but fate clearly had other ideas. He tells himself that he must work fast before that bastard EJ wakes up and remembers what happened just before he got knocked out.

Sami tries to explain to EJ that she has to go get help, as neither of them have their phones. EJ moans that his head hurts. Sami says she knows, and that’s why she has to go get help. EJ mutters that he has to find the person that did this. He tries to sit up, but Sami stops him, begging him not to move. EJ pulls her in for a kiss. Sami responds.


Chloe tells Daniel, “You need to hear the truth.”

Rafe informs Stefano, “I know the real reason that EJ wants Sami back.”

Sami shrieks, “You are not gonna die! EJ, you are not dying!”

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