Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/23/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/23/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe dreams about making love to Sami, but wakes up alone in his own bed.

At her place, Sami, stunned, asks EJ if he really wants her and the kids to move into the mansion with him. EJ claims he does. Sami scoffs. EJ doesn’t understand why Sami is so against this. She wonders if he is insane, and reminds him that Stefano and Kate also live in that house. EJ understands living there has its drawbacks, but he claims that it has its advantages as well. Sami disagrees, and refuses to listen to anything more that he has to say, but EJ begs her to at least hear him out. He thinks that if she does that, then she will see that his idea is a good one. Sami rolls her eyes.

Maggie heads into her kitchen and greets Melanie, who is sitting at the table crying. Maggie, concerned, asks what’s wrong. Melanie claims that nothing is, and that for the first time, everything is finally right. Maggie doesn’t understand, and Melanie explains that she and Philip are finally going to happy--for the rest of their lives.

Chloe opens the door at her apartment to find Philip outside. The two greet one another, and Chloe wonders what he is doing here. Philip sighs, explaining it’s his wife--she’s in love with another man. Chloe gapes. Philip nods.

Daniel is in bed at the hospital, and Carly is sitting by his side. He insists that he needs to call Chloe, and asks if she has been here. Maxine, who is standing nearby, admits that she hasn’t as far as she knows. Daniel sighs, saying that her phone must be off, since she never called him back after the message he left. He tries to sit up to get his phone, but has a dizzy spell and falls back onto his pillow. Carly warns him not to move.

Philip moans that everything was a lie, and his entire marriage was a sham. He wonders how he could have been such a fool. Chloe assures him that he is a wonderful man, and was just following his heart. Philip grumps that it led him right over a cliff, just like every other man. Chloe begs him not to say that, as all he did wrong was to love someone else passionately. She assures him that he had no way of knowing that Melanie was going to hurt him and that some other man had her heart. She brings over a couple of glasses of wine, and she and Philip clink glasses. Chloe then confides in Philip that the same thing is going on with her and Daniel, as another woman has his heart--the mother of his child. Philip can’t believe it, but Chloe assures him it’s true, and thinks it’s quite a coincidence that both of the people they love are currently cheating on them. Philip asks Chloe how she found out about Carly and Daniel, and she explains that she learned the two checked into a sleazy motel under fake names. She sniffles, saying that they’re probably having sex right now. Philip sighs and takes her into his arms.

In a seedy warehouse, Hope and Dr. Baker have a drink together. Baker complains that he figured Hope would have taken him far away from this place. Hope sneers, guessing he was looking for something a bit more classy, like the Four Seasons. Baker assures her that this is fine, as he isn’t too big on public places right now anyway. Hope replies that they have that in common, and that they may have more in common, but that is up to him.

Sami wonders how it could possibly be a good idea to move into the same house with his monster of a father and that homicidal maniac Stefano calls his wife. EJ gapes. Sami is sorry that she has to so blunt, but that is how she feels, and it’s how EJ felt up until about two days ago. EJ agrees, but reminds her that that was before he learned how ill his father was. Sami snaps that that doesn’t change his character, but EJ thinks that when a person’s time is limited, it becomes more precious to them, and they start to look within themselves and change. Sami, exasperated, wonders who EJ is and where all this new-age garbage is coming from all of a sudden. EJ reminds her that his daughter was gone for a very long time, and now that he has finally gotten her back, his father is gravely ill. Sami shakes her head, saying that she will never live in that house with him and his father. EJ doesn’t think Sami is being fair, and reminds her that his father isn’t responsible for their recent troubles with their family--Nicole and Dr. Baker are the people that did the real damage. He adds gently that he and Sami have an opportunity to try to make things right and to make things better, but he can’t do it on his own--he needs her help. Sami wavers. EJ pleads with her.

Baker leers, asking Hope what her name is, as he needs something to call her before he invites her over to his place. Hope grimaces, telling him hastily that she isn’t into that kind of action. Baker wonders what kind of action she is looking for, then. Hope shows him all the cash she won, explaining that she had a really lucky night today, while Baker didn’t. She thinks it’s always good to have a steady stream of income, and wonders if Baker agrees. Baker, surprised, asks if she really wants to help him out. Hope admits that she likes to rescue people, as that is what she does for a living. Baker guesses he has to help her first and Hope nods, explaining that she is all about reciprocity. Baker understands, but Hope isn’t sure that understanding is enough, as he is going to have to follow through as well. Baker claims that is what he does, and explains that there are plenty of people in the world that think he is dead because of what he has done in the past.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano plays chess with Will and asks him how he is enjoying his stay. Will says it’s ok. Stefano is surprised it isn’t a little better than that. Will admits it is, as everyone here is really nice, and his bedroom is four times the size of the one he had at home. Stefano chuckles, hoping that isn’t a problem. Will assures him it isn’t, and that he thought it was pretty cool that his brother and sister were able to sleep over the night before. Stefano says that if he were Will, he would get used to that. Will stares in surprise.

EJ insists that Sami’s knee-jerk reaction to his suggestion isn’t fair, though he understands that his father did some horrible things to her family. Sami thinks that’s putting it mildly. EJ continues to insist that this father is very ill, and has softened a great deal. Sami snaps that that isn’t even his best argument in favor of this arrangement, but admits he is right about the kids, as she does want them to have stable home life after the way she was raised. EJ thinks it’s needed, especially for Johnny, who is having a tough time lately. Sami remarks dryly that she noticed. EJ sighs, saying he also knows that it is hard for Sami to be here all alone when he has the kids. Sam doesn’t reply. EJ assumes she is still on her own, unless there is something he doesn’t know about. Sami admits she is, as Rafe told her he can’t trust her anymore, and she has no choice but to come to terms with the fact that she is all alone.

Rafe tosses and turns in bed. He finally throws his pillow aside and jumps out of bed.

Carly prepares to inject Daniel with a syringe. He accuses her of doping him up. Carly asks him to hold still and injects him with the medication. Daniel mumbles that he needs to call Chloe and talk to her after the argument they had. Carly warns him that too much physical exertion could compromise the success of the surgery, and assures him that waiting a few more minutes to talk to Chloe won’t hurt anything. Daniel agrees to listen to whatever Carly says.

Philip is sure nothing could be going on between Daniel and Carly, especially as Daniel clearly loves Chloe. She grumps that he doesn’t anymore, as they had a fight earlier, the worst one they’ve ever had, and Daniel was furious with her. She explains that he went to work and called to tell her he was staying late for surgery, but she knows that’s a lie because he can’t do surgery thanks to his eye condition. Philip admits that that is true. Chloe then explains that she went to the hospital to apologize to Daniel, but once she got there, a nurse told her that Daniel and Carly went to the Mercer Motel together. Philip thinks the nurse may have been mistaken, but Chloe knows he wasn’t, telling Philip about the motel manager confirming that a man and woman fitting Carly and Daniel’s descriptions had checked in earlier. She sobs that they are probably there now. Philip scoffs, “Like father, like daughter.” Chloe wonders how Daniel and Melanie could have done this to them. Philip tells her gravely that they’ve both been played for fools.

Rafe shows up at Sami’s place and apologizes for dropping in like this. He explains that he tried to call, but she didn’t answer. Sami admits her phone is on silent. Rafe strides in, telling Sami that he wanted to finish the conversation they were having earlier about Anna and where she might be. Just then, EJ walks in and interrupts. Chagrined, Rafe notes that Sami has company, and offers to come back later.

Melanie tells Maggie about Nathan coming over, and how the two talked about the fact that he still has feelings for her. She adds hastily that she told him that she is committed to Philip, and that she told Nathan that they have to find a way to simply be friends and coworkers. Maggie wonders if she still has feelings for Nathan. All Melanie will say is that she is committed to Philip. Maggie reminds her that being committed to someone and loving them are two different things. Melanie claims she knows that, but she also knows that she has to make a choice, and by marrying Philip she chose to love him and only him. Melanie adds that it’s working, too. She then confides in Maggie that Nathan didn’t understand her at first, and he kissed her. Maggie asks if Melanie let Nathan kiss her. Melanie thinks he took her by surprise, though she should have pushed him away. Maggie sighs. Melanie thinks the kiss was a good thing, as it gave her and Nathan closure and was like them saying goodbye.

Philip groans that Melanie was supposed to be the one, and that he gave her everything. He can’t believe that this is how she repaid him. Chloe assures him that Melanie doesn’t deserve him. Philip sighs and turns his back to Chloe. Chloe grabs his arm, assuring him again that Melanie doesn’t deserve him. Philip moves in for a kiss. Chloe responds.

Daniel slurs, asking if someone slipped him a roofie. Carly thinks the sedative is just taking effect. Daniel fiddles with his phone, slurring that that is an accurate assessment. Carly suggests that she dial Chloe’s number for him. Daniel mumbles that he needs Chloe. Carly takes the phone and tells Daniel that she will send her a text message right now. Daniel promptly falls asleep.

Philip and Chloe kiss passionately. Chloe pushes him away, asking him what they are doing. Philip isn’t sure, but he doesn’t care. He pulls Chloe onto the couch, and the two kiss some more.

Stefano wins the chess match, and Will admits ruefully that he lost pretty quickly. He wonders if Stefano is a grand master. Stefano chuckles, saying that he’s just an old hustler with a few tricks up his sleeve, as he used to play for money in Naples when he was Will’s age. Stefano hopes Will wouldn’t want him to let him win. Will shakes his head, saying that he was actually thinking of what Stefano said about him getting used to having Johnny and Sydney around. Stefano thinks that would be a good thing. Will agrees, but his mother already can’t stand that he is here, so there is no way she’d let Johnny and Sydney to spend time here. He hopes Stefano won’t take offense, but his mom hates him too much for that. Stefano replies that all he knows is that life is complicated, and that things can change in the blink of an eye.

EJ tells Rafe that it’s alright, as he was just on his way out. He promises Sami that they’ll talk later, and asks her to think about his offer. She promises to do so. EJ wishes them both a good night and heads off. Rafe asks what is going on. Sami explains that EJ wants her to move into the DiMera mansion with the kids so that they can all be together. Rafe bursts out laughing. Sami glares. Rafe, stunned, wonders if she is seriously considering this. Sami doesn’t reply. Rafe demands to know if she has lost her mind. Sami shrugs.

Hope thinks it sounds as if Baker has some serious skeletons in his closet. Baker thinks that is one way to put it. Hope wants him to tell her more, but Baker suspects that she is playing with him, and that this is all a game to her. Hope pulls her gun, asking Baker if it looks like a game now. Baker gulps.

Melanie tells Maggie that the saga of Melanie and Nathan is over, as they are now going to be just professional and friendly to one another from now on and nothing more. Maggie is impressed with her maturity. Melanie admits she is, too. Maggie adds that she is also impressed with Melanie’s love for Philip and her sense of commitment. Melanie reminds her that she is now a married woman, but Maggie thinks she’s also very young, and it’s obvious she’s dealt with some confusion over all of this. Melanie admits she has, but now that she and Nathan have worked everything out, there is still something she must do to be at peace with herself. Maggie wonders what that is. Melanie explains that she has to tell Philip the truth, as she wants to be open and honest with him for the rest of their lives. She takes out her phone and prepares to call Philip.

Carly texts Chloe from Daniel’s phone, asking her to come to the hospital right away, as he has important news. Daniel sleeps nearby.

Philip and Chloe kiss and tear each other’s clothes off. Later, the camera pans in on their buzzing phones as the two begin to make love. Later, the two realize they have messages on their phones and hurry to check them. Chloe, puzzled, wonders why Daniel went back to the hospital. Philip realizes he has a message from Melanie and decides that he has to call her back right away.

Stefano greets EJ as he heads into the mansion, asking how it went. EJ admits that Sami is considering moving in with the kids. Stefano congratulates him, saying that that is wonderful. He wonders if EJ wants to discuss strategy, but EJ isn’t interested. Stefano sighs, saying that he’s glad Sami is at least considering moving in. EJ grunts. Stefano thinks he seems distracted. EJ admits that he is, as they could have hit a snag. Stefano wonders what snag he’s talking about. EJ sighs, “Not what, who.”

Sami lays into Rafe for judging her before anything has been decided, adding that all she and EJ were doing was discussing what is best for their children. Rafe admits that he loves Sami, and it kills him that they are apart. He adds that she will probably think he is just jealousy but there is a time for facts, and this is one of them. Rafe then declares that all EJ has been doing is preying on her and manipulating her, and he is continuing to do so by trying to get her to move into the mansion. Sami huffs as Rafe adds that for some reason, Sami can’t seem to see it.

Baker shakily remarks that the lady is packing heat. Hope thinks Baker probably knows something about desperate measures. Baker admits he is all too familiar. Hope suggests they take this conversation to the next level, and suggests they begin by being frank with one another about what is going on here.

Philip calls Melanie, who tells him that she needs to see him. Philip remarks pointedly that he needs to see her, too, and hangs up. Philip and Chloe get dressed. Chloe wonders what he is going to do. Philip vows to have it out with Melanie. Chloe nods, saying that she plans to do the same, and that she’s going to confront Daniel at the hospital. Philip suggests they check in in an hour and trade stories. Chloe agrees. Philip then tells Chloe what a great person she is, and that he isn’t sorry about what happened between them; he’s just sorry that she is hurting, as she doesn’t deserve that. Chloe doesn’t think he deserves it, either. Philip then heads off, promising to talk to her in an hour. Chloe picks up a photo of herself and Daniel. She calls him a two-timing bastard and throws the picture against the wall. She then huffs out the door.

Baker grins, wondering when he and Hope will get started on this theoretical idea she has been throwing around. Hope suggests he tell her.

Sami vows that EJ isn’t manipulating her, and that they are both just trying to do what is best for their kids. She wonders why he can’t see that. Rafe reminds her that just a few days ago, EJ would have rather let his father die than let him back in his life, but now he is dead-set on reconciling with Stefano and moving back into the mansion. Rafe doesn’t think it makes sense. Sami retorts that life is complicated. Rafe snorts that that is deep. Sami doesn’t see why she has to explain herself further when Rafe is set on seeing her as some puppet with no brain that is controlled by EJ. Rafe sighs. Sami then explains that she just wants to spend as much time with her children as possible, and sharing custody with EJ is frustrating. Embarrassed, she then admits that she wants to spend more time with Sydney in the hopes that she will call her ‘Mama.’ Rafe can’t believe she is willing to move into the DiMera mansion over something like that, but Sami thinks it’s more than just a word, and that it’s proof of something. Sami admits that she hasn’t spent much time with Sydney over her entire life, and now that she has her back, it isn’t enough, as she wants the two of them to bond and be close. Rafe understands where she is coming from, and assures her that she and Sydney will be close, but he doesn’t think it’s right for her to move her kids into the mansion with Stefano when she knows they’ll be influenced by him. He adds that he believes that Stefano is up to something, and that he must be forcing EJ’s hand. Sami thinks Stefano is just sick, but Rafe claims that isn’t it, and that something really bad is going on over there, and deep down, she knows it, too. Rafe then heads off. Sami sighs.

Philip heads into Maggie’s kitchen and greets Melanie, who throws her arms around him, delighted to see him. She declares excitedly how glad she is that he is home. Philip wonders why. Melanie then explains that something happened tonight that she has to tell him about. Philip starts to interrupt, but Melanie begs him not to talk until she finishes, and then he can say whatever he wants. Melanie then explains that she has finally chosen Philip to be in her heart a hundred percent-him and only him.

Chloe rushes into the hospital and asks Maxine where Daniel is. Carly hurries over, glad to see her. Chloe calls her a miserable bitch. Carly and Maxine gape.

Melanie tells Philip that she hasn’t been honest with him, and it all starts with the letter she wrote Nathan on their wedding day. She’s embarrassed and ashamed to admit it, but she was willing to run away with Nathan on her wedding day, and told Nathan as much, but he never received the letter. Philip stares. Melanie admits that she knows it was horrible, and she can’t imagine how hard it is for Philip to hear this. She tells him that she understands if he wants to divorce her, but she hopes he won’t, because she now realizes that he is the only person she ever wants to be with. Philip stares. Melanie thinks she had a sort of revelation, as she now knows Philip is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Philip wonders why she is just realizing this now. Melanie tells Philip about Nathan coming over, and how she told him all the things she is telling Philip now. She then admits that Nathan kissed her, but it was really just a goodbye kiss. Philip is stunned.

Maxine demands to know what’s the matter with Chloe. Carly tells her it’s alright, and that there must have just been a misunderstanding. Carly then tells Chloe that Daniel told her about their fight. Angry, Chloe demands to know what else the two talked about. Carly then explains that Daniel underwent eye surgery earlier, and they think the procedure was a success. Chloe asks what she is talking about. Carly explains that it happened so quickly that Daniel wasn’t able to let her know beforehand, so that’s why he left her the message claiming that he was in surgery. Chloe, confused, says that she came here earlier, and she was told that Daniel had left the hospital with Carly. Maxine grumps that whoever told her so was wrong, as she has been here all night, and so have Carly and Daniel. Chloe, startled, asks if Daniel has really been here all night. Maxine nods. Carly agrees with her. Chloe begins to panic.

Rafe has a drink at the Cheatin’ Heart. He gets a phone call from Stefano, who’s glad that he caught him. Rafe gapes.

Will shows up at Sami’s place, telling her that they need to talk. Sami asks what is going on, and Will explains that he heard that Johnny and Sydney are going to be living at the mansion. Sami scoffs, wondering who told him that. Will admits no one said it exactly, but Stefano hinted at it, and didn’t seem to care about the fact that Sami hates his guts. Will claims that Stefano had the attitude that everything was going his way. Sami, furious, grabs her coat and purse. Will wonders what is going on. Sami declares that Rafe was right, and she curses EJ.

Baker walks up behind EJ on the pier and taps him on the shoulder, telling him that he took a wrong turn and needs directions. EJ whirls around and gapes, “You! But you’re dead!”

Melanie gets that Philip is upset. Philip turns pale and stumbles over to the counter for support. Melanie knows she has a lot more to explain, but for now, all he needs to know is that she loves him, and that she hopes that she can be worth of him. Philip just wishes he had known how she felt before. Melanie wonders, “Before what?”

Chloe heads into Daniel’s room and finds him asleep. Devastated, she sits by his side, moaning that she should have known he’d never do that. Just then, Daniel opens his eyes.

Rafe wonders what the hell Stefano wants. He claims he has information. Rafe assumes it’s about Anna, but Stefano says that it’s actually about Sami.

Will begs Sami to talk to him and tell him what is going on. Sami replies that she doesn’t have time, and asks Will to stay here and watch the kids while she goes and talks to EJ. Sami hurries off as Will splutters.

Hope comes up behind EJ and knocks him out with a blow from her gun. She thinks that went well. Baker sweats, telling her it didn’t go well at all, as EJ knows him, and he worries about what might happen if he wakes up. Hope suggests that they make sure that doesn’t happen.


Chloe gasps, "God, what have I done?" Daniel wonders, "What have you done?"

Phillip tells Melanie, "I made a huge mistake."

As Hope aims her gun at EJ, Baker yells, "Stop! You can't do this."

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