Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/22/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/22/10


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In her room at the Kiriakis mansion Hope applies lipstick and admires herself in the mirror, saying that that’s perfect. She then takes a gun out of a desk drawer and checks the magazine.

Philip heads into the Java Café and tells someone over the phone that he’ll be right there once he gets some coffee. He then sighs, admitting that tonight is the first night he’ll be away from his wife, and he just isn’t crazy about the idea.

At Maggie’s place, Melanie grabs her purse and coat and starts to head out the door, but Nathan is outside. She explains that Maggie went to the neighbor’s house, but Nathan claims that he came to see her. Melanie wonders what’s going on, and Nathan heads inside, reminding her that they started a conversation the day before that never got finished. Melanie replies that they never crossed paths again, but Nathan claims that isn’t true, as he saw Melanie earlier, and she made a beeline for the elevator. She claims she just had another patient to attend to, but Nathan doesn’t buy it, and accuses her of avoiding him.

Hope puts on a coat and grabs her purse and gun. Just as she heads for the door, Justin knocks and calls out for her, asking Hope if she is in there. Hope hesitates.

Sami takes a toy from Johnny at her place. He shrieks that that is unfair. Sami sits down with him, explaining that he mustn’t whine or cry anymore, as it took a long time for her to get his sister to sleep, and she doesn’t want Sydney to wake up. Johnny yells that he wants his daddy. Sami sighs.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ stares at some photos of Johnny and Sydney, saying that it is quiet around here without them, but if it were up to his father, they’d be living there already. EJ adds that he knows Sami would never allow it, but if he doesn’t do what his father says, then Stefano will tell everyone that he’s a despicable swine that kidnapped his own daughter and put everyone else through hell. EJ vows not to let that happen, and wonders if he can get Sami to move in here if he tells her the truth--that he has fallen back in love with her.

In the operating room, Dr. Yang heads off to prep the laser as Carly reminds Daniel that pretty soon his double vision will be gone. She asks if he talked to Chloe about it. Daniel says he left her a message, and adds that he thinks this double vision might be part of the reason he blew up at Chloe the way he did earlier. He vows to make everything right once he gets out of here. Just then, Dr. Yang comes back, asking if Daniel is ready. He says he is.

Outside, Vivian watches in delight as Grant, one of the nurses, informs Chloe that Daniel isn’t here. She’s surprised and angry, as Daniel told her he would be here all night. Grant says he is sorry, as he is just telling her what he knows--and that is that Carly and Daniel both ended their shifts earlier and left together. Chloe asks if overheard them talking about anything. Grant claims he didn’t, and that he just saw them get into the elevator together. Chloe becomes agitated, shouting that she needs to know where the two of them went. Vivian beams.

Sami decides to call EJ, since Johnny wants him so much. Johnny, angry, smacks the phone and it hits Sami in the face. She sternly warns him that he must never do that again. Johnny pouts. She reminds him that he just spent the night with his father yesterday, but Johnny shrieks that he wants his daddy. Sami sighs.

EJ wonders if Sami would agree to move in here if he just told her the truth--that he loves her. He flashes back to Sami putting a hand on his arm and telling him how proud she is of him for writing off his father. EJ comes back to the present and smiles, saying that perhaps, Sami loves him, too. He then decides that there is only one way to find out.

Hope asks Justin what he wants. He admits he doesn’t really want anything, and that he just stopped by her room to make sure she is alright. Hope clutches her gun.

Sami agrees to read Johnny one story before bed, but then he has to go to sleep. He tries to run away, but Sami grabs him and pulls him onto her lap. She reminds him of what a fun day they all had together, and she wonders why he’s giving her such a hard time now. Johnny again cries that he wants his daddy. Sami sighs and takes out her phone. She calls EJ, telling him that he needs his help. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Sami answers to find EJ outside. He grins, telling her that he’s right here. He asks where Johnny is. Sami sighs in relief.

Philip makes a call, canceling his meeting and asking the person on the other end of the line to lie and say he’s sick. He explains that he is just a newlywed that is facing the proposition of spending a night away from his bride, and he doesn’t want to do that. He adds that he is going home to be with his wife and hangs up.

Melanie assures Nathan that she isn’t avoiding him, and that she just didn’t see him earlier. She adds that she doesn’t think they have anything else to say to one another, as she offered to drop out of the nursing program if her presence makes Nathan uncomfortable. Nathan assures her he doesn’t want her to do that, but Melanie thinks a nursing student is more expendable than a doctor. Nathan doesn’t think so, especially when it comes to Melanie. Melanie, uncomfortable, doesn’t think this is a good time to discuss this. Nathan asks if they are alone. She admits they are. Nathan think this is the perfect, then, as they can really be honest with one another about their feelings. He takes Melanie’s hand in his.

Hope calls out to Justin that she is fine, but she’s had a long day, and would like to get some rest. Justin informs her that he and Victor will be downstairs doing some paperwork for a while longer, so he’ll be here if she needs him for anything. She thanks him and pointedly tells him goodnight. Justin wishes her a good night as well and heads off. Hope frets.

EJ comes out from the bedroom and admits to Sami that Johnny was really wound up, but he put him to sleep telling him stories about places they’ll all go visit together. Sami thinks he has the magic touch and guesses she had better go check on Sydney, but EJ tells her he already did that was well. Sydney was awake in her crib, but he sang her back to sleep. He admits she could have been pretending however. Sami giggles and thanks him, not only for putting her kids to sleep, but also for making her laugh. EJ is glad to see her so happy, as her eyes light up when she laughs, and she looks beautiful.

Chloe, now practically hysterical, tells Grant that this is an emergency, and that she must get in touch with Daniel. Grant admits that he heard some gossip about Carly and Daniel going to a motel together. Chloe turns pale. Grant knows the place was seedy and private, so he’s pretty sure it must have been the Mercer Motel. Vivian looks on in delight as Chloe panics.

Melanie says that she and Nathan have already been honest with one another, as she told him she’d drop out of the nursing program if her being in it made him uncomfortable. Nathan assures her he doesn’t want her to drop out, and adds that he also thinks she knows that wasn’t what he meant by being honest. Nervous, Melanie asks what he means. Nathan explains that he has feelings for her, and he thinks she has feelings for him, too. Melanie warns him not to tell her how she feels. He promises he won’t, but pleads with her to tell him how she feels about him and about the two of them.

Sami asks EJ what he and the kids did during their night at the mansion. He jokes that they went to Disneyland. Sami giggles. and EJ tells her about watching the Wizard of Oz and singing silly songs, and then how he and Johnny put together a puzzle. Sami thinks that must have been fun, and wishes she would have been there, too. EJ explains that that is actually what he wanted to talk to her about.

Chloe doesn’t think it’s possible that Carly and Daniel are at the Mercer Motel. Grant thinks she is probably right, as he sometimes hears and sees things after working long shifts. He assures Chloe that wherever Carly and Daniel went-- if they even went anywhere together-- it couldn’t have been the Mercer. Chloe hopes he is right and thanks him, hurrying off. Vivian comes over, applauding Grant on a job well done. He feels badly for lying to Chloe, but Vivian reminds him that he didn’t want to do this job anymore, either. She hands him a stack of cash, adding that now he can do whatever he wants. Grant, stunned, thanks her profusely, but he claims he doesn’t see the point of what he did, and why him lying to Chloe about her fiancé cheating makes Vivian so happy. She explains that she is out to get revenge, and that is exactly what she is going to get. She then waves Grant off, telling him to go get on a plane for wherever he’s headed next. Grant hurries off.

Melanie reminds Nathan that she already told him that she way committed to Philip, but Nathan wants to know how she really feels, as lying to themselves is only going to confuse things even more. She then admits at this all started with the letter she wrote him on her wedding day. Nathan thought she just wrote it to say goodbye, but Melanie admits that she lied, and that the letter actually told him that she would leave Philip for him, and that she wouldn’t marry Philip if Nathan still loved her. Nathan is surprised at first, but then beams, saying that he always hoped that Melanie felt that way. Melanie cries that it doesn’t really matter anymore, since he didn’t show up. Nathan responds by kissing her. Melanie wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him back. The camera pans over to the kitchen window, where Philip is staring in at the two. He then hurries away. Melanie pushes Nathan away after a few more moments and tells him that that was a goodbye kiss.

Chloe is at the Mercer Motel, and asks the manager if Daniel Jonas or Carly Manning checked in tonight. The manager claims he can’t tell her, as it’s his policy not to do so. Chloe rummages through her purse and hands the man a wad of cash. Now compliant, he pulls up the registry on the computer and looks it over, saying that neither of those people checked in. Chloe is appeased at first, but then asks if he thinks they may have checked in under assumed names. The manager admits people do that from time to time and he does have an awful lot of ‘Smiths’ registered tonight. Chloe then pulls out her phone, showing the manger a picture of Daniel, and asking if he saw him here tonight.

Philip heads into the Kiriakis mansion and pours a drink. Justin walks in, wondering what he’s doing here. Philip snaps, “What does it look like?” He downs a scotch. Justin wonders why Philip isn’t home with his wife. Philip scoffs.

Sami tells EJ that there is something he needs to know first, and she tells him about Lucas wanting Allie to spend a few weeks with him in Hong Kong. EJ is surprised. Sami nods, explaining that Lucas flew all the way back here so she wouldn’t have to go alone, so it was difficult for her to refuse him. EJ says he understands. Sami claims that that is probably why both she and Johnny aren’t acting like themselves. She reminds EJ that Johnny and Allie are never apart for very long, so he’s going to miss his sister a lot. She thinks he misses Rafe, too. EJ wonders if she misses Rafe. Sami admits she does. EJ wonders if Rafe is doing anything to fix their relationship, but Sami says that Rafe has made it clear that he will never forgive her for lying to him about Sydney’s ransom notes. She sighs, saying that EJ forgave her for hiding his child from him, and she has to wonder why he did. EJ reminds her that they have children together, while her and Rafe breaking up is easier and simpler because there isn’t any collateral damage. He thinks with the two of them however, the needs of their children supersedes the need to hold on to past resentments, and besides, it isn’t as if he has always been a complete saint. Sami doesn’t think that excuses what she did by lying about her pregnancy, as that is what led to this whole mess with Dr. Baker and Grace. EJ reminds her that she can’t fix things now, and advises her to be happy that they have two beautiful healthy children. Sami claims she is happy about that, but she can’t help but wish she could go back and do things differently. She adds that she wishes he had never lied to EJ about her pregnancy.

Hope strolls along the pier and makes a call, “Is it on? Good. I’m on my way.”

The manager of the motel thinks that Daniel looks familiar, and might be here. Chloe asks if he came in with a good-looking brunette with pouty lips. The man nods, saying that that sounds about right. He then warns Chloe that an uptown guy like that only brings a woman here for one reason--and it isn’t to play checkers. Chloe frets.

Philip tells Justin that he isn’t with his wife because he is an idiot. Justin asks if he wants to talk about it, but Philip would rather have another drink. Justin presses him for information, asking if the two had a fight. Philip shakes his head, saying that with a fight, there’s a chance that you can make up, but now everything he believed about his wife and marriage has turned out to be a lie. Justin thinks something clearly happened between the two of them, but Philip says nothing happened between him and Melanie. Justin sighs, getting that Philip wants him to back off. He offers Philip some advice, however, and that is to go and be with his wife and try to fix things instead of sitting around here drinking. Philip asks pointedly if that was what Justin did when he and Adrienne were having problems.

Nathan doesn’t understand why Melanie wants to say goodbye when she just admitted that she would leave Philip for him. Melanie claims that she did love Nathan, and she did want to be with him, but that’s not true anymore. Nathan wonders what has changed, and asks angrily if Melanie is scared of what Philip might do if she leaves him. She smiles, saying that she isn’t afraid of Philip at all, and that the reason she won’t leave him is because she doesn’t want to. She adds that she and Nathan are done. Nathan frowns.

At the Java Café, Vivian tells Gus that the hotel manager told Chloe exactly what she paid him to tell her, and Chloe nearly passed out at the news that Carly and Daniel were at the motel together. Gus wonders why she relishes in Chloe’s humiliation. Vivian declares that all she wants is for all of this to ricochet back onto Carly, and she honestly doesn’t care who gets humiliated in the process. She wonders when Gus became such a bleeding heart. He claims that he is honestly just worried about Vivian, and the fact that this plan could end up backfiring on her and making her suffer in the end. Vivian snorts with laughter.

Daniel lies in a hospital bed and moans Chloe’s name. Carly is by his side and takes his had, explaining that Chloe isn’t here, but that she will be soon.

Chloe heads into her apartment and stares at a picture of her and Daniel. She sinks on the couch with a sigh.

Philip strolls along the pier and takes a swig from a flask. He flashes back to Melanie telling him that she loves him, and that she married the right man. Philip comes back to the present and scoffs.

Melanie tells Nathan that it’s true that she still has feelings for him, but she refuses to act on them any longer. Nathan is surprised that she can live her life denying what the two of them have, but Melanie vows that she can and she will do that, and that Nathan has to do the same.

EJ claims that he has now come to understand why Sami lied about her pregnancy, but Sami can’t believe that he understands it now when she has come to understand it less than ever. She adds that if she had told EJ the truth from the beginning, then Nicole never would have been able to trick that nun, and she never would have given birth in that sleazy clinic with Dr. Baker. Sami flashes back to Dr. Baker coaching her during the delivery and comes back to the present angry, raging about that slime-ball doctor tricking her. EJ tries to soothe her, reminding her that Dr Baer is dead, and Sydney is with her parents, and is thriving. He suggests they start looking to the future--their future.

Hope plays poker with a group of men. She wins the pot with a straight flush and ends up taking everyone’s money. She cackles with delight. One of the men wonders if she has a pact with the devil. She doesn’t answer, replying that the game is over. Just then, Dr. Baker walks over, telling her it isn’t over yet, as she owes him a drink. Hope grins.

Sami reminds EJ that he wanted to tell her something. He reminds her that Will is living at the mansion. Sami sighs, saying that she doesn’t need to be reminded of that. EJ explains that she needs to start putting her children first, and he has an idea of how they both can do that.

Gus explains that he just doesn’t see nay good coming out of this. Vivian decides to clarify, and reminds Gus that she can’t touch Carly because she is engaged to Victor, and Bo is Victor’s son. That’s why she has to get that screechy opera signer to do her dirty work for her. She adds that that she must put Chloe in a position to take care of her Carly problem for her. Gus shakes his head and laughs. Vivian grins.

Carly asks Daniel to focus on her finger, hoping he only sees one. Daniel, elated, says he does. Carly is glad to hear it, telling him that they’ll have to wait a little longer before they know for sure if the surgery was a success, but she’s optimistic. Daniel admits he is grateful to her. Carly jokingly advises him to stay off the ice from now on, or to get some cleats. Daniel promises to do so, and then tells Carly that he wants to tell Chloe the good news.

Chloe stares at a picture of her and Daniel. She sips some wine, then slams the glass and the photo frame down on the table. She grabs her coat and purse and opens the door to head out, but she finds Philip outside. The two stare at one another.

Nathan admits that he played this conversation out in his head a lot of times, but Melanie never told him goodbye in any of them. She doesn’t answer. He then adds that he respects her too much to fight her on this, so since she has moved on, he will do the same. The two both agree that they’ll be friends and colleagues at the hospital, but that is all. They then hug, and Nathan heads out the door. Melanie watches him go tearfully.

Hope counts her cash and tell Baker that she knows he had a bad night. He admits that’s true, and says that that is why he wants Hope to buy him a drink. She agrees to do so, as she hasn’t got anything better to do.

Sami wonders how EJ thinks that they might be better parents. He explains that he thinks it’s confusing for the kids to have to go back and forth between two places, and tells Sami to avoid that confusion, he wants her, Johnny and Sydney to come live with him. Sami gapes.


Melanie tells Maggie, “Philip and I are going to finally be happy.”

Philip and Chloe kiss.

Sami tells EJ, “And I never will live in that house with your father.”

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