Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/21/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/21/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Nicole is on the phone with someone, demanding that her crew get down here right away, as she scored an exclusive interview with the mayor. Arianna hurries in, her face obscured by a garment bag, and Nicole hangs up, glad that the crew is finally here. She takes a sip of coffee and grimaces, complaining about how it was prepared. Arianna stands up from where she was kneeling on the floor and demands to know where Cece is. Nicole replies that Cece is toast, and that she got the job. Arianna guesses unhappily that she is working for Nicole. Nicole thinks Victor or Philip probably set this all up as a joke, but Arianna claims that she interviewed for this job and got it on her own, so she’s the new production assistant. Nicole retorts that she isn’t, and fires her on the spot. Arianna glares.

At the pub, Daniel tells Chloe angrily that he needs to leave before he says something that he regrets. He then storms off. Chloe groans and buries her head in her hands. Vivian, who has been listening in, walks over and puts a hand on Chloe’s shoulder, sympathizing with her. Chloe, surprised to see Vivian, snaps that she doesn’t need pity, or anything else from her, but Vivian disagrees.

At the hospital, Dr. Yang tells Carly that he hopes Daniel will be here soon, as he’d like to get him prepped before surgery. Carly is sure he will be. Dr. Yang hopes she warned Daniel about this procedure being experimental. She says she did, and that she asked him to look over the website as well. She hopes that Daniel is a good candidate for the surgery and Yang admits he is, as he would never have agreed to do the surgery otherwise. Carly confides in him that Daniel seemed to calm down quite a bit when he learned she would be assisting with the surgery. Just then, Victor walks up behind her and snorts, “You? Operate on Daniel? Like hell you will!”

In Hope’s bedroom at the Kiriakis mansion, Ciara peers into a box from underneath Hope’s bed. She tells her teddy bear that she thinks her mommy has a secret. Just then, Hope calls for Ciara from downstairs, wondering where she is. Ciara stares.

Brady and Justin run into one another on the pier. The two make small talk about Justin’s mugging, and about Hope being on the case. Brady tells him that he heard that the Cheatin’ Heart was for sale. Justin admits that is what Adrienne wants. He then changes the subject, guessing that Brady is up to his ears in wedding plans, but Brady says that he and Arianna actually put it off. Justin wonders whose idea that was--Arianna’s, or Nicole’s.

Arianna informs Nicole that she doesn’t have the right to fire her. Nicole replies loftily that she is the talent, and what she says goes. She vows to talk to Philip about this, and then he’ll have human resources reassign Arianna to someone else. Arianna retorts that that is fine by her. Just then, Abe walks over, telling Nicole that if she wants an exclusive, they’d better get started. Arianna can’t believe Abe is giving Nicole an exclusive and wonders if he is out of his mind.

Hope heads into her room as Ciara hurriedly stuffs the box back under her bed. Hope asks what she was doing, but Ciara claims she wasn’t doing anything. Hope guesses she was trying on her high heels. Cara doesn’t answer. Hope picks her up and sits her on the bed, telling Ciara that she doesn’t have any idea what is going on inside her head and that worries her. Ciara replies that she doesn’t know what’s going on inside her mommy’s head, either. Hope raises an eyebrow.

Justin rephrases the question, asking Brady if he thinks he and Arianna would be married if Nicole hadn’t been released from prison. Brady admits that that’s true, and that part of the reason he thinks Arianna agreed to marry him so quickly was because she thought Nicole would be in prison for years. Justin wonders if Arianna still feels the same way about Brady now that Nicole is out of prison. Brady replies that she claims to. Justin then confides Brady that he and Adrienne just said goodbye to each other, and looking back over their years together, all he sees are missed opportunities. He advises Brady not to be casual about a chance for happiness. Brady promises that he isn’t, and that he just wants to give Arianna time to see that Nicole won’t be able to change things between them. Justin says hopes it works out for him and heads off. Brady sighs, hoping it does, too.

Abe tells Nicole that if he is going to do this interview, it has to be now. Nicole protests that she hasn’t changed or put on her makeup, but Abe shrugs, saying that it’s now or never. Nicole takes Arianna aside, asking where the camera crew is. Arianna explains that she’s looking at her, and explains that since Nicole called this in last -minute, all the crews had been assigned elsewhere. She picks up a camera, telling Nicole that it will be alright, as she took a TV course once in college, and the guys in the truck told her how to operate the camera. Nicole isn’t reassured, but since she has no choice, she begins he interview with Abe, asking him about the mugging. Abe admits that he was attacked the night before. Nicole wonders if he thinks this reflects poorly on his administration, and on the police department, since three powerful men were attacked and mugged in as many days. Abe replies coolly that he is proud of his own record and that of the police department. Nicole doesn’t see how that can be, since he’s now a victim of the mugger. She asks him if he is embarrassed. Arianna, angry, shrieks, “Cut, cut, cut!”

Vivian assumes that Carly has gotten to Daniel, and advises Chloe that she mustn’t let Carly win.

Carly asks Dr. Yank to scrub in while she deals with Victor. He heads off, and Carly explains that Dr. Yang is going to be fixing Daniel’s vision problem. Victor asks what she is talking about, and she informs him that Daniel has had double vision ever since he fell on the ice. Victor snaps at her to let Dr. Yang handle it alone, but Carly retorts that she is the only attending surgeon on staff that’s been briefed about the procedure. Victor thinks it’s enough that Carly has ruined Bo’s life without trying to do the same to Daniel, but Daniel walks over just then, claiming that Carly isn’t doing that. He insists that he trusts Carly with his life. Victor calls him a damn fool.

Hope decides to try to tell Ciara what is going on in her head, and tells Ciara how worried she is about her. She knows she misses her daddy, and her family being together, but she doesn’t understand why Ciara makes up stories about things she didn’t say. Ciara frowns. Hope assures her that she would never tell her that Justin is going to be her new daddy, reminding her that she already has a daddy that loves her very much. Ciara doesn’t reply. Hope sighs, telling her that he came to get her because dinner is ready. She promises to meet her downstairs in a few minutes, and Ciara hurries off. Once outside the door, she whispers quietly that she didn’t make it up.

Nicole wonders what Arianna thinks she is doing. She accuses Nicole of being rude to the mayor, and apologizes to him on Nicole’s behalf, but Abe just wants to get on with it and answer Nicole’s question. They resume filming, and Abe explains that he isn’t embarrassed to be attacked, as a crime isn’t any better or worse when a person in power is the victim. He then assures the audience that the mugger is going to be caught. Nicole asks what is being done to ensure that, and Abe explains that one of their best detectives, Hope Brady, is assembling a task force.

Justin heads into Hope’s room and greets her, saying that he saw Ciara downstairs, and she told him that he could find Hope here. She asks him if he thinks Ciara was doing alright. Justin thinks she seemed fine, but Hope explains that she has a real problem with her. She confides in him about Ciara insisting that she said something she didn’t say, and about her stealing reward stickers from her teacher’s desk. Justin thinks Ciara seems normal and well-adjusted, but Hope doesn’t think it’s like her daughter to lie and steal. Hope adds that Ciara also seems to have a real problem with her lately. Justin wonders if she has spoken to Bo, but Hope tells him about the bone marrow transplant for Kim, and how Bo is out in L.A. recuperating. She thinks this is her problem and decides to call the therapist in the morning, but Justin suggests he try to help first.

Chloe wonders if Vivian thinks she is stupid, and hasn’t figured out that the only reason she is saying all of this is because she hates Carly. Vivian admits she does, since Carly murdered her nephew and came to Salem to break up Bo’s marriage. Chloe thought she came to be near her daughter. Vivian guesses that was part of it, and goes on to say that she knows that Carly is growing closer to Daniel, and she also knows that Chloe doesn’t knows how to fight Carly--but she does, as she has past experience with the woman. She vows not to let Carly destroy Melanie, Daniel or Chloe. Chloe is taken aback. Just then, Father Matt walks over and greets Chloe, asking if anything is wrong. She glares at Vivian, saying that she can’t seem to get this woman to leave her alone.

Daniel pulls Victor aside and explains that he respects Carly as a friend and a doctor, but Victor warns him that people drop like flies around Carly. Victor rails on her for killing Lawrence, but Daniel thinks she had to, and reminds Victor that he shouldn’t trust a senile psychopath like Vivian. Carly interrupts at this point, explains that Dr. Yang wants to get Daniel prepped for surgery. Victor can’t believe Daniel is going through with it, and warns Carly that he had better come out of that operating room alive and seeing perfectly. He then stalks off. Daniel apologizes. Carly changes the subject, asking what Chloe had to say about the good news. Daniel admits he didn’t get around to telling her, as the two of them just had the biggest fight of their lives. Carly wonders what it was about. Daniel admits it was about Carly.

In the living room of the mansion, Hope thanks Justin for putting Ciara to bed. She then confides in Justin that what Ciara lied about was her saying hat Justin could be her new daddy. Justin is sure that it was just a dream. Hope agrees, as Bo will always be Ciara’s father, and she would never say anything to the contrary. Justin wonders if Ciara has been spending time with Bo, but Hope admits she hasn’t seen him much since Carly moved in. She admits part of it is that she thinks Carly is dangerous after all that happened with Lawrence, but she also doesn’t want Ciara thinking of Carly as her new step-mother. Justin isn’t so sure things have gone that far between Bo and Carly, but Hope explains she overheard Carly at the hospital while she was on the phone with Bo, and it sounded as if they are pretty intimate. Justin wonders why she was at the hospital, and she explains she was visiting Abe. Justin wonders if he is sick. Surprised that he hasn’t heard, Hope quickly explains that Abe was mugged last night--just the way Justin was. Justin wonders if Abe saw the attacker. Hope admits he didn’t, but that she wishes he had.

Nicole thanks Abe for being such a good sport. He shakes her hand, saying pointedly that he wishes he could say it was a pleasure. He then hurries off.

Father Matt asks Vivian to give him and Chloe a moment alone and she reluctantly heads off. Father Matt recognizes Vivian from the paper and wonders what she wanted with Chloe. Chloe admits that Vivian overheard an argument between her and Daniel and wanted the dirt. Father Matt asks worriedly if it was a big fight. Chloe nods, admitting it was the biggest one they’ve ever had, and she fears that she may have pushed Daniel right into Carly’s arms.

Gus heads into the pub and tells Vivian that he needs to take her back to the mansion, as Victor is wondering why she hasn’t returned his calls. Vivian hisses that she isn’t going anywhere until she gets through to Chloe Lane, and quickly fills Gus in on the fight Daniel and Chloe had about Carly. Gus wonders if Vivian was able to get through to Chloe. Vivian admits she tried, but then that wretched priest interrupted. Vivian then vows not to give up until she turns Chloe into a weapon of Carly Manning’s destruction.

Gabi calls Arianna, who tells her about her first day on the job, and flying by the seat of her pants operating a camera. Gabi thinks Brady will be proud of her and asks when the segment she filmed will air. Arianna explains it will be on later tonight and doesn’t think Gabi will ever guess who the reporter is. Gabi thought it was Cece Chavez, but Arianna explains that it’s actually Nicole. Gabi can’t believe it, but Arianna assures her it’s true. Gabi wishes her luck with the baby switcher and hangs up as Brady walks up behind her. He assumes she must have been talking about Nicole.

Carly doesn’t like that Daniel and Chloe are fighting about her, and hopes she didn’t say anything to offend Chloe. Daniel assures her that she didn’t, and that Chloe just feels insecure. Carly doesn’t see why she would, since she’s gorgeous and has the voice of an angel, but Daniel thinks it’s because of his long-lost daughter. Carly thinks the long-lost daughter’s mother being back in his life might have something to do with it, too. Daniel admits that is true. He adds that because if the fight, he really didn’t think it was best to tell Chloe about the surgery, and how Carly would be assisting. Carly thinks she has a right to know, as Chloe is his fiancée. She adds that she also thinks that Daniel needs to assure Chloe that she isn’t a threat to her in any way.

Hope tells Justin that she has a splitting headache, so she plans to check on Ciara once more and then turn in for the night. Justin, worried, asks if she is coming down with something, but Hope assures him that it’s just a sinus headache. She wishes him a good night and heads upstairs.

Daniel calls Chloe and leaves her a message, guessing that she is still angry and has her phone turned off. Daniel admits that the situation they are in right now is frustrating, but he tells her that he still loves her, and that that will never change. He then fills her in on the laser surgery he is having on his eyes, and lets her know that he most likely won’t be home. He hangs up as Carly walks over, telling him that the doctor is ready for him. Daniel is ready to get started, and the two head off for the operating room together.

Vivian calls Victor and apologizes for not calling him back before, as she has been busy with wedding arrangements. Victor snaps that there is a problem, as Daniel is having eye surgery today, and Carly is going to be attending. Vivian admits she overheard Chloe and Daniel arguing earlier and that must have been what it was about. She then tells Victor that she can’t wait for him to see the seating arrangements for their reception and hangs up. Victor rolls his eyes. Vivian tells Gus about Daniel having surgery, how Carly attending, and how he didn’t see fit to tell Chloe about it. Gus thinks that information could be useful. Vivian agrees, but admits she isn’t sure just yet how to use it.

Father Matt asks Chloe if she has had a chance to talk with Daniel about all of this, but she shakes her head, saying that Carly always seems to be around, as she lives across the hall and is a doctor at the hospital. Father Matt wonders what it is Chloe would like to tell Daniel. She sighs, admitting that it feels to her as if Carly is horning in on every part of their lives. Vivian listens in, interested.

Brady warns Gabi not to play him, as he knows she was speaking to someone about Nicole. He guesses it was Arianna, and asks what is going on. Gabi would rather not say. Brady sighs, asking if Titan’s TV station plans on doing an expose about Nicole. Gabi shakes her head, and reluctantly tells Brady that Arianna and Nicole are working together. Brady doesn’t think that is possible, but Gabi informs him that Nicole was hired as a reporter, and Arianna had to run the camera for her tonight. Brady worriedly asks where the two are. Gabi thinks they’re still at the police station. Brady hurries off as Gabi calls after him not to tell Arianna that she told him.

Nicole stuffs some things into her purse, orders Arianna to hang her things up in her office neatly and to get her coffee right the next time. Arianna wonders if Nicole is always like this, or if she’s just a bitch towards her. Nicole, stunned, demands to know what she called her. Arianna snaps that she called her a bitch--which is exactly what Nicole is. Nicole scoffs.

Hope heads into her room and gets ready for bed. She pops a pill as the camera pans in on the box Ciara found, which is poking out from underneath the bed.

Nicole admits she is a bitch, which is why she was able to get an interview with the mayor before anyone else, and which is why she is going to rock this job. She adds that if Arianna doesn’t like it, she can go back to pub and serve clam chowder. Brady rushes in just then, demanding to know what the hell is going on.

Chloe gets the message from Daniel for the first time, and plays it aloud for Father Matt. Daniel explains that he is going into surgery, and won’t be home tonight. Chloe sighs and hangs up, saying she had hoped that Daniel was calling to apologize. Father Matt thought Daniel couldn’t perform surgeries because of his eye problems. Chloe guesses he must just be consulting on one. Father Matt suggests she go down to the hospital and try to catch Daniel before he goes into the operating room. Vivian hurries out the door as Father Matt assures Chloe that she can work this out. Chloe wishes she could believe that, too, but she can’t.

Victor heads into the mansion and greets Justin, asking what the hell he is doing here. Justin tosses some papers down on the desk, explaining that he has some contracts for Victor to sign. Victor agrees to do so, but remarks that Justin could have done this in the morning--but then again, that wouldn’t have given him the chance to come sniffing around Hope. Justin sighs.

Hope tosses and turns in bed. Suddenly, she sits bolt upright, checks the clock, and gasps that she overslept. She throws back the covers and jumps out of bed, telling herself that she doesn’t have much time.

At the hospital, Vivian eyes a male nurse, asking Gus quietly if he is sure he is the right person. Gus nods, saying that he hates his job and needs the money. Vivian hopes he needs it enough to be willing to destroy Carly’s reputation.

Carly asks Daniel is he is relaxed and ready for surgery. Daniel assures her that he is. Just then, Dr. Yang comes in, wondering if they are ready. Carly nods and take Daniel’s hand, assuring him that he will be fine, and that she won’t leave his side for a moment.

Chloe reminds Father Matt that Daniel is going into surgery, but he feels that she ought to try to catch him beforehand, and if she can’t, then she should leave a message. He is sure she and Daniel can work this out, but Chloe claims she isn’t so sure of that anymore. Father Matt assures her that she and Daniel are good people and love each other. Chloe smiles and thanks him, agreeing to try to work things out.

Brady explains that he came down here when he heard Arianna and Nicole were working together so that he could see how everything was going, but he thinks he already knows. Arianna claims everything is fine, but Nicole retorts that she was late, she was rude, and she embarrassed her in front of the mayor. Brady reminds Arianna that working with Nicole isn’t what she signed up for, and offers to get her another job, but Arianna doesn’t want to keep coming to him with her employment problems. She assures him that she likes this job. Brady would rather find her another job at the TV station and Nicole agrees that Arianna ought to get a job elsewhere if she can.

Vivian heads over and greets the nurse, Mr. Winton. He shakes her hand, saying that he remembers her from the papers, and can’t believe that he is getting to meet her. Vivian assures him that the pleasure will be all his--provided that he do exactly what she tells him to.

Justin refuses to have this conversation with Victor again, as he already knows that Victor has his heart set on Bo and Hope getting back together. Victor snaps that they belong together. Justin thinks that is up to Bo and hope, and that Bo has already made his choice. Victor thinks Bo will eventually se Carly for what she truly is. Justin wonders if Hope is supposed to raise Ciara and deal with her problems alone until Bo comes to his senses. Victor scoffs, guessing that Justin believes he is the man that can help bring it all together for Hope. Justin vows to try.

Hope finishes her hair and makeup, peeks into a mirror, and smiles. She tells herself that tonight is going to be the night.

Arianna insists she isn’t a quitter. Brady doesn’t think she’d be quitting. Nicole agrees. Arianna snaps at her to stay out of this, and tells Brady that she doesn’t want him running to Philip and telling him that she’s unhappy after her first day. She adds that she has dealt with horrible bosses before, and she refuses to let this woman win by getting another job. Nicole rolls her eyes.

Dr. Yang heads off to prep the laser. Carly is sure that Daniel’s vision problems will be gone soon, and asks him if he talked to Chloe. Daniel admits he had to leave her message, and confides in Carly that he thinks this double vision is part of the reason he blew up at Chloe. He vows to make things right with her once he gets out of surgery.

Vivian watches as Chloe heads into the hospital and greets the nurse she spoke to earlier, Grant. He’s surprised to see Chloe here so late, and she explains that she was trying to catch Daniel before he went into surgery. Grant informs her that he just checked the operating room schedule, and Daniel isn’t listed on the rotation. Chloe thinks there must be some kind of mistake, as Daniel called and told her about it. Grant sighs. Chloe wonders what is going on. Grant admits he likes her, so he is going to be honest. He then tells her that he saw Daniel here earlier with Carly, but now they’re both gone. Chloe gapes.

Victor thought Hope gave Justin his walking papers, but Justin thinks Hope might be changing her mind about all of that. He then reminds Victor that he constantly cleans up all his legal messes and gets him out of trouble, while Bo has vowed to put Victor away if he could, yet Victor seems to think Bo is more of man than he is. Victor admits that Bo is a man. Justin sarcastically assures Victor that a son of his could never be anything less, and advises him to check those contracts and make sure he didn’t trick him into signing over the dynasty. He then huffs off to check on Hope and Ciara.

Hope applies lipstick as Justin approaches her door. Hope smiles at her reflection in the mirror, “Perfect.”


Chloe shouts, “I need to know where they were going!”

Nathan pleads with Melanie, “Tell me how you feel about me.”

EJ tells Sami, “You look very beautiful.”

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