Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/20/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/20/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Hope heads into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, asking Ciara if she is ready for school. She nods and stuffs a magazine into her knapsack. Hope asks what it is, and Ciara replies that she is taking it to school for show and tell. Hope notices that it’s a wedding magazine and takes it from Ciara, saying that it must be one of Vivian’s. She wonders why Ciara is taking is taking it to school. Ciara replies it’s because her mommy is getting married. Hope explains that she isn’t getting married, and if she were, Ciara would be the first to know. She then reminds Ciara that her and her daddy are still married. Ciara wonders why she told her that Uncle Justin was going to be her new daddy, then. Hope claims she never said that. Ciara flashes back to Hope telling her that Uncle Justin may one day be her new daddy. Ciara comes back to the present as Hope insists that she would never tell her that Justin or anyone else could be her new father. Ciara, upset, insists that she remembers Hope saying that.

At the hospital, Daniel groans and rubs his eyes as Carly walks over, greeting him. She assures him that he is going to be alright. Daniel grumbles, wishing that people would stop telling him that, as he isn’t at all sure that he’s going to be alright. Carly thinks he is wrong about that. She adds that while she knows the technique they tried yesterday didn’t work out so well, she has recently come up with a better idea.

Chloe and Nicole stroll along the pier. Nicole remarks that it’s a beautiful morning. Chloe grumbles. Nicole thinks someone skipped breakfast, and Chloe admits she did, as she kept worrying that Carly would burst into her apartment with sticky buns, so she couldn’t eat. Nicole thinks Chloe ought to be happy Carly’s buns are across the hall instead of living with her and Daniel. Chloe admits she is so sick of Carly that she could just kill her in her sleep. She immediately apologizes, but Nicole says she’d rather see Chloe out for blood than acting like a saint. Chloe wonders what choice she has in the matter, as Daniel just thinks Carly is so great. Nicole suggests they get some bacon and eggs and plot Carly’s downfall together. She and Chloe then head off. Vivian steps out from around a corner and grins, “Yes. You do that, ladies.”

Hope knows how much Ciara misses her father, and suggests that she dreamed that she said that. Ciara claims it wasn’t a dream, and insists she isn’t telling a lie. Upset, she hurries out the door. Hope asks her to wait, but her phone rings. She answers, and learns from someone down at the station that Abe was mugged. Angry that she wasn’t notified earlier, she rushes off for the station, vowing that someone is in big trouble.

Now at the pub, Nicole tells Chloe about Philip offering her a job as a roving reporter for Titan’s TV station. Chloe is surprised to hear that Victor’s son offered her an on-air job. Nicole asks Chloe if she thinks Brady was involved. Chloe isn’t sure. Nicole reminds her that she was on TV, and knows how these things work, but Chloe grimaces, saying that she’d prefer to forget that time in her life. Nicole remembers that Chloe’s charming mother-in-law tried to poison her for playing around behind her son’s back. Chloe frowns. Nicole remarks that she doesn’t blame anyone for messing around behind Lucas’ back. Chloe gives her a look, and Nicole apologizes, admitting that was mean. She thinks the point, however, is that Chloe went through hell for Daniel. She adds that she has a feeling that their problems as a couple aren’t over and she wonders if Chloe really thinks Daniel is worth all that.

From outside the pub, Vivian stares in at the two through the window and smiles, hoping they’re talking about Carly Manning. Just then, Gus rushes over, telling Vivian that she has a full schedule for the day, beginning with a meeting with a florist, but Vivian explains that she has no time for any of that, as she has more important business to attend to. Gus wonders if it involves Carly Manning. Vivian admits it doesn’t unfortunately, because Victor warned her about hurting his son’s mother-in-law, but she is hoping that Carly is vicious enough that she has other enemies besides herself. Gus wonders who she could mean. Vivian stares in at Chloe, saying that it would have be someone who could be persuaded to do something that she cannot--namely, drive a stake into that vampire Carly’s non-existent heart.

Hope rushes into Abe’s room at the hospital, asking if he is alright. Lexie assures Hope that he will be fine. Abe grumbles that he has a terrible headache. Hope wonders how she could have not known about this. Abe explains that someone tried to reach her, and Hope nods ruefully, admitting that she had no idea anyone had until she tore a rookie’s head off. It turns out that her phone was off, and that Henderson isn’t so good at giving her messages. Abe guesses that Hope’s mugger got him, and asks her if she is still on the case. Hope nods vehemently, saying that she is, especially since both Abe and Justin were attacked. Abe then asks Lexie for a moment alone with Hope. Lexie starts to head off, but pulls Hope aside, informing her that Abe could have died if the attacker had hit him just a few inches to the right. She asks Hope to be sure and catch this guy and walks out. Hope then asks Abe what makes him think that his attack is related to the ones on Justin and on the D.A. Abe explains that he was strolling along the pier on the way to meet Lexie for dinner, and just like Justin, he was knocked out without seeing anything or hearing anything. He adds that his wallet was missing, too, just like the other men. Hope says that all for she knows for sure is that this person has some guts, as he attacked some pretty high- profile people. Hope worries about what he will do next.

Victor opens the door at the mansion to find Arianna outside. She says that she is here to meet Brady, and Victor explains that his meeting ran late. Arianna offers to come back later, but Victor suggests she stay for a chat, assuring her jokingly that he won’t eat her for breakfast. He makes Arianna some coffee and makes small talk about her new job at Titan TV. She explains that she is going to be Cece Chavez’s new assistant. Victor wonders if it was hard to give up the glamour of the pub to come work for him. Arianna thought the television station was a wedding gift to Philip, and that he would be running it, but Victor explains that that the end of the day, everyone at Titan answers to him. Arianna promises to do a good job, and to work hard, but she says she won’t answer to Victor. Victor notes that she is feisty, and that it will come in handy when Arianna goes head to head with Nicole over Brady.

Chloe assures Nicole that being with Daniel isn’t causing her to suffer, but Nicole doesn’t buy it--not when the mother of Daniel’s child is living right across the hall, and not when Daniel and Carly are playing Mommy and Daddy with Melanie. Chloe reminds her that just the other day, Nicole was assuring her that Daniel loved her. She adds that she and Daniel have been through hell and back together. Nicole thinks Hope probably thought the same thing about Bo until Carly showed up. She adds that she just thinks that Chloe ought to watch her back.

Carly tells Daniel that she spoke to an old friend of hers that is a vision specialist, and he’s lately developed a new laser technology for double vision. She adds that he’s due to speak at a medical conference tomorrow, but she convinced him to come by Salem to do the surgery on Daniel today. Daniel, surprised, asks if she really did all of this even though he insisted that he didn’t want surgery. Carly nods excitedly, and asks Daniel what he has to say. He grins, thanking her. Carly hugs him, laughing with delight.

Gus advises Vivian to focus on her marriage to Victor. She says she’ll do so in time, but for now, she has the perfect plan to make sure Chloe gets her hands dirty in regards to Carly. Gus isn’t so sure it will work, as Chloe seems too virtuous to murder anyone. He knows Vivian is good, but he isn’t sure if she’s that good. Vivian declares loftily that girls know other things about girls, and for her part, she knows that Chloe can’t live without Daniel. Gus wonders if that is the same Daniel that fathered Carly’s child. Vivian nods, saying that it’s the very same man. She the notes that she doesn’t think it will take much to push Chloe over the edge.

Hope thinks she’s got to find this guy before he kills someone. Abe remarks wryly that the guy could have finished him off, as he was down for the count after the first blow. Hope sighs. Abe thinks Hope has enough on her plate right now, adding that he heard from Lexie that she hadn’t been sleeping well. Hope claims that she is fine, and that Ciara is just having a difficult time right now. She then says that she has to go, but before she goes, Abe tells her that it’s time to update the police commissioner on what’s going on. He asks Hope if she has had word from Bo. Her face falls.

Carly tells Daniel that it will be an outpatient procedure, but since she isn’t sure what kind of anesthesia they’ll use, it’s probably best that he not eat or drink anything else today. Daniel agrees not to do so and thanks her for being such a good friend. Carly remarks that she is more than just a good friend, and they both know it.

Chloe tells Nicole that Bo and Hope were having problems long before Carly entered the picture. Nicole thinks that Carly made the most of those problems despite the fact that Bo and Hope were married and had children together. Chloe isn’t sure what Nicole is getting at, as on the one hand, she insists that Hope doesn’t stand a chance against Carly, even though Bo and Hope have kids together, but on the other hand, Nicole claims that she doesn’t stand a chance against Carly because Carly has a child with Daniel. Nicole replies that what she is saying is that most men don’t stand a chance against Carly.

Daniel asks Carly what she means, and she reminds him that she is the mother of his child, as much as he might hate it. Daniel claims that he doesn’t hate the fact that Carly is Melanie’s mother, and reminds her that he told Melanie that she was lucky to have Carly. He then admits that he does hate the fact that Carly never gave him a chance to be Melanie’s father. Carly knows he does, and says that she hates it, too. She’s just glad that they’re now friends, and adds that Daniel’s trust in her means more than she can say. She thanks him for that, and asks him to go give Chloe the good news about the surgery. Daniel agrees, but asks Carly not to say anything to anyone else, especially Melanie, because if this procedure doesn’t work, he’s going to have to figure out how to deal with a career-ending injury.

Vivian heads into the pub and takes a table right behind Nicole and Chloe so that she can hang on their every word. Nicole apologizes to Chloe for undermining her confidence. Chloe cries that Nicole basically told her that she doesn’t stand a chance against Carly. Nicole claims that she isn’t what she meant, and explains that all she wanted to say was that Chloe needs to bring her ‘A’ game if she plans on holding onto Daniel. She adds that Chloe had also better hope that Bo comes home quickly before Carly gets bored.

Hope tells Abe that Ciara spoke to Bo this morning, but she only spoke to Caroline. She adds that Kimberly’s transplant went well, and now they’re all just waiting to see if it works. Abe is surprised she didn’t speak to Bo. Hope snaps that he had better talk to Carly if he wants updates on Bo, then immediately apologizes for going off on Abe like that. Abe remarks that he is worried about her, and suggests she take some time off. Hope shakes her head, claiming that she needs to work, as it gives her something positive to focus on. Just then, Theo rushes in, followed by Lexie. Theo throws himself into Abe’s arms and squeals. Hope moans softly and rubs her eyes. Lexie explains to Theo that his father will be coming home tomorrow, and that he has to stay here overnight to make sure he is ok after his accident. Theo complains that he wants Abe to come home now. Hope looks on and sighs.

Later, Hope is outside with Lexie asking for specifics on Abe’s injury, as she wants to compare his injuries to those sustained by the D.A. and Justin. Lexie explains that she wasn’t the attending doctor, and tells Hope that she will have to talk to her. She sighs as Carly walks over and looks at a file near the nurses’ station. Lexie then tells Hope that the attending doctor was Carly. Hope stares.

Nicole confides in Chloe that she worries about Chloe having to count on Bo to come back, as Bo may come home, see Carly getting cozy with Daniel, and then realize what a horrible person she really is. Then he may dump her, and she’ll go straight to Daniel. Chloe frets. Vivian has a fantasy of Chloe confronting Carly at the pier and accusing her of trying to steal Daniel from her. Carly claims she would never do that. Chloe shrieks at her to leave her and Daniel alone and shoves her. Carly falls backward and hits her head on a piling. Chloe smirks, saying aloud that she’s killed her. Vivian comes back from her fantasy and grins.

Lexie wonders if Hope is going to talk to her. Hope sighs, guessing she doesn’t have a choice. Lexie asks Hope if she’d like her to stick around, but Hope asks her to go back to Abe and Theo, assuring Lexie that she can handle Carly. Lexie admits that she can and heads off. Hope starts to approach Carly, but just then, Carly gets a call. Her back to Hope, she answers and says hi to Bo. She admits she was hoping it was him and asks how he is, and how Kim is. She listens, then says glad to hear it and that she misses him too. Hope grimaces.

Chloe announces that she can’t listen to this anymore, as Daniel has never been unfaithful to her, and besides, Carly is in love with Bo. She adds that she wishes he had never spoken to Nicole about all of this. Nicole reminds Chloe that this isn’t her problem, as she wasn’t the one that fell in love with a major player. Chloe claims that is all in Daniel’s past and that Nicole is upsetting her. Nicole reminds Chloe that she is the one that is worried abut Carly, as she brought it up in the first place. Chloe, frustrated, shouts that it’s true-- she wishes Carly Manning would drop off the face of the earth. Daniel walks up behind Chloe just then, wondering why she never told him that. Chloe flushes.

In a waiting room, Lexie asks Theo if he is feeling better. He folds his arms and shakes his head. Lexie assures him that his father is going to be alright and reminds Theo that he just saw him. She promises that Abe will make them all pancakes in the morning, but Theo grumps that the wants his daddy to come home now. Lexie assures him that Abe is going to be released today, and that he will be home in a little while--in time to read Theo a story and tuck him in later. Theo then asks Lexie what happened to his daddy. Lexie explains that his father was hurrying to meet her for dinner, wasn’t paying attention to where he was going, and tripped and fell. She assures Theo that he has nothing to worry about, as his daddy has promised to be more careful from now on, and won’t have any more accidents She hugs Theo.

Arianna assures Victor that she isn’t going to have to fight Nicole for Brady, as Nicole knows the score. Victor thinks that Nicole will see Arianna and Brady canceling their wedding as opportunity. Arianna doesn’t think so, as Brady insisted that he was finished with Nicole. Victor doesn’t think that will stop her, as she crawled into bed with EJ DiMera for months with a fake pregnancy pillow. Arianna doesn’t think her and Brady rushing into marriage will stop Nicole either, but Victor thinks Arianna postponing it just makes her look insecure. He adds that Nicole is like a bad habit, and they both know about Brady’s problems with controlled substances. Arianna shrugs, saying that if Nicole is back in town and wants Brady there is nothing she can do to change that, but if Victor thinks Nicole is calling the shots, then he has severely underestimated her. She adds that she has to get going, as she doesn’t want to be late for her first day of work. She asks him to tell Brady she came by and heads off.

Nicole decides to let Daniel and Chloe talk and hurries off. Outside, her phone rings. Nicole answers, and asks someone named Rosie what they have for her. She listens, and asks if the woman is kidding. Apparently she isn’t, because Nicole tells her that she just made her first day as reporter. She then thanks her, hangs up, and makes another call, telling some that she found out that the mayor was attacked, that no one knows yet because there’s been a pres blackout, and that she only knows about it because of her source at the hospital. She adds that she is on her way to the police station, as she heard Abe was released and is on his way there. She asks the person to send a camera and crew to meet her right away.

Daniel asks Chloe if she really wishes that Carly would drop off the face of the earth. Chloe lamely replies that it wasn’t what it sounded like. Daniel isn’t sure how else to spin it. Chloe defends herself, saying that Nicole was the one that spoke out against Carly. Daniel sighs, wondering why she continues to take advice from a woman whose own life is a complete wreck. Chloe, angry, says sarcastically that it must have been Nicole’s idea, as she can’t possibly form an opinion on her own. Daniel sighs. Vivian listens in and grins.

Carly tells Bo to do what the doctors tell him to do, and to keep drinking fluids, as they’re imperative after a surgery like this. She then tells him that she loves him, too, and hangs up. She turns around to find Hope behind her. Startled, Carly stammers that she didn’t know that Hope was there. Hope explains that she needs to speak to Carly about Abe’s injury, as she wants to know if it’s similar to the injuries the D.A. and Justin received. Carly explains that all three had head trauma, and whoever attacked them either wasn’t very strong, or wasn’t using the correct implement. Hope nods and tries to scrawl it all down, but her pen runs out. Carly offers her another. Hope takes it and there’s an awkward silence. Carly guesses that Hope overheard her talking to Bo and explains that both he and Kim are fine, but he still doesn’t know when he is coming home. Hope doesn’t reply. Carly adds that she didn’t mean for Hope to overhear them talking. Hope snaps at her not to worry about it just as she gets a phone call. She answers, listens, and asks worriedly if Ciara is ok. Hope then promises to be right there and rushes off. Carly calls after her, asking what is wrong, but Hope doesn’t answer. Carly sigh.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna is on the phone, promising to be at the police station soon. She adds that she definitely knows how to get there.

At the police station, Nicole complains over the phone to someone about the hair and makeup team not coming down. She asks the person to make sure her assistant picks up some clothes from her office as well as her flat iron and makeup kit. She adds that she’ll need coffee as well, a cappuccino with caramel. She hangs up and starts to head into an office. A police officer tries to stop her, but Nicole breezes past him, saying that she knows all about the family emergency. She heads inside and greets Abe, who tells the officer that he can handle Nicole. The man heads off. Abe asks what she wants, and she explains that she wants an exclusive, as she is now a reporter with Titan TV. Abe wasn’t aware a prison record was good for a career in television, and tells Nicole that he’ll give a statement to the press later, and she can hear about it then. Nicole explains that she has a crew setting up outside right now, and she can either tell the public her version of what happened to Abe, or he can tell them his side of the story himself. Abe sighs.

Hope takes Ciara into her bedroom, explaining that they need to have a conversation in private. She tells Ciara that she got a phone call from school, and Ciara’s teacher asked her to bring her home because she caught her stealing reward stickers out of her desk. Ciara doesn’t reply. Hope explains that she knows she’s had a tough year, and assures Ciara that she can always tell her when she is sad, and she’ll try to make her feel better because she loves her very much. She adds that she is always there for Ciara, but now she has to say something she won’t like to hear, and that is that it was wrong of her to take something that doesn’t belong to her. Ciara complains that her mommy thinks everything she does is bad, but Hope claims that’s both untrue and unfair, and tells Ciara that she must go into timeout in her room. Ciara cries that she wants her daddy and storms off. Hope sighs.

Chloe tells Daniel that Nicole is her friend, though she may not be perfect. Daniel thinks that is an understatement, and says that he only puts up with Nicole because Chloe likes her, but he refuses to do so if Nicole has been putting garbage into Chloe’s head regarding Carly. Chloe claims Nicole isn’t doing that, and that she only pretended to like Carly for Daniel’s sake. Daniel thinks Nicole just wants to screw his and Chloe’s life up as badly as she has screwed up her own, but Chloe insists that Carly is the problem here, not Nicole, though Daniel refuses to see it. Vivian smirks to herself, saying that it’s time to let the games begin. Daniel doesn’t think it’s fair for Chloe to say that Carly is the problem and that Nicole isn’t when she faked a pregnancy and kidnapped a baby. Chloe retorts that Carly murdered someone. Daniel claims that was self-defense. Chloe groans, accusing him of defending Carly no matter what she does, including keeping his child from him for over twenty years. Daniel tells Chloe that his problem isn’t with Nicole or Carly; it’s the fact that he keeps walking into rooms and overhearing Chloe telling other people things that she won’t say to him. Chloe complains that she got chewed out for not wanting to go to therapy, but Carly got a pass even though she lied about Daniel having a daughter. Daniel thinks she should have said something if she felt this way about things. Chloe reminds him that she tried, but when Bo left town, Daniel didn’t even give her a vote about Carly moving in, as he vowed to move into Bo’s place with Carly if Chloe wouldn’t let her come live with them. She rages about Carly and Daniel talking about medicine and laughing together, and how Daniel clings to her as if something terrible might happen at every second. Chloe practically spits, asking Daniel to face facts--Carly is a whore, and she has made her way through life sleeping with other women’s men. Vivian grins, “Tell it like it is, sister.”

Hope tells Victor about Bo and Kim doing well after the transplant, but Victor explains that Bo already called. He wonders what Hope is doing home in the middle of the day, and she tells him about Ciara being caught stealing reward stickers from the teacher’s desk. Victor chuckles, saying that that’s his girl, as she can make a fortune selling those on the playground. Hope admonishes him, saying that this isn’t like Ciara, and that she clearly isn’t taking her separation from Bo well at all. Victor doesn’t think Ciara is the only one not handling things well and asks Hope how she is doing. Hope claims she is fine. Victor drops the subject, asking how Abe is doing after the mugging. Hope is surprised he heard, but Victor claims that he knows everything that happens in this town. Hope asks him what the word is on the street about who the mugger might be.

Ciara heads into Hope’s room, claiming that she and Tommy bear are ready for her timeout to be over. Hope isn’t there, and Ciara catches sight of one of her high heels on the floor. She tries it on and prances around the room for a while, but then decides to look for the other shoe. She peeks under the bed and pulls out a box. Ciara opens it and gasps, asking her teddy bear to look at what her mommy has.

Nicole tells someone over the phone that she just got an exclusive with the mayor and wonders where the hell her crew is. She spots her coffee and bag on a desk and sighs with relief, glad that they’re here. She hangs up and sips the coffee, but coughs and practically spits it out, wondering who thought that was what she wanted. Arianna stands up from where she was kneeling on the floor and asks Nicole if those are supposed to pass as manners. She then asks where Cece is. Nicole claims that Cece is toast, and that she got the job. Arianna gapes, asking Nicole if she is the new roving reporter. Nicole nods, guessing Arianna is the production assistant. Stunned, Arianna guesses she’ll be working for Nicole. Nicole smirks.

Carly thanks her doctor friend for agreeing to do Daniel’s surgery on such short notice, as Daniel is gifted, and she’d hate to see him give up something he loves to do. The man wonders where Daniel is, as he wants to go over a few things with him before the surgery. Carly assures him that Daniel will be here soon, as he just wanted to break the good news to his fiancée.

Daniel reminds Chloe that even a few months ago, she never would have called another woman a whore. Chloe snaps that she didn’t know Daniel had a daughter with Carly a few months ago and cries that she can’t believe that Daniel is still defending her. Daniel can’t believe that the two of them can’t talk in a sane, rational way. Chloe demands to know if he is saying that she is crazy. Daniel sighs, saying that he has tried to reassure Chloe a thousand times of how much he loves her, and he can’t believe that she thinks something might be going on between him and Carly after all they have been through together. He adds that he thought Chloe trusted him and stands up, putting on his coat. She is surprised he is leaving, but Daniel says he has to get out of here before he says something that he regrets. Chloe sighs. Just then, Vivian puts a hand on her shoulder. Chloe turns around, thinking it’s Daniel, and disappointed, asks what Vivian wants. Vivian clucks, “You poor, poor thing.”

Victor tells Hope that after Justin got hurt, he thought someone may be trying to send a message, so he looked into the muggings, but came up with nothing. All he can guess is that maybe the mugger likes to attack powerful men who are more likely to have gold credit cards. Hope isn’t so sure that is the motive, and vows to find out what is going on before someone else gets hurt.

Ciara peers into the box and tells her teddy bear that she thinks her mommy has a secret.


Arianna glares at Nicole and shouts, "Cut, cut cut!"

Vivian asks Chloe, "She's gotten to him, hasn't she? Carly Manning?"

Daniel tells Victor, "I trust Carly. I trust her with my life." He snaps, "Well, you're a damn fool."

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