Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/19/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/19/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In the on-call room of the hospital, Melanie tells Nathan that he can’t do this to himself, as doctors lose patients all the time. Nathan doesn’t think he should have lost the patient at all, but Melanie insists this isn’t his fault, as you can’t always control the things that happen to you. Nathan gives her meaningful look, saying that sometimes, you can.

Near the nurses’ station, Maxine somberly informs Lexie and Stephanie that Mrs. Martin died. Lexie gapes. Stephanie, aghast, asks if she means the same Mrs. Martin that is the chair of the fundraising committee. Maxine nods. Lexie doesn’t understand, as she thought the woman just underwent a routine appendectomy. Maxine explains that she had an undiagnosed heart condition. Lexie sighs, asking who was treating Mrs. Martin when she coded. Maxine explains that Melanie and Nathan were. Stephanie stares, stunned.

Nathan tells Melanie that he looked over at her after he knew Mrs. Martin was gone, and he could tell by the look in her eyes that the two of them feel the same way. Melanie starts to back off, but Nathan takes her hand, insisting that he has something to say before she goes. Before he can say another word, however, Lexie and Stephanie burst in. Nathan drops Melanie’s hand and backs off. Uncomfortable, Melanie and Nathan greet the two. Stephanie glares.

At the police station, an officer tells Hope that the school called, and Ciara has forgotten her lunch. Hope groans. The officer jokingly offers to send over a patrol car as Abe walks over, assuming the man is serious, and protesting the offer. Hope explains that the officer was kidding, as they all know how miniscule the budget is this quarter. Abe decides to discuss politics later and explains that he has good news, as Roman re-questioned the D.A., and it turns out that he didn’t really see or hear Rafe attack him. Hope, angry, can’t believe an officer of the court accused an FBI agent of a crime simply for revenge. Hope angrily suggests she head down to Woods’ office and let him know how many man hours they’ve wasted investigating his lies. Just then, she upsets her coffee and sighs, sopping it up and apologizing to Abe for going off the way she did. She then decides that she must find the mugger before he can attack someone else, but Abe stops her, saying that that is exactly what he came over here to speak to her about.

At the pier, Rafe snaps that he’s heard EJ’s aria about hating his father and planning to never forgive him. EJ replies that time has a way of healing all things. Rafe smirks, thinking that would explain everything if he and his father were human beings, but they’re DiMeras. EJ admits that they’re a volatile family. Rafe has a hard time believing that EJ and his father were suddenly overwhelmed with family feelings. Rafe is sure EJ would never let Stefano near his kids, unless--EJ interrupts, “Unless what?”

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano stammers. Sami smirks, wondering if the great Stefano DiMera is actually at a loss for words. She demands that Stefano spit it out. Stefano then explains that he just wanted to thank her for allowing him to see his grandchildren. Sami isn’t surprised an apology stuck in his throat. Stefano ignores the comment, explaining that he admires Sami for doing what is best for her children. Sami replies sarcastically that she’d better update her Facebook status. Stefano sighs, telling her that he believes it is time for all the recriminations and fighting to stop. He adds that now that Johnny and Sydney have brought their families together forever, he thinks it’s time for a truce. He offers his hand to Sami. She stares at it, shocked.

Hope guesses that Abe wants to take her off the case and begs him not to do so, as she wasted hours interrogating Rafe because of Woods’ deception. Abe shakes his head Hope guesses he’s taking her off the case because she doesn’t have a suspect, but Abe shakes his head again, replying that Hope’s reaction to all of this proves how much stress she is under. Hope sighs. Abe reminds her that this mugger attacks at night, which is when he needs someone on this case. He figured Hope would rather spend that time at home with her daughter. Hope, angry, wonders if this is about Bo ad demands to know if he called Abe. Abe, hurt, reminds her that they are friends, and Hope apologizes, explaining that the timing of this really couldn’t have been worse. She pleads with Abe not to take her off the case, as it’s the one thing left in her life that has some semblance of normalcy. Adrienne walks over just then and glares, “Wonder why that is.”

Sami tells Stefano that she has imagined this day--the two of them forgiving and forgetting the past, but for her, that would require amnesia, heavy medication, a severe drop in her IQ, and a total lack of regard for what is right and wrong. Stefano rolls his eyes and heads back over to his chessboard, declaring that a simple ‘no’ would have sufficed. Sami adds angrily that her kids are here because EJ wants them to spend time with Stefano, but as far as she is concerned, she will hate Stefano with every fiber of her being until the day she dies. Stefano isn’t interested in hearing her Brady ‘cocktail’ of arrogance and stupidity, and he warns Sami that she has now sealed her own fate.

Rafe tells EJ that he is sure that he would never allow his children to spend time with his father unless Stefano had something on him. EJ thinks Rafe must have come from a pretty suspicious family; otherwise, he wouldn’t assume the only reason a son might let his father see his grandchildren is due to blackmail. Rafe doesn’t want to get into their families’ differences right now, but he will say that his family never ordered a hit on anyone else, not that they could have afforded it if they wanted to. EJ replies that he has things to do that are more pressing than hearing about how poverty-stricken the Hernandez family was and starts to head off, but Rafe stops him, saying that they do have one thing in common--neither of them ever gives up. Rafe, for his part, refuses to give up on proving that EJ has done nothing but feed Sami lies since day one. EJ, amused, wishes him luck. As he heads off, Rafe calls after him that he will find out what his father has on him, too, and then he is going to put EJ away for good. EJ smirks.

Stephanie heads out of the on-call room in a huff, leaving Lexie alone to speak with Melanie and Nathan. She sighs, saying that she hates to do this, but she has to ask them both some blunt questions. Melanie protests, as she thinks Nathan has been through enough, but Lexie interrupts, explaining that there will be a formal inquiry into this, as she has an intern and a nursing student that were working on a patient who died, and the two of them just happen to have an interesting history together. Nathan jumps in at this point, defending Melanie and assuring Lexie that Melanie only followed his orders, so she isn’t at fault. Lexie thinks that’s noble of Nathan, but she still needs to know one thing--were the two of them focused on the patient, or each other? Melanie assures her that they were focused on the patient and nothing else as Stephanie heads back in. She tells Lexie that Mrs. Martin’s daughter is here, and she still has no idea what has happened. Lexie promises to be right there, but Nathan refuses to allow her to do the notification, as Mrs. Martin was his patient, and this is his job. He then follows Stephanie out the door. Melanie sighs, telling Lexie that she is sure Lexie doesn’t want her around here. Lexie reminds Melanie that she never said so, but Melanie claims she could tell by the weird look Lexie gave her when she found out she was rejoining the nursing program. Lexie replies that she isn’t concerned about Melanie--she’s concerned about her interactions with Nathan and how that might be affecting his work. Melanie vows that it isn’t affecting his job, and that Nathan didn’t do anything wrong. Melanie begs Lexie to believe her. Lexie sighs.

Abe tells Adrienne and Hope that he has to get back to his office. He asks Adrienne how Justin is doing, but Hope interrupts, saying that she just spoke to him not that long ago, and he is doing well, apart from a slight headache. Abe is glad to hear it and heads off, asking the two women to play nice. Adrienne snaps at Hope that she’s glad to hear the news as well, though she has to wonder if Hope really only checked on Justin as part of her follow-up as a police officer. Hope wonders if she really needs to apologize for checking up on a friend who was just mugged. Adrienne reminds Hope that she told her that her coming back here was a mistake--not the fact that Hope tricked her into coming here, but that her presence in town was the mistake. Hope claims she only said that because things didn’t end up working out between Adrienne and Justin. Adrienne snaps that she gets that things didn’t work out--what she doesn’t get is why Hope felt the need to point that out to her. Hope thinks she is reading way too much into this, but Adrienne disagrees, and accuses Hope of wanting her to leave town.

EJ wonders if Rafe has ever considered the fact that his constant hounding of the DiMera family might end up being bad for Sami. Rafe chuckles, wondering if EJ is really asking him to back off from nailing him out of his concern for Sami. He wonders if EJ really hasn’t noticed that all he has done is make Sami’s life a living hell. EJ guesses Rafe thinks he knows him, and says he knows a few things about Rafe himself--like the fact that he hates to be wrong, though he should be getting used to that by now. EJ adds that he thinks that Rafe hates the fact that Sam is getting her life back together on her own, which is why he questions every move she makes. EJ snaps that all Sami is trying to do is provide a family for her children. Rafe admits that he does question everything when it comes to EJ, including every move he makes and his reasons for making them. Rafe isn’t sure what EJ is up to presently, but he vows to find out so that EJ will never be able to hurt Sami again.

Sami thinks Stefano is unbelievable, as he went from offering a truce to threatening her in thirty seconds flat. Sami adds that her family has always tried to tell her that Stefano will never change, and she plans on taking that advice to heart. Stefano finds it hard to believe that Sami is Marlena’s child. Sami glares, warning him not to go there, but Stefano rails on her, saying that he can’t believe Marlena gave birth to a thing like her. He vows to make sure that Johnny and Sydney don’t turn out to be anything like their mother. Sami shouts that the visitations are off, as she is no longer allowing her children to be anywhere near Stefano. Stefano fumes, saying it’s outrageous to think that a son of his could possibly--Sami interrupts, “Possibly what?”

Back in the on-call room alone, Nathan confides in Stephanie that he should have run more tests and caught the hart condition. He doesn’t think Mrs. Martin should have died. Stephanie reminds him that even if they did catch the heart condition, she had to have an appendectomy, as there wasn’t getting around that. Stephanie explains that she has seen her mom lose patients before, and good doctors take it hard. She adds that she believes Nathan is a very good doctor and rubs his shoulder soothingly. Just then, Melanie bursts in. Stephanie sighs.

Hope questions Adrienne about Justin’s mugging, asking how much time passed between Justin leaving the bar, and Adrienne finding him unconscious outside. Adrienne replies that it was about five or ten minutes, as she was closing up the bar at the time. Hope asks if she was alone inside. Adrienne snaps that she didn’t realize she needed an alibi. Hope ignores the comment, thinking it was pretty risky for some to attack Justin right outside the bar while the lights were still on. Hope thinks that attack on the D.A. was risky as well. Adrienne asks Hope if she thinks it was the same person. Hope doesn’t answer, asking Adrienne if she thinks someone could have targeted Justin. Adrienne shrugs, saying that it could be someone that hates lawyers. Hope asks how long the two were there, and Adrienne explains that it was a couple of hours, at least, as they had some unfinished business to discuss before she left town. Justin walks in just then, remarking that Adrienne is still in Salem, and he wonders why she is.

EJ understands why Rafe is upset, as his personal relationship with Sami was destroyed, and on a professional level, his investigation into Sydney’s disappearance has been completely ineffective. Rafe ignores him, remarking that Anna getting out of town made perfect sense, as she had an exit strategy all long, but it didn’t make as much sense with Benny, as he was low-rent and not very imaginative. Then when he found himself in a major legal jam, he was able to get out of it. Rafe thinks someone helped him. EJ smirks that that is an interesting conjecture. Rafe is sure that there is another conspirator out there somewhere, and it’s a thought that has been keeping him up at night.

Sami thinks Stefano is losing it, as he almost let something slip and her let her know about it. Stefano claims that he was just being polite, as what he meant to say is that he can’t imagine why a son of his would want to have children with someone like Sami. Sami snaps that that settles it for her, as she plans on cutting off visitation and never allowing Stefano to see Sydney or Johnny again. Stefano flashes back to EJ warning him that if Sami finds out the truth, then he will never see his grandchildren again. Back in the present, Sami starts to huff off, but Stefano asks her to wait.

Hope tells Adrienne and Justin that she needs to get home to her daughter. Adrienne is surprised she doesn’t have to sign anything. Hope confirms that she doesn’t need to, tells Justin that she hopes he feels better, and hurries off. Adrienne thinks Hope seems stressed out. Justin thinks she’s been through a lot. Adrienne snaps that she knows all about it. Justin sarcastically apologizes for expecting Adrienne to have any sympathy for Hope. He starts to hurry off, but Adrienne stops him and apologizes. Justin says it’s no problem, but Adrienne says that there actually is a problem. She asks Justin if there is somewhere where the two of them can talk.

Sami, stunned, wonders if Stefano is scared, but he claims that he is actually just sorry. Sami is taken aback. Stefano admits that he has a temper, and sometimes says things he shouldn’t, but he meant it when he told Sami that he thinks the two of them ought to get along. Sami doesn’t think he’s followed through on that very well, per usual. Stefano sighs, saying that if she can’t forget the past, the that is her decision, but it doesn’t have to be war. He adds that he believes they should call a truce for the children’s sake and for EJ’s sake. Sami reminds him that a moment ago that he was wondering how EJ could ever have had children with her. Stefano admits he lashed out before, and that was wrong, but he reminds Sami that none of them know how much longer they have left on this earth, and they need to make the most of it. Sami remarks sarcastically that she thought the phoenix would live forever. Stefano replies quietly that he just wants to spend time with his family. Sami admits she has no idea what is going on between Stefano and EJ, but she does know Stefano has blown it big time, and EJ is just trying to be civil because Stefano is his father. Sami reminds him that she doesn’t have to do that, and adds that she is taking her children and getting out of here, and then the three of them are never coming back. Stefano admits that she can take Johnny and Sydney, but she will have to bring them back eventually to visit their brother Will, since he is living in this house. Sami scoffs.

Rafe explains to EJ that successful kidnappings usually take a team of people. Rafe’s phone rings, and he explains that he has to take it. EJ replies that he has to leave anyway, and starts to head off, but stops short when he hears Rafe asking excitedly if they got her, and then congratulating someone on their good work. Rafe calls out that they found Anna, and that she’s in Morocco. EJ whirls around, stunned. Rafe wonders if EJ already knew that.

Nathan heads over to the nurses’ station and tells Lexie that a preliminary report has come down on Mrs. Martin, and the cause of death is being listed as viral myocarditis. He guesses there will still be a morbidity conference, and Lexie nods, reminding Nathan that that is standard procedure. Nathan says he knows that, and tells Lexie that he wants to be there.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope takes a pill as Ciara rushes in, followed by her babysitter. Ciara remarks that Hope is late, and Hope groans, cursing. Ciara, aghast, tells her that that is a bad word. Hope apologizes, adding that she’s also sorry for being late. She hopes Ciara has had something to eat, and Delia assures her it’s all taken care of, and that Ciara is ready for her bath and for bed. Hope decides she wants to talk to Ciara while she bathes, and promises to read her her favorite story before bed. Hope thanks Delia for staying late, says goodbye, and races Ciara up the stairs.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Adrienne brings Justin a beer, and tells him she has a buyer for the bar. Justin is surprised, given the economy, but Adrienne reminds him that people tend to drink more when times are bad. Justin wonders what she wanted to talk to him about. Adrienne explains that she has one small problem with the buyer--he wants to change the name and make it something more eponymous. Justin thinks renaming the bar would be a huge mistake, as the guy bought the place more for the reputation than for the building. He thinks this place has a lot of character and history. Adrienne agrees. Justin wonders if that is what she brought him here to talk about. Adrienne shakes her head, saying that she is just making small talk to avoid what they should really be talking about. She then reminds him of how angry she was when she learned Hop had tricked her into coming back to town. Justin claims he was angry too, as he had nothing to do with it. Adrienne knows that, and she also knows that Justin didn’t want her back here, as he has always hated ‘Three’s Company.’ Justin sighs, saying that they were divorced before he ever considered having feelings for Hope. Adrienne assures him that she didn’t bring him over here to go through all that again. She then explains that as angry as she was about being tricked into coming back here, she is now glad she was, as it helped her to understand something important about her and Justin.

Sami thanks Mary for putting the children in the car, and promises to be right out as soon as she finds Johnny’s penguin. She heads into the living room to search. Stefano grumbles that he could have cared for the children, but Sami snaps that he probably would have just taken them to Nicole, since he’s done it once before. She overturns the couch cushions wrathfully, wondering where that penguin is. She then accuses Stefano taking it and hiding it to use it as leverage. Stefano thinks she is crazy. Sami retorts that she is seeing things more clearly than ever and threatens to change both Sydney and Johnny’s custody arrangements. Stefano doesn’t think she’d dare to do it, but Sami thinks EJ would back her up on it, and asks Stefano if he’d be walling to lay a bet on it. Kate walks in just then, announcing that Mary told her to tell Sami that the penguin is in the diaper bag. Sami is glad, as it means she can get out of here permanently. She storms off. Kate remarks that she loathes that woman. Stefano can’t even put into words what he feels, and tells Kate that he has a real problem when it comes to Sami. Kate smiles, asking if she should start baking brownies. Stefano high-fives her.

Adrienne tells Justin how awful it was to find him outside unconscious, and she confides in him that it got to her thinking about the two of them and about how she grew up. She thinks she was a mess. Justin reminds her of how much she had been through. Adrienne sighs, saying that he was her rock, and she thinks the fact that she leaned on him so often covered up the fact that she loved him so much. Justin claims he knows she did, and he didn’t mind being leaned on, but Adrienne thinks it got old after a while. She adds that she now realizes she doesn’t need to lean on Justin, and that she probably didn’t have to lean on him so often before. Justin sighs. Adrienne adds tearfully that she now knows that because of her past, Justin was never able to lean on her.

Rafe and Sami run into one another at the police station. Rafe is glad to see her, as he was just getting ready to call her. Sami explains that she brought Allie by to say goodbye to her dad, and is shocked that Rafe planned on calling her, as she thought he was pissed at her. Rafe explains that he wanted to call to let her know that they have Anna DiMera in custody. He vows that now they will find out exactly what happened. Sami beams.

Kate, surprised, asks Stefano if EJ really said he had feelings for Sami. Stefano curses that he can’t stand that euphemism. Kate asks if EJ admitted he loved Sami, then. Stefano nods and claims it was a horrible moment. Kate doesn’t get it, and thinks Sami is like one of those whistles only dogs can hear, as she’s clearly emitting something that just seems to enchant all sorts of men. Stefano declares that this is a mess, as his relationship with EJ is fragile, yet EJ is asking him to keep quiet about his stupid feelings and to respect them. He adds that the only explanation he has come up with is that EJ is somehow off after all that Nicole put him through. Kate grumps about him spawning with Sami, which in turn forces them to try make some sort of family that involves Sami’s kids. Stefano then tells Kate that he does want a relationship with his son, so he has no choice but to try to get along with that woman. Kate sighs that it’s a curse to be so devoted to one’s family. Just then, EJ interrupts, telling Kate that he needs to speak with his father alone. Kate rolls her eyes and heads off. EJ fairly pushes her out the door. Steno assumes Sami complained about him to EJ, but EJ snaps that this is about Anna, and the fact that the police have found her. Stefano stares in surprise as EJ informs him that Anna is in custody.

Nathan hands Melanie some coffee and confides in her about going to the morbidity conference for Mrs. Martin. Melanie guesses that Lexie is forcing him, but Nathan explains that he wants to, as his family has a history here at this hospital, and he doesn’t want anyone thinking that he is getting special treatment. He adds that he also wants to find out what he did wrong. Melanie suggests that he didn’t nothing wrong, and that death is just part of being a doctor. Nathan explains that if he is being honest with himself, he wasn’t thinking of being a doctor, or of medicine, or of his patient when he checked on Mrs. Martin-- he was thinking of Melanie. He adds quickly that he isn’t blaming her, but Melanie thinks this is her fault, as she should have thought about how hard this was going to be before she came back to nursing school.

Adrienne tells Justin that she had a lot of months to think about everything she did wrong, but she thinks that was just easier than facing up to the mistakes she made in their marriage. Justin isn’t so sure they should be getting into this. Adrienne assures him she isn’t asking for a do-over, and tells him with a sob that she just waned to tell him how sorry she is. Justin says he is sorry, too. Adrienne guesses all they have left to do now is find a way to move forward--whatever the hell that means.

Sami is surprised Anna came back to Salem, but Rafe explains that they actually found her in Morocco, and they’re working on extraditing here back here now. Sami can’t believe he never gave up on finding Anna, but Rafe claims he never would have, as she is a fugitive, and the key to finding out what really happened to Sydney. Sami scoffs, noting that he wants nothing to do with her, yet he won’t stop until he solves this case. Rafe doesn’t think their relationship has anything to do with Sydney’s kidnapping. Sami scoffs and starts to head off, but Rafe asks if she has spoken to EJ. She says she has, and Rafe says he is shocked he didn’t mention anything about Anna’s capture, as EJ was there when he got the call about it. Sami is stunned. Rafe assures her it’s true, saying that she should have seen the look on EJ’s face when he got the news.

Stefano asks EJ to calm down, but he refuses to do so, saying that Anna is going to cover her own ass and tell the police everything--just like she did when Stefano confronted her. EJ buries his head in his hands, fretting over losing his children and Sami. Stefano sighs.

Nathan doesn’t want Melanie to quit the nursing program over him. She starts to protest, but spots Stephanie heading over and warns Nathan. Nathan promises to call her about this later, as they really need to talk. Melanie decides she ought to leave, as it’s been a long day, and she needs to get back to her husband. She hurries off, giving Nathan one last longing glance.

Hope heads into the Kiriakis mansion and takes off her coat. She starts to head upstairs, but Ciara calls her into the living room. Hope wonders why she is still awake. Ciara claims she was scared, and asks Hope where she went. Hope claims that he left her cell phone behind at work, and had to go back and get it. Hope tells her coldly that there is no reason to be scared. Ciara claims that she misses her daddy and her uncle Justin. Hope leans in, saying she thinks she knows of a way to solve both those problems. She then suggests that perhaps one day, Justin can be Ciara’s new daddy. Ciara stares. Hope bestows a terrifying grin on her.

Stefano tells EJ that the woman the police arrested in Morocco wasn’t Anna. EJ stares. Stefano nods, explaining that he led Rafe and his other agents on a wild goose chase in order to give the real Anna more time to go deeper undercover. EJ is stunned. Stefano wonders if EJ really thought he’d let anything happen to him. Delighted, EJ thanks him. Stefano claims he only regrets one thing-- that he won’t be able to watch as Rafe gets the call letting him know he has the wrong person. EJ grins. Stefano chuckles.

Rafe tells Sami that EJ may have wanted to find Anna, but he found her first, and in twenty-four hours, he’ll be face-to-face with Anna, and then he’ll find out exactly what happened. Just then, Rafe gets a call. He listens, and then stunned, asks if the person is sure. He then curses and hangs up, telling Sami that the woman they caught wasn’t Anna. He declares that this was a set-up and hurries off, yelling that they’re not going to stop him. Sami sighs.

Lexie strolls along the pier, trying to get in touch with Abe. Startled, she hears his phone ringing nearby and hurries around the corner to find Abe unconscious on the ground. Lexie rushes over with a gasp, begging Abe to wake up.


Vivian watches Chloe and tells Gus, “I don’t think it will take much to push her over the edge, do you?”

Nicole warns Chloe, “I’m just saying--watch your back.”

Carly tells Daniel, “I’m more than a good friend. We both know that.”

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