Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/16/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/16/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Arianna cries that she didn’t set Nicole up and that she and Cece Chavez just had a meeting. Nicole doesn’t buy that this is just a coincidence and snaps at the woman to get the camera out of her face. Brady intervenes at this point, asking Cece to leave. She heads off with her cameraman, apologizing to Brady. He demands to know what is going on. Nicole claims that his sadistic girlfriend set her up. Arianna insists she did no such thing. Nicole protests, and the two shriek over top of one another. Brady snaps at them both to stop.

At the hospital, Philip watches as Nathan greets Melanie, stammering that he didn’t know she was back. She replies that it’s her first day. She starts to head off to check on a patient, but then stops, telling Nathan that she can’t do this.

Outside the Java Café, Rafe is on the phone, asking someone if they’re tailing her now. He listens for a few moments, then asks the person to keep him posted, because if Anna is in Morocco, then he plans on flying there tomorrow and dragging her back to Salem himself.

Inside the cafe, Allie has ice cream while Sami talks about how lonely it was at the house without her brother and sister. She promises Allie that the two of them will be picking up Johnny and Sydney soon, and it will be as if they rescued them from an evil dungeon. Just then, Sami’s phone rings. She answers, listens, and then declares that she doesn’t believe it.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano talks to Sydney in her playpen, telling her how happy her ‘nono’ was to have her stay the night with him. He promises that pretty soon, she and Johnny will be living here permanently, just like their older brother. EJ walks in just then, telling Stefano that if he has any idea how to accomplish that, then he ought to feel free to share. Stefano thinks it’s simple, reminding EJ that Sami is a woman, and he is a man, so he can just bring the children to live here and simply tell their mother that this is the way it’s going to be. EJ thinks Stefano knows damn well that he can’t do that. Stefano wonders if he truly can’t or if he just won’t do it. He then demands to know what kind of a game EJ thinks he’s playing.

Nathan wonders what it is Melanie can’t do anymore. She sighs, saying that she can no longer pretend that everything is ok between them when it isn’t. Nathan jokes that he can admit that she’s terrible at pretending that things are alright when they’re not. Philip looks on worriedly as Melanie vows to tell Nathan the truth. He thinks he can handle that.

Sami, who is on the phone with Lucas, says that she doesn’t think he could have picked a worse time to do this. Lucas asks about Will. Sami claims that everything is fine with him, and that she can’t talk about that right now. She hangs up as Rafe walks in. He greets her and Allie as Sami huffs over to the counter to get some more sugar for her coffee. Rafe thinks she seems upset. Sami admits she is, confiding in Rafe that Lucas will be traveling most of the summer, and since he’s going to be in Hong Kong for a few weeks, he wants Allie to come visit him there. Sami sighs, saying that she doesn’t want Allie to go, as she doesn’t want to be apart from her that long. Rafe abruptly asks where Sydney is. Sami tells Rafe that she with EJ and his father. Rafe gapes. Sami nods, explaining that Sydney spent the night with the DiMeras.

EJ tells Stefano that he can’t risk upsetting Sami any further, as his father saw how she behaved over the children just staying one night. Stefano snaps that they have a deal, reminding EJ that he only agreed not to go to the police about EJ kidnapping Sydney if EJ agreed to publicly reconcile with him and bring the children to live here. EJ says there is a problem with that, as Sami won’t agree to it. If she doesn’t kill him over it, it will at least upset her a great deal, and he doesn’t want that. Stefano grumbles that EJ never cared about Sami’s feelings before, so he doesn’t see why he should start now.

Brady begs the two not to do this, but Nicole snaps that Arianna started the argument by calling that roving reporter over here, and she knows she did on purpose, no matter how many times she tries to deny it. Arianna cries out that she did no such thing and begs Brady to believe her. Brady does believe that Arianna didn’t set Nicole up, and asks her not to let Nicole manipulate her this way. Nicole, hurt, asks him not to talk about her as if she isn’t standing right here. Brady glares. Nicole claims she gets it and starts to hurry off, but Brady stops her, saying that she isn’t going anywhere.

As Philip listens in, Melanie tells Nathan that she did care about him and she even had feelings for him when she got married, but she doesn’t anymore. Melanie claims that a lot of things have changed. She’s less selfish now, and she loves her husband, as he is the best and makes her very happy. Nathan is glad to hear it. Melanie hopes things won’t be weird between them. Nathan assures her they won’t be, as he is with Stephanie now, anyway. They both agree that everything is cool between them and Philip heads off, seemingly satisfied. Just then, Maxine comes over, asking if Melanie has checked on her patient. Melanie admits she hasn’t. Maxine tells Nathan the woman has been asking for him, and it would make her day to see him. Nathan asks Melanie if it’s alright with them doing this together. She nods, and the two head off after exchanging uncomfortable glances.

Rafe, stunned, asks Sami to run that by him again, and demands to know if she really let Sydney and Johnny stay the night at the DiMera mansion. Sami admits she didn’t want to, but she had to. She explains that EJ was adamant, as his father is ill. She adds that she didn’t want the kids to see them get into a huge argument, she so she did what she thought was best for them. Rafe sighs.

EJ doesn’t think Stefano remembers what a fierce opponent Sami can be. Stefano chuckles, telling EJ that he isn’t intimidated by Sami, though EJ seems to be. EJ claims he isn’t intimidated; he just doesn’t want to upset Johnny and Sydney. Stefano is sure EJ will come up with something, and tell EJ he’s confident in him, but EJ shakes his head, saying that he can’t have the mother of his children going through any more agony than she has already been through. Stefano scoffs, reminding EJ that he was the one that put her through hell. He adds that if EJ thinks Sami is angry now, he should see what it will be like when she learns what the father of her children put her though. Stefano thinks Sami would really hate EJ then, and that that is something that he surely doesn’t want. EJ grimaces.

Nicole snaps at Brady that if he wants to believe Arianna over her, that is fine, but she doesn’t have to sit here and listen to it. Brady then warns her angrily to never put him and Arianna in the middle of her drama ever again. He claims that Arianna isn’t interested in hurting Nicole or even in being around her, as Nicole’s life hold no interest for his fiancée--and it holds no interest for him either. Nicole stares, astonished, as Brady announces hat he is done with her.

Melanie and Nathan visit their elderly patient. Melanie checks her chart, announcing that her blood pressure and blood oxygen levels are normal. Nathan gently asks how the woman is feeling, and she admits that she is feeling a bit groggy. Nathan assures her that the medication they gave her when they removed her appendix is still wearing off, but her vitals are perfect, and she seems to be in good spirits, like always. The woman smiles and blushes. Melanie thinks she must be one of Nathan’s favorite patients. The woman thanks Melanie for saying so, then suddenly doubles over in pain, gasping that her chest is burning. Nathan and Melanie stare in horror as she flat lines. Nathan calls for a code blue and a crash cart.

Rafe doesn’t think leaving the kids at the DiMera mansion entails doing what is best for them. Sami again explains that she didn’t want to get into a fight with EJ in front of the kids, and while Stefano is admittedly an SOB, it isn’t as if he eats children. Rafe sighs, asking Sami what she was saying before about Stefano being sick. Sami explains that EJ said something about his diabetes no longer being under control, and how his heart was affected. Sami admits she isn’t sure of the details, but she does know Stefano’s days are numbered. Rafe remarks sarcastically that that is a shame. Sami adds that in the meantime, EJ wants Johnny and Sydney to spend some time with their grandfather. Rafe scoffs. Sami insists that it isn’t as if she wants this, it’s just that EJ was insistent and was able to convince her. Rafe thinks EJ manipulated her.

EJ claims that he could care less if Sami hates him, but if she finds out the truth, she’ll make sure he never sees his children again. Stefano isn’t so sure of that, as he helped Nicole lie to Sami for months, and Sydney and Johnny are here right now and are having a wonderful time. EJ is sure that Sami would retaliate if she knew that he was behind the kidnapping. Stefano scoffs, saying that he isn’t afraid of Sami, as they both know what he could do to her if he wished. EJ snaps, saying that if Stefano harms one hair on her head, then their deal is off. Stefano stares, surprised.

Nicole tells Brady angrily that that is cold, and that he isn’t done with her--and never will be. Brady reminds her that said he would only say it once. He then huffs off to make a call. Arianna asks Nicole angrily if she finally gets it now, and asks if she understands that Brady doesn’t want her in his life any longer. Arianna then grabs her purse and storms off. Nicole sits down tearfully. Cece and her cameraman come back over. Nicole tells her to go away, but Cece tells her that there are two sides to every story, and Nicole never got to tell hers. She adds that she goes live in four minutes, and asks Nicole if she’ll give her an interview. Nicole considers it.

Sami claims that EJ didn’t manipulate her, and that she made this decision on her own. Rafe guesses sarcastically that the next thing she is going to say is that EJ has changed. Sami thinks he has. Rafe reminds her that EJ is working with his father again. Sami claims she hates the idea of Johnny and Sydney being in that house as much as Rafe does, especially since Will is living there now, too. Rafe gapes. Sami nods, saying that she and Will had a fight. Since Lucas is in Hong Kong, the first person Will went to was his grandmother, Kate, and now he has moved in with her and Stefano. Rafe, astonished, reminds Sami that Will is seventeen, and insists that she put her foot down over this. He wonders what is wrong with her, as she doesn’t seem to be able to say no to either Will or EJ. Sami wonders what he is accusing her of. Rafe claims he isn’t accusing her of anything, but she used to take control of situations and she used to have a take-charge attitude, and she clearly isn’t that way anymore. Sami, at an utter loss, declares that this is all Rafe’s fault.

Stefano wonders what is wrong with EJ, and rails at him for wanting to protect the woman that hid her pregnancy and his child from him. EJ snaps that Sami had her baby stolen by Nicole, and that she has felt more pain in the last eighteen months than any woman should have to feel. Stefano, aghast, again reminds EJ that it’s his fault. EJ admits that he did put Sami through hell, but she managed to turn her life around anyway, and dedicated herself to being an amazing mother. He thinks Sami showed real compassion by letting the kids come here because she thought Stefano was ill. He adds that he won’t have Stefano threatening her any longer. Stefano, stunned, guesses that EJ is really in love with Sami.

As Maxine watches, and as Melanie increases the charge on the defibrillator, Nathan works on his patient. She doesn’t respond. Nathan sweats, “Come on, Come on.”

As the camera rolls, Nicole tells Cece that she never really intended to lie to her husband about the miscarriage, as she loved him very much. However, when she found out Sami Brady was pregnant with his child and was lying about it, she felt that was unfair. Cece nods, guessing that Nicole felt she had to act. Nicole nods, admitting she knew it was wrong on some level. Cece replies that some people say that Nicole is a criminal and that she should still be suffering. Nichol claims she is still being punished. Cece wonders what Nicole would say to all of the people that condemn her. Nicole replies that she would tell them that all she ever wanted was for her husband to be happy, and to bring his baby home for him to raise. She adds tearfully that everything she did, she did out of love.

Philip meets Brady at the Cheatin’ Heart, apologizing for being late, as his board meeting ran late. Brady wonders if anything interesting happened. Philip nods, saying that before the board meeting he saw Melanie at the hospital. Brady remembers that today was her first day. Philip, surprised, asks how he knew. Brady reminds him that he and Melanie are friends and that they talk. Philip then leans in, asking Brady if it’s true that he is the only one that didn’t know that Melanie planned on dumping him for Nathan on their wedding day. Brady gapes.

Maxine tries to interrupt Nathan, but he urges Melanie to increase the charge. Maxine tells Nathan how sorry she is, as the patient was a fine woman, but it’s time. Nathan sighs and calls the time of death. Melanie looks on miserably as Nathan sighs.

Rafe wonders how it could be his fault that Sami let Sydney and Johnny stay at the DiMera mansion. Sami rages that he can’t question her decisions and criticize her choices after the fact. She flies off the deep end, telling him that she makes her decisions on her own and sticks to them, even though they may not always be right. She claims that one thing no one can ever say is that she waffles, as she goes out and makes things happen. She adds loftily that she is proactive and is a woman of fortitude and determination. Rafe stops her, chuckling. He says he gets it--she’s not waffling and she’s has fortitude and determination. Sami moves in, telling Rafe how much she misses him. Rafe says he misses her, too.

Stefano calls EJ and idiot, and wonders how the hell this could have happened. EJ explains that when Sami lied to him about her pregnancy, and he found out, he planned to make her pay. So he kidnapped Sydney, made Sami think she was dead, and planned to take Johnny and leave. Stefano reminds EJ wrathfully that he didn’t do that, and that he instead fell in love with Sami all over again. EJ fumes that she doesn’t belong with Rafe Hernandez. Stefano retorts that she doesn’t belong with EJ either. EJ admits he doesn’t deserve Sami, but that he loves her.

Cece concludes the interview by telling her audience that they now have the other side of the story, and then signs off. She thanks Nicole just as she gets a phone call. Cece excuses herself, and listens for a few moments. She then shrieks with delight, thanks the person and hangs up, telling Nicole excitedly that that was her agent. Nicole guess dryly that she got good news. Cece nods, saying that she got picked up in New York, and that she’ll be on the next plane out of here. Nicole guesses unhappily that her interview won’t air. Cece assures her that the broadcast was live, and that it already aired, but she does have one last question for Nicole that they’ll add to the extended broadcast. Nicole agrees to answer it. Cece reminds Nicole that she said she’d never commit another crime for a man. Cece wonders if that was the whole truth. Nicole smirks, saying it depends on the man.

Brady wonders if Philip spoke to Melanie about any of this. He admits he didn’t confront her about the letter, but he did ask her about her feelings for Nathan, and all she would say is that she is glad she married him because she loves him, and that she and Nathan are history. Brady hopes Philip believes her. Philip admits he only has two choices--he can be like his father, who doesn’t trust anyone, and is now alone and bitter, or he can choose to trust Melanie and trust in her love for him and go from there. Brady wonders what his choice is. Philip smiles. Brady thinks Philip made the right choice. Philip thinks he has too, confiding in Brady that no one has ever made him happier than Melanie has.

Melanie and Nathan sit out in the waiting room and talk about how hard their patient’s death was on both of them. Nathan informs Melanie that he got her blood work, and learned that she had a viral infection. The internist said there were no symptoms, which his why they went ahead with the appendectomy. Nathan admits unhappily that that surgery really messed things up, but there was nothing they could have done differently. Melanie wonders if he is alright. Nathan assures her that he is.

Rafe and Sami nearly kiss, but Rafe backs off, telling Sami that he can’t do this, and she knows it, as a week or a month from now, their trust issues will come back up, and he just can’t deal with that. Sami sighs. Rafe again says that he is sorry, but that he can’t deal with her and DiMera and their kids, as anytime he is around, he feels like an outsider. Sami assures him that he isn’t, but Rafe insists that he is, and that he can’t help the way he feels. He apologizes again, repeating that he can’t do this. He then hurries off. Sami sighs.

Stefano tells EJ tenderly that he doesn’t want to lose him--not after having his heart broken over Tony’s death. EJ hugs Stefano, assuring him that he will never lose him, and that he has both him and his children. He then warns Stefano not to ask him to choose between him and Sami. Stefano growls that if Sami learns the truth, EJ won’t have to make a choice. EJ thinks it’s better for Stefano if she doesn’t find out, as he would never see Sydney or Johnny again if she did. Stefano thinks the situation is impossible, as EJ is asking him to accept Sami back into his son’s life. EJ says he isn’t asking--he’s demanding it. Stefano groans.

Arianna heads into the Kiriakis mansion and greets Brady. She’s glad that he didn’t tell Henderson not to let her in, and apologizes for everything that happened earlier. She admits that she doesn’t like the person she becomes when Nicole is around, and she would really like to work on it so she no longer sinks to her level. Brady just wishes Arianna could trust in him and know how much that he loves her. Arianna say she loves him, too. Brady thinks he knows of something that might help, and he kisses her. Arianna admits that does help. Just then, her phone rings. She picks it up, and is thrilled the call is from the TV station. Arianna cries that this is it, and hopes the news is good.

Philip, now alone at the bar, receives a call about Cece going to New York for her new show. Philip isn’t surprised, but admits he isn’t thrilled with the possible replacements they’ve seen. The person tells him something, and Philip asks if it’s on right now. He then asks the bartender to turn the television on and tune it to channel four. The man does so, and Philip watches Nicole’s interview with Cece. She talks about being out of control, and that the only thing she could hold onto was her love for that little girl. Philip chuckles as Nicole adds that she did what she did out of love for her husband. Finally, the interview ends with Nicole telling Cece whether or not she’d commit another crime depends on the man it was for. Philip laughs and shakes his head.

Nicole gets a call from Philip, who wants to meet her for a drink.

Nathan heads into the on-call room at the hospital and sighs, banging his head against one of the lockers. He mutters that he should have seen this coming. He then turns around to find Melanie sitting behind him.

EJ tells someone over the phone that he’ll find out what happened himself and hangs up. He then tells Stefano that there’s a problem with a container they had shipped from Argentina. Stefano asks EJ to go take care of it, but warns him not to take the captain’s word for anything. EJ then tells Stefano that before he goes, he’d like him to promise that he won’t say anything to Sami about the kidnapping, because if he does, Sydney and Johnny will be out of both of their lives for good. Stefano admits he wants his grandchildren with him. EJ hopes that includes having Sami in his son’s life as well. Stefano grumbles that this is idiotic, but promises EJ not to get involved, all so EJ can keep muttering a lot of silly things in Sami’s ear. EJ snaps that he hasn’t gotten around to muttering them yet, so Stefano needs to keep his feelings for Sami to himself as well. Stefano scowls, but agrees, saying that another of EJ’s secrets is safe with him.

Nicole has joined Philip at the bar, and he compliments her on her interview with Cece. He explains that he caught the replay, and his assistant phoned to let him know that a lot of people are talking about Nicole-they’re calling in and chattering on the website, and he thinks Nicole’s interview will go viral by nightfall. Nicole groans, telling Philip that Cece was manipulative, and made her say a lot of things she shouldn’t have. Philip thinks her interview went really well. He adds that since Cece is moving to New York, he would like Nicole to take her place as Titan TV‘s roving reporter. Nicole gapes.

Arianna, elated, thanks the person and hangs up. She leaps onto Brady’s lap, telling him that she got the job, and that she is now the production assistant to Titan TV’s roving reporter. Brady kisses her, assuring her that she will loving working with Cece, as she is great. Arianna is thrilled that she can be more sure abut herself her new job, and adds that she will probably be too busy to even think about Nicole. Brady is glad to hear it, and the two kiss again.

Nicole doesn’t believe Philip. She adds that she does need the job, but she can’t handle a joke of this magnitude. Philip chuckles, asking Nicole to stop walking around as if she is constantly expecting to be punished. He assures her that she did herself proud today and again asks her to take the job, at least on a trial basis. Delighted, Nicole agrees. She then asks Philip what she has to do. Philip just asks her to be herself, and to be the person she was when she was with Cece today. Nicole vows not to change a thing, and thanks Philip profusely, sure that she can make this work. Philip offers up his glass for a toast, and the two clink glasses. Nicole beams.

Nathan can tell that Melanie has been crying, and reminds her that she told him that she was alright. Melanie thought he was, too. Nathan thinks it’s different for him, since the woman was his patient from day one. He sighs. Melanie puts a comforting hand on his knee.

EJ and Rafe run into one another at the pier. Rafe says that he heard Stefano was sick and remarks sarcastically that he should have sent flowers. EJ ignores the comment, saying that while his father has had diabetes for a while, this new sudden decline was unexpected. Rafe thinks something else is obviously going on; otherwise, EJ never would have allowed Sydney and Johnny to stay with Stefano.

Sami heads into the DiMera mansion to find Stefano playing chess. She announces that she is here to get the kids. Stefano grumbles over the fact that she is right on time, but Sami ignores the comment, asking where Johnny and Sydney are. Stefano replies that they are saying goodbye to their older brother. Sami asks where EJ is, but Stefano explains that he had to go out on business. He is sure that EJ will be sorry he missed Sami, and wonders if it is safe to say that EJ and Sami have bonded lately, since the two are on such good terms. Sami wonders why he cares. Stefano claims that his son’s happiness is very important to him, and that’s why there is something that he has to say to Sami.


Melanie tells Lexie, “He didn’t do anything wrong. Please believe me.”

Rafe warns EJ, “I don’t know what you’re up to but I’m going to find out.”

Stefano grins, “Samantha, you have sealed your own fate.”

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