Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/15/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/15/10


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At the Java Café, Arianna and Brady have coffee. She’s thrilled that he got her an interview at Titan TV with a producer. Brady thinks Arianna will like Andrew, who has been with the company for years. Arianna thanks him again, but Brady warns her that all her got her was the interview, not the job. Arianna knows that, and adds quickly that she wouldn’t want him to do that for her. Brady sighs. Arianna wonders if something is wrong. Brady admits he was thinking about something--actually, someone. Arianna asks who he was thinking about. Brady admits the person is Nicole. Arianna fumes.

At the pub, Nicole calls a potential employer about a receptionist opening, explaining that she clearly has wonderful phone manners and also has a charming and bubbly personality. The person agrees to meet with Nicole later, and asks for her name. She gives the person her maiden name. There’s a pause. Nicole admits that she changed it from DiMera, and the person abruptly hangs up on her. Nicole sighs.

Carly heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and greets Adrienne. She apologizes for not getting in touch with her sooner, explaining that she stayed the night at the hospital, and the nurse’s cot wasn’t too comfortable. Adrienne suggests Carly go ahead and move in tonight. Carly thanks her, explaining that all she really needs to do is move a few boxes over from Daniel’s place. Adrienne hands over a spare key, telling Carly how much she is looking forward to the company, especially now that her boys are all grown up and have moved away. She admits she misses them. Carly wonders if she misses Justin, too.

Stephanie and Nathan lie in bed together. Stephanie admits she had a dream last night that a cute guy swept her off her feet and made love to her all night. Nathan asks jokingly who the guy is, threatening to kill him. Stephanie giggles. Nathan wonders if the guy in her dream looked like him. Stephanie admits he did and kisses Nathan. Nathan sighs, hoping her dream guy isn’t as big of a jerk as he is.

Melanie heads into Maggie’s kitchen and grabs her purse. Philip, who is already downstairs, wonders grumpily where she is going. Melanie reminds him that it’s her first day back at the hospital, and noticing his attitude, wonders what is wrong with him. Philip reminds her that they have unfinished business to discuss regarding Nathan.

Arianna angrily asks Brady if he is really thinking about Nicole. He hurriedly tells her that he means he was thinking of the check he wrote Nicole, as he can’t find it anywhere. Arianna admits that she gave Nicole the check. Brady figured she just ripped it up, but Arianna shakes her head. She then tells Brady that she told Nicole the check was from both of them. Brady scoffs. Arianna thinks Nicole needs to know that she and Brady are a team and are united. Brady gets that, but if they are truly a team and united, then why did she give Nicole the check behind his back?

Nicole is on the phone with another prospective employer, agreeing to come in right away. They ask for her name. She stammers, saying that it’s Nicole Wagner. They remind her she’ll need identification. Nicole claims that she misplaced her driver’s license, but they must not buy it, because she finally gives up, telling the person sadly that this really isn’t the right job for her after all. Nicole hangs up and sighs dejectedly.

Melanie is surprised Philip wants to talk about Nathan, and wonders what else there is to say. Philip claims that he just wants to know how she feel about having to work with Nathan again. Melanie doesn’t think it’s a big deal, as her feelings for Nathan are history. Philip just wants to be sure that he knows how she feels. Melanie thought she showed him last night. She then tells Philip how much she loves him, and kisses him. She promises to see him later and heads off. Philip sighs. Outside, Melanie frets.

Arianna tells Brady that Nicole drives her to do things that she wouldn’t normally do, because Nicole treats her as if she is nothing more than a passing diversion for Brady. Brady is sorry that Nicole made her feel that way, and assures Arianna that Nicole was wrong to do so. Arianna then admits that part of the reason she gave Nicole the check was to get back at her, even though she knew it was wrong, and even though it felt like a waste afterward. Brady reminds Arianna that the check was meant to get Nicole to leave town, so she shouldn’t have anything to worry about in regards to Nicole. Arianna fears that Nicole won’t leave. Brady threatens to be angry if she doesn’t, but Arianna doesn’t think Nicole cares if Brady is angry; she just wants to find a way to be in his life. Brady vows that he won’t let Nicole come between them, and claims that if Arianna doesn’t believe him, then they have a huge problem.

At their apartment, Chloe tells Daniel that she checked the guest room, and Carly wasn’t there, so she figures she must have gone to work early. Daniel explains that actually, he and Carly talked about it, and she is going to be moving in with Adrienne across the hall instead of moving in with the two of them. Chloe worries that it’s because of her, and hopes Daniel doesn’t blame her and think that she kicked Carly out. Daniel assures Chloe that this was Carly’s decision. Chloe asks about her safety, and Daniel reminds her that Carly will be right across the hall. That way he can still keep his eye on her while he an Chloe have their privacy at the same time. The two kiss. Daniel tells Chloe that he has to get to the hospital, and that he’ll see her later. He hurries off.

Adrienne insists that she misses her sons, not Justin. Carly apologizes for presuming. Adrienne then admits that she misses being married and being part of a family. She adds that those were good times, but it’s all over now, as she and Justin have changed so much they’re awkward around one another. She thinks it’s odd the way your feelings for another person can be just be gone one day. Carly wonders if Adrienne’s feelings are really gone. Adrienne asks if Carly is saying that doesn’t believe her. Carly admits she doesn’t.

Hope talks to Justin over the phone. From his hospital bed, he grumbles about his injuries, but admits he is ready to get out of there. Hope replies that she is on her way over there to pick him up, but first, there is someone special that wants to talk to him. Hope puts Ciara on the line, and she asks when Justin is coming home. He tells her that he will be home today, and promises to take her to the arcade or the park this weekend. Ciara tells him how much she misses him. Justin says he misses her, too. Hope looks on, smiling.

Nicole tries a new tactic with another employer, saying upfront that she is the baby switcher, but she has a lot of other useful skills, too. The person promptly hangs up on her. Nicole curses as Brady heads in. He walks over, asking what’s going on, and Nicole admits she’s frustrated, as she has been trying to get job, but everyone knows who she is. She doesn’t think anyone realizes how sorry she is for what she did or how much she wants to turn her life around. She thinks Brady knows the truth, though. Brady admits he does. Nicole grumbles that she is cursed and probably just won’t be able to get a job in this town. Brady thinks he knows of a way to fix things.

Stephanie wonders why Nathan would think of himself as a jerk. Nathan explains that he feels badly for hurting her by still being hung up on Melanie. Stephanie asks him to stop, as all that matters is that he is here now. Nathan wonders if she is still upset with him. Stephanie shakes her head, saying that if she were a doctor, she’d make this prognosis for their relationship: not only is it not dying, it’s making a full recovery, and it’s going to thrive and be happy. Nathan kisses her, telling ‘Dr.’ Johnson that he agrees.

Melanie heads into the hospital and greets Maxine, asking her if Nathan is working today. Maxine shakes her head, saying that it’s Nathan’s day off. She warns Melanie affectionately to get to work. Melanie tells Maxine how much she’s missed her. Maxine has missed Melanie, too, claiming that’s it’s been too quiet without her. Just then, Daniel walks over and welcomes Melanie back. Melanie thanks him. Hope hurries in, asking where Justin’s room is. Melanie and Daniel point it out, and Hope rushes off. Daniel stares at Melanie. She wonders what’s wrong. Daniel wonders why Melanie cares whether or not Nathan is working today. Melanie gulps.

Nicole, elated, wonders if Brady is going to hire her at Titan as his secretary. She assures him that she will do a great job, but Brady stops her, saying that his plan for fixing things is something they’ve already talked about. Nicole sighs. Brady reminds her that he suggested before that she leave town and go somewhere where no one has ever heard of her. Nicole claims that everyone has heard of her from here to Siberia, and besides, Salem is her home. Nicole refuses to live like a refugee, but Brady doesn’t think she’ll have to with the check he gave her, as there is enough there for her to live comfortably for years without having to work. Nicole takes the check out of her purse and hands it back to Brady, saying thanks, but no thanks.

Justin opens his eyes to find Hope in his room. He jokes that he likes this dream, but Hope claims it isn’t one. Justin likes that even better. He’s ready to leave, but Hope explains that he has to fill out some paperwork first. She starts to head off to get it, but Justin stops her, telling her how glad he is that she was the first person he saw when he opened his eyes. Hope smiles.

Melanie stammers that while she and Nathan have resolved their past issues, she is still concerned about them running into one another at work. Daniel thinks something more is going on. Melanie sighs, admitting that Philip overheard her and Stephanie having an argument about Nathan, and it didn’t turn out so well for her, because she wasn’t honest with Philip about it. Daniel asks what she means. Melanie admits that he will probably hate her for this, and think she’s a bad person, but she it’s true that she still has feelings for Nathan. Melanie barrels on before Daniel can reply, telling him how much she hates herself because Philip is so wonderful and kind, and adding that she would just die if anything happened to him. Daniel doesn’t say anything. Melanie wonders what is wrong with him.

Chloe runs into Philip at the pier. She thanks him for talking her off the ledge the other day, and tells him all about Carly deciding to move into the apartment across the hall instead of moving in with her and Daniel. Philip angrily asks Chloe to stop, as he really can’t hear about this right now.

Nicole refuses to take Brady’s money and be the beggar that Arianna made her feel like she was. Brady doesn’t think Arianna meant to insult her. Nicole gives him a look. Brady admits that that may have been Arianna’s intention, but he doesn’t think Nicole can blame her for that. Nicole nods, admitting that she doesn’t blame Arianna for being insecure, considering all the two of them have been through together. She adds that she and Brady have a serous connection, and that she always thought so, even while she was with EJ. She wonders how she missed that connection back then, since she feels it now. She thinks Brady does, too. He begs her not to do this. Nicole moves in on Brady, saying that she thinks Arianna has good reason to be insecure.

Daniel and Melanie head into an nearby waiting room to talk. She guesses that like Stephanie, Daniel also thinks she is a bad person, and that she doesn’t deserve Philip. Daniel assures Melanie that she isn’t a bad person. He then advises her that she has to learn to forgive herself for being confused sometimes, and assures her that he knows that she will sort all of this out eventually. Melanie thanks him as Daniel tells her how much faith he has in her. He then promises to help her in any way he can, as she is his daughter, and he wants to be there for her always.

Chloe, surprised, apologizes to Philip for bothering him about Carly. Philip says he is the one that ought to be sorry, as he isn’t really angry at Chloe; he’s just in a bad mood. Chloe asks what happened, and Philip tells her about the argument he overheard Melanie and Stephanie having, and how Stephanie accused Melanie of writing a letter on her wedding day telling Nathan that she would leave him for Nathan. Chloe thinks that is awful and wonders if Philip has spoken to Melanie about it. He admits he didn’t talk to her about the letter, but he did speak to her about her feelings for Nathan, and she gave him the typical reassurances--that she loves him and that this is the life she wants. Chloe thinks that Melanie is truly happy, as she has seen the way she looks at Philip. Philip sighs, reminding Chloe that this is supposed to be the honeymoon period, and he shouldn’t have to be worrying about other guys right now. Chloe knows how hurt Philip must be. Philip nods, saying that now he has to wonders if Melanie married him because she loved him, or because she felt obligated to do so.

Carly claims that she can tell that Adrienne is conflicted over the divorce. Adrienne again claims that the boys are her main concern, as they are all upset. Carly wonders if Adrienne is. Adrienne admits that earlier, when she found Justin unconscious, she feared that she might lose the father of her children. Carly reminds her that she didn’t, and that she now has a second chance with Justin. Carly thinks she needs to take it.

Justin and Hope have coffee at the Java Café. Hope wonders if Justin is up to answering some questions about the mugging. Justin promises to try. Hope then asks him about the last thing he remembers. Justin shrugs, saying that all he remembers is he and Adrienne having an argument, and how he left the bar. After that, everything goes blank. Hope assures him that he doesn’t have to worry, and she tells him how glad she is that he is alright. Justin tells her that he has to get back to the office, but Hope doesn’t want him to go.

Nicole moves in to kiss Brady. Brady backs away, telling her that he will pay to have her flown anywhere she wants to go. He hands her the check as well, asking her to cash it and have good life. He then hurries off. Nicole sighs. Outside, Brady stares back in at her for moment before hurrying off.

Chloe doesn’t get why Melanie would feel obligated to marry Philip. He thinks that might be the wrong word, and suggests that Melanie was looking for security. Chloe wonders if he is referring to her finances, but Philip thinks it was also about having a family for the first time, despite how screwed up his own family is. Chloe thinks that sounds depressing and tells Philip that it can’t be true, as she is sure that Melanie really loves him. Philip wonders why she wasn’t just honest about the letter, then. Chloe admits she wouldn’t have told Philip if she were Melanie, either, and her excuse would be that that was then and that this is now. She adds that she is positive that Melanie is over Nathan. Philip isn’t so sure, and tells Chloe that he won’t be sure until he sees the look in Melanie’s eye when she sees Nathan.

Hope asks Justin to take a break from work. He agrees to do so, but says he can’t take the whole day, as he has emails to answer and calls to return. Hope asks if he has a lot of his own clients in Salem now, and Justin nods. Hope is glad, as that means Justin won’t be leaving soon. Justin wonders why he would. Hope thought he might consider going now that Adrienne is back in town. Justin doesn’t see what difference that makes. Hope explains to him how terrified Adrienne was when he was attacked and she found him unconscious. Justin reminds her that he is fine. He then tells Hope that despite her intentions when she brought Adrienne back to town, it’s over for the two of them, as they have never been further apart than they are right now. Hope is sorry to hear that. Justin wonders if that is really true.

At the pub, Arianna meets with Cici Chavez, Titan TV’s roving reporter. Arianna is elated to be meeting her, as she watches her on TV all the time. Cici explains that her general manager loved Arianna, so he asked her to come meet with her to follow up on her interview. Just then, Nicole walks in and greets Arianna. Surprised, Cici asks Arianna if she knows this woman. Arianna admits she does, and Cici quickly excuses herself to get some coffee. Nicole thinks it’s weird to see Arianna patronizing the pub, as she heard she quit so that she could leech off of Brady. Arianna glares. Nearby, Cici makes a call and tells someone to get over to the pub with their camera right away.

Hope says that of course she is sorry about Justin and Adrienne, and wonders why Justin would think otherwise. Justin admits he thought he noticed something new about the way she was looking at him, but he guesses he was just seeing things, and blames the medication he’s on. Hope sighs, telling Justin that he isn’t seeing things at all.

Back at Daniel and Chloe’s place, Carly talks to Bo over the phone, telling him that she will call him once she gets moved in across the hall. As she hangs up, Daniel heads in, asking if she needs any help. Carly shakes her head, saying that she moved all her boxes already. She wonders why Daniel is home early and hopes that nothing is wrong. Daniel claims nothing is. Carly wonders if he read the article she gave him about his condition. Daniel admits he hasn’t had the chance. Carly tells him hurriedly that she read it, and she thinks there’s a new technique that might help him out. Daniel promises to check it out and tells Carly how lucky Melanie is to have her for a mother.

Hope assures Justin that he isn’t imagining things, and that she was looking at him differently because of Ciara. She then explains that Ciara was very upset when she learned he was in the hospital, and seeing how much Ciara cared, she suddenly realized how big of a part Justin plays in both their lives. Justin smiles.

Nicole vows that she won’t leave Salem, as it is her home. Arianna retorts that prison is her home, as she is nothing better than a thief and a kidnapper. Just then, Cici rushes over with a cameraman, shoving a microphone in Nicole’s face and asking breathlessly how she got the governor to give her a pardon. Nicole calls Arianna a sneaky little bitch and snaps at her to wait until she tells Brady what Arianna has done. Arianna stares, stunned.

Justin tells Hope what a great little girl Ciara is, and how she lifts his sprits every time she is around--just like her mother. He then says he has to get to the office, though he wishes he didn’t. He promises Hope that they will talk later. She nods, saying that she’ll be around. Justin then heads off. Hope smiles to herself.

Maxine asks Melanie where she disappeared to. She explains that she and Daniel were going over their plan of attack for the day. Maxine asks Melanie to check on a patient just as Nathan walks over. Melanie stares. Philip walks in just then and watches Melanie watch Nathan.

Carly has Daniel hold his finger out about two feet from his face and coaches him to focus on one spot on it and take deep breaths. Chloe walks in and watches the two laughing and working together. She frowns.

Adrienne heads into the café and asks Hope if she has seen Justin, as she heard he was here. Hope explains that he just left, but that he is fine, and it is almost as if nothing ever happened. Adrienne is glad to hear it. Hope then tell Adrienne how sorry she is for tricking Adrienne into coming here, as she now realizes what a big mistake it was. Adrienne grimaces.

Arianna cries that she didn’t set Nicole up--she just had a meeting. Nicole doesn’t buy it and snaps at Cici to get that camera out of her face. Just then Brady walks in and intervenes, asking what is going on. All three woman talk over one another. Brady asks Cici to leave, and she and her cameraman huff off. Nicole snaps that Brady’s sadistic girlfriend set her up.


Arianna asks Brady, “Are you going to believe this lying--” Nicole interrupts, “Of course he believes me!”

Sami snaps at Rafe, “I’ll do what is best for my children!”

EJ warns Stefano, “If you harm one hair on her head, the deal is off.”

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