Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/14/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/14/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, Kate tells Stefano that Johnny and Sydney’s rooms are all ready, and that Mary is thrilled to see them again. Stefano frowns. Kate wonders if he is worried. Stefano admits he is, as EJ should be here with the children by now, and he isn’t. Kate wonders what will happen if he doesn’t show. Stefano sneers.

At her place, EJ tells Sami that he thinks it’s time she knew the truth. Sami thinks she does know the truth, and she can’t believe it took her this long to figure it out.

Philip listens outside Maggie’s kitchen door as Stephanie lambastes Melanie for writing a letter to Nathan on her wedding day saying that she’d dump Philip for him. Melanie glares, wondering how dare Stephanie come into her home and say these things. Just then, Philip walks in with a bouquet of flowers. Melanie flushes.

Roman heads into an office at the police station and tells Rafe that he’s in the clear. Rafe, surprised, asks what happened. Roman explains that Justin Kiriakis was attacked outside the Cheatin’ Heart, and the M.O. is the same as the attack on Woods. Rafe asks if Justin is alright. Roman nods, saying that like Woods, Justin doesn’t have any serious injuries. Roman then tells Rafe that they haven’t found the guy yet, and since Rafe was here all night, he seems to be in the clear. Rafe is glad to hear it, but Roman warns him he hasn’t yet been completely exonerated, though he most likely will be. Rafe thanks him and starts to head off, but Roman says he needs to discuss something important with Rafe--Sami.

Stefano assures Kate that EJ knows better than to defy him, as he has too much at stake. Kate wonders what it is Stefano has on EJ. Stefano flashes back to accusing EJ of kidnapping Sydney. Stefano comes back to the present and informs Kate that that is irrelevant. Kate reminds him that she is his wife, but Stefano snaps that he will tell her when he wants to tell her and not before. Kate is taken aback. Stefano apologizes, saying that all she really needs to know is that he and EJ have reconciled, and he is finally going to get his family back.

EJ wonders what it is Sami has figured out. Sami snaps that the minute he came in here with his lame rationalizations in regards to Stefano having mellowed out, she knew something was up. She scoffs, saying that she should have realized this the whole time, as it was staring her in the face. EJ wonders what was. Sami rages that EJ is a DiMera, through and through, and that is never going to change.

Melanie stammers. Philip guesses she wants to know if these flowers are for her, and says that they are, of course. Stephanie thinks they’re beautiful, and that Melanie is lucky to have such a thoughtful husband. Philip thinks he is the lucky one. Stephanie tells the two pointedly that she has to go see Nathan and heads off. Philip asks Melanie why Stephanie came by. Melanie admits that it was weird, since the two haven’t been getting along lately, but claims that Stephanie just showed up out of the blue and wanted to chat. Philip thinks that is odd. Melanie agrees, but says it might be because Stephanie saw her turn in her application to reenter nursing school. She bets Stephanie thought they should try getting along better since they’re going to be working together. Philip wonders if there is more that Melanie isn’t telling him. She gulps.

Rafe asks Roman if this is about Sami trying to provide an alibi for him. Roman says it isn’t, though he heard about her brilliant idea. Rafe assures Roman that she was just trying to help, but Roman thinks they both know that Sami just made things worse, and that’s what he wants to talk to Rafe about. Rafe asks what is going on, and Roman explains that Sami is making things worse for herself by allowing EJ to shack up with her and her kids. Rafe reminds Roman that he doesn’t have a say in that. Roman wonders if that means that Rafe doesn’t care. Rafe claims he does. Roman urges him to do something about it then, saying that if Rafe really loves his daughter, then he will get her away from EJ’s influence before it is too late.

Kate knows that Stefano thinks he and EJ have reconciled, and that EJ would never defy him, but he has to remember that Sami is a part of this, too. Stefano thinks Sami is beside the point, since EJ will be able to come up with something to convince her. Kate wonders how he’ll do that, since he obviously can’t tell Sami whatever it is that Stefano has on him. Stefano admits that that is true. Kate doesn’t think EJ will be able to explain the 180 when yesterday he was as adamant as Sami was that Stefano not be allowed to see Sydney and Johnny. Stefano wonders angrily if Kate is trying to unnerve him. He snaps that EJ has one chance to redeem himself, so he is sure EJ will come up with something to convince Sami. He adds that if he doesn’t do so within the hour, then he’ll have to destroy EJ.

EJ begs Sami to try to understand, but she snaps that all she understands is that she has been a gullible idiot, as she bought into the idea that EJ wanted to protect their kids from his father’s evil influence. She thinks she was so naive that it’s embarrassing. EJ begs her not to be embarrassed, and to give him a chance to explain. Sami taps her foot as EJ tells her hurriedly that his decision to allow his father to see the kids doesn’t mean that he respects him. Sami wonders if that is supposed to make her feel better, as it doesn’t. EJ tries to explain that his relationship with his father is complicated, something Sami should understand, as she has parents and children of her own. Sami sarcastically offers to uncomplicated EJ’s life. She then shrieks that she isn’t taking his crap anymore, and demands the truth from EJ, telling him threateningly that it had better be good.

Melanie, terrified, asks Philip with a squeak what else she’d have to tell him. Philip figures she’d want to thank him for the flowers. Relieved, Melanie does so, telling hi that the flowers are lovely. She wonders what the occasion is. Philip claims that he just wanted to give his wife some flowers. Melanie gets a vase from the cupboard, telling him that he didn’t have to do that. She thanks him for being so great and for supporting Maggie by moving in here and for supporting her going back to nursing school. She doesn’t think she deserves Philip. Philip wonders what’s wrong Melanie claims nothing is, and tells Philip how much she loves him. He says he loves her too, and the two hug.

Arianna heads into the police station and hugs Rafe, relieved that he is being let go. She thanks Roman for calling. He excuses himself, asking Rafe to think about what he said. Rafe nods. Arianna asks what Rafe would like to do, and he replies he’d like to get the hell out of here. Arianna wonders where they’re going, and Rafe suggests the Cheatin’ Heart. Arianna agrees, and the two head off.

Kate agrees that EJ has treated his father shamefully, and it seems right to take a hard line with him. Stefano guesses angrily that Kate still wants him to be compassionate, and he snaps that he doesn’t need that kind of advice. He doesn’t think Kate understands his relationship with EJ. Kate admits she doesn’t, but she does know that Stefano loves EJ in spite of everything that has happened. Stefano growls that that is enough with the sentimental crap, as he still hasn’t forgotten how cruelly EJ told him time and time again that he was dead to him. Stefano claims that if EJ doesn’t come through for him this evening, then his son will dead to him instead of the other way around.

EJ begs Sami to listen. He tells her that this is difficult for him, as the last two weeks they’ve spent bonding has meant more to him than she probably knows, as they were beginning to see the best in each other for the first time. EJ thinks that this isn’t just about him and Sami, though--it’s about Sydney and Johnny, and he thinks it means a lot to them to have two parents that care about one another. Sami thinks they can go around and around about the kids all day, but that is a different conversation. She reminds EJ that he still hasn’t told her why he thinks Stefano deserves to be around the kids. EJ admits he hasn’t, and thinking on his feet, blurts out that Stefano is actually very sick, so he has no choice but to honor his father’s request.

Philip apologizes for interrupting Melanie and Stephanie, but Melanie asks him not to be sorry, as what started out as a friendly visit had ended with the two of them beginning to get on one another’s nerves by the time Philip showed up. Philip asks Melanie if she is sure there wasn’t more to it than that. Melanie admits she understated it a bit. Philip wants to know what the two were really fighting about.

Nathan calls Stephanie, who is at the pub, and asks if she is ready for their big date. She admits she will be just as soon as she waters her grandmother’s plants. Nathan agrees to pick her up at the pub, and then tells Stephanie that he thinks about her all the time. She wonders if he’s only thinking of her. Nathan claims he is. Stephanie is glad to hear it and thanks him for letting her know. Nathan tells her she’s welcome, promises to see her soon, and hangs up with a grin.

Stefano curses, wondering why EJ isn’t yet here with the children. Kate begs him to stay calm, but Stefano fumes, wondering what is keeping EJ. Kate thinks Stefano knows what’s keeping EJ--he’s trying to persuade Sami that this is a good idea. Stefano thinks EJ is whipped and rages that EJ needs to bring the law down on Sami’s head. Kate reminds him Sami is the mother of his grandchildren, but he thinks Sami is nothing more than a sniveling sneak, and EJ is obviously under her spell. Kate is sure that isn’t true. Stefano wonders why EJ isn’t here, then. Kate suggests he call him and find out.

Sami doesn’t think she and EJ should appease the wishes of someone who’s clearly mentally ill. EJ clears his throat, telling Sami that his father isn’t mentally ill, and that actually it’s his diabetes, which is out of control and is affecting his health. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. It continues to do so as EJ explains that his father recently went to the doctor and learned about this, so it’s difficult for him to refuse his father the chance to spend time with his grandchildren. Sami, annoyed, insists that EJ answer his phone. EJ does so. Stefano is on the other line, and he tells EJ that his time is up, and that the game is over.

Philip claims that he could tell Melanie and Stephanie were fighting, and wants to know what it was about. Melanie asks if he really didn’t hear any of it. Philip can tell she doesn’t want to tell him what was going on, and say she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Melanie admits she doesn’t want to, but she’s going to, because Philip is her husband, and he deserves to know the truth.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Arianna tells Rafe that she is worried about him, as he has been really lonely and frustrated lately. Rafe doesn’t reply. Arianna says she knows it’s important to him to bring down Anna and everyone she was working with. Rafe doesn’t reply. Arianna prods him, saying that she thought he wanted to help Sami. Rafe shrugs, saying that he can’t help Sami anymore. Arianna wonders if he means in regard to the kidnapping case, or his relationship with Sami.

EJ begs Stefano to listen, but he refuses to listen to any more excuses, saying that if EJ is on his way, he will give him a few more minutes, but he if he isn’t, he is making a call to the authorities. EJ tells him quietly that he’ll have the children there immediately and hangs up. Sami reminds EJ angrily that she hasn’t yet agreed to this, but EJ tells her that he doesn’t need her permission to do this. She insists they are her kids, but EJ says they’re his too, and per their custody arrangement, this is his night with them, so he can take them wherever he wants. Sami gapes. EJ is sorry, saying that he wishes he didn’t have to do this, but he can’t let his father down now. Sami claims that EJ doesn’t owe Stefano anything, since he lied to him about his daughter. EJ reminds her gravely that she did the same thing. Sami, stunned, doesn’t reply. EJ reminds her that Stefano is their grandfather, and family is really important to him. Sami guesses she can’t stop EJ from taking them over there, but she can make sure they don’t go alone. She then announces that she is going with EJ and the kids.

Roman heads into the pub and greets Stephanie. They make small talk about Caroline’s plants, Kimberly’s illness, and the serendipity of Bo being a bone marrow match. Roman then asks Stephanie how she is doing. She admits she went through a rough patch, but things are looking up now.

Melanie admits to Philip that she and Stephanie were arguing about Nathan, as Stephanie is insecure about her relationship with him and she blames her for it. Philip doesn’t understand why Stephanie would be insecure and why she’d blame Melanie. Melanie explains that Stephanie blames her for all her relationships going sour, like her break-ups with Max and Philip. Philip wonders if Melanie has given Stephanie any reason to be insecure. She claims she hasn’t, and that she loves Philip and only Philip. She vows that she committed her life to him on their wedding day, and since then, she has never gone back on that commitment. She claims that Philip is stuck with her from now on, no matter what. Philip sighs, saying that Melanie may have convinced Stephanie of that, but she hasn’t convinced him at all.

Kate opens the door, and EJ hurries in with Johnny and Sydney. Sami follows and Kate, surprised, admits she wasn’t expecting Sami. Kate asks where Allie is, and Sami explains that she left her with a neighbor, as she didn’t think Lucas would want his daughter exposed to this tragedy. EJ asks where his father is, and Kate says he’s in the living room. EJ heads in, and Johnny follows. Stefano swoops him up into his arms, telling him that he seems to grow an inch every time he sees him. He then kisses Sydney, telling her how beautiful she is. Sami rolls her eyes. Stefano wonders what her problem is. Sami replies that Stefano doesn’t look sick to her. EJ turns pale. Stefano wonders what she is talking about, and what makes Sami think he’s sick. EJ’s eyes widen and he pleads with Stefano with his eyes.

Philip doesn’t think that was all Melanie and Stephanie were fighting about, as he knows Stephanie pretty well, and she isn’t that paranoid. He asks Melanie if Stephanie had a more concrete reason to be insecure, but Melanie doesn’t know of one. Philip sighs. Melanie then admits that there was a time before their wedding when she wasn’t sure if she was over Nathan. Philip asks if Melanie still has feelings for him. She claims she doesn’t, and that those doubts and feelings are in the past. She adds that when she was shot, her whole life changed, as she was going through hell, and Philip stood by her the whole time--something she values more than anything else. Philip wonders how he is supposed to tell that this is how she really feels and that she isn’t lying. Melanie swears she is telling the truth, and that she loves him. The two kiss.

Arianna brings Rafe a beer. He thanks her and asks how things are going with Brady, and if the two are still planning to tie the knot. She says they are, but they’ve decided not to get married right away. Rafe asks if there are problems. Arianna shakes her head, saying that she just doesn’t want to rush into anything with Nicole lurking around. Rafe wonders if Nicole plans on causing problems. Arianna begs him not to put thoughts in her head, and besides, she thought they were talking about him and Sami. Rafe says he doesn’t have a relationship with Sami, but Arianna knows Rafe loves her. Rafe admits he does, and that he always will, but that doesn’t mean they’re meant to be. Arianna is surprised Rafe is letting EJ take his place and play house with Sami, but Rafe claims there is nothing he can do change it, as he and Sami have too many problems, and he doesn’t know how to fix things. Arianna replies that lucky for him, she does.

EJ tells Stefano pointedly that there is nothing to be worried about, as he told Sami about his recent health concerns. Stefano stares. EJ clears his throat, saying he’s talking about Stefano’s diabetes being out of control. Stefano smiles, saying that he can’t believe EJ told Sami that. Sami asks if it isn’t true. Stefano claims he isn’t sick at all--or at least, that is what he has been telling himself lately, since he can’t exactly admit to his competition that he is unwell, as then they won’t take his threats seriously. Kate thinks it’s time to show Johnny his room. Stefano agrees, telling Johnny that he has bought a lot of new toys for him to play with. Kate adds that his room will be right next his big brother’s. Sami decides to go too, and starts to follow Kate and Johnny with Sydney, but Stefano asks Sami to leave her with him. She hesitates, but EJ assures her that he will be here the whole time. Sami hands Sydney over and heads off. Stefano chuckles, pitying Sami, as he isn’t sick at all, and is going to be around for a long time. EJ grumbles that he couldn’t think of another excuse. Stefano says the lie is fine for tonight, but tomorrow he is getting his health back. He says that EJ can call it a medical miracle or whatever else he likes, he refuses to continue playing the part of a dying old twig. EJ thinks Sami will know he lied, but Stefano says that isn’t his problem, telling EJ to think up some other solution if he doesn’t want Sami to find out the truth. EJ sighs.

Stephanie and Nathan have coffee at the pub and talk about the attack on Justin. Nathan is just glad that everything is going to be alright. Stephanie agrees and decides to stop by the hospital to see him later. Nathan asks Stephanie what she’d like to do for their date. She thought this was it, but Nathan chuckles, saying that he thinks he can do better than coffee, and suggests dinner and dancing, or a movie. Stephanie thinks any of those choices sounds fine. Nathan sighs, wishing they could go another ski trip, as he had so much fun the last time. Stephanie nods and giggles, admitting that they really connected. Nathan laughs. Stephanie wishes she hadn’t screwed everything up. Nathan thinks he is the one that did that by flip-flopping so much when it came to Melanie. Stephanie then confides Nathan that she accepts the fact that he isn’t yet over Melanie because she knows he will be one day. Stephanie vows to work very hard to make sure that happens, and to make sure Nathan forgets Melanie ever existed. Nathan jokes, asking who Melanie is again. Stephanie tells him happily that she isn’t threatened by anything or anyone--not when he is looking at her the way he is right now. Nathan thinks he is really lucky that Stephanie didn’t give up on him. Stephanie decides to kiss him before his luck runs out.

Philip lays Melanie on their bed and kisses her. She reminds him he never answered her question, and ask again if he believes what she told him about her fight with Stephanie. Philip kisses her, admitting he is almost convinced.

Kate assures Sami that Will is going to come around, as he truly loves his mother. Sami doesn’t buy Kate’s kind remark, and warns Kate not to dare try to poison her son against her. Kate claims she tried to convince Will to give Sami a second chance, but he refused. Sami retorts that it won’t be long before her son realizes what a house of horrors this is. She then decides that the visit is over, and snaps that she is packing up her kids and going home. Kate tells Sami that she has been misinformed, and guesses EJ hasn’t told Sami that the children will be staying the night here. Sami gapes. Later, Sami confronts EJ, refusing to allow Sydney and Johnny to stay the night. EJ reminds her that if he wakes Johnny up and puts him in the car, he won’t be able to fall back asleep later. Sami tells him he’d better think of a better excuse than that. EJ sighs, promising to stay here with the kids and bring them back first thing in the morning. He then reminds her that it isn’t as if he is taking them to Switzerland. Sami curses, but relents. She kisses Sydney goodbye and comforts her, telling her that her father and brothers will be here to keep her company. She warns EJ to look after her, and tells Sydney how much she will miss her and how much she loves her. Stefano assures Sami that Sydney will be fine. Sami ignores him, tearfully apologizing to Sydney for breaking her promise to her that they would never be apart again.

Philip lies in bed with Melanie after having made love. He flashes back to overhearing Stephanie accuse Melanie of writing Nathan a love letter the day of their wedding.

Arianna thinks that if Rafe wants Sami back, then he has to find out who kidnapped Sydney, as that was what tore them apart in the first place. She think if he finds the kidnapper, that will bring him and Sami back together. Rafe thinks Arianna is wrong, and that the solution isn’t that simple. Arianna thinks it is, and that Sami will be ready to move on from EJ once the whole story behind the kidnapping has been revealed. Rafe isn’t so sure, but Arianna thinks Rafe has the power to change everything.

Sami comes back downstairs after having kissed Johnny goodnight. She kisses Sydney goodnight one more time, promising to see her in the morning. She adds pointedly that she and EJ will discuss this further at that time. Sami storms off. Kate follows to see her out. Sami stops short on the doorstep, raging that she won’t stand for this, but Kate slams the door in her face and heads back into the living room. Stefano bounces Sydney in his arms, telling Sydney that now that her family is reunited, it’s time for them all to celebrate.


Stephanie tells Nathan, “We are going to thrive and be very happy.”

Philip tells Melanie, “There are so many things for us to discuss--like you and Nathan.”

Brady informs Arianna, “I think we have problem.”

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