Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/13/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/13/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Stefano that he isn’t sure what to say. Stefano puts his hands on EJ’s shoulder, telling EJ that he has finally become a man. EJ wants to know if the feud between the two of them is over. Stefano explains that EJ is his son, and he loves him, so of course it’s over. He adds that for there to be complete peace and understanding between them, however, there is one final condition. EJ sighs, asking if his father’s silence in regards to Sydney is going to come at a price. Stefano chuckles, saying that when it comes to family, there is always a price.

Chloe heads into her apartment, and stunned, she finds Carly sitting on the sofa. Carly hops up, hoping she didn’t scare Chloe. She explains that Daniel gave her his spare key. Chloe stares. Carly hopes her moving in is really ok with Chloe. Chloe claims it is, and that she is just surprised that Daniel isn’t here to help her move in. Daniel walks out just then with a box, telling Chloe that he was here, and that he was just clearing out some drawer space. He explains he just packed up a blanket in there, but Chloe glares, snatching the box away from him. Daniel stares in surprise.

Outside the Cheatin’ Heart, Adrienne cradles an unconscious Justin in her arms, She begs him to be alright as Philip rushes over, saying that he is going to call 911. Adrienne bawls, wondering who could have done this to Justin.

Melanie heads into the hospital. Stephanie greets her, wondering what is going on. Melanie explains that she is filling out paperwork to go back to nursing school. Stephanie frowns. Melanie grins, saying that Stephanie looks sick. Stephanie claims she is just surprised Melanie is coming back. Melanie sarcastically offers Stephanie a peso for her thoughts. Stephanie snaps that what she is thinking is that it’s an unbelievably bad idea for Melanie to reapply for nursing school.

In a nearby waiting room, Madeline tells Chad how proud she is of him. Chad claims he hasn’t done anything really, but Madeline insists that he has been there for both her and his father. Chad thinks she is being dramatic, as it isn’t as if his father is in any real danger. Chad then decides to go see the doctor and find out what is going on before they leave for the night. He heads off. Madeline flashes back to spotting Kate outside the Java Café.

Sami heads into the Java Café and runs into Kate, who notices her scratches and cuts and wonders if she got into a fight. Sami ignores the comment, wondering how a woman like Kate with children of her own could try to drive a wedge between her and her son just to satisfy her ego. Kate wonders if that is the best explanation she can come up with. Sami thinks that Kate loves the fact that Will would rather live with her and Stefano than his own mother, and that after everything Kate has done, Will still doesn’t see her for the manipulative bitch she really is. Kate scoffs, sorry that Sami is threatened by her close relationship with her grandson. Sami vows that Kate’s plan will never work, as Will won’t be living in that mausoleum, and neither will Kate for much longer. Kate stares, confused. Sami announces that EJ is over there right now, kicking Stefano out of the house on his ass. Kate bursts out laughing.

EJ sighs, wondering what ring of fire he’s going to have to jump through now. Stefano explains that if he and EJ are to reconcile, and if he is going to keep quiet about certain circumstances regarding EJ’s daughter, then he has to have what he needs and wants above all else--and he has to have it tonight.

Kate insists that neither she or her husband are going anywhere, and that Will is going to come live with them. Sami vows that that won’t happen. Kate says it will because that is what her grandson wants. Sami claims EJ won’t let it happen. Kate is surprised that Sami hasn’t realized that nothing of what EJ says ever comes to fruition, despite his arrogant way of speaking. She says that Stefano’s word on the other hand, is something has to heeded. Sami thinks she knows what Kate is trying to do. Kate shakes her head, telling Sami that what she is trying to say is that Sami and EJ have underestimated Stefano--and that is a very big mistake.

EJ asks Stefano what he wants. Stefano thinks he knows, but EJ claims he has no idea. Stefano then explains that the most important thing to him is family, so he wants Johnny and Sydney back in the mansion within the hour. EJ, stunned, tells Stefano that he can’t just tear them out of the house. He wonders what he is supposed to tell Sami. Stefano doesn’t see why she matters, but EJ snaps that she is their mother, and thusly matters more than anything else.

Adrienne sobs, begging Justin to stay with her, as she needs him. As Philip hurries back over, Adrienne shrieks that Justin isn’t responding. Philip assures her that the ambulance is on its way. Adrienne thanks God and pleads with Justin to answer her. Justin moans her name as the ambulance draws nearer.

Melanie snaps that Stephanie seems to have confused her with someone who cares what she thinks. Stephanie reminds Melanie that she dropped out of the nursing program before. Melanie grumps that she doesn’t see what that has to do with Stephanie’s horrible reaction. Stephanie admits she shouldn’t have said anything, as it’s Melanie’s life and her choice. Melanie agrees, adding that she couldn’t have said it better herself. She thinks it’s too bad that Stephanie didn’t come to that conclusion right away. Stephanie remarks loftily that she just doesn’t admire quitters. Melanie retorts that she doesn’t admire people that try to discourage others from doing things to better themselves. She then hands her application over to a nearby nurse, asking her to turn it in for her. Melanie then turns on Stephanie, snapping that where she works and what she does is none of Stephanie’s business. She huffs off. Stephanie mutters, “The hell it isn’t.”

Chloe explains that she just wanted to see what Daniel took out of the drawer. Surprised by her reaction, he claims that it was just a blanket. Chloe sets the box down and apologizes to Carly for not getting here sooner to help her move. Carly says it’s alright, as she is just going to be here for a short while. Chloe suggests the two of them go clear out some closet space and find Carly some fresh towels. Carly thanks her and the two head for the back. Daniel takes the blanket out of the box and folds it. As he does so, some baby clothes fall out onto the floor. Shocked, Daniel picks them up and looks them over.

EJ tells Stefano that he must understand that he can’t just do a 180 and explain to Sami that the two of them reconciled after all these months. Stefano thinks EJ is a clever man and will come up with something. EJ says it’s all too abrupt and that he needs more time, but Stefano warns him that he must have those children in the house within the hour unless he wants Sami and everyone else to learn the truth. EJ scowls. Stefano asks if they are clear. Defeated, EJ picks up his briefcase. Stefano snaps that the time frame is non-negotiable. EJ heads off.

Daniel stuffs the baby clothes back in the box as Carly comes over, telling him that he and Chloe are kind, but she can’t continue to live with them. Daniel reminds her she has a patient at the hospital to check on and suggests that they discuss this later. Carly agrees and heads out the door. Chloe heads over to Daniel, saying that she is sure it will be nice living with Carly once she gets used to it. Daniel frowns. Chloe wonders what is wrong, and Daniel shows her the baby clothes he found. Chloe brushes it off, claiming that she ordered them when she thought she was pregnant, and that she never felt like returning them, since she ordered them from a catalogue, and it’s a pain to do so. Daniel gives her a look. Chloe then admits that she couldn’t bring herself to send them back, so she hid them instead, and now, she sometimes likes to looks at them. She wonders if that is wrong. Daniel says it isn’t wrong at all and hugs her. Chloe sobs.

Paramedics wheel Justin into the hospital as Adrienne and Philip follow. Nathan hurries over to examine Justin and announces to everyone that Justin was hit in the back of the head. Roman walks over, saying that Justin was lucky it wasn’t more serious. He then asks Philip if he saw the guy that did this. Philip admits he did, but it was from a distance, and he couldn’t make him out. He adds that he gave chase, but the person just disappeared into the shadows. Adrienne then tells Roman that Justin was robbed, as whoever hit him took his money and wallet.

Chad comes back to the waiting room and tells Madeline that the lawyer she and his dad asked him to meet with a few months ago was just brought in--and it seems as if he was attacked in the same way his father was.

EJ is at Sami’s place, and she gushes about how cute Sydney and Johnny are. EJ gives her a ghost of a smile. Sami sighs, asking if wants to talk about what happened with his father. She guesses EJ made sure that Stefano and his wife won’t be able to sink their claws into Will, but EJ admits it was more complicated than that. Sami wonders what that means. EJ replies that the situation has changed. Sami doesn’t see what could have changed, since EJ must have made it clear that he was kicking his father out. EJ admits that isn’t exactly what happened. Sami demands to know what that means and what happened between his and his dad.

Daniel tells Chloe that he is concerned because she isn’t admitting how much not being able to conceive is still hurting her, and he feels that there are things she isn’t being honest about with him. Chloe wonders what he is talking about. Daniel sighs, saying that he knows she keeps saying that she doesn’t mind Carly living there, but he gets the feeling that he doesn’t want her around. He asks if he is right. Chloe admits he is, and that she hates that Carly gave him a child and that she can’t.

Stephanie shows up at Maggie’s place. Melanie opens the door and demands to know if Stephanie came by to scold her some more for wanting to be a nurse. Stephanie starts to reply, but Melanie interrupts, saying that it isn’t as if she is shooting up heroin or anything. Stephanie snaps at her to shut up for a second, explaining that she wasn’t honest about her reasons before for questioning Melanie. Melanie doesn’t want to hear it, but Stephanie says she has to, before she hurts a lot of people, including Nathan. Melanie asks sarcastically if she is Nathan’s protector. Stephanie admits she is looking out for Nathan, but she is looking out for Melanie and Philip, too. Melanie starts to shut the door in her face, saying that this conversation is over, but Stephanie says it isn’t, pushing her way into Maggie’s kitchen.

Madeline heads over to Roman and introduces him to Chad. She explains that she wants to talk to Roman about the attack on Justin, as she thinks her son hit on something important.

Sami, disappointed, reminds EJ that this was as good as done when he left earlier. She wonders what happened. EJ explains that Stefano never had any intention of handing over the house, and just used that as a lure to get him over there. Sami guesses they shouldn’t have assumed Stefano would keep his word. EJ admits he feels like a fool. Sami then asks what Stefano really wanted to talk to him about. EJ tells Sami that his father wanted to talk to him about Sydney and Johnny, as he wants very badly to see them. Sami gapes. EJ admits that he thinks Stefano should be allowed to see them as well. Sami’s eyes practically pop out of her head.

Daniel hugs Chloe, telling her that when he fell in love with her, she was everything he wanted in a woman. Of course she is beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, she is truly his soul mate. He assures her that having children was never on his mind, as he just wanted to be with her and share a life. He adds that that is more than enough for him and kisses her, telling her how sorry he is. Chloe sniffles, saying that she is the one that ought to be sorry, as she is just pitying herself over his new family. Daniel admits it’s overwhelming. Chloe wants him to have a relationship with his daughter, but admits that she fears that he will be sucked back in to Carly’s life, too. Daniel admits that he and Carly work together, and they both want what is best for Melanie, but aside from that, they have no other connection. He assures Chloe that they will be together forever and that nothing will change that. The two kiss.

Adrienne assures one of her children over the phone that their father is going to be fine. As she hangs up, Carly heads over, telling her how sorry she was to hear about Justin. She promises to look in on him from time to time and Adrienne thanks her. She then apologizes for being so cold toward Carly, as she was just upset about Justin and Hope before, and it was wrong of her to make Carly the scapegoat. Carly claims she understands. Adrienne then tells Carly that she wants their friendship back, as being back here and staying in Steve and Kayla’s old place has been kind of lonely. She invites Carly over for dinner and a movie sometime, and Carly readily agrees. Adrienne is glad, as she knows Carly is going through a rough time, and she’d like to be there for her. She asks Carly to let her know if she needs anything. Carly admits that there actually is something she needs.

Now alone with Chad, Madeline remarks that it’s strange that these two attacks were so similar. Chad agrees, but thinks something else is strange--and it has to do with his mother.

Sami thinks EJ must be joking, or she is hearing things, as there is no way he really wants Johnny and Sydney to spend time with Stefano. EJ admits that what his father did was wrong, but he can’t banish him from his grandchildren forever. Sami snaps that that is exactly what she wanted and what they’ve both been talking about for weeks. She adds that it makes no sense to her why EJ is doing this insane 180. EJ tries to explain that Stefano showed contrition, and that Sami should have been there to see it. She retorts that she was there, and that she doesn’t care what Stefano seems like, as she isn’t going to fall for his tricks. EJ argues that Stefano is old, and their feud has taken its toll on him. Sami replies that EJ agreed with her on this before, so he is obviously sleep-deprived right now, and that is why he isn’t making sense. She insists that he get some rest and pull himself together, and then they can try discussing this tomorrow. EJ shakes his head. Sami stares, stunned, as EJ explains that he wants to take the kids over to see Stefano tonight.

Nathan greets Carly at the hospital and tells her that he hopes she isn’t worried about him and Melanie any longer. Carly wonders if she should be. Nathan shakes his head, saying that he realizes now that Melanie is married to Philip, and respects that. He adds that he is in a relationship right now, anyway, with Stephanie Johnson, and he feels very lucky. Carly is glad to hear it.

Melanie scoffs, saying that she can’t believe Stephanie is serious. Stephanie claims that she is just trying to get through to her, and that she knows this nursing school thing isn’t premeditated or deliberate on her part. Melanie scoffs. Stephanie, now angry, accuses Melanie of being too self-consumed to see how much this is going to hurt Nathan. Melanie doubts his world will fall apart if she goes back to nursing school. Stephanie snaps at her not to play dumb, as they both know that Melanie going back to nursing school will force Nathan to interact with her every day. Stephanie thinks Nathan is pretty much over Melanie by now, but this isn’t fair to him. Melanie fumes, wondering if she is supposed to put her career dreams on hold so Nathan has time to get over her. Stephanie reminds her she has Philip and suggests that she go be Mrs. Kiriakis, make some babies, go to lunch, go shopping and redecorate. Melanie refuses to pretend Stephanie is a nice person, and accuses her of liking being mean and manipulative. Stephanie claims she isn’t trying to hurt Melanie’s feelings; she just cares about Nathan and wants to protect him from feeling conflicted. Melanie thinks Stephanie only wants him for herself, and adds wrathfully that Stephanie is only doing all of this because she wants to keep her away from Nathan. Melanie scoffs, saying that she always thought she was the one that was insecure.

Sami begs EJ to tell her that this is just more of his ironic British humor. EJ claims that he has never been more serious, and that he wants to take the children to the mansion within the hour. Sami flatly refuses.

Chloe and Daniel lie in bed. As Chloe sleeps, Daniel receives a call from Carly, who says that she has made up her mind, and she isn’t going to live with them, as that isn’t fair to Chloe. She says that the good news is that Adrienne has offered to let her stay with her, and she’s living across the hall from Daniel at Kayla and Steve’s old place, so that way, Daniel can still keep an eye on her without her having to intrude on their lives. Daniel thinks this is a terrific arrangement and promises to arrange for her to come by to pick her stuff up. Carly thanks him and hangs up. Daniel kisses Chloe’s shoulder and smiles.

Stephanie claims she isn’t insecure, but Melanie thinks she is, as otherwise, she wouldn’t care that she was around Nathan. Melanie claims that Stephanie deliberately ruined things between her and Nathan, and she was rewarded for her awful behavior, which isn’t fair. Stephanie snaps that she doesn’t have to listen to this. Melanie wants her to be honest about something, and asks if she read the letter she wrote to Nathan on her wedding day. Stephanie admits she did, and that she isn’t sorry for reading it, she isn’t sorry for not showing it to Nathan, she’s not sorry for telling Melanie that Nathan didn’t want it--in short, she’s not sorry about anything.

Justin wakes up in his room to find Adrienne sitting beside him. He asks her what happened. She explains that he was mugged outside the bar, and his wallet was stolen. Justin moans, saying it feels as if they took a chunk out of his skull while they were at it. Adrienne asks him not to move around too much, and explains that while he is supposed to make a full recovery, he’s going to kept here overnight for observation. Justin tells her that she doesn’t have to stay with him. Angry, Adrienne says that he is right--she doesn’t.

Kate and Stefano toast to Johnny and Sydney being in the mansion tonight. Kate thinks the news is wonderful and wonders how Stefano managed to pull it off. Stefano explains that as his father used to say, there are times when you shouldn’t question your success, you should just accept with strength and humility. Kate is pleased to see him so happy, and guesses he and EJ mended fences. Stefano says they did, but guesses Kate isn’t very happy herself. She admits she’s a little disconcerted, as she saw someone today--someone she didn’t speak to, but someone whose presence she had to acknowledge. Stefano asks who it was, and Kate explains she saw Madeline Peterson Woods.

EJ begs Sami to be reasonable. Sami wonders how she can be reasonable when EJ is playing Jekyll and Hyde. She rages about how many people she defended EJ to, and how she thought they were friends and had really connected. EJ insists they did connect, but Sami claims all of that is severed if he is serious about this Stefano thing. EJ doesn’t want that to happen. Sami thinks that if he truly means that, then this 180 regarding Stefano is either EJ going crazy, or something else is going on.

Daniel glances at the clock, and sees double. Chloe wakes up, asking what is wrong, but Daniel claims nothing is, and asks her to go back to sleep.

Adrienne storms out of Justin’s room. Nathan heads over, wanting to discuss her husband’s release, but Adrienne snaps at him to call Victor or Hope about it, as Justin is no longer her husband. She then storms off.

Melanie, shocked, asks Stephanie if she really lied to both her and Nathan. Stephanie brings up Melanie’s own transgressions as Philip walks up outside and listens in through the door. Stephanie reminds Melanie that she wrote her ex a letter begging him to take her back the same day she was slated to marry Philip. Stephanie wonders how she could have told Nathan she’d leave Philip for him on her wedding day. Philip frowns.

Stefano can’t believe Kate is worried about Madeline right now when his grandchildren will be walking through the door any moment. He thinks they should be celebrating and filled with joy. Kate folds her arms. Stefano sighs, asking why she is so sour. Kate wonders what will happen if EJ can’t get Sami to agree to this, as they all know how stubborn she can be.

EJ admits that something else is going on, and he thinks Sami has the right to know what it is.


Roman tells Rafe, "Get her away from DiMera's influence. Somehow, some way--before it's too late."

Sami snaps at EJ, "Tell me the truth, and it better be good."

Stefano tells Kate, "I will destroy him."

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