Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/12/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/12/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe hurries into the Java Café and thanks Nicole for meeting her at the last minute. Nicole asks if there is a problem with Daniel, and Chloe nods, admitting that it’s in regards to Carly. Nicole thought Chloe put her on notice. Chloe says she did, but then Carly got her back good.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope rubs her head and moans. She flashes back to peeking through her window and seeing Bo and Carly kissing. Just then, Hope comes back to the present as she hears Carly’s voice out in the foyer. Carly has a gift for Ciara from Bo, who forgot to give it to her before he left for California. Henderson is surprised that Carly doesn’t want to give this to Ciara herself, but Carly explains that she wants to get out of here before the ax drops. Hope walks out, guessing that she is the ax that Carly is referring to. She then asks Henderson to take the gift to her room, as Ciara is asleep. Henderson hurries off. Hope remarks angrily that things have apparently gotten so bad between herself and Bo that she didn’t find out about Kim being seriously ill. Carly doesn’t reply. Hope wonders how things got so bad.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami demands that Stefano answer the question. Stefano grins, glad that Sami is here, as EJ has something to say to her--something that Stefano thinks she’ll find interesting.

In bed upstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady gushes that that was the most fun he’s ever had without laughing. Arianna giggles, saying one thing is for sure--they don’t have any problems with each other in this department. Brady agrees, kissing her. Arianna then gets out of bed, saying that she has to get home. Brady wants her to stay the night, but Arianna is full of excuses. She reminds him he is supposed to meet Sami, but Brady would rather put it off. Arianna then tells him that she has to get up early, and besides, she hates sneaking past Henderson. Brady suggests she set an alarm, and reminds her that Henderson knows that she is his fiancée. Arianna admits she is, but claims she doesn’t want to rush into anything. Brady remembers her saying that before, and hopes that she will explain why she feels that way.

Nicole sighs, wondering what Carly has done now. Chloe confides in Nicole that she may be moving in with her and Daniel. Nicole gapes. Chloe admits it’s true. Nicole thinks Carly is good, as this sounds like something she’d do. Chloe explains that it’s only supposed to be a temporary arrangement while Bo is out of town, as Daniel is afraid something may happen to Carly. Nicole scoffs that that woman can handle the offensive line of a football team. Chloe isn’t sure what she can do, as Daniel has already offered her the guest room. Nicole doesn’t think Chloe can’t let this happen. Chloe swears that it’s only supposed to be temporary, but Nicole thinks it only is for now, and wonders what Chloe will do if Carly decides she wants Daniel. Chloe sighs. Nicole suggests Chloe come up with some kind of plan.

Carly tells Hope that she knows Bo left town quickly, but he did call Hope and leave her several messages. She adds that Bo told her that she never called him back, so Hope had better not be thinking of going off on her because she didn’t know what was going on. Hope, shocked, snaps that Carly can’t speak to her like that. Carly thinks someone needs to, so it may as well be her. Hope gapes.

Sami demands to know what is going on. EJ claims nothing is, and begs Sami to be reasonable. Sami retorts that Stefano is the one that isn’t reasonable, and informs EJ that Stefano and Frau Blucher have convinced her son to move here to Frankenstein’s castle. Stefano replies that Kate thought Will just needed some time and space, but Sami doesn’t think Kate’s instincts are to be trusted. Stefano declares that the only person Sami can’t trust is his son. EJ turns white. Sami asks EJ what Stefano is talking about.

Justin heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and finds Adrienne working behind the bar. He’s surprised she doesn’t have a bartender, but Adrienne explains that he is on his way here now. She adds pointedly that she doesn’t mind menial tasks, unlike Justin, and that she likes to tend bar, as it gives her time to think--like about the books she has been reading. She adds angrily that she does read. Justin vows that he never thought she was stupid. Adrienne grumps that Hope obviously does, since she tried to make her think that Justin wanted her back. Justin sighs. Adrienne then wonders why he is here, as she knows it isn’t for the atmosphere. Justin hands her some papers. Adrienne demands to know what the hell they are.

Chloe isn’t so sure that Carly is after Daniel, but she admits that Carly acts as if she has a claim on him. Nicole nods, saying that that can be hard to fight. Chloe admits she tried to, and that she told Melanie something Carly said, but twisted it to make it appear in the worst possible light. Nicole is glad to hear it, but Chloe says she felt awful for doing it. Nicole suggests that Chloe face this head on and fight back. Chloe isn’t so sure that she can.

Carly reminds Hope that it is unreasonable for her to be angry when she never returned Bo’s phone calls. She adds that Bo and Hope share a daughter, so they should try to get along, but Hope interrupts, guessing that Carly is saying that she is not only a bad wife, she’s also a terrible mother. Carly cries that that isn’t what she said, and tells Hope that she is driving her nuts. Hope is glad to hear it. Carly sighs, claiming that all she was trying to say is that Bo misses his daughter since he doesn’t get to see her often. Hope snaps that she doesn’t want her daughter in the presence of a murderer. Carly pleads with her not to keep Bo and Ciara apart. Hope thinks Carly is the one doing that, but she reminds Hope that only she and Bo have a say in Ciara’s life, not her. She then asks Hope angrily if it’s not enough that she threw her marriage away. Hope claims that she didn’t do that and snaps that Carly ought to be grateful she and Bo were separated, because if they hadn’t been, she wouldn’t have had a shot in hell at Bo. Carly agrees, but reminds Hope that she and Bo weren’t together, and Bo chose to be with her, so he and Hope are over. She thinks Hope ought to start trying to live with that. Hope glares.

Stefano opens his laptop, asking Sami if she likes popcorn. She rolls her eyes, remarking that Stefano has lost it. He ignores the comment, telling Sami that he has a short film for her to see--a very informative documentary. He cheerfully asks Sami to guess who’s on it. EJ flashes back to watching the DVD of Anna confessing that EJ hired her to kidnap Sydney in an attempt to pay Sami back for betraying him. EJ comes back to the present and frets.

Justin tells Adrienne that the papers are from her real estate agent, and that it gives her exclusive rights to the property. Adrienne takes a look over them as Justin explains that he is still technically her attorney on record, so that‘s why he was asked to deliver them. He guesses Adrienne is thinking of selling the place, and wonders if it isn’t turning a profit. Adrienne admits the bar is doing alright, but she suspects that her manager is sneaking money from the till, and she isn’t here to keep an eye on him. Justin thinks she could be. Adrienne asks what that is supposed to mean. Justin claims that he is just surprised that Adrienne is considering letting this place go, and suggests she stick around town and run it herself for a while. Adrienne wonders if he wants her to.

Chloe thanks Nicole for always having her back, but she still has to wonder why Nicole came back Salem when so many people dislike her. Nicole claims she just likes Salem, but Chloe thinks Nicole is full of baloney. She adds that Nicole’s baloney has a first name, and it’s B-R-A-D-Y.

Arianna admits to Brady that some people thinks she should marry him right away. Brady wonders why she isn’t listening. Arianna explains that she thinks these people only feel this way because Nicole is back in town, and that they think the only way she can get Brady to marry her is by rushing him to the altar. Brady demands to know who is saying this, and Arianna admits her brother said it, for one. Brady doesn’t think Rafe knows him very well, but Arianna claims she saw the look on Nicole’s face when Brady agreed to give her that loan, and it’s the same look her dad gets when he hooks a fish. Brady thinks he made a mistake in not offering Nicole enough money, and he takes out his checkbook. He scratches out an amount, tears out the check and hands it to Arianna, asking her if she thinks that is enough to get Nicole to make a fresh start somewhere else and get out of their lives for good. Arianna surprised, admits that it’s a lot of money. Brady vows that he would pay ten times more to get Arianna to spend less time thinking about Nicole and more time appreciating him. The two kiss

Stefano grins, telling Sami that the feature is about to begin. Sami declares that she doesn’t want to see whatever is on that DVD. Stefano assures her that she does. Sami snaps that if Stefano is trying to get her to turn against EJ now, after all that happened with Will, then he has no concept of the phrase ‘bad timing.’ She adds that no matter what is on that DVD, she won’t believe it. Stefano stares. EJ smiles triumphantly.

Justin claims that he just wants to make sure that Adrienne is doing what she wants by selling the bar. He adds that it seems like she is, and starts to head off. Adrienne sighs tearfully, then calls Justin back over, asking if he still sucks at pool. Justin chuckles, reminding her that she knows how it is with rich boys, and how they’re all terrible at things that come naturally to a girl from the other side of the tracks. Adrienne smiles. Justin thinks she could make some money were they to place a wager. She asks jokingly if he is hustling her. Justin suggests she rack the balls so they can find out. Adrienne heads off to do so, laughing.

Hope reminds Carly that she hadn’t lived in Salem for a long time before she came back, and that’s why she can’t see that this is part of a pattern. Carly asks what she means. Hope explains that she thinks this is about her, but really, she was just in the right place at the right time. Carly doesn’t understand, and Hope explains that Bo tends to retreat into the past when things get bad. Carly is sorry that she can’t understand what it is like to lose a child, but she thinks it’s a cheap shot for Hope to say that Bo goes out and has affairs while she is left to grieve at home alone. Hope retorts that Carly can think what she wants, but she has gone through some pretty hard times alone. Carly asks bluntly about Patrick. Hope, shocked, asks if Bo told her about that. Carly replies that Bo tells her a lot of things, so Hope can’t stand on her high moral ground and pretend as if Bo hasn’t been hurt, too. Hope thinks Bo has more pain coming to him, since Carly killed her own marriage and then had the audacity to come to town and kill hers and Bo’s. She thinks Carly will eventually get restless, and then Bo will find himself all alone again. Carly glares.

Brady is glad he and Arianna talked, and he hugs her, promising that everything will work out. He heads for the bathroom. Arianna picks up the check, telling herself that sometimes, you can’t always wait for things to work out. She puts the check in her purse and smiles.

Nicole admits her staying in town is about Brady, as she is in love with him and would be with him right now if she hadn’t been derailed by EJ. Chloe reminds her that Brady is getting ready to marry someone else, but Nicole remarks that he hasn’t married her yet, and if she plays her cards right, he never will. Chloe sighs.

Stefano warns Sami that she is making a mistake, but decides to find another way to enlighten her. EJ announces that that is enough and leads Sami into the foyer by the arm. Sami groans that Stefano is unbelievable and wonders what is wrong with him. EJ replies that since he is no longer under his father’s thumb, Stefano is trying to get revenge by discrediting him. She wonders if EJ knows what is on that DVD, but he claims he doesn’t. Sami says she’s more worried about Will anyway, and asks if he can talk to his father. EJ agrees to do so, and Sami confides in him that she plans on getting Brady to try to get through to Will. She adds that she will not allow Stefano to come between her and her family. EJ promises to talk to his father. Sami thanks him and hurries off. As EJ heads back into the living room, Stefano remarks that EJ is lucky that Sami is such a stubborn bitch. EJ shakily pours a drink, asking Stefano what it is he wants .Stefano claims that is simple--he wants EJ to see the error of his ways, and take responsibly for what he has done.

Adrienne takes a shot and asks Justin what that look is about. Justin smirks, guessing that she thinks she’s going to win. Adrienne wonders why she wouldn’t think that, since she always wins. Justin then admits that he used to let her win. She doesn’t buy it, but Justin claims it’s true, and that he even closed his eyes sometimes before taking shots. Adrienne still doesn’t believe him, but Justin explains he knew how much it meant to her to win. Adrienne, now angry, asks if he threw the games in order to nail her later. Justin replies that he just wanted her to feel better about herself. Adrienne scoffs that obviously, nothing about the way they used to be is the way she thought it was. She snaps that she thought he just came to Salem to defend Victor’s godson, but clearly, he came here with the intention to play house with Hope. Justin gapes.

Chloe reminds Nicole that when she tries to make things happen the way she wants, she usually ends up getting into trouble. Nicole, surprised, asks if Chloe really thinks she’d hurt Arianna. Chloe remembers being the other woman when Nicole wanted Brady before. Nicole claims that she was out of her mind before, and besides, Chloe forgave her for that. Chloe wonders if Nicole is really in control now. She claims that she is, and that Brady loves her. She knows that she thought she would be with EJ forever, but she saw the light eventually, and Brady will, too. She assures Chloe that Brady doesn’t have to settle for second best anymore, adding that Arianna is all wrong for Brady, and she plans on proving it. Just then, Arianna walks over. She snidely wishes Nicole good luck with that.

Sami hurries into the pub and meets Brady. He asks if something is wrong. Sami wonders where to begin, and explains breathlessly that she had to make a little detour by the DiMera mansion. Brady groans, saying that he’s sure something must be wrong, then. Sami nods, telling Brady that Will has decides to move in with Kate and Stefano. Brady thinks she must be joking, but Sami claims she isn’t. She just hopes EJ can take care of it. Brady, stunned, asks if Sami really plans on turning to EJ now, even after all he has done to her.

EJ wonders how he is supposed to take responsibility for what he did, and asks incredulously if Stefano wants him to tell Sami everything. He reminds his father angrily that neither of then will ever see Sydney or Johnny again if he does so. Stefano sighs, saying that he would have moved heaven and heart to protect EJ if he had only come to him in the beginning. EJ snaps that he is a grown man, and doesn’t need to be protected. Stefano chuckles, saying that EJ will see what he means when Johnny is his age, and he is his father’s age. He adds tenderly that everything he did, he did out of love for EJ. EJ agrees to accept that, provided that Stefano show him the same love right now and agree to keep this thing between the two of them.

Adrienne stomps over the bar and takes out the papers Justin brought her. Justin wonders what she is doing. Adrienne snaps that she is moving on, and that she plans to do that by selling this bar. She wonders angrily where she needs to sign. Justin sighs.

Carly tells Hope that she can think the worst of her if she likes, but the truth is that she has been in love with Bo since she first met him, and the fact that they are together now makes her happier than she ever dreamed she would be. She adds that if she has anything to say in the matter, then she and Bo will be together forever. Hope grumps that Bo used to say they’d be together forever, too. Carly refuses to apologize or grovel at Hope’s feet for being with Bo, as the two of them love one another, and that isn’t going to change. Carly then huffs off. Hope clutches her head in her hands and groans, wondering what is wrong with her. Just then, Henderson walks in, asking if Hope will be dining at home. Hope shakes her head, explaining that she has a terrible headache, and just plans on going to bed so that this whole day will be over with.

Chloe tells Arianna and Nicole that she needs to get home. Nicole asks her to remember what she said, and Chloe remarks pointedly that Nicole had better remember what she said, too. Chloe then heads off. Arianna guesses that she was right, and that Nicole really does want to duke it out over Brady. Nicole smirks, hoping the best woman wins. Arianna replies loftily that she and Brady just had a chat about Nicole, and that he wanted her to give Nicole a check. Arianna takes it out of her purse and waves it in the air. Nicole scoffs, saying that it’s a nice try, but this loan is between her and Brady. Arianna snaps that she is the one with the check, and informs Nicole that Brady feels sorry for her and wants her to start over somewhere--so long as it isn’t Salem. Arianna adds that this is a one time offer, and Nicole can either take it or leave it.

Sami claims that EJ has changed, though she knows Brady doesn’t want to hear that. Brady groans that he has heard this all before, but Sami claims it’s different this time. She thinks that she and EJ went through a lot over what happened with Sydney, and reminds Brady that they both know people are capable of wanting to become better. Brady guesses EJ’s solution to that problem is to spend as much time at Sami’s place as possible. Brady wonders how that is affecting her and Rafe. Sami admits that Rafe isn’t taking it well, but she went to him and promised to do anything to get him back, and he wouldn’t hear it, or even allow her to provide an alibi for him. Brady, confused, wonders why Rafe would need an alibi. Sami explains that the D.A. accused Rafe of beating him up, and that he needs proof he didn’t do it even though it’s clear he didn’t. Brady thinks Rafe needs a lawyer. Sami assures Brady that Rafe hasn’t been charged with anything yet. Brady sighs, saying that Rafe obviously has some problems to deal with, but so does she, as she has four kids, and shouldn’t be leaning on someone like EJ. Brady warns her that no matter how much she thinks EJ has changed, nothing will ever break the connection between him and his father.

Stefano asks EJ if he wants him to remain quiet about the fact that he kidnapped his own daughter. EJ nods. Stefano is surprised EJ expects him to do so, since EJ sided against him, made him believe that Sydney was dead, and then stood aside while he grieved for her. EJ doesn’t reply. Stefano then starts laughing, telling a stunned EJ that he couldn’t have done it better himself.

Justin tells Adrienne that nothing ever happened between him and Hope. Adrienne thinks that is only because she was too hung up on Bo to give Justin the time of day. Adrienne thinks that if that were to change, Justin would leave skid marks running out of the bar. Justin sighs. Adrienne rages that the only reason Justin probably wants her to stay is so that Hope will think they’re reconciling and perhaps regret what she is missing out on. Justin, angry himself now, tells Adrienne that that is beneath them both. Adrienne doesn’t think so, and accuses Justin of using her to get what he wants. She claims that this time she knows the score. She hurriedly signs the papers and hands them over to Justin. He storms off. Adrienne sobs. Meanwhile, outside, someone watches Justin from behind some boxes.

Arianna waves the check in Nicole’s face. She snatches it, asking Arianna to thank Brady for her, but then decides to do it herself. She then asks Arianna when the wedding is. Arianna replies that she and Brady have actually decided not to rush things. Nicole is glad he took her advice, but Arianna scoffs, wondering if Nicole thinks Brady would take advice from the person who has screwed up her life more than anyone else on the planet. Nicole thinks something must have changed, since the two were hell-bent on getting married before. Arianna is sure Nicole thinks she rushed Brady into it. Nicole confesses that she never gave it much thought. Arianna claims that Brady simply feels pity for Nicole, and all she has done is prey on his good heart and his good works. Arianna then warns Nicole that she isn’t like Chloe and all those other girls Nicole has pushed around in the past. She narrows her eyes, saying that she has been inside, and if Nicole messes with her, she won’t like what happens.

Brady, angry, can’t believe that Sami crawled back to EJ the second Rafe was out of her life. He tells her that she needs to be strong and stand on her own two feet for a change, but Sami shrieks angrily that she is standing on her own two feet, as she just went and confronted Stefano all by herself. Brady sighs, asking why Will wants to move out. Sami quietly admits that he is angry that EJ is living there. Brady wonders if she is kidding. Sami grumbles that he sounds like her father. Brady doesn’t think Roman is such a terrible person to take advice from. Sami claims that EJ just wants to spend time with Sydney, but Brady doesn’t think that matters, since Will is uncomfortable. He then advises Sami to throw the bum out. Sami claims that EJ isn’t a bum, and that he is trying to be a good father and spend more time with his daughter, since they just got her back. Brady can’t believe that Sami is buying this. He wonders if it has ever occurred to her that EJ might just be trying to make another play for her.

EJ, surprised, asks if Stefano is saying that he did something well. Stefano admits that he doesn’t like being played f or a fool, or having his life threatened, but EJ also managed to make Roman Brady’s daughter believe in him. He thinks this means EJ is a true DiMera. EJ nods slowly, shocked. He then asks Stefano what this means. Stefano warns him not to get too cocky, as he had his suspicions since the day he found that medicine bottle. He chuckles, saying that it’s wonderful how long EJ has kept this all going. He congratulates him on deceiving the ultimate deceiver and hands EJ the copy of the DVD from the laptop. EJ assumes this isn’t the only copy. Stefano admits it isn’t. EJ asks if this is some kind of gesture, then. Stefano takes EJ by the shoulders, telling him that it’s a gesture of respect. He then hugs his son, telling him that he played this well. EJ hugs him back, still surprised.

Chloe heads towards her apartment. She leaves Daniel a voicemail, saying that she needs to know what time to pick him up, and adds that she was thinking of getting takeout for dinner. Chloe heads into her apartment just then to find Carly sitting on the sofa. Stunned, she hangs up the phone. Carly apologizes, explaining that Daniel gave her his keys. Chloe stares. Carly assures her that she will do the best she can to stay out of Chloe’s way. Chloe forces a smile.

Adrienne starts to close the bar. She hears a loud banging and rattling outside, and curious, heads out to investigate. She spots Justin lying unconscious on the pavement a few feet away, and she rushes over, cradling his head in her arms, and begging Justin to wake up.

Nicole scoffs, asking if Arianna is threatening her. Arianna suggests that Nicole take this check and leave town now unless she wants to stick around to see her and Brady living happily ever after. Arianna then flounces off. Nicole smirks, saying that happily ever after is for fairy tales, and unfortunately for Arianna, this is real life.

Sami assures Brady that EJ already knows that there is no future for the two of them. Brady retorts that EJ isn’t exactly a ‘no means no’ kind of guy. Sami again reminds Brady that EJ had to deal with the fact that his daughter might have been gone forever, and things like that happen, you tend to make a lot of promises to God. Sami thinks that now that Sydney is back, she and EJ have to honor those promises. Brady is sure that Sami means to. Sami declares that EJ is different, and is truly a better person. Brady insists that he is a goon--the same guy that ruined his father’s life, and the same guy that had him beaten up on Nicole’s wedding day because he wasn’t man enough to do it himself. Sami tells Brady that she knows what EJ can be like, and that is the reason she didn’t want to tell him about Sydney in the first place. She claims that she knows now that EJ hates the person he was back then, and that he has distanced himself from Stefano so that he can be close to his kids. Brady sighs and shakes his head. Sami insists that she believes that she is finally seeing the real EJ.

EJ isn’t sure what to say. Stefano thinks EJ has finally become a man. EJ asks about the feud between them. Stefano tells EJ that he is his son, and he loves him, so of course it’s over. He then tells EJ that for there to be complete peace and understanding between them, however, there is one final condition.


Adrienne cradles Justin and sobs, "He's not responding."

Stefano tells EJ, "You will have those children in this house within the hour."

Kate snaps at Sami, "You and EJ have underestimated Stefano DiMera."

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