Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/8/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/8/10


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At the hospital, Carly is on the phone with Daniel, telling him what a terrible idea it is for her to move in with him and Chloe. Daniel reminds her that Bo going to L.A. doesn’t make Vivian any less dangerous, and he doesn’t believe that Vivian will be on her best behavior just because she promised to be. Carly sighs, saying that Chloe doesn’t want her on her sofa bed. Daniel thinks Chloe will be fine with it, but Carly advises him to start thinking like a girl. She is sure that Chloe would be furious that Daniel is even considering this. Daniel vows to talk to her, but Carly shouts at him not to say anything. Just then, Chloe heads into her and Daniel’s apartment, asking what it is he needs to talk to her about.

At the pub, Gabi tells Chad angrily that there is no way that her brother beat up and robbed his father, as Rafe would never do anything like that. Rafe demands to know if she is calling his father a liar. She asks if he is calling her brother a thief, and wonders why Chad would think her brother would ever do anything like this. Chad replies coldly that it’s because Rafe threatened his father in a room full of witnesses.

Sami rushes into the police station and tells Abe that she needs to see Rafe right away.

In an office nearby, Rafe tells Hope that he didn’t attack that corrupt slime ball and take his money. Hope warns Rafe not to refer to D.A. Woods that way, but Rafe doesn’t see why he shouldn’t, as the way he feels about Woods is public knowledge. Hope suggests they focus more on opportunity as opposed to motive, and asks Rafe where he was last night.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano accuses EJ of taking Sydney, and claims that he knows that Anna was working with EJ. EJ stares. Stefano snaps that he knows everything, including that EJ had Sydney all along. Peaked, EJ asks Stefano how many people he as told.

Sami, flustered, demands to know if Rafe is being charged with anything. Abe isn’t sure yet. Sami claims that Woods is lying, and that Abe is taking his side. Abe tries to get Sami to calm down, explaining that Hope is simply questioning Rafe, and that no one is taking anyone’s side. Sami vows that Rafe didn’t attack the D.A., and if he says so, then he is delusional, as Rafe would never do anything like this in a million years. She adds viciously that Rafe would never attack a weasel like Woods. Abe tells her gravely that Rafe already did attack him, and he saw him doing it. Sami gapes. Abe asks her to calm down before she makes things worse for Rafe than they already are.

Rafe grumbles that he already told Hope that he doesn’t have an alibi. Hope wonders if he was alone in his apartment last night. Rafe admits he wasn’t. Hope asks where he was, then. Rafe doesn’t reply. Hope sighs, reminding Rafe that he must tell her where he was; otherwise, she’ll think he’s hiding something.

Stefano, incredulous, wonders if that is all EJ cares about after what he put everyone through--that someone else might find out. EJ quips that he needs to know how many fires he has to put out. Stefano accuses EJ of being a cold-blooded SOB. EJ scoffs, telling Stefano that if he was expecting him to weep, rend his garments, and beg for forgiveness, then he is mistaken. EJ is surprised that Stefano doesn’t remember how little remorse he showed over what he did to his own son. Stefano rages that he didn’t steal Sydney; he kept her safe in this house for EJ. EJ growls that Stefano has better not try to take the high moral ground here. Stefano moans that EJ led him to believe that Sydney was dead. EJ replies coolly that she isn’t dead. He again asks Stefano how many people he told about this. Stefano guesses that all that matters to EJ is that he gets away with it. EJ smirks, saying that he doesn’t see an angry mob around the house, so all he can assume is that Stefano hasn’t told a soul. Stefano thinks it would be interesting if Sami and Rafe found out about everything. He then reminds EJ that he could hang him without lifting a finger. EJ doesn’t think Stefano is going to tell anyone anything. Stefano wonders if that is a threat. EJ shakes his head and chuckles, saying that the real reason Stefano won’t tell is because it would make him look like a complete idiot.

Daniel hangs up and stammers that he didn’t hear Chloe come in. She wonders who was on the phone, and what they need to talk about. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Chloe admits ruefully that it will have to wait, as she has a surprise for Daniel. Daniel can’t believe it involves a knock on the door, and opens it to find Melanie and Philip outside. Melanie thanks Chloe for asking them and hands her a bottle of sparking cider. Daniel jokes that he doesn’t need any as he is already seeing double. Everyone laughs appreciatively as Daniel asks what is going on. Melanie explains that Chloe invited them over for brunch so that she could help them try to become more of a normal family.. Philip jokes that none of them really have a clue what that is, though. Daniel is glad to try it out, and he kisses Chloe, thanking her quietly. Chloe grins.

Carly is on the phone with Bo, trying to convince him that Vivian won’t try anything, as she knows what he will do if she does. Bo says something and Carly sighs, admitting to try it out if Chloe is ok with the arrangement. She then asks him to take care of himself and call her when he finds out about the transplant. She hangs up as Maggie walks over. Carly, surprised to see her, asks why she is here, and Maggie explains that she has an appointment. Carly hopes everything is alright. Maggie admits everything is fine with her, but it doesn’t seem that way for Carly.

Sami admits that Rafe may have gotten a little rough with the district attorney, but the guy did let Anna’s accomplice go. Sami fumes that Benny Gorman knew her daughter was alive when she didn’t, and helped Anna take her, so she completely understands why Rafe got mad at the D.A., as the man is corrupt. Abe tells her quietly that she is making his case for him. Sami doesn’t think so, reminding Abe that Rafe attacked the D.A. in front of him, which means he probably wouldn’t sneak up on him later and attack him in an alley. Abe doesn’t think that proves Rafe didn’t do it. Just then, Sami gets a call from a woman she needs to speak to, and excuses herself, telling Abe that she will be right back.

Rafe tells Hope that he wasn’t doing anything last night, and that he just took a walk because he had some things on his mind. Hope wonders where he happened to take his walk, and asks if it was near the dock.

Stefano laughs, asking if EJ expects him to cover all this up for fear that the world will think he’s an idiot. EJ shrugs, saying that it is up to Stefano, but he warns Stefano that if he does go public, Sami will never let him see Johnny or Sydney again. He adds that this accusation is really only a theory of Stefano’s. Stefano asserts that EJ masterminding the kidnapping is the only thing that makes sense, as Anna never could have pulled this off on her own. He adds that he thinks EJ did this to get back at both him and Sami. All EJ will says is that may or may not have happened, but either way, Stefano can do nothing about it. Stefano guesses that he must do nothing about it if he expects to ever see his grandchildren again. EJ nods. Stefano wonders how he supposed to trust EJ after all he has done. EJ doesn’t think he has a choice. Stefano insists he does, as he can make EJ pay for what he has done and then face the consequences of turning EJ in.

Maggie doesn’t think that sounded like a happy call, and Carly explains that Bo’s sister, Kimberly, has leukemia. Maggie gasps. Carly assures her that a lot of progress has been made in regards to bone marrow transplants, and luckily, Bo’s marrow matches, so he’s going to donate some to Kim. Maggie is glad he is able to do it, and asks Carly to tell Bo that both he and Kim are in her prayers. Carly agrees to do so. Maggie bets Bo is worried about Carly, too. Carly confides in her that he’s worried that Vivian will view his departure as opportunity, and she is nothing if not industrious. Maggie thinks that Bo may be right, and that perhaps Carly should be more careful. Carly says that isn’t enough for Bo, as he wants her to move in with Daniel. Maggie gapes.

Philip proposes a toast to Chloe, saying that she has apparently become a good cook at some point. Chloe jokes that it was really hard, as she had to open the door for the guy from Chez Rouge, and then keep everything warm in the microwave. Melanie thinks she has a lot to learn from Chloe. Chloe laughs, saying that she plans on opening the oven next week, but Daniel thinks she ought to try baby steps at first. All four laugh heartily. Melanie and Philip take the plates to the kitchen as Daniel tells Chloe how great the food was. Chloe hopes so, as Daniel orders the same thing every time they go to Chez Rouge. Daniel doesn’t think the food is as great as she is. He adds that he can’t tell her what it means to him to have Melanie here, and to have her do this for him. He thinks this is the best surprise ever. Chloe beams.

An officer walks over and hands Abe the statement that D.A. Woods faxed over. Abe thanks him and looks it over, telling himself that this is the same story Woods told him before. He slams the folder down on a desk, saying that Rafe had better have a rock-solid alibi.

Rafe claims that he was nowhere near the dock, and that he was just taking a walk in the woods. Hope wonders if anyone saw him, but Rafe shakes his head, saying that it was dark, and that he went there specifically to be alone. Hope wonders why, and Rafe explains that he needed to think. Hope thinks that he is hiding something from her.

Sami returns to the station, asking the woman over the phone to send Allie’s records to the school. She then thanks her and hangs up. Sami catches sight of a folder on a desk labeled ‘Charles Woods.’ Sami looks around, doesn’t see anyone, and so she opens the file.

EJ scoffs, saying that the idea of Stefano making him pay is rich. Stefano accuses EJ of being deliberately cruel, as he made all that people that loved Sydney go through hell. EJ thinks Stefano must be referring to what Anna did, not him. Stefano scoffs, saying that they both know that that is a lie. EJ growls that if Stefano says one word of this to anyone, then he is going to use it as proof of his father’s dementia. He vows to have him put in a psychiatric hospital where he’ll be overmedicated and left to dribble in a corner.

Daniel gets a call from the hospital and tells Philip, Melanie and Chloe that one of his patients is going into surgery, and he’s got to get down there. Chloe reminds Daniel that he’s off surgical rotation for now thanks to his double vision, but Daniel explains that he needs to be there to assist. Daniel then tells Chloe that the patient is Ed Price. He’s sure she remembers him, adding that Ed is having complications, so he’s going to observe the surgery. Melanie remembers the man and remarks that she likes him. She adds that she knows the man’s medical history, and would also like to observe the surgery. Daniel agrees to let her do so, and Melanie kisses Philip goodbye. Chloe asks Daniel to be careful, and not to over-do it. He promises her he will be fine. She then remembers what he never told her about earlier, and asks what he needed to tell her. Daniel sighs, saying that it’s complicated. Chloe thinks that must mean this is about Carly. All Daniel will say is that it is complicated, and explains apologetically that he really has to get going. He promises that everything is fine, and he and Melanie head off.

Hope thinks Rafe knows the drill and urges him to give her something better than that. Rafe wonders what happens if he has nothing better to give her. Hope sighs, hoping they can find someone that saw Rafe’s car near the woods last night. Rafe curses the D.A., calling him a jackass. Hope again warns Rafe to stop incriminating himself, but Rafe grumbles that everyone knows how he feels about the guy.

Abe rushes over to Sami and snatches at the folder, asking what the hell she is doing, Sami announces that this statement is full of lies, as Rafe is innocent--and she can prove it.

Stefano guesses that EJ is planning to eliminate him without having to commit patricide. EJ ignores the comment, saying that even if Stefano tells the world this fairy tale, no one--not the FBI, not Interpol, not anyone--can find Anna, so that means Stefano can’t either. Stefano claims that he is smarter than all those government agencies. EJ thinks everyone will know Stefano is just delusional. Stefano calls him an SOB. EJ guesses people will probably think it was the stress of the kidnapping, or perhaps his diabetes, but EJ will make sure everyone knows Stefano just started slowly drifting away one day. Stefano glares. EJ suggests another option, and offers to allow Stefano to sign these papers. Then he and Kate can move to Florida and take up shuffleboard. Stefano guesses he doesn’t have a choice. EJ shakes his head. Stefano wonders slyly if EJ really thinks that no one will believe him. EJ doesn’t think so. Stefano grins, asking if they’ll believe him if he has proof. EJ stares, stunned.

Philip takes a call from work and curses profusely. He hangs up. Chloe asks what the problem is, and Philip bemoans the fact that his father has put him in charge of Titan’s television department. He goes on to explain that one of his news anchors quit. Chloe is sorry to hear it. Philip suddenly gets an idea, and excited, asks Chloe if she will take the woman’s place. Chloe politely refuses, reminding Philip that Kate tried to kill her the last time she was on TV. Philip gallantly promises to put a clause in her contract that no one can murder her. Chloe smiles, but tells Philip that all she really wants to focus on right now is being Daniel’s wife.

Melanie walks over as Daniel and Carly discuss Ed Price’s surgery. Carly is unsure of her ability to do it, but Daniel assures her that he will be by her side, helping her out the whole time. Carly chuckles, saying that he’d better be, or God help Mr. Price. Melanie listens in and grins.

Chad heads into his father’s room and greets Charles, and his mother, Madeline. Chad notices that his father’s bandages have been removed, and he hopes he feels better. Madeline isn’t sure Chad would want to talk to him right now even if he were. Chad offers the two some chili he brought from the pub. Charles ignores him, barking at his wife to bring him a phone. Madeline thinks he must be feeling better, since he’s already using the imperative. Charles phones Abe, asking if he has set bail for Rafe. Abe explains that Rafe is currently being questioned, but Charles snaps, demanding to know why they’re dragging their feet. Abe growls that Rafe is a decorated FBI agent, and while he know Woods will throw his weight around, and pull all the strings he can, the fact remains that he gave a get-out-of-jail-free card to the accomplice of a kidnapper. He adds angrily that a man he likes and admires is facing charges on Woods’ orders, but he has bent over backwards to help. However, if Woods keeps pushing him, then he will find a way to make him the ex-district attorney, and he will enjoy doing so. Abe then hangs up. Woods, stunned, declares that the man threatened him. Madeline smirks, asking why he’s surprised about that. Chad sighs, saying that he knows his father is upset, but he has to wonder if he’s sure that Rafe was the one that beat him up. Charles glares.

Sami tells Abe and Hope that she was with Rafe last night, and there is no way that he could have attacked Woods, as they had dinner together, played with the kids, then watched a movie that didn’t end until well after midnight. Hope thinks Sami has her story down pat--almost as if she knew what she needed to here. Abe says that it’s almost as if Sami read Woods’ statement and knew exactly what to say, but Hope remarks sarcastically that Sami would never do that. Sami, exasperated, wonders what they are waiting for, and asks them to let Rafe go, but Hope has to corroborate her story first. She then leads Sami into the office. Rafe wonders what she is doing here. Sami quickly replies that she was just telling Hope about the lovely dinner they had the night before, but Hope interrupts, saying that she needs Rafe to tell her what the two of them were doing the night before. Rafe has no clue what Sami was doing all night, as he didn’t see her. He adds pointedly that they are on a break. Sami huffs.

Stefano opens a laptop, telling EJ that he is constantly amazed by this new technology, as when he first started out, blackmailing people was such a bulky process. EJ snaps at him to get on with it. Stefano then plays a video Anna recorded. She starts out by apologizing to EJ and explaining that his father was very persuasive. She then goes on to tell the whole story of EJ hiring her and Benny to take care of Sydney, how he asked her if she wanted to make five million dollars, how he dictated the ransom notes, made her wear a specific pair of boots in an attempt to incriminate Kate, and how he rented the cottage. She then says that EJ did all of this because he wanted to pay Sami back for getting pregnant with his child and not telling him about it. Stefano closes the laptop, saying that there’s more, but he thinks EJ gets the gist--and that is that Stefano can now nail him to the wall.

Daniel coaches Carly as she performs surgery on Mr. Price. His blood pressure rises ad Carly begins to panic, but Daniel urges her to calm down and keep going. Carly sweats as a nurse dabs her forehead. Daniel warns her to be careful of the small intestine as Carly grumbles that it shouldn’t be there. Daniel then instructs her to clamp the incision. Carly does so, makes a cut, and Daniel tells her that she is done. A nurse announces that the blood pressure is back to normal. Daniel calls for sutures. Later, Daniel congratulates Carly on the good work. Carly thinks they’re both responsible. Melanie agrees that the two make a good team. Daniel winks at Melanie, saying that they put out a pretty good product, too. Carly smiles and agrees.

Charles, angry, demands to know what Chad just asked him. Chad just wants to know if his father is sure Rafe did this, as he was talking to Rafe’s sister, and she doesn’t seem to think her brother is capable of such a thing. Charles asks if Chad is taking her word over his. Chad protests, but Charles shouts at him to think with his brain for once. Madeline hurriedly suggests that she and Chad get some air while he calms down. Charles grumbles that they should have left him in boarding school. Chad snorts as Madeleine reminds him quietly that he can’t question his father about anything, as they both know he’s infallible. She chuckles and the two head off.

Sami tells Rafe pointedly that now is not the time for jokes, but Rafe doesn’t think now is the time to lie, either. He then tells Hope that he told the truth, and that he was alone last night. Sami demands to know why he is doing this. Rafe sighs, asking Hope for a moment alone with Sami. Hope thinks the two need more than a moment, and suggests Rafe think about getting a lawyer. She then heads off. Rafe tells Sami quietly that he won’t lie, and that he won’t let her lie for him. Sami knows that he didn’t attack the D.A. Rafe agrees, saying that that is why there is no reason to lie. Sami thinks he is just too mad to let her help. Rafe claims that it is about a lot more than just that.

EJ scoffs, saying that having a video of a fugitive blaming someone else doesn’t mean anything. Stefano declares that Anna can back up everything she says, as she apparently didn’t trust EJ, so she has proof of what EJ has done. EJ thinks Anna played Stefano, and he fell for it. He suggests Stefano consider that next time. Stefano growls that there won’t be a next time, as he is going right now to have a chat with the mother of EJ’s child and her FBI boyfriend.

Hope heads into Maggie’s kitchen, and the two hug and exchange greetings. Maggie is glad she is here, as she just couldn’t think of what to say over the phone, but she is glad Bo is out in L.A. and able to help Kim. Hope, stunned, asks what she is talking about. Maggie asks if she doesn’t know. Hope says she doesn’t.

An alarm goes off in Chloe’s apartment and she explains to Philip that she set it to remind Daniel to take his medication. She checks a desk drawer and realizes Daniel forgot to take it with him to the hospital. Philip offers to drive her down there. Chloe says he doesn’t have to go, but Philip wants to go pick up Melanie anyway. He grins, saying that it’s a good thing Chloe is around to take care of Daniel, as it appears that he can’t live without her.

Near the nurses’ station, Daniel tells Carly that Mr. Price is recovering nicely. Melanie thinks that he did an excellent job. Daniel insists that her mother did, as he simply narrated. Melanie doesn’t think he seems very happy about it. Carly guesses this was harder for Daniel than he thought. Melanie wonders what she is talking about. Carly explains that she is talking about Daniel having to see someone else do his job for him.

Rafe sighs, wondering if Sami really thinks that she would let him lie for her after all this time, and after all they have been through together. Sami grumps that she was just trying to protect him. Rafe thinks it’s obvious the two of them have a different way of going about things. Sami can’t believe he is angry with her for trying to help him simply because she loves him. Rafe admits that he loves her, too, but it just isn’t enough.

EJ wonders if Stefano would really do this to his own son. Stefano thinks he is scared, but EJ claims he isn’t. Stefano scoffs that he should be, as while this evidence may not be enough to prosecute EJ formally, it will be enough proof for Sami and Rafe, and they will spend the rest of their days trying to get EJ put behind bars. He adds that EJ can kiss Sydney and Johnny goodbye as well. EJ, cowed, asks what he has to do to appease Stefano. Stefano says that EJ must do something he hasn’t done in a long time--tell the truth.

Maggie explains that Bo left Hope a message, and was apparently concerned that he couldn’t reach her. Hope ruefully admits that she has been deleting Bo’s messages. Maggie tells her gently that she knows Bo was able to say goodbye to Ciara, and she is sure that Bo will get in touch with Hope as soon as he gets settled in L.A. Hope, upset, wonders if Bo called Maggie looking for her. Maggie admits he didn’t. Hope asks how she found out about all this, then. Maggie sighs, admitting that she ran into Carly, and she told her. Hope isn’t surprised, but vows that she can’t shut Bo out of her life, and that they must find a way to get along for Ciara’s sake.

Carly knows how hard this must have been for Daniel, but he is going to get through this--she’ll make sure of it. Melanie assures him that they both will. Daniel asks jokingly if the two plan on double-teaming him. They all chuckle as Chloe and Philip walk in. Chloe witnesses the family moment and despairs.

At the pier, Chad grumbles that he ought to go back to boarding school instead of putting up with his father’s insults. Madeline begs Chad to cut his father some slack, as he is in the hospital. Chad grumbles that he was frightened out of his mind before, and rushed down there just so his father could treat him like dirt the second he arrived. Madeline thinks he was probably just in pain, but Chad asks her not to blame this on the medication. Just then, Gabi interrupts. She apologizes for doing so, and Chad introduces her to his mother. Madeline remembers that she is Rafe’s sister and tells her it’s nice it is to meet her. She adds that Chad has told her a lot about Gabi, and she looks forward to getting to meet her.

Sami wails that Rafe keeps saying that there is no hope, but she doesn’t believe him. Rafe doesn’t want to believe it either, but unfortunately, people don’t change. Sami doesn’t want Rafe to change, as she loves him the way he is, but Rafe claims that this isn’t about love; it’s about a lot of other things. Sami asks if he is really saying there is no hope for them. Rafe just doesn’t see how they can get past this.

EJ, frustrated, admits that Stefano is right, and that he did kidnap Sydney. Stefano growls that he will see to it that EJ regrets it.


Carly snaps at Vivian, "You shut up. You shut up and listen to me."

Stefano asks EJ, "How are you going to stop me?" He replies, "By any means necessary, old man."

Sami tells Roman, "He's changed." He replies, "He's a DiMera. They don't change."

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