Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/7/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/7/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Bo have coffee at the pub. Bo, upset, wonders why his sister Kim would keep this a secret. Carly tries to assure him that the treatment Kim is slated to undergo has a great record in regards to recovery. She adds that Kim probably called her mother first, and that Caroline most likely called Bo as soon as she got out to California. Bo sighs, unconvinced. Carly reminds Bo that he is a match for Kimberly, so this will most likely have a very happy ending. Bo grumbles that it won’t if Vivian puts Carly on her hit list.

Hope heads into the hospital and greets Daniel and Lexie. She asks about a patient that was brought in after being attacked down at the docks. Daniel thinks the man is still in the E.R. and heads off to fetch him. Lexie asks how Hope is doing, and if she has been sleeping better lately. Hope admits she is doing well. Lexie then invites Hope and Ciara over for dinner this weekend. Hope readily agrees, saying that Ciara has been asking after Theo. Just then, Daniel and an orderly bring D.A. Woods in on a stretcher. Hope heads over and ask if he recognizes her. He says he does, and Hope asks him if he knows who did this to him. Woods nods vehemently, stating that he knows exactly who did this.

Gabi heads into the Java Café and huffily greets Rafe, telling him that he owes her eight bucks, as she waited at the mall for him last night, and he never showed to see the movie. Rafe apologizes, admitting that he forgot all about it. Gabi demands to know why he forgot, and where he was.

At Sami’s place, EJ sets out a breakfast try as Sami emerges from her room, yawning and wrapping her robe around her. She grins, asking what all this is, and EJ explains that he made her breakfast. He then asks how Sami slept, as she seemed pretty upset the night before. Sami jokes that her teenaged son moving out kind of ruins her soccer-mom image. EJ thinks Will probably got a good night’s sleep, regrets what happened, and will be back here before dinner time. Sami grins, saying that she likes this new EJ what with the breakfast and the early morning optimism. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. Stefano is on the other line, telling EJ that he just got home, and that he needs him to come to the house right away. EJ snaps that he made it clear that he doesn’t want to talk to him, but Stefano asks him not to hang up, as he has something to say that he knows EJ wants to hear.

Daniel instructs an orderly to have room 401 prepared for D.A. Woods. Hope asks Daniel for a second alone with him, and Daniel nods and heads off. Hope then asks the district attorney to give her a name if he knows who did this. Woods smirks, “Rafe Hernandez.” Hope gapes.

Rafe apologizes for standing Gabi up, and offers to pay for the movie ticket. She guesses he isn’t going to tell her what he was doing last night. All Rafe will say is that he got caught up with some work stuff. Gabi asks him what he was doing specifically. Rafe snaps at her to back off, then softens, apologizing and admitting that he’s in a terrible mood from not getting much sleep. Gabi can tell, and she thinks she knows why, and exactly what happened last night. Rafe asks what she means, and Gabi explains that there is only one reason Rafe would act this way--Sami Brady.

EJ tells Stefano that he is listening, and warns him to make it quick. Stefano explains that he has decided to agree to a settlement in regards to the house, the stocks, and so forth. EJ, shocked, doesn’t reply. Stefano thought this was what he wanted. EJ, cautiously jubilant, asks Stefano if this means that he is ready to move out. Stefano grins, telling EJ that after they’ve had their talk, if that is what EJ still wants, then he will leave. He asks EJ if he will come over. EJ agrees to do so, and promises to be there shortly. As he hangs up, Sami asks him what that was all about. EJ laughs delightedly, telling her that he has won.

Kate, upset, demands to know if Stefano is going to let EJ win. He laughs, telling Kate that things are rarely what they seem--something she must know by now.

Carly tells Bo that she is the last person that he should be considering. Bo reminds her that he is going to L.A., and Vivian is only on her guard because of him. Carly thinks that Bo legitimately scared Vivian, and she thinks Vivian is convinced that Bo will kill her if she tries anything again. Bo reminds her that he won’t be here, but Carly thinks Vivian knows that Bo will come after her no matter what. She claims that she isn’t worried. Bo is, and tells Carly that she doesn’t get it--he thinks about her all the time, and about how much he loves her. The two kiss.

Hope checks over Woods’ medical chart, telling him that it says that he sustained a blow to the back of the head. She asks him pointedly if he really saw his attacker. Woods reluctantly admits that he didn’t, but that he heard him, and he will never forget that voice, as it belongs to the same man that came after him earlier, Rafe Hernandez. Hope asks what he is talking about, and Charles explains that Rafe attacked him earlier at the police station. He explains that he let a suspect go without posting bond, and Rafe went ballistic over it and was ready to kill him. Hope stares. Charles huffs that if she doesn’t believe him, she can ask all the witnesses, like her pal the mayor.

Nearby, Abe tells Lexie that he may have to go back to the office, as all hell broke loose down there after the district attorney was attacked. He adds that he has to be visible when it comes to this. Lexie thought it was just a simple mugging. Abe thinks it is, but since Woods is a prosecutor, he’s throwing his weight around. Lexie wonders if Abe is sorry he ever became a politician. He admits ruefully that he’s sorry today. Just then, Hope interrupts the two, asking Abe about the altercation earlier between Charles and Rafe. Abe explains that Woods let a suspect go and the guy ran off, so Rafe just snapped. Hope sighs.

Rafe tells Gabi that he actually wasn’t with Sami the night before. Gabi thinks that he wishes he was. Rafe doesn’t want to get into that. Just then, his phone rings. Hope is on the other line, and she asks Rafe to meet her at the station.

Sami wonders if EJ really thinks that Stefano plans on giving up. EJ shrugs, saying that that is what his father said. Sami doesn’t think that is Stefano’s style, as he would normally just hire more lawyers and try to stall things. EJ thinks this may have something to do with Stefano tricking Will into letting him in the house, as he told his father that he would move away and never let him see Johnny or Sydney again. Sami gasps. EJ assures her that he didn’t really mean that he would move away, as he would never do that to her. Sami guesses that is because he is the new EJ. EJ nods, admitting that he likes the new him. Sami does too, and that is why she doesn’t want him to go back to that house.

Kate moans that her husband the eagle is planning in letting his son the peacock win. She wails about having to give up their home and wonders where they will live. Stefano tries to calm her down as she grumbles about having already redecorated five rooms upstairs, and about the fact that Will is supposed to be coming here to live. Stefano advises her not to worry about Will, as he is going to be right here in this house with his lovely grandmother and his new grandfather. Kate guesses this all goes back to things not being as they seem. Stefano nods, saying that what he has planned for EJ is exactly what EJ deserves.

Will heads into the Java Café and greets Gabi. She offers to get him a latte. Will thanks her and she heads off to get the coffee. Rafe makes small talk with Will about his spring break plans, but Will says he has no plans unless moving counts. He goes on to say that he and his mother had it out the night before and he left. Rafe asks if he is staying with his dad. Will shakes his head. Rafe asks what the fight was about. Will says it was about lots of things, like Sami’s lies, and EJ and Rafe. Rafe sighs. He tells Will that he has to get down to the station right now, but he’d like to talk to him about this later. Will agrees to that and Rafe heads off. Gabi comes back with the coffee, and Will asks her if she has seen Chad lately. She admits she hasn’t, and asks why. Will guesses she hasn’t heard the news about Chad’s father. Just then, Chad walks over, asking what is going on with his father. Gabi greets him, and Chad asks Will why he wasn’t at practice this morning. Will explains that something came up and asks Chad if he has seen the news yet. Chad shakes his head, guessing that his old man held some huge press conference. Will shakes his head, saying that actually, Chad’s father was beaten and robbed, and is in the hospital. Chad gasps and flies out the door.

Sami sighs, saying that she has seen this all before--EJ manages to get a few miles from his father, and Stefano just ends up sucking him back in. EJ claims that things are different this time, as he is about to get the house back, and then they can move on with their lives. Sami admits that would be a good thing, as getting away from Stefano makes her happy and causes less stress for EJ. EJ agrees. Sami then asks EJ to be proud for finally doing it and getting rid of his father. EJ thanks her.

Stefano sits alone in the living room and moves chess pieces around the board. He claims that nothing is over until the endgame is played, and EJ’s endgame is coming. He chuckles, “Ready or not.”

Chad rushes into his father’s room, saying that he can’t believe that he was hurt, adding that he just heard about it. He worriedly asks if he is alright as Chad’s mother, Madeline, (played by Jessica Tuck) enters. She jokes that Charles is too mean to die. She then greets Chad, glad that he is here. The two hug.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo sits with Ciara, explaining that her Aunt Kimberly is sick, so he has to go try to make her feel better. He promises to think about her all the time, adding that he will miss her and that he loves her. Ciara admits that she will miss him, too but so will Mommy, as she loves him a lot. She asks if he loves her, too. Bo admits that he loves them both very much. He then asks her to be good for her mother, and promises to talk to her tomorrow on her computer. He then hugs her and heads into in the foyer. Victor is out there waiting and smirks, “Out of the mouth of babes, eh?” He thinks this ought to give Bo some fresh perspective. Bo snaps that this isn’t any of his business, and until that changes all Victor needs to do is make sure that his fiancée stays away from Carly--otherwise, Victor knows what will happen. Bo heads off. Outside, he calls Hope and leaves her a message, telling her that they need to talk.

Rafe heads into an office at the station and greets Hope, asking if she called him about Anna or Benny. Hope shakes her head gravely, saying that this doesn’t have anything to do with Sydney’s kidnapping. Rafe wonders what she needs, then. Hope explains that she needs to know where Rafe was last night between ten and midnight.

Will heads into Sami’s place. Glad to see him, she asks him how he is. Just then, Kate walks in behind Will. He explains that his grandmother drove him over here to get his stuff. Sami sighs.

EJ heads into the DiMera mansion and greets Stefano, suggesting they get this started. He hands Stefano a folder, saying that he has all the paperwork right here, so all his father has to do is sign, and then they’re all done. Stefano asks EJ to sit down and help him finish this chess game, but EJ isn’t in the mood for playing games. Stefano smiles, agreeing that the games must end now.

Carly and Bo run into Daniel at the pier. Carly is glad to see him, as she has been trying to track him down to give him some information about an outpatient treatment for diplopia. She isn’t sure if it’s a surefire cure, but she did want Daniel to take a look. Daniel agrees to do so and takes the papers from her, thanking her. Just then, Carly’s phone rings. She says it’s probably about a patient of hers and heads off to take the call. Daniel makes small talk with Bo, who tells him about his sister having leukemia, and how he is heading out to L.A. to donate bone marrow to her. Daniel thinks it’s great that Bo is a match, as his sister’s odds will improve greatly because of it. Bo ask Daniel about his surgery a couple of years ago, and if it’s alright for him to give bone marrow. Daniel says it’s fine, and Bo thanks him. Daniel grimaces. Bo asks if something is wrong. Daniel applauds Bo for what he is doing, but he doesn’t think Bo can tell him that he isn’t worried about not being able to be here for Carly.

Madeline tells Charles that she thought he had already left for work this morning, and that she didn’t learn about the mugging until she arrived in her chambers this morning and her clerk told her about it. Charles frowns, saying that he is alive and kicking, which is bad news for a certain someone. She asks if Charles saw his attacker. He admits that he didn’t, but that he knows who did this, as the man, Rafe Hernandez, was angry over something that happened with the DiMera kidnapping case. Chad interjects, saying that it couldn’t have been Rafe, as he knows his sister. Charles isn’t surprised, knowing his son’s taste in women. Madeline admonishes him, but Charles barrels on, saying that it was that blonde bimbo at first, and now Chad is involved with this idiot Rafe’s sister. Madeline reminds him that none of this is Chad’s fault, and that they had better just focus on catching whoever did this to him. Charles insists that Rafe did, and vows that that SOB won’t get away with this. Madeline soothes him, promising that Rafe won’t get away with this, and that they will make sure of that.

Rafe wonders why Hope needs to know where he was last night. Hope explains that D.A. Woods was attacked last night, and was beaten and robbed. She adds that Woods is accusing Rafe of the crime. Rafe is stunned at first, then laughs heartily. Hope frowns. Rafe, aghast, asks if Hope really thinks he did this. Hope doesn’t, but she hopes he has an alibi for the time in question.

Kate thinks Sami and Will need to talk alone, and heads off into the hallway, promising to be back in a few minutes. Sami suggests she and Will sit down, but he refuses, claiming that he won’t be staying. Sami begs him to talk to her, but Will retorts that they have nothing to talk about. Sami thinks they have plenty to discuss, as she is his mother, and he is her son. She claims that she knows he loves her, and that she can see it in his eyes.

Stefano tells EJ slyly that he was just looking at a photo of Sydney, and she has a lovely smile. EJ snaps that his father should have thought about that before he spent the last year lying about her to his son. Stefano admits that duplicity is a terrible evil. EJ suggests that Stefano skip the apology. Stefano ignores the comment, noting that he wasn’t the only one that lied, as EJ was doing the same thing--with a vengeance.

Bo explains that he had a talk with Victor, who promised to keep Vivian caged. Daniel wonders if Victor can really control that maniac. Bo sighs, saying that he wouldn’t be leaving if he didn’t have to. Daniel claims that he isn’t trying to make Bo feel guilty, but Bo snaps that he isn’t making him feel calm either. Daniel glares, saying that this isn’t about Bo. Bo agrees to take Carly to L.A. with him, but Daniel refuses, saying that Carly has a job here, and besides, he doesn’t want Vivian to think that she was able to run Carly out of Salem. Daniel suddenly gets an idea, and suggests that Carly stay with him and Chloe while Bo is gone. Just then, Carly comes over, asking if she has a say in any of this. She adds that she isn’t moving in with Daniel and Chloe, as the idea is just crazy. Daniel insists that it is important to both him and Melanie that she is safe, and promises to call her to talk about this later. Daniel then heads off. Carly tells Bo that she doesn’t need a babysitter, but Bo thinks this is good, as he’ll feel safer knowing that Daniel is watching her back. Bo then suggests they not spend their last few minutes together arguing. Carly agrees, and the two kiss.

Hope tells Rafe that she heard that he and Woods got into it. Rafe admits they did, as Woods let Benny go free. Hope again asks Rafe where he was between ten and midnight. Rafe, surprised, guesses that Hope really thinks that he did this. Hope says that she is just trying to do her job, and right now, Rafe needs an airtight alibi. Rafe admits that he doesn’t have one.

Chad and Madeline head out of Charles’ room. Chad’s mother thinks he is being pretty quiet. Chad wonders if she thinks he likes being insulted. She apologizes for his father being so judgmental. Chad wonders why his father says things like that, and why he seems to think that other people are trashy compared to them and their family. Madeline thinks that Charles is just protective, and doesn’t want Chad hanging around people that aren’t worthy of him. Chad rages that she sounds just like his father. Madeline asks him to calm down, but Chad refuses to do so until she takes back what she said. Madeline assures Chad that both of them just want him to be happy, and for her part, if Chad does meet someone he cares about, then she will respect his decision no matter who the person is. Chad smirks that that is big of her. Madeline then asks him to tell her all about Rafe’s sister. Chad explains that he knows her from school. Madeline assumes that she is more than a friend, but Chad admits that he screwed that up trying to get Mia back. Madeline wonders if he has screwed anything else up . Chad scoffs, saying that he isn’t back on drugs if that is what she is asking. He reminds her that he is doing well, and that he is making good grades. Madeline admits that is true, and tells him how proud she is of him. She adds that she loves him very much, and she hopes that he knows that she will always fight to do what is best for him. Chad admits he does know that, and the two hug.

EJ claims that he has no idea what Stefano is talking about, as he hasn’t lied. Stefano scoffs, saying that all EJ has been doing is lying to himself and to his father, about all kinds of things. EJ ignores the comment and hands the papers over to Stefano, asking him to sign where the pages are marked. Stefano remarks that no one realized that Anna would swoop in and get in everyone’s way. EJ wonders what Stefano is talking about. Stefano admits that he underestimated Anna, but so did EJ. EJ grimaces. Stefano thinks he may be wrong, and that perhaps EJ wasn’t fooled by Anna at all.

Abe is in Charles’ room with Charles and Madeline. Charles insists that Rafe not get any special treatment from the commissioner just because he is an FBI agent. Abe informs Woods that the commissioner is going to be out of town. Charles, angry, reminds Abe that he witnessed it the first time Rafe assaulted him, and he assumes Abe will submit an honest report. Madeline vows that justice will be served, and that Rafe will be brought down.

Hope begs Rafe to give her something, suggesting that perhaps a gas station attendant or a waitress saw him the night before. Rafe shakes his head, claiming that he was alone. He adds viciously that if it had been him that attacked the D.A., Woods wouldn’t have been left alive to make the accusation, since the SOB let one of Sydney’s kidnappers go.

Sami thinks that she is right, and that Will doesn’t really want to leave. Will admits that he is pretty confused right now. Sami thinks that makes sense, and urges Will to stay one more night and give this decision some thought. Just then, the phone rings. She ignores it, but Will suggests she get it, as it may be Rafe. Sami sighs and checks her phone, telling Will ruefully that it’s Abe, and that he wouldn’t call unless it was important. She answers, but tells Abe that she can’t hear him, and will have to get on the extension in the other room. She asks Will not to move a muscle and hurries off. Will starts to take his coat off, but notices the breakfast tray and the empty dishes. Will guesses his mother had breakfast with EJ and heads off with a huff, claiming that nothing has changed. He greets Kate, who is waiting outside. She asks about his things. Will declares that he can’t stay here, and that he will get his stuff later. The two then head off.

EJ says that of course he was duped by Anna--they all were. Stefano remarks slyly that he thought EJ might have suspected something, especially since he was the hero that rescued Sydney. EJ claims that he didn’t sense a thing. He then asks Stefano again to sign the papers. Stefano ignores him, sure that EJ must be thrilled that he has his little girl back, as he knows how terrible it must have been for EJ when he heard about Sydney’s bloody dress floating in the river. Stefano moans that he has suffered through a lot in his life, but nothing was worse than that day and thinking that something so awful could have happened to that sweet little girl. EJ frowns. Stefano keeps going, wondering what kind of monster could trick people into thinking that little girl was dead. EJ insists that Stefano sign the papers. Stefano asks EJ to help him finish this chess game first, as this will be the last time before it all comes to end. EJ sits down with a sigh, examines the board, then takes one of Stefano’s pawns with his knight. EJ smirks, “Check.” Stefano swipes EJ’s knight with his bishop and grins savagely, “Mate.”

Bo and Carly kiss. She asks how soon he has to leave. Bo checks his watch, admitting ruefully that he should have left ten minutes ago. She tells him how much she will miss him, and Bo assures her that he will miss her, too. She asks him to take good care of his sister and mother, and not to worry about her. Bo reminds her that she’ll know he’s lying if he agrees not to worry about her. She asks him not to do it too much, then. She then asks if he got to see Hope and Ciara. Bo admits he saw his daughter, but couldn’t get hold of Hope. He adds that he’ll try to call her again from the airport. Bo then asks Carly to talk him to his car. She grins, saying that by now, he should know that she would follow him anywhere. He grins back, and the two head off arm in arm.

Hope shuts off her tape recorder, reminding Rafe that the last thing he needs is a statement on the record about him wanting to see Woods dead. Rafe sighs as Hope reminds him that this case is tough enough as it is. Rafe wasn’t aware that this was a case, as it’s really just an accusation at this point. Hope reminds him that the D.A. has made the accusation, so Rafe is going to have to stick around for more questioning. He sighs.

Sami heads out into the living room to find Will gone. Disappointed, she tells Abe that she is sorry, as she had to switch phones. She then asks what is going on. Abe doesn’t want to alarm her, but he informs her that Rafe has been called in for questioning regarding an attack on D.A. Woods. Sami is stunned. Abe then admits that it doesn’t look good for Rafe.

Stefano tells EJ that he has lost. EJ knocks the chess board across the room, fuming that he should have known that Stefano wouldn’t be a man of his word. He curses himself for being such a fool, as it’s clear now that his father had no intention on signing those papers. Stefano scoffs, wondering why he should sign them, as he doesn’t have to do so. He doesn’t think EJ understands yet, but he has lost more than just a game here today. EJ vows that this isn’t over. Stefano growls that he is right, as he knows everything. He takes a pawn from the table and shoves it into EJ’s hand. He snaps that he knows that EJ took Sydney. EJ stares. Stefano nods triumphantly, saying that he knows all about it, and that he knows that EJ had Sydney all along.


Hope asks Rafe, "Ok, where were you last night?"

Sami tells Abe, "Rafe would never attack a weasel like Woods."

Stefano warns EJ, "I can make you pay for what you have done."

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