Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/6/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/6/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole pours a drink as the doorbell rings. She heads over and opens the door, greeting Arianna, who is outside. Nicole claims that this is a surprise, and wonders what brought Arianna by. Arianna says she is here for the same reason Nicole is--her fiancé.

Bo heads over to Carly at the hospital and greets her. She surveys his suit appreciatively, noting that he looks sharp. She wonders if he is going anywhere. Bo nods, adding that she is coming with him.

At Sami’s place, EJ tells Sami that he just wants what is best for her, Johnny, Sydney, and himself. He adds that he knows she has had a tough time with Rafe, but as far as the four of them are concerned, he is hoping that Sami will see this as a time of celebration. Sami hugs EJ, agreeing to try. Just then, Will walks in, “What the hell?”

Lexie and Theo head into the DiMera mansion. Lexie and Kate exchange greetings, and Kate kneels down to compliment Theo on how big he is getting. She then explains that she didn’t know the two were coming by. Lexie replies that they are here for their scheduled play date with Theo’s grandfather, but Kate, confused, tells Lexie that Stefano isn’t here, and that she has no idea where he is.

At a spa in a foreign country, Stefano wonders what Anna could possibly tell him that is as earth-shattering as she claims. Anna breathlessly explains that she didn’t plan the kidnapping alone--in fact, she didn’t plan it at all; she was working for someone else. Stefano growls at her to give him the name. Anna replies that she was working for EJ DiMera. Stefano shakes his head, saying that his son couldn’t have planned this. Anna insists that it will all fall into place if Stefano just thinks about it. She goes on to say that EJ wanted revenge because his father betrayed him, so he did exactly what he set out to do in the first place--make Stefano pay. Stefano glares.

Sami asks Will what is going on, but he snaps that she is the one ought to answer that question. Sami stammers that she and EJ were just celebrating the fact that all of their children are safe and happy, and she asks Will not to be so judgmental. EJ jumps in, trying to explain to Will what his mother is saying, but Will doesn’t want to hear it, especially from EJ. EJ thinks the two could use some time alone and heads off with Sydney. Sami tells Will how embarrassed she is, but he ignores the comment, demanding to know what is wrong with her. She replies that she and EJ were just hugging, and that things were totally innocent. Will scoffs, complaining that he hates it that EJ is here all the time and that Rafe isn’t. He wonders what is with his mother, and asks her if she is out to wreck her life all over again. Sami gapes.

Stefano rages at Anna, wondering why she would spend the last few moments of her miserable life lying to him. Anna claims she isn’t lying. Stefano declares that she must be insane then, as it makes no sense that EJ would have kidnapped Sydney when he saw how much pain they were all in. Anna retorts that EJ loved every minute of it, and that he used to say that he had killed three birds with one stone. Stefano again accuses her of lying, claiming that the idea is impossible. Anna reminds Stefano that she never said EJ pulled this off all on his own, as she was Sydney’s primary caregiver. She adds quickly that she was bought and paid for by EJ, who planned all of it, put the whole thing into motion, and then made sure that everything went off without a hitch. Stefano, shocked, wonders if his son really could have masterminded all of this. Anna assures Stefano that EJ did. He chuckles, telling Anna that that is a pretty good story, but she was supposed to tell him something important, and lies are not important. Marco heads over and grabs Anna. Anna panics, blubbering that she can prove that she is telling the truth.

Carly wonders if she and Bo are going on a date. He asks if she has anything better to do, but she admits that she doesn’t. Bo then hands Carly a bag, saying that he brought a few of her things from home to wear out. He promises they can go back if she doesn’t find anything she likes, but hopefully she will so that they can leave right away. Carly wonders where there are going, but Bo refuses to say. Carly heads off with the bag of clothes, promising to be right back. Bo grins.

Sami wonders why Will thinks that she is wrecking her life. Will demands to know why EJ is still here, and where Rafe is. Sami replies that she and Rafe are having some problems right now, but she assures Will that they are going to work through it. Will scoffs that they won’t so long as EJ is here. He wonders when his mother is going to get the fact that EJ is using her. Sami doesn’t believe that, but Will reminds her that EJ is all alone right now since he isn’t talking to his father, and no one--not Rafe, Brady, not his grandfather, and not even Nicole-- wants to have anything to do with EJ. Sami can’t believe he used Nicole as an example, when no one would want to hang around that nut, anyway. Will remarks that he isn’t surprised Nicole is nuts, as she lived with EJ for a year. He wonders if Sami really doesn’t think that EJ’s treatment of Nicole had anything to do with what happened. Sami retorts that she has known Nicole for years, and that she has always been like this. Will doesn’t believe her, saying that he saw Nicole earlier and she seemed to have it together. Sami, startled, asks if he saw Nicole while he was out with Sydney earlier. Will admits that he did. Worried, Sami asks if he let Nicole near the baby. Will admits that he let Nicole say goodbye to Sydney. Sami glares.

Nicole pours another drink and Arianna remarks nastily that she probably needs the booze to fortify herself before she makes another desperate play for Brady. Nicole laughs, saying that she doesn’t do ‘desperate.’ Arianna wonders if it wasn’t enough that Nicole ruined her wedding, but Nicole claims that a hurricane did that, not her. Arianna ignores her, accusing her of trying to hang out with Brady and pretending it’s just like old times. Nicole claims that she doesn’t have to pretend to do anything when it comes to Brady, and that she is here because the two were having a discussion about a private matter. Brady was called away, and she is simply waiting for him to return. Arianna thinks Nicole is lying, and that she only came by to do what she does best--destroy lives. Just then, Brady returns, telling Arianna that Nicole actually wasn’t lying--he and Nicole were having a discussion, and he was called away. Nicole smirks. Arianna stares.

Kate tells Lexie that Stefano left her a note explaining that he was going away on business, and would be back shortly, but she had no idea Lexie was supposed to come over. Lexie tells Kate that they’ll just do this another time and starts to head off, but Kate asks her to stay and have the play date anyway, as she has a new mixer to try out from Hearth and Home, and she’d like Theo to help her make some lemonade. Theo, who apparently loves lemonade, squeals in glee. Lexie reluctantly agrees to stay, and Kate thanks her. She admits that she is glad that Lexie came by anyway, as she wanted to talk to her about something. Lexie asks what it’s is about, and Kate explains that it is about her brother, and what he’s done.

Anna cries that she can prove that she is telling the truth and begs Stefano for one minute to do so. Stefano agrees to give her one minute, and Anna, trembling, asks him to hand her the phone in her purse. Marco hands it over and stands over Anna menacingly. She babbles about having the account cancelled, but that she kept the phone around because she hadn’t saved the pictures off of it. Stefano snaps, asking angrily what some of her pictures will do for him, but Anna replies shakily that she was just trying to explain why she still had the phone. Her hand trembling, she presses some buttons, then holds the phone up, playing a voicemail from EJ aloud. In the message, EJ tells Anna that something has come up and that he can’t make it to the cottage. He promises to have Benny pick up some supplies, and asks Anna to tell Sydney that he loves her. The message then ends. Anna, triumphant, asks Stefano if he can now see that EJ was in charge the whole time, and that she was just doing as he was told.

Sami flies into a rage over Will letting his baby sister near that monster Nicole. Will asks her to chill out, but Sami refuses. She shouts that she has a restraining order against Nicole, but Will tries to explains that Nicole was very sweet. In fact, when Sydney called her ‘Mama’, Nicole corrected her right away, even though she looked like she was about to cry. Will admits that he felt badly for Nicole. Sami, practically in hysterics, can’t believe that Sydney called Nicole ‘Mama’ and that Will allowed it to happen. She sobs, wondering how he could do this, and shouting that this is the most irresponsible thing he has ever done in his entire life.

Kate comes back from the kitchen, telling Lexie that Theo is as happy as can be, and is helping Cook pick out some lemons for the lemonade. She remarks that he is a sweet boy, and offers Lexie something to drink, but Lexie refuses. She asks Kate what they need to talk about regarding EJ. Kate sighs, sure that Lexie is aware of the fact that EJ is trying to get his father evicted from the house, even though Sydney is home and things are back to normal. Lexie nods, saying that she knows the drill. She warns Kate that Stefano can talk until he is blue in the face, but EJ is going to stick to his guns on this one, as he is an exact clone of his father. Kate agrees that that is true, but wishes EJ would listen to reason. She adds that she knows Lexie may have some influence over EJ, and asks her to speak to him. Just then, EJ walks in with Sydney, asking what Kate wants Lexie to speak to him about.

Anna assumes that Stefano believes her, as there is no way she could have faked the message. Stefano, aghast, realizes that Anna is telling the truth, and that she is the one that his son picked out to help with the kidnapping. He can’t believe it, as the Anna Fredericks he knew wasn’t smart enough or capable enough to pull this off. Anna snorts that she has changed, and that living with the DiMera family has hardened her. Stefano asks Anna if she really hated him that much. She nods vehemently, saying that of course she did, considering what he did to Tony. Stefano calls her a stupid idiot, warning her that in the end all she has done is hurt herself. Anna doesn’t understand. Stefano reminds her of their deal--that he would spare her life if she gave him something, but she has given him nothing. Anna cries that she have him EJ, and that the only question now is what Stefano is going to do to him. Stefano ponders this, admitting that EJ has crossed a line, and that he will have to pay for it.

Bo is on the phone with someone at the station, asking them to leave the file on his desk, and that he’ll take a look at it in the morning, as he doesn’t plan on returning to the station tonight. He hangs up as Carly comes over wearing a little red dress. Bo gapes. Carly asks if he likes it. He nods and grins, pulling her in for a kiss.

Kate heads off to check on Theo and the lemonade as Lexie greets EJ and Sydney. EJ asks wryly what it was his ex-girlfriend wanted. Lexie sighs. EJ guesses that Kate wanted Lexie to lay the groundwork for his father taking back control of everything. Lexie claims that it was nothing like that, and that Kate is just concerned. EJ thinks she ought to be, and that she needs to be looking for another place to live. Lexie think EJ needs to focus on building his life, not exacting revenge. EJ sighs, wondering how she stays so sane, and how she maintains a disconnect from their father. Lexie reminds EJ that she stays away as much as possible, as she wants nothing to do with this place or Stefano’s blood money. Lexie adds that she and Abe do it for themselves, of course, but they mostly do it for Theo, as there is no way they could let their son be raised in this kind of environment. EJ admits that he has decided he doesn’t want Sydney raised here either, and that he wants to take her away from all of this. Lexie wonders if EJ and Sami are going to raise her together. EJ smiles, saying that they will if he is lucky.

Sami demands to know what Will was thinking, as Nicole probably thinks she now has a place in Sydney’s life. Will, angry, says that it was actually an emotional moment, as Nicole told Sydney that she would always be special to her, but she could never be her mother. Sami wonders if she is supposed to be impressed that Nicole finally did the right thing. Will doesn’t think that is the point, but Sami rages that Will let this happen, and she accuses him of having the worst judgment on the planet. Will scoffs, reminding her that she hid the fact that she was pregnant from EJ, and that if she hadn’t done so, none of this ever would have happened, as there would have been no baby for Nicole to steal. Sami, stares, aghast, as Will fumes that she lied to EJ in the first place because he’s an SOB who loves to play power games. He then accuses Sami of being back together with EJ. Sami claims that isn’t true. Will mocks her comment over her innocent hug with EJ, accusing her of blowing it with his father and every other guy she has ever hooked up with. He adds angrily that now Sydney will have to grow up the way he did, with all the lies, and with the hope that the next guy will stick around and be a dad, but Will declares that the guy never does. Sami gapes. Will snaps that she is screwed up, and that she will never change.

Stefano seethes. Anna gets that he is furious with EJ, but advises him to think this through before he does something that he regrets. She reminds Stefano that if he hands EJ over to Roman or the justice system, then he will lose any chance he has of putting his family back together, as Sami will get full custody of the kids, and Stefano will end up losing his son and his grandchildren.

Bo and Carly have dinner at a fancy restaurant. Bo pops open some champagne and proposes a toast to a wonderful evening. Carly toasts to the two of them, and tells Bo that he didn’t have to do all of this--the fancy restaurant and the tight dress. Bo guesses ruefully that this isn’t really her thing. Carly admits that the restaurant is charming, but she’s also ok with sweats and loose-fitting clothing that she can actually breathe in. Bo praises her for not being vain, and tells her that she look beautiful no matter what she wears--or doesn’t wear. Bo doesn’t think she realizes that. Carly assures him that he makes her feel beautiful any time she is with him. Bo vows that their next date will involve a fire, hot cocoa, and foot massages. Carly thinks that sounds great. She thinks it’s been a long climb for them as a couple, and Bo agrees that they’ve faced their share of obstacles. Carly is just glad that they are together now, and that she can focus on the life she always wondered about. She admits that she didn’t really know where things were going the first time they were together, and then things kind of got crazy. She wonders if Bo ever wonders what things might have been like if they had stayed together. Bo admits he did, but then Hope came back to Salem. Carly admits that the longer she was with Lawrence, and the more paranoid he got, the more cheated she felt as to what she and Bo missed out on together. Bo thinks the important thing is that they got a second chance. He asks jokingly if Carly plans on screwing it up this time. She vows that she won’t, and the two kiss.

Arianna, shocked, asks if it’s really true that Nicole and Brady were hanging out. Nicole scoffs that those are Arianna’s words, not hers, as all she said was that she and Brady were discussing something. Brady admits that is true, but their conversation is over, and he thought that Nicole had already left. Nicole explains apologetically that she remembered that Victor stocked the finest liquor, and she couldn’t resist. She then agrees to go, but before she does, she tell Brady that she has reconsidered his offer, and she’d like to take him up on it. Brady tells her that that is fine, and he’ll make all the arrangements. Nicole thanks him, saying that he is the best. Arianna, furious, demands to know what arrangement Nicole has with her fiancé.

Sami, hurt, remarks that Will really knows how to cut her. Will wonders if he is supposed to feel sorry for her. Sami, angry, reminds Will that this is her house, and that he won’t talk to her that way while he is living in it. Will laughs, saying that this isn’t her house, it’s his grandmother’s, and adds viciously that Sami couldn’t afford a cardboard box on the sidewalk what with her constant drama. Sami, aghast, wonders why Will is living here if he is so disgusted with her. Will tells her that he’ll move out then, especially as it makes him sick to see her hooking up with EJ DiMera again. Will storms off. Sami weeps.

Lexie asks EJ if he has told Sami how he feels, but he admits that he hasn’t yet. Lexie guesses that he has at least decided that he wants a life with her. EJ nods, saying that he now has to find a way to keep his father from coming between them. Lexie suggests that EJ just walk away instead of fighting with Stefano. Kate joins them, agreeing with Lexie, as a war with Stefano is one that EJ will never win.

Anna knows that she can’t tell Stefano what to do, but she does hope that she feels guilty over the way he treated Tony, and will take that into account when it comes to EJ. Stefano growls at her not to go there. Anna wonders if Stefano is willing to lose EJ, too. Stefano snaps that he doesn’t need advice from her, but he is appreciative of the leverage she has given him. Anna urges Stefano to use it to do the right thing, as she has given him the chance to repair his relationship with EJ, and to rebuild the family he so desperately wants. She just wonders if Stefano will use what she gave him for that purpose.

Arianna demands to know what is going on. Nicole is willing to leave her hanging a little while longer, but Brady jumps in, explaining that he is just loaning Nicole some money. She nods, saying that Brady generously agreed to do so until she can find a job and start a new life. Arianna remarks sarcastically that that is generous. Nicole asks Arianna not to misunderstand her, as she plans on paying Brady back. She adds snottily that she was once an executive. Arianna wonders what happened there and asks nastily if she got bored and started swapping babies. Brady suggests they all end this and tells Nicole pointedly that he is sure she has something else she could be doing right now. Nicole admits she does and grabs her coat. She heads off, all smiles. Brady reminds Arianna that it’s just a loan. Arianna knows that, but considering how many fights they’ve about Nicole, she’d appreciate it if he would talk to her about something like this before agreeing to do it the next time.

EJ informs Kate and Lexie that Sydney is asleep, and compliments Theo on the lemonade. Lexie bets the machine Kate has is cool, and Theo exclaims that it is noisy. Kate pulls EJ aside and tells him that she meant what she said. EJ knows she did, but assures that she is wrong, as he is going to win this war. Kate wonders what difference it makes who wins, and warns EJ that this is a waste of energy and that he ought to be making peace so that he can rebuild his family. Kate assures EJ that Stefano still loves him. EJ thinks he may in some sentimental way, but if he loved him in a respectful or generous way, he never would have sided with Nicole and hidden the truth about his daughter from him. EJ claims that what Stefano did destroyed anything that remained between them. He then heads off. Kate sighs.

Marco hands Anna her briefcase. She asks Stefano if they are good. Stefano says they aren’t quite yet, and tells her that he needs her to do one last thing for him before she leaves with all this cash.

Brady admits that he never should have offered Nicole money without telling Arianna, but she is broke, and out of prison with no job. He knows she used to be an executive, but there is no way in hell his grandfather would ever hire her over at Titan. Arianna frowns. Brady guesses that she is furious. He wonders if it would make her feel better to smack him, but Arianna warns him gravely that this isn’t funny. She adds that she doesn’t want Brady to be someone he isn’t, and explains that she knows that Nicole is important to him. Brady claims she was important to him. Arianna still thinks Brady is too nice to turn Nicole down. He’s glad she understands, but Arianna warns him that she knows Nicole’s type, and asks Brady to think of her as a stray dog--feed it once and it never stops coming around. Brady assures her that he will never help Nicole again without first letting her know. Arianna sighs and agrees to make that deal with him. She then suggests that they talk about the wedding.

The doorbell at the DiMera mansion rings. Now alone, Kate shouts for Harold, but no one answers. She huffs over to the door and answers it to find Will outside. Surprised, Kate asks if everything is alright. Will admits it isn’t alright, as he had a fight with his mom, and he left--for good this time.

Sami sits on the couch and bawls. EJ heads back in with Sydney. Sami sniffles, asking if the baby is alright. EJ says that she is fine, and that she is sleeping. He asks gently what happened. Sami sobs that Will left, and she doesn’t think that he is coming back.

Anna, now dressed and ready to leave, tells Stefano that she did as he asked. Stefano snaps at her to take her money and go. Anna starts to head off, but Stefano stops her, warning her that she can hide under any rock she likes, but he will find her, no matter what. Anna hurries off, trembling.

Arianna tells Brady that she was talking to Rafe earlier, and he suggested that she and Brady get married as soon as possible. Brady thinks Vegas would be prefect, then, though he knows Arianna wasn’t too crazy about the idea before. Arianna wrinkles he nose, saying she doesn’t want to get married in Vegas. Brady asks her to pick any location she likes, promising to book the tickets. Arianna tells Brady that she loves him, but she seriously thinks that they should reconsider getting married. Brady gapes.

Nicole heads into the pub. Kinsey greets her ecstatically and snaps her photo. Nicole yells at her to go away, but Kinsey explains that she is just making a collage of the pub’s customers. Nicole shoos her away. Kinsey huffs that she doesn’t have to be so snarky and hurries off. Nicole heads over to the table the collage photos are on, and picks up one of Arianna and Brady. Nicole scoffs, “Look at the happy couple. That won’t last.”

Bo and Carly share a dance at the restaurant. Just then, Bo’s phone rings. He grumbles that that had better not be the station, as he asked them all specifically not to bother him tonight. Bo takes out his phone and answers it to find his mother on the other line. Bo listens, and surprised, asks “What are you doing in L.A.? Kimberly?!”

Will sighs, confiding in Kate that he wishes his father were around. Kate supposed that is her fault. Will understands that his dad had to go to China for work, but it’s hard not being able to talk to him on the phone due to the time difference. He starts to call his Aunt Maggie to ask for a place to stay, but Kate asks him not to do that, as he can just stay here with her, in her lovely home.

Stefano, now alone, takes out his phone and makes a call.

EJ assures Sami that teenagers are crazy one minute and level-headed the next. Sami hopes he is right. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. He answers to find Stefano on the other line, and Stefano tells him that they need to talk, as it’s very important. EJ snaps that he has nothing to say to him and hangs up. Stefano does the same, and tells himself that he could have done the right thing if EJ had only agreed to let his father back in his life, Since he didn’t, he now has to make sure that EJ sees the error of his ways.


Hope asks D.A. Woods, "Can you give me a name?" He moans, "Rafe Hernandez."

Gabi says, "I know what happened last night, Rafe."

Sami tells EJ, "I don't want you to go back to that house."

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